D series

As practice shows, the rollback to the default values ​​on all Samsung TVs is approximately the same. The only difference is in the names of the menu items. Now let’s figure out how to reset the settings on a Samsung D series TV.

First you need to open the TV section, then press the “Exit” button on the remote control. Hold this key for about 10 seconds. This will open a new dialog box. The alert text indicates that all default values ​​will be restored. This applies to both the parameters of the TV itself and Smart TV. To start the reboot, click on the “OK” button.

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First, experts strongly recommend updating your Smart TV, if the error persists and the TV reboots randomly, then reset your user settings.

M, Q and LS series

  • Press the “Home” button.
  • Select the “Menu” section.
  • Go to the subsection “Settings”.
  • Switch to the “Support” tab.
  • We select the command “Self-diagnosis”, and then “Reset“.

Before you can return to the default settings, you need to specify the PIN.

Series K

Take the remote control and open the main menu by pressing the “Menu” button. An alternative option is to press the “Home” button on the remote control, and then on the TV screen select the “Settings” section.

Select the “Support” subsection, namely the “Self-diagnosis” command. In the list that appears, select “Reset“.

To confirm the return to factory defaults, you need to enter the PIN-code, by default it is 0000. After that, the TV will reboot itself.

What will happen to the TV after a factory reset?

Here you can draw as many analogies as you like with any other equipment. Of course, absolutely everything will be erased, so you will have to set the parameters again. To some extent, this can be compared to reinstalling Windows on a computer or laptop.

Basically, a full reset of Samsung Smart TV has three significant consequences, let’s analyze each of them. Of course, there are also less significant consequences, but they can be omitted and left without additional attention.

First, there will be a complete rollback to the factory settings. An exception is the network settings. Let’s try to understand in more detail what the user is losing. Of course, manual adjustment of sound, brightness, contrast and other image parameters will go wrong.

It is clear that after resetting the parameters, you will have to re-expose everything. This is especially inconvenient if you spent a lot of free time manually adjusting the color reproduction.

The second really significant consequence is the deletion of all previously saved channels. Regardless of which brand device you use: LG or Samsung, the information will be erased. This applies to both previously found channels and the selected location, blocked programs, etc.

Unfortunately, many users compare resetting a Samsung TV to updating a software. It is clear that in no case can an equal sign be put between these two processes. If you roll back to the default parameters, then the firmware version remains the same, no changes will be made.

Basically, this is all the user should know about. If the consequences do not scare you, you can safely proceed to reset the basic parameters.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Smart TV Fix it Now

J series

To reset your TV and restore the default settings, follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Take your remote control.
  • Press the “Menu / 123” button.
  • In the menu that opens on the screen, select the “Settings” section.
  • Go to the “Support” tab.
  • Click on the “Self-diagnosis” command.
  • From the proposed list, select “Reset“.
  • Enter PIN and press yes.

How to Factory Reset (Back to Original Settings) on Samsung Smart TV

Factory reset

To find out why the TV restarts randomly, you need to determine the cause of the software failure. Often the problem lies precisely in incorrect user settings. Therefore, the operating system is not updated, but a regular reboot and zeroing of the settings set by the user.

Let’s look at a real-world example. Users prefer to install firmware updates automatically, which is actually a big mistake. Due to the use of this function, the TV starts to turn on abruptly in the middle of the night or reboots directly while watching your favorite movie or TV series. Attempts to return the parameters to their defaults will most likely fail. The only way out of this situation is to reset the Samsung TV.

As noted earlier, the procedure for rolling back to the default settings will directly depend on which TV model you are using. Consider all possible scenarios for the development of events and supplement them with step-by-step instructions.

Series E

For the parameters to be automatically reset, you need to follow the same principle as in the step-by-step instructions for the J series models.

  • Take your remote control.
  • Press the “Menu” button.
  • In the menu that opens on the screen, select the “Settings” section.
  • Go to the “Support” tab.
  • Click on the “Self-diagnosis” command.
  • From the proposed list, select “Reset“.
  • Enter PIN and press yes.

When turned on, you will notice that the parameters you set have been erased.