[SOLVED] Unlock Phone Huawei if you forgot your password

[Conclusion]: Want to remove a blocked screen on the phone Huawei, if you forgot your password on your Huawei phones? This article describes two effective ways to unlock the phone Huawei with a locked screen, black screen, broken screen and T. D. Including Huawei Mate 20/10/9 / 8/7, Huawei P30 / P20 / P9 / P8 and T. D.

If you forgot your password on your phone Huawei or can not enter your phone, you can consider restoring factory settings. Reset to factory settings basically format your phone as if you just took it out of the box. This article will teach you hardware reset or reset to the factory settings of the Huawei phone to unlock the phone if you have forgotten the password, the mobile phone does not work properly, the phone is stuck on the black screen / screen of the bank, hardware reset or reset to the factory settings of the phone Huawei can help you fix the problem. In addition, if you want to sell your old android phone, hardware reset or resetting settings to factory values ​​will erase all data from Android, so hard reset is also used to safely prepare a mobile phone to resale. People also read: constantly erase data on Android before selling

Let’s show you how to unlock Huawei P30 / P20 / MATE 20 / MATE 10 and T. D. Using hardware reset or software reset (resetting the settings for factory settings), before hardware reset or restoring factory settings, you must back up all data from the Huawei phone to the computer. First, because full reset and return to factory settings will erase all your data.

How to unlock the phone Honor and Huawei if you forgot the password

Huawei phone unlocking methods are practically no different from the standard, provided on Android devices.

Unlock your smartphone if you have forgotten the graphic key or PIN code in two ways:

  • Through recovery using Google Account. The method does not work on new smartphones, the “Forgotten access code?”(Or something similar) just does not appear.
  • Through hard discharge phone to factory settings. However, in this case, all data is deleted without restoring.

Restoring access through Google Account

You can remove the graphical lock or lock using the password through the Google account, but only if your smartphone is released until 2014-2015. All smartphones with an updated version of the firmware on Android 9 and above do not receive unlock capabilities using Google.

When the device is turned on, you need to enter a PIN code if it is entered incorrectly, the device is blocked. First for 1 minute, then for 30 minutes, one hour and so on. If you click on “Emergency Calls”, you can call the support service, send geolocation data or medical card.

Huawei Enter the unlock password after rebooting

Unlock the tablet or phone from Huawei and Honor using Google account as follows:

  • Enter several times in a row wrong unlock code.
  • At the bottom next to the “Emergency Call” button or in the upper right corner, the “Forgot password” button will appear?”(Or something similar), you need to click on it.
  • After that, in a new window, you need to enter your Google account data if you have forgotten account data, you must restore the account on the computer, and then enter the data into the phone.
  • Confirm the entered data.

When unlocking this way, you need to connect to the Internet. You can use the Wi-Fi home network if the smartphone has previously connected to it, the public network. If the data transfer is connected via a SIM card, i.e. mobile Internet, then no additional manipulations will be required.

Smart Look

Smart Look. Additional ways to unlock the screen when the password is not required. Suitable devices that have the ability to configure unlock using a photo, finger print and smart unlocking. In this case, it will not be necessary to think about what to do if you forgot the letter password: the smartphone will still be unlocked.

You can configure smart unlock through the settings:

  • Open item “Security and Privacy”.
  • To adjust the print click on the “fingerprint“.
  • To enable unlocks on the face. click on “face recognition”.
  • To unlock when connecting a Bluetooth device, click on the “Lock Screen Password”, then go to the Smart Unlock tab and configure the device.
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On Huawei phones, you will need to enter a password after restarting the device, even if other unlock methods are installed on it, including the entry insert or to face.

Full reset settings via recovery

The only 100% way to reset the password on Honor and Huawei is a hard cutter. Hard Reset (Engl. Hard reset). hardware reset phone settings to factory, including all firmware updates, user data, saved passwords and application data. After reset, no user data remains, the phone becomes as it was when it turned on after the purchase.

In order to unlock the Honor and Huawei without a password with a full data discharge:

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Turn the volume button and the power button.
  • After the appearance of the Huawei logo, let go of the inclusion key. Release the volume key cannot be downloaded until the menu is fully downloaded, otherwise the phone will be loaded as usual.
  • Click on “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”, you will have to press on new models several times on Wipe Data / Factory Reset, confirming your actions.
  • Confirm the selection by clicking on “YES”.

Graphic key reset methods without data loss

One of the most simple methods. multiple input of the wrong key. For this you need:

  • Several times enter the wrong graphic key;
  • wait for the appearance of the window with the form of a Google account request;
  • Enter login (mailbox) and password.

After that, your graphic key will be reset. However, there is one thing. it is not always possible to check the account data, because there may be no Internet connection. In this case, you need:

  • Find an active Wi-Fi access point;
  • Launch a dialer by clicking “Emergency Call”;
  • Enter the engineering menu call code in the dialer (for example ###);
  • Select in the Service Tests. WLAN window that appears;
  • Connect to access point.

If for some reason you do not fit this method, you can use the active window method. For this we do the following:

  • Download and install the Hisuite branded utility;
  • Connect the smartphone to the computer through the USB cable;
  • Run the utility and go to the “Contacts” section, and then “My E-Mail”;
  • Pull the status bar after the notification appears and go to the system settings;
  • Disable graphic key protection.

If in proximity there is no PC or for some reason you cannot execute the instruction, you can wait for the battery discharge and when the warning window appears, use the curtain to call the settings.

If your device is routing and a custom recovery is installed on it, you can try to delete a file with a graphical key data. In this case, after a reboot, you can enter any gesture to unlock the device. For this you need:

  • Download Aroma File Manager and place it in the root of the memory card;
  • launch custom recovery;
  • flash the archive with the utility;
  • After the Aroma File Manager starts, go to the “System Root / Data / System /” directory and delete the gesture file.Key.

If the custom recovery on your device is missing or runs only from the system, you can try happiness with stock recovery. To do this, you will need to flash the script with the removal of the graphics key data file:

  • Run the recovery (volume up the power button);
  • Select the point “Install.ZIP “,” Install Update.zip “(or t.P. depending on the device);
  • Choose our archive and flash it.

On this actually everything. If none of these methods helped you, you will have to try extreme ways. If this is not suitable for you, you will have to contact the official service center.

Unlock via Gmail Mail

As a rule, users are usually encountered with the problem of unlocking the smartphone after the wrong password is selected several times. After 5 unsuccessful login attempts, the system blocks access to smartphone data. But remove the lock still possible.

The first and most popular way is unlocking using the account in Gmail mail. The phone will not need to carry anywhere or open. If it happened that the Honor 10 owner forgot the password and / or incorrectly entered the password 5 times, then the inscription “Forgot your password” will be displayed on the device screen. The user needs to click on this inscription, and then enter login and password from the Gmail email in the string.

It is important to note that you need to use the mail that is tied to the phone. This will help to avoid possible trouble with unlocking.

After that, the next step will be the choice of smartphone unlocking method. If, for example, you need to change the password, then the user should click on “Change Graphic Key”. After that, the phone owner must enter a new password, and then the smartphone is unlocked by providing the user full access.

Rarely, but it happens that the user forgets the password not only from the entrance to the smartphone, but also from the email Gmail.

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Step 5 To reset the password using ADB, go to the folder with the program, enter the command on the command prompt:

Reset Password and Graphic Key With Custom Recovery TWRP

This method is only suitable for Android owners of devices with installed root-rights and custom recovery TWRP. Turn off your smartphone or tablet and download it to Recovery mode. For different devices, their key combinations are used, the most common:

After downloading Recovery TWRP, open the File Manager program. To do this, click Advanced. And then File Manager. Go to Folder / Data / System. Find and delete the following files: gesture.Key and Password.Key (for Android 4 version.4 and below); GetEkeeper.Password.Key and Getekeeper.Pattern.Key (for the version of Android 5 and above)

Reload your smartphone / tablet and calmly unlock the device if the password will be requested again. when unlocking or when installed in the settings of the new password, click simply input (OK) or, if this is a graphical key, enter any.

Only the method of obtaining for everyone is different, so if someone wants, then write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and I will try to provide an individual instruction how to do it.

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The only way to unlock Huawei and Honor If you forgot your password, key, PIN code

Already while setting up the password or graphics key, the system notifies us “Remember your PIN code. No way to restore forgotten PIN code “. Similarly with password and graphic key. This means that in the case of forgetting it, the user will not be able to reset the password!

However, the solution is how to reset the password on Honor and Huawei. make a hardware reset of settings and return the smartphone to its original form. Unfortunately, the following solution to the problem will erase all your data on a smartphone or tablet, because the second way implies a reset to the factory settings (it is Hard Reset). But later you will get access to the smartphone. Therefore, we strongly recommend periodically to make backup of all data and files on your Huawei and Honor.

Despite the impossibility of entering the system’s work space, we still can turn off the smartphone by holding the power button. And so, we do the following:

  • Turn off the phone by pressing the power button or simply pull the battery if there is such an opportunity.
  • Simultaneously clamp and hold the power button. Volume increasing button. You will feel the light vibrational signal and after some time the company’s logo will appear on the screen and Android inscription.
  • Keep clamped this combination before the reset menu appears or at least 5 seconds after the logo appears. After some time, you should have a Recovery Menu, after which we let go all the buttons.
  • Select the item “WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET” and the Power button confirm the selection. Next, choose the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” item if such appeared on your screen.
  • After the deadline is completed, the menu can again appear in which the “Reboot System Now”.

All above the described process as a password reset on Huawei and Honor is shown on

Outdated way that does not work now

After you entered the wrong graphical key (drawing or password) on the screen, the inscription will appear on the screen: “Forgot the graphic key”, the actual on which you need and click. After that, you will be asked to enter an email address and password from the Google account to which the device is tied. Dale choose the way unlocking, in our case, the graphic key, and create a new key. Enter the key again and see the desktop. Below is provided by video with a visual example how to unlock Huawei and Honor.

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How to remove the password from the phone Huawei without rebooting?

Here we have collected 8 effective methods that will tell you how to unlock Huawei phones without resetting settings.

The best way to unlock the phone Huawei without a password reset in 1 click

One of the easiest ways to unlock Huawei without resetting settings. It makes it through third-party software. There is a different software designed to unlock Android devices without data loss, and PassFab Android Unlocker is one of them. Passfab Android Unlocker. Excellent program with easy-to-use inteeis and high degree of success. With Passfab Android Unlocker You will not have problems unlocking the phone Huawei.

To understand how to remove the graphic key on Huawei, follow this guide:

How to unlock screen lock using Passfab Android Unlocker:

Note: For some Early Samsung Passfab Android Unlocker devices, it supports the removal of the screen lock without losing data in Windows.

Using the “Find Phone” function to unlock the phone Huawei without resetting the settings

“Find My Device” was previously called “Android Device Manager”, which is an excellent tool for searching for Android devices in case of its loss or theft. Also, it is also a great option to block the phone Huawei. To understand how to remove the screen lock on Huawei, take the following steps:

Go to http: // www.Google.com / android / find in your browser and log in to your Google Account.

Select the phone Huawei you want to unlock.

Select the option “Block” from three options.

Then you will be prompted to install a new password for the selected phone Huawei. Confirm your new password.

Then you can unlock Huawei without reset, but with a new password.

Use Huawei clock to unlock the phone Huawei without restoring factory settings

Most people are familiar with Huawei Watch. However, Huawei Watch has its tricks, even if it is a smart watch based on Android.

  • Connect the Huawei phone to Huawei Watch watch.
  • In the Huawei phone, go to “Settings” “Security and Privacy” “Screen Lock Password” “Smart Lock”.
  • Set the screensing password and add Huawei clock as a trusted device.

Note: After that you can access your Huawei phone, spending your finger across the phone screen without entering the password or resetting the settings to factory. However, if your Huawei phone is not configured and not connected to Huawei Watch, this method does not work for you, and go to the next method.

Using the finger print identifier to unlock the phone Huawei without restoring factory settings

If you forgot your PIN code / password / Huawei phone graphic key, do not panic. You do not need to immediately reset the Huawei settings to factory. Try fingerprint recognition and see if it will unlock your Huawei.

To configure the fingerprint lock in Huawei to remove the graphic key:

Note: If you configured the fingerprint identifier for your Huawei, you can unlock the Huawei phone using the fingerprint identifier without the need to reset it. Just attach a thumb or finger to the fingerprint sensor to unlock it.

Remove the password on the screen with face recognition

This method is similar to Method 4, which means that you can unlock the Huawei phones without resetting the settings and how to recognize persons only if you configured the face recognition identifier for your phone Huawei.

To configure Face ID in Huawei phone:

Run the “Settings” application in Huawei.

Go to Security and Privacy Facial Unlock.

Look at the camera, and the system will create your face recognition profile.

After that, you can unlock the phone Huawei using face recognition without resetting settings. To do this, you can either instantly unlock the Huawei phone with the recognition function of individuals, or spend your finger across the face recognition.

Ways unlocking smartphones

Unlock the Huawei phone without a password can be in several ways. Or rather. two. The first one is more sparing, and the second is recommended to be used exclusively in the most extreme cases. These are these ways. They are fundamentally different from each other.

  • Using Google account. If the access code is forgotten, you can try to restore access with the “Google” account. But this option does not always work. Only if the smartphone was tied to account in advance and there is access to the Internet.
  • Forced resetting settings. When using this option, the user will lose all data on the domestic drive of the device. This is done using the system recovery.

If, to use the first method, it is necessary that some conditions have been completed, the second will work in a hundred percent of cases. Unlock the Huawei phone without a password can only with the two options above. Differently do it will not work. We now turn to the detailed analysis of each of them.