How to check the operation of the webcam

In the Windows 10 operating system, you can check whether the camera is working or not using the free application installed by default Camera from Microsoft.

To run this program, you must first click on the menu Start in the lower left corner of the screen. Further, in some users you will need to select All Apps to expand the full list, secondly, such a list of programs will be expanded automatically. Scrolling down with the mouse wheel, the corresponding arrow key on the keyboard or hold down the slider, you should go down to the programs with the name in the Russian letter TO. This is where the application is located. Camera.

If everything works correctly, the device will turn on and an image will appear on the screen. In this application, you can take a photo with a set timer and record. It is possible to adjust the brightness. Additional settings can be made by clicking on the button Parameters. gears in the upper right corner.

Checking the work in the device manager

A common prerequisite for a non-working camera is that, although the device is in the design of the computer, it is disconnected from the work in the system. To check this assumption, you need to go to device Manager. There are several ways to do this.

The first option is through the menu Start and the window Parameters, as already done above. A query is entered in the search bar device Manager. Next, the required one is selected from the drop-down tIPs, and a new window opens.

The second option is through This computer. If there is a corresponding shortcut on the screen, move the cursor and press the right button. Otherwise, in an open conductor, right-click on This computer. In the list that appears, select Properties.

Then a window opens System, where to activate the tab device Manager.

In the window that appears, I’m interested in the item Cameras. The name can also be used Imaging device. All cameras used on the laptop are shown here. Double-clicking the left mouse button on the selected camera will open a window with properties.

In the tab Driver the recording device can be turned off or on.

The camera may not work properly if the driver is installed incorrectly. If this is the case, an unknown device may be listed in the commit device lists. Also, the problem may be indicated by the fact that there will be an exclamation mark next to the device. In the properties, you can update the required utility or roll back the results to the previous version if it does not work correctly after updating the driver.

There are times when the driver fails to update automatically. Then you need to find it and download it on the official website of the laptop manufacturer. You can also use the Google or Yandex search engine to find the utility on third-party resources.

How to change privacy settings

If the camera is not working in the reviewed program, one of the options may be that the Appropriate privacy settings are simply not enabled. Because of this, apps are NOT getting permission to use the device.

You can make the necessary settings both from the program Camera, and through the menu Start. In the first case, you need to click on the gears (as shown in the picture above), then scroll to the section Related parameters and select the item in the list Change privacy settings.

Further in the window that appears Parameters should open Camera. Here you need to move the slider to the position On and allow programs to access the device. Below in the list, you can independently configure permissions to use the camera for various applications.

Second way to open a window Parameters. through the menu Start. After clicking on the button with the Windows logo in the lower left corner, a list of applications will open. On the left is a column of 4 icons, in which you should activate the already familiar gears.

Next, in the window that opens Parameters using the slider, we move down the list. Here you need to run Confidentiality, after which a window opens with the already familiar settings.

Camera power buttons on various laptops

Many Asus, Acer, MSI, Samsung, Lenovo laptops, especially older models, have special buttons for turning on or switching cameras. They are usually located near the laptop start buttons. On Lenovo laptops, these camera controls may be in the area of ​​the USB ports. If your laptop recording devices do not work, be sure to check these buttons.

The second option to control the camera is to use the function keys on the keyboard. You should carefully examine all the keys in order to find the one where the device icon is displayed. On many laptops, you can turn the camera on or off with the Fn V combination. In Lenovo portable computers, Fn F5 or Fn Esc are often responsible for this function. In general, each laptop owner needs to individually look at his computer to find the Required function keys.

How to enable and configure the camera on a Windows 10 laptop or computer

Most modern laptops have built-in cameras in their design. With their help, you can create photographs, record. Conducts online conferences in format and much more. Thanks to these devices, the capabilities of netbooks and laptops are significantly expanding, which makes them indispensable companions in travel and commuting.

Not so long ago, Microsoft Corporation released a new operating system Windows 10. Many users have already managed to update the OS of their laptops and appreciate the proposed innovations. But along with this, some people faced problems with the camera on a laptop: in some, the device does not turn on at all, and in the second, a black square or an image appears upside down on the screen. In the reasons for such malfunctions and how to turn on the camera on a Windows 10 laptop, we will talk in this article.

For the most curious, we have a that duplicates the written.

How to turn on the camera on a laptop: connection tIPs

Before trying to learn how to turn on the camera on a laptop, you need to make sure that you have one.

Most laptop models have a built-in webcam. But its presence is more an option than a design requirement.

If there is no built-in camera, you can always connect it via the USB connector.

  • Ways to use the camera functionality
  • If the camera still doesn’t work
  • Finding and installing a driver
  • Nuances of camera interaction with online services

If there is a need for, then usually no Special actions to turn on the webcam will be required.

It is enough to press the call button in Skype and during a call you can see in a small window at the edge of the screen, which is transmitted by the camera.

This is just how the camera works. it does not show signs of life until a program that knows how to work with it contacts it.

Finding and installing a driver

So, the fact of lack of drivers is established. The situation needs to be rectified. If we are talking about an embedded device, then you need to do the following:

  • Determine the name, version and bitness of the operating system installed on the laptop. To do this, click Start, in the search field, enter System and press Enter. The window that appears contains all the necessary information;
  • Go to the laptop manufacturer’s support site.
    Usually the site has a section Downloads or Drivers and utilities. Indicate the laptop model (you can look at the sticker located on the underside of the laptop case) and the operating system used (for example, Windows 7 64-bit).
    From the list of drivers provided by the site, you just need to select a driver for the camera and download it. The downloaded file will start, agree with everything, and after the installation is complete, restart the laptop. The camera should work.
    We check its performance with one of the Special programs.

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Simple and understandable instructions on the topic. How to turn on the camera on a laptop

Nuances of camera interaction with online services

It will be about online services using a web interface, i.e. Those that DO NOT run separate applications on the computer, but work directly on the website page in the browser.

Usually in such cases mediator FLASH technology is used between the service and the camera.

In order for her to gain access to control the camera, she needs Formal confirmation from the owner of the computer.

A confirmation prompt is displayed when trying to use the webcam. for example, to join a chat.

In this case, a small window appears with the name Adob Flash Player Options. Click the button Allow and enjoy the benefits of the technicaLGoProgress.

If the camera still doesn’t work

If it was not possible to turn on the device in the above way, then you need to find out the following:

  • Is the camera detected by the system?
  • Have the necessary drivers installed?
  • Whether the camera is enabled in the current system configuration?

All three questions are answered in the Device Manager utility.

The fastest way to open the window of this program:

  • Press the Start button;
  • In field Find programs and files to introduce device Manager;
  • Press Enter.

In the window that opens, we find the item Image processing devices and Opening it, pressed the triangle at the beginning of the line.

If there are exclamation marks, then this means that the system has detected a certain device for which there is no suitable driver.

Go to section Finding and installing a driver.

If the list contains a line with a set of letters, numbers and words, then the camera is detected by the system and there are drivers.

If at the beginning of the line there is an icon in the form of a white circle with a black arrow pointing down, then the use of the camera is disabled.

To enable the use of the camera, right-click on the stock and select the item Enable. The device should work.

Check again using Special programs or skype.

Ways to use the camera functionality

Many laptops come with a set of programs, among which there are also programs for working with the camera.

Usually these programs can be launched using a shortcut on the desktop, in the menu Start or by using keyboard shortcuts. a keyboard shortcut that instantly launches the program.

The sequence of actions to enable communication on a windows 8 or windows 7 laptop is not fundamentally different.

Consider keyboard shortcuts and programs that serve the camera in some common brands of laptops.

To turn on the device on the Acer laptop, you must press the FNV key combination.

The standard software package accompanying the brand new Aser includes a laconic Acer CrystalEye utility designed to work with the camera. It can be found in the menu Start.

To turn on the device on an Asus laptop, you need to use the FnV command.

Asus laptop software and drivers usually have as many as three programs associated with the built-in camera: Virtual Camera Utility, Life Frame Utility, ECap Camera.

With their help, you can adjust the parameters of the transmitted image, record a and even apply simple effects.

To turn on the device on an HP laptop, hold the Fn button and look for the button with the camera icon.

If it is NOT marked, then most likely the combination FNV works. HP Camera or HP MediaSmart must be installed on your HP laptop by default.

To turn on the device on a Lenovo laptop, in most cases you need to press FnESC, but there are exceptions.

To manIPulate the camera on laptops of this brand, you can use the EasyCapture program.

Whether it is included in the standard delivery set is unknown, but you can download it from the Lenovo technical support website.

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Error reasons

First of all, check the obvious reasons: if you are working on a laptop there is a built-in camera. If your webcam is connected via USB. check the physical connection of the port, change the connection port. All other reasons can be divided into three groups:

  • System failure. the system cannot access the camera, access to the camera is blocked by antivirus.
  • Drivers not installed. the driver may “fly off” after updating the operating system. Or it was not installed initially.
  • Hardware problem. not working USB connection ports, faulty wire or broken device.

You can check the performance of the camera in another application: launch Skype or Viber for pc and make a test call. If everything works but does NOT connect to Zuma, let’s go to Windows 10 privacy settings.

Turn on access to the camera on the computer

Windows 10 has privacy settings, in the setting of which you can turn off access to the camera for one or all applications at once. To check this:

  • Click Start and in the search bar enter “Privacy options”.

Enable for desktop apps

Don’t forget to update the program to the latest version.

Turn on permissions on your smartphone

On Android smartphones, you can go in two ways: reinstall the application and GRANT access to audio and. Or go to the section settings “App permissions”. For inexperienced users, we recommend the first option:

  • Delete Zoom from smartphone memory and download again.
  • After the first launch of the program to invite access, click “clear”.
  • Next, I allow the application to record audio.

I allow to shoot

Zoom camera not working? How to fix on PCs and smartphones

After switching to remote learning and working mode, many users started using Zoom. Today we will tell you why the error appears “Unable to enable” with text Failed to turn on the camera. Select another camera in the Settings menu “. An example of an error in the screenshot below:

Unable to enable

Most often, the problem is faced by Windows 10 users, less often the problem occurs on Android smartphones. To deal with the solution, exclude Possible obvious reasons.

App permissions

The second way for Android smartphones is to adjust the application permissions. Follow the following step by step scheme:

  • Open up “Settings” phone, then item “Applications” or “All Apps”.
  • We are looking for Zoom in the list or through the search and click on the icon.

Go to Zoom


To summarize, if your Zoom camera is not working, the first step is to check the privacy settings of the camera on your computer. On smartphones, you must GRANT all rights to record audio and. In other cases, you will have to fix hardware problems: check the device, switch the webcam to another USB port, replace the cable. Write in the comments if the problem was solved if the tIPs We did not help to supplement the article in other ways.

Camera error: Failed to connect to camera” on Android device

It all starts with the fact that when you try to use the camera of an Android device, you first see a blank screen with a camera icon in the center, and then you receive a message Failed to connect to camera. Sometimes it is possible to use the camera after restarting the device, but, as a rule, the error rate increases, and soon it becomes simply impossible to use the photo module to take a couple of photos. Many users also complain that they receive a similar error message when trying to shoot at the lowest resolution (240p). Is there any way to fix the situation? Let’s try together to figure out what is happening and find available ways to independently solve the problem.

Medium difficulty methods

These are the standard steps that can be taken when the application shows an error message Failed to connect to camera. Try using them all. it should help. Don’t forget to stop the application and restart it before each new attempt to connect the camera. Ways to fix the error given here Failed to connect to camera” do not pose the risk of losing saved photos and

A) Clearing cache and data

  • Go to “Settings” Android devices;
  • Please select “applications”;
  • Find the camera app and select it;

In the application menu, click “Clear cache” and “Clear data”, Confirm your actions;

  • Reboot the device, or force-stop the camera app (disable / enable), before making another attempt to start the camera.
  • B) Removing and reinstalling updates
    Go to the same settings of the camera app as shown above. If there is an option to uninstall the updated one, then do it. But remember that you must NOT be using older versions of the apps, so you will have to visit the Play Market to update the camera app again.

    B) Check permissions (Android Marshmallow only)
    Android Marshmallow has a perSony system for allowing access to essential apps. You must confirm that your camera app has permission to access the camera. Usually, if the required permission is not present, it is requested during application launch.

  • Go to “Settings”. “applications”. “cameras”.
  • Press on “permission”.
  • Make sure the slider “Camera resolution” shifted to the right. You can turn it off and on again.

Available methods

A) Reboot
Users report that the camera starts working after rebooting the Android device. Sometimes you have to reboot the gadget several times to achieve the desired result. In any case, it makes sense to try this elementary method. turn off and then turn on your smartphone or tablet.

B) Reboot to Safe Mode
Every Android device has a download function “safe mode” function, that is, you restart the phone and turn it on, we activate only basic applications and a limited number of available functions. Safe Mode is great for troubleshooting as Downloaded apps will be disabled and you will be able to determine if there is really a conflict between various third-party software and system software related to camera use.

To restart in safe mode:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Hold the power button for a few seconds until the shutdown menu appears.

Confirm that you want to restart your device in Safe Mode.

When starting in safe mode, enable the camera system app. View multIPle photos, then exit the application.

  • Turn it on again and see if it works.
  • If the camera works normally in safe mode, then you have narrowed down the search for the causes of the error. The problem lies in the conflict of third-party applications with the system software. It is because of them that you are unable to connect to the camera. Your Further actions:

    C) Remove conflicting third party apps
    Try uninstalling third-party camera-related apps. These are applications that can take pictures in the course of their work. For example: Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc. Surely there are programs on your smartphone or tablet with which you can take photos directly from the application and share them. Uninstall such programs one by one, checking after each uninstallation to see if the error has disappeared. If you are able to connect to the camera, you have found a third-party application that is conflicting with the system software. And one more thing: don’t forget to switch between. Panoramic shooting and other modes during the test. the problem may manifest itself in any of them, and it is important for us to restore the full functionality of the camera.

    If you managed to launch the camera from a third-party application downloaded from Google Play, then the problem lies in the official system application for it. Try to act in the following way:

    • Go to Settings. Applications. Cameras;
    • Remove updates, if any;
    • Clear cache and data;
    • Error elimination methods for advanced users

      Attention: These error correction methods Failed to connect to camera when used, entail the loss of data saved on the Android device. To avoid leaving contacts, photo galleries, games, music and other content, you need to back up. Save photos, account information and apps backup to your Google account. All this will be re-installed after adding the same Google account to the device.

      A) Clearing the cache
      This action allows you to clear the device system of temporary data. obsolete and only cluttering the memory. This option is activated in Recovery mode, which becomes available after rebooting the phone using the bootloader.

      To clear the cache, execute the following actions:

      • Turn off your Android device;
      • Hold down the volume and power buttons at the same time to start the phone. you will see an image of Android working;
      • Navigating with the volume button, switch to Recovery mode;

      After clearing the cache successfully, restart your phone and try launching the camera app again. Please note that your Android device may have a different combination of buttons to access the maintenance and recovery mode.

      B) Reset to factory settings
      Resetting the settings is considered the most radical way to solve problems, as it entails a complete loss of data. But if no other methods help, then you will simply have to use it. However, backing up the data will help, and re-configuring the device will only consolidate the skills of working with Android devices. Here are two ways, using which you can reset your phone or tablet to factory settings.

      Method I: From the recovery menu

      • Turn off your phone or tablet;
      • Press the buttons simultaneously “Volume.” and “nutrition”, to restart the device (you will see Android work)
      • Select the option that prompts you to return to factory settings (Factory or Factory Reset) by pressing the power button to confirm.

      Method II: From System Preferences

      • Go to section “Settings” Android.
      • In the tab “Additionally” find options “Recovery and reset”.
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