Garmin GDR 35 rear view camera GBC-30 as a gift

The GDR 35 helps the driver in difficult situations. Thanks to video recording of events on the roads, he acts as a driver’s lawyer and allows you to determine who is responsible for the situation. But the most important thing. GDR 35 helps prevent roadside complications.

GDR 35 with a built-in GPS receiver has the ability to record the current time, speed and coordinates on the video. And the video playback function allows you to quickly resolve disputes.

Built-in G-sensor reacts to external influences on the car and records all incidents in a protected memory section.

The DVR has the ability to connect an optional rear view camera, with the ability to record.

GPS positioning

With GPS positioning function, you can record the track of your movement in real time, coordinates, time and speed. This information can be played back on a computer using the Garmin Dash Cam Player software.

2.4 inch screen

The bright 2.4-inch screen will help you quickly adjust the recording position during the first installation, as well as view the already recorded video in case of emergency.

Built-in battery and secure file storage

The GDR 35 has a built-in rechargeable battery that allows you to continue recording for up to 60 minutes after disconnecting the external power supply. Thanks to this, in the event of an incident, your records will be safe.

The built-in G-sensor reacts to vibration in the event of a collision or emergency braking. The system will automatically start recording to a protected area of ​​memory, to securely save video files.

Second camera support (GBC 30 sold separately)

The use of two cameras increases the level of safety for drivers of both cars and trucks. Videos from two cameras are automatically synced thanks to new Garmin technology. You can control the recording of each camera separately. All this provides the car owner with double protection from surprises on the road.

Large aperture lens with 110 degree angle

GDR 35, Using a large aperture lens, allows for high-quality video recording Not only in daylight but also at night.

Garmin uses exclusive technology to shoot in challenging environments with low noise, allowing you to capture videos and photos even in bad weather.

Emergency video recording protection

Built-in G-sensor responds to shock and automatically locks access to video recording, to prevent image overwriting, so as not to lose important information.

Emergency recording lock button

In case of emergencies, you can manually intervene in the video recording function, protecting it from accidental erasure.

Voice alarm in cameras for video recording of violations of speed limits and traffic on public transport lanes

Built-in information about the location of cameras for video recording of violations, will warn the driver in advance about cameras in the direction of travel.

Instant photo

To resolve disputes, you can manually take pictures using your GDR 35 DVR.

Two-way recording with easy camera mounting (optional GBC 30 camcorder)

Optional synchronized high definition video recording with optional video camera.

Garmin Dash Cam Player. user-friendly software for working with video recording of the GDR 35 DVR

You can view the video both with the DVR itself and with the special free Garmin Dash Cam Player software.

The program will not only play the video, but also show on the map the track of your movement, speed, time, direction of movement, coordinates and direction of impact in the event of a road incident.

Article: 010-11901-00 Price: 15 594 rub

What do you need first of all on the road? Previously, the most important thing was a first aid kit, an emergency stop sign and a technical inspection ticket.

You can spend your whole life looking for the perfect thing. As soon as you find the same ideal, suddenly significant shortcomings are revealed and the search continues further. We have tested several dozen models of DVRs from different manufacturers, and almost each has its own, if not flaws, then subtle points, which may not be to the liking of some potential buyers. Perhaps the next step towards the ideal is Garmin GDR-35

“Not the only navigators.” Said Garmin and put on the market a car dvr. Why not? Garmin navigators have settled in thousands of cars. They help you to navigate and save time.

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Which is the best mirror dash cam with a rear view camera

We present to your attention the TOP-7 mirror DVRs with a rearview camera. The recorders presented in our review have the best technical characteristics in comparison with other devices.

Roadgid Blick

Our review begins with the Roadgid Blick Mirror DVR with a second camera and excellent night photography. The video recorder is completely identical to the dimensions of most standard mirrors. Screen diagonal 9.66 inches. The dual-channel Full HD video recorder has received the latest Sony Starvis IMX 307 sensor. The device’s performance is answered by a dual-core Mstar 8339 processor, and a 250 mAh lithium-ion battery is responsible for the autonomy. There is support for microSD, micro SDXC up to 128 GB.

ADAS voice prompts are active. There is a built-in mute microphone, built-in speaker. For comfortable operation and easy data transfer to the phone, a Wi-Fi module was installed in the DVR. The second Full HD camera can broadcast the picture to the display while driving, which gives the driver a good overview and safety. Streaming video from a second camera is more convenient than normal reflection in the mirror.

The DVR is equipped with a parking function with excellent visibility and night vision. Two-channel DVR Roadgid Blick can act as a parking assistant. It includes a wired camera in a sealed case that can be installed outside the vehicle. The manufacturer has laid down an algorithm that automatically switches to the picture display at the moment when the driver engages the reverse gear. ADAS system warns of dangerous distance reduction or lane departure.

Playme VEGA

Next in our review is the Playme VEGA video recorder. This is a 3 in 1 device: radar detector, video recorder and GPS informer. The DVR is mounted on top of the standard rear-view mirror, only slightly surpassing it in size. The device is equipped with two cameras, the viewing angle of the main camera is 146 degrees, the viewing angle of the additional camera is 100 degrees. The DVR is capable of recording video in Full HD resolution.

There is an updated database of cameras and radars. The DVR has an IPS display with a diagonal of 5 inches, resolution 854/480 pixels. Both cameras have a good viewing angle, there is support for memory cards up to 64 GB. It is possible to view the route on a Google map. A supercapacitor is used as an energy source. The performance of the device is supported by the MStar 8328P processor. The DVR is equipped with the function of detecting radars in X, K range and lidars. The DVR is equipped with a shock sensor with adjustable sensitivity. There is a built-in microphone and speaker, G-sensor, GPS module, USB port.

Slimtec Dual M9

The next one in our review is the Slimtec Dual M9. This small DVR is equipped with a 9.66 inch IPS touch display with a resolution of 1280/320 dots. The screen is covered with a high-tech 2.5D glass with a mirror surface. There are two cameras. The front one is composed of 6 lenses, equipped with an IR cut filter with a viewing angle of 170 degrees, with a maximum video resolution of 1920/1080, 30 frames per second.

Plus a rearview camera with a viewing angle of 150 degrees, video recording resolution of 1280/720, 30 frames per second, the camera is equipped with waterproof IP 67. The DVR is equipped with a built-in G-sensor, a shock sensor with adjustable sensitivity, a motion sensor, there is a parking monitoring function, backup with protection of files from overwriting, it is activated by the G-sensor and the SOS button. There is a built-in microphone and speaker. The microphone is turned off with a hot button, support for microSD, TF-card with a capacity of up to 64 GB. The built-in 700 mAh lithium-polymer battery is responsible for autonomy. By performance of the JAL09 video processor.

Artway MD-175

Next in our review is the Artway MD-175 auto-tablet DVR. It is a full-fledged 4-core tablet PC with 7-inch IPS touch screen. It operates on the Android operating system, which makes it possible to customize the device for the user, install the necessary applications from PlayMarket, Synchronize the DVR with a smartphone, tablet or other Android devices. When the DVR is working, you can simultaneously download movies, listen to music, watch online broadcasts. Full HD 1920/1080 video recording allows you to achieve the highest quality picture both in the daytime and at night. You can consider Not only license plates, but also the smallest details in a possible traffic accident.

The device is equipped with a night vision system. The processor and optical system of the model are specially designed for video recording at night and in low light conditions. The hands-free wireless hands-free system allows the driver to speak on the phone via Bluetooth and manage outgoing calls hands-free. This makes the trip safer and more convenient, as the driver is NOT distracted by the mobile phone screen.

The GPS informer is accessible and understandable to notify the driver about approaching radar complexes, fixed cameras, lane control cameras and red passage cameras, average speed control systems and other points. The GPS-informant uses the MapCam.Info database and has coverage in Russia and neighboring countries. Thanks to the GPRS function, the CarAssist application installed in the car tablet helps to view the current situation near the car on the smartphone online, regardless of the distance of the observer’s location.

View comes from the front and rear cameras. You can also track the location of the vehicle. The GPS-trekker performs the function of a navigator (the device has a pre-installed navigation system, it is possible to download your preferred programs and maps), tracks the current location or looks at the history of the car’s movement on the map. The Wi-Fi module provides wireless copying of the necessary videos to the memory of a smartphone or tablet, allows you to transfer a memory card to a traffic police officer, and not fearing that it will be lost along with the recording of a traffic event. 4G mobile internet helps to download music, movies, view content on social networks. At any time, you can turn on the video to have fun in traffic. The powerful quad-core QUAD CORE ARM processor meets the performance requirements. The tablet works in multitasking mode, programs and applications are quickly launched, recording from both cameras is in progress, notifications from a GPS informant and a navigation system are processed.

The waterproof camera can be installed on the outside of the car, for example, behind a license plate. The car tablet is equipped with a system for safe parking when reversing. Parking mode is automatically activated when shifting into reverse gear when the contacts are connected to the reversing lights. The camera captures and transmits to the monitor screen everything that happens behind the car, and also allows you to determine the permissible distance to the obstacle using positioning lines superimposed on the image, which greatly facilitates parking the car. If the shock sensor is triggered, the device will send a warning message to the smartphone with a position mark on the map and photos from the front and external cameras.

Eplutus D88

The next in our review is the Eplutus D88 panoramic mirror with a screen diagonal of 12 inches, with two cameras with 170-degree viewing angles. It is designed as an overlay for the rear-view mirror, which allows NOT to take up additional space in the cabin.

The model does not reduce visibility and does NOT spoil the car interior. The second rear-view camera is automatically activated when driving in reverse. The dash cam helps in parking in tight spaces. This is especially important when using the car in the city.

The device is capable of automatically switching the picture on the screen to the image from the rear view camera when driving backward, and also turn on the backlight of the rear view camera. Sony307 main camera lens made in Japan. The cameras have an increased viewing angle of 170 degrees, this allows you to simultaneously take pictures from several traffic cameras, fix traffic signals, road markings, road signs, the behavior of second road users, etc.

The built-in microphone records sound, the built-in rechargeable battery allows autonomous recording when disconnected from the vehicle’s on-board network. The device is equipped with a shock sensor, it records maneuvers that are not standard for normal driving: sharp acceleration, emergency braking, etc. The performance meets the processor MStar MSC 8339.

Vizant 955 VENOM

Next in our review is a multifunctional mirror with a two-channel Vizant 955 VENOM DVR. The device is equipped with a color mirror anti-glare IPS touchscreen with a diagonal of 10 inches, screen resolution of 1080 pixels, aspect ratio of 16 to 9.

The device operates on the basis of the Android operating system. The performance meets the MTK6580 processor. The video recorder is installed over a regular mirror. There are 2 cameras: 10MP front camera and 5MP wide-angle external camera. The external camera can be installed in the license plate area or on the rear window. Full HD video recording resolution of 30 frames per second for the main camera, 640/480 720i for the portable camera. The autonomy is answered by a 250 mAh battery.

Dunobil Spiegel Eva Touch

The Dunobil Spiegel Eva Touch DVR mirror completes our review. This is a 3-in-1 device: 5 ” 1280/480 pixels touch screen mirror, 1296 pixels DVR and rear view camera. The device captures video by two cameras at the same time. The main camera shoots at a resolution of 1296 pixels, and the secondary camera records 720 pixels HD video.

Tracks are recorded separately and stored on the memory card. If the space on the card runs out, new videos are recorded over the previously recorded ones. When you turn the ignition key, the recorder automatically turns on and starts working. In the event of an accident, the shock sensor is triggered and the video is automatically saved. With a rear view camera, you can see the entire space behind the car and park neatly. There is an intuitive menu, it is called and controlled by touching the TouchScreen. You can adjust the recording quality, video length, brightness, select the date and other options. There is support for 256 GB microSDXC memory cards, G-sensor shock sensor, LDWS lane control function, FCWS car distance control and other functions. Autonomy supports a 250 mAh battery.