An error occurred while installing iOS 14. update installation failed

Yes, yes, yes, sometimes the iPhone does not describe the reasons for any problems in too much detail.

Update installation failed. An error has occurred ”and think what you want!

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So what’s the reason? In most cases, under “There was an error installing iOS 14” Apple implies the presence of a jailbreak.

  • The first option is to remove the jailbreak by following this instruction, and then install iOS 14 “over the air”.
  • The second option is to update via iTunes.

Error 10 when updating iOS 14 via iTunes

One of the most common issues users face when updating iOS 14 through iTunes.

Why does error 10 appear? It’s simple. the crash occurs due to the fact that the current version of iTunes is not designed to install iOS 14.

The program “does not know” about the existence of such firmware and completely refuses to install it.

  • Update iTunes to the latest up-to-date version.
  • Use alternative programs (be sure to make a backup!). For example, 3uTools. Often times, especially when it comes to iOS beta versions, third-party developers are much more responsive to issues like this.

However, there is also a more universal option. to update “over the air”. No iTunes. No Error 10.

Although, here, too, not everything is as good as we would like it to be

IOS 14 installation starts and ends immediately. no update occurs

  • You downloaded iOS 14 firmware over the air.
  • The installation process has begun (an apple appeared on the screen with a progress bar).
  • But the update is interrupted almost immediately. the iPhone turns on, and the old version of the software is still on it.
  • At the same time, the settings again suggest downloading and installing iOS 14.

The device has too little free memory.

Because of this, iOS 14 cannot “deploy” and complete its installation. Free up some free space. everything will be “OK”!

iTunes Error 14 and Data Recovery-Let Apple Hear You!

iOS 14: update errors, their solutions and answers to questions

All categorical and ardent greetings! Today we will talk about the painful one. after all, before you is another informative release of my favorite epic, which stretches in a long line through all the stages of the existence and development of the software of Apple devices. And her name

No, well, really, this is already becoming like some kind of multi-part series (hello, Santa Barbara). with every global firmware update, many iPhone and iPad users constantly have some glitches, bugs, freezes, crashes and other disgraces

iOS 14, of course, was no exception. errors “in place”!

Therefore, let’s see what difficulties an ordinary user may face when upgrading to iOS 14 and, most importantly, how to deal with it. Go!

Before you “leave” completely, it is important to decide whether your iPhone supports this update?

  • We read the article which lists all devices supporting iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.
  • We carefully analyze our gadget.
  • Making sure it is compatible with iOS 14 (iPadOS 14).

Have you checked it? Now we are definitely “into battle”. we are starting to study all possible errors of updating iOS 14!

IOS 14 update takes a long time to load

The situation looks like this. you open the settings, quickly and decisively click “Download and install iOS 14” and that’s it.

The iPhone politely shows you “About left”, but at the same time: the figure either does not change, or decreases very slowly, or the download time generally increases!

Wow “About left!” Apple, or more accurate data?

In fact, it is impossible. Because the download speed of the iOS 14 update and related problems (freezing, long downloads, constant breaks) depend on:

  • The amount of free memory on your device. Is the storage crammed to capacity? Free up some space!
  • Internet connection speeds. Check Wi-Fi connection speed and stability.
  • Most importantly, the workload of Apple servers. In the early days of the release of firmware, there is always a “rush”. take a look and check if Apple services have broken at this particular point in time?

Important! IOS update standard errors (including iOS 14)

In addition to the problems described in the previous subheadings, almost every iOS update is accompanied by problems that have probably already become a kind of “standard” for the iPhone and iPad.

If your iPhone shows one of these messages and cannot update to iOS 14, then be sure to read the instructions above. believe me, there is a solution to your problem.!

On this, perhaps, we can safely end. after all, the reasons for the problems with the iOS 14 update have been identified (eliminated, destroyed, defeated. underline what is needed) and, in general, it’s quiet and smooth. In short, the author of these lines really hopes that now you can definitely enjoy the full functionality of the fourteenth version of the software from Apple. Hooray!:)

over, you can restore iPhone without backup using iPhone Data Recovery too. If you have any other way to fix iTunes error 14 just leave messages below.

Error 14 iPhone

Error 14 when restoring iPhone can occur as a result of a software or hardware failure. If the problem is of a software nature, error 14 iPhone indicates that the firmware update failed, or the user, while updating the firmware, “jumped” from the old version of the OS to a newer one. For example, from iOS 5.x or 6.x to iOS 9.x or iOS 10. In this case, to fix error 14 iPhone, you need to completely restore the device software from scratch. If after that the firmware of the device was successfully completed, the problem was eliminated. However, if the inscription “unknown error 14 occurred” in the iPhone does not disappear, to restore the normal operation of the gadget, you need to contact the service center specialists for help.

What do the owners of gadgets who got error 9 or 14 say:

Boris “After the next software update, an error appeared, tried all possible methods found on the Internet, came to x-repair, the wizard restored it, now it works fine”
Artem “I read a bunch of forums to fix the error, but nothing worked, I brought it to the service center.”
Yulia “The iPhone showed the iTunes icon and the charging cord, the wizards helped and solved the problem.”

dr.fone toolkit. iOS System Recovery

Fix iTunes error 14 without data loss!

  • Only fix your ISN’s ok, no data loss at all.
  • Fix various issues of iOS system stuck in recovery mode. white Apple logo. black screen. looping at the start, etc.
  • Fixes other iPhone errors and iTunes error such as iTunes error 4013, error 14. iTunes error 27. iTunes error 9 and more.
  • Works for all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models.
  • Fully compatible with the latest iOS 10.3.

Fix iTunes Error 14 By Deleting / Moving Corrupted IPSW File

/ Library / iTunes / iPhone Software Updates

Find IPSW File in Windows 7: Users Username AppData Roaming Apple Computer iTunes iPhone Software Updates

Find IPSW File in Windows 8/10: C: Users AppData Roaming Apple Computer iTunes iPhone Software Updates

Troubleshoot iOS update and restore errors

This article describes how to troubleshoot iOS update and restore errors.

Using a different firmware

In the case of self-loading iOS, there is a possibility that the reason for error 14 is in the use of low-quality custom firmware, or the user is simply trying to jump over the version, for example, downloading the ninth after the seventh. If an error appears already in the process, you should reboot, disconnect the device from the computer, and then reconnect and, performing the flashing procedure again, entrust the installation of the iTunes operating system without pointing to the downloaded file.

Selecting an error number or error message

Select the error you are experiencing to view instructions on how to fix it.


What to do if iPhone gets error 14?

If you find error 14 on your iPhone, we recommend contacting our service center, because it is here that they will help you solve the problem as soon as possible. Qualified specialists will carry out a set of works aimed at restoring the functionality of your phone, namely:

  • replacement of the USB cable;
  • installing a new firmware version;
  • software update;
  • removal of malware;
  • full diagnostics of smartphone performance.

The most effective way to fix this problem is to install the current version of the software and operating system. In addition, you need to pay attention to the state of the USB cable and the connector itself, since the stability of data transmission largely depends on the quality of the connection.

Enlisting our support, you get confidence that all data from your smartphone will remain completely safe. The work is carried out using certified equipment and specialized software systems, the characteristics of which correspond to the official requirements of the manufacturer.

error 14

On June 13, 2016, Apple introduced a new version of the iOS 10 operating system, and within a few hours after the official release, users began to encounter a rather unpleasant phenomenon. error 14. On modern iPhone models, error 14 can occur in several cases:

  • damage to the USB cable;
  • in the process of updating the firmware ;;
  • unstable network connection;
  • outdated version of iTunes;
  • defects in the NAND memory chip;
  • broken connection between memory and processor.

How To Fix iTunes Error 14 (3 Ways)

Elimination of errors related to the indicated reasons must be entrusted to professionals, because any outside interference in the operation of the smartphone can entail unforeseen consequences.

Why Seek Professional Help When Error 14 Occurs?

Although in some cases. for example, when updating the operating system of the phone through the iTunes service. the user himself can cope with the problem that has arisen, it is better not to risk it, but to contact us immediately. After all, there are a lot of real reasons for such an error.

Turn off security software

Don’t Miss: How to Fix iTunes Error 4005 with 5 Best Solutions

Check USB cables and connectors

How to fix iTunes Error 14

Complete Guide to Fix iTunes Error 14

Every time Apple releases the latest version of iOS, it’s enough to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod frequently. However, many users report that they have iTunes Error 14 when they update their iPhone to iOS 10/11/12. Error message 14 “Failed to restore iPhone. An unknown error has occurred (14). ” pops up and stops the update or restore process.

Error 14 is one of the iTunes error codes. You can see its simple description and solutions on Apple’s official page. But you cannot get the details of iTunes error 14 in iOS 10 and iOS 11/12 from this page.

This post organizes some effective solutions to help you fix iTunes error 14. What’s more, you can find a great iTunes alternative to better manage various iOS files. Keep reading to work around iTunes error codes quickly.

  • What is iTunes / iPhone Error 14
  • How to fix iTunes Error 14
  • Avoid iTunes error 14 with the best iTunes alternative. iPhone data recovery

Professional iOS System Recovery to Fix iTunes Error 14

Apeaksoft iOS System Restore is specially designed to fix various iOS system problems. If iTunes error 14 or other issues are caused by a system issue. You can download it for free to get your device back to normal.

Step 1. Run iOS System Restore

Free download, install and open this iTunes 14 program to fix errors on your computer. Then use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to it.

When your iPhone is successfully connected, follow the onscreen instructions to direct your iOS device to DFU Mode.

Step 3. Confirm iPhone information

Before fixing iTunes error 14, you can see the basic information about your iOS device displayed in the interface. Make sure all of these items match the Apple device you are using exactly.

Click the “Repair” button to start fixing iTunes error 14. You can also easily fix iTunes Error 4014, iTunes Error 3194, etc.

Fix iTunes Error 14 By Deleting / Moving Corrupted IPSW File

/ Library / iTunes / iPhone Software Updates

Find IPSW file in Windows 7: Users \ Username \ AppData \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ iPhone Software Updates

Find IPSW file in Windows 8/10: C: \ Users \ AppData \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ iPhone Software Updates

Repair error 9 when updating / restoring iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes

Most often, this malfunction is hardware, that is, in 90% of cases, the problem lies in a malfunction of the motherboard. Below are statistics on motherboard malfunctions and methods that you can try at home. At the very bottom of the page is a video of one of the fixes for “error 9” on iPhone 5s. You can get a free consultation on this problem.

Common causes of “error 9″ by device model:

iPhone 4 / 4s / 5 / 5s: 70%. faulty Flash memory, 15%. problems with the processor, 15%. other malfunctions mat. fees.

iPhone 6/6: 85% CPU problems, 10%. faulty Flash memory, 5%. other malfunctions mat. fees.

iPhone 6s / 6s / 7/7: 60% Flash failure, 30% CPU issue, 10% other malfunctions mat. fees.

All of the above problems are subject to repair in our service center, regardless of the complexity of the problem, including repairs associated with a processor malfunction. The final verdict and cost are announced only after diagnostics by our engineers, since the symptoms are almost the same in almost all cases, and diagnostics by phone is tantamount to fortune telling by the stars 🙂

Error 9 in the iPhone most often occurs during software updates and refers to quite serious failures that the user usually cannot fix on his own. This nuisance is usually encountered when flashing a smartphone, and its insidiousness is that it occurs at the moment when, it would seem, the firmware has completed successfully and the iPhone is disconnected from the USB port of the computer. After error 9 appeared, the iPhone categorically refuses to respond to the owner’s commands and completely turns into a “brick”. How to deal with error 9 and is it possible to solve this problem on your own?

Despite the threatening symptoms, you can try to fix the trouble with error 9 yourself. Very often the computer port is to blame for the failure. To allow the firmware to complete normally, sometimes you just need to change the USB connector to the adjacent one. Often the cause of the error is a poor-quality or faulty connection cord. Statistics show that users using the original iPhone cable to connect to a computer are much less likely to fall victim to error 9. Therefore, one of the possible ways out of the situation may be to replace the cable with a known good one.

Also, the reason may be hidden in the firmware itself. If none of the above methods helped, you can try to start the procedure again, but using a guaranteed high-quality iPhone firmware. Alas, all the described methods of returning the iPhone to life after an unsuccessful firmware do not guarantee success. The operating system of any smartphone is a complex organism, which even a slight deviation from the norm can lead to a failure. That is why experts do not recommend flashing the iPhone on your own without having experience in this matter. The service center employees are guaranteed to successfully perform any work with both the software and the hardware of your device and the smartphone will work for a long time and without any “surprises”. But if the trouble has already occurred and error 9 has appeared on the screen of your gadget, do not be upset, since your smartphone can always be brought back to life in a specialized service center. In most cases, a visit to a qualified Apple repair technician is much cheaper than trying to do it yourself, unqualified repairs. The specialists of the Apple service center “Fix apples” can easily eliminate error 9 and will do it much cheaper than other workshops.