Mirror DVR with rear view camera with Aliexpress

We are talking about Car DVR E-ACE Full HD 1080

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Mirror DVR

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Complete set of the mirror of the DVR

This mirror is used in the car and has a rear-view camera, the DVR itself, a cord, instructions, fasteners.

Mirror DVR with Rear View Camera

Mirror DVR

Beware of counterfeits! China China strife.

Mirror DVR

E-ACE DVR instruction

There are 6 control buttons on the front: power button, menu, mode switching, navigation button, ok confirmation button.

Mirror DVR with Rear View Camera

In this part of the mirror, we can see the screen where the video is displayed. It appears when the device is turned on. Returned the mirror, we can see a mini USB port for charging, a slot for a memory card. microsd, a code for connecting a rear view camera.

Auto recorder

On the back of the mirror there is an emergency overload button, built-in microphone and front view camera.

To mount the mirror in your car, you need two mounts, which are included. You need to first fix them on the mirror itself, on the upper or lower mounts on one side, or upper or lower, so that they can then be draped over the standard mirror.

Then you tighten the fasteners and fix them on opposite hinges. The main thing is not to confuse the orientation of the device. The camera should be to your right on the back side.

Rear view camera attachment and operation

Rear View Camera

Also in the box you can find double-sided tape for attaching a rear view camera.

Use it to fix the device from the inside of the cabin to the ceiling, in the rear mirror of the car. Since the rear view camera is waterproof, you can attach it to the trunk from the outside.

The rear view camera works even if the rear camera is not connected to the mirror. You can also disable it and enable it as needed.

Rear View Camera

To do this, you fix the camera on the roof of the car inside the cabin and extend the wire along the ceiling, using the mounts that are included in the kit and include in the av socket.

When you press the power button you are taken to the main menu. Loading Takes a few seconds. At this moment, when the recorder is working, the recording starts automatically.

Mirror DVR

This can be changed by clicking the button in the menu you get to the list of settings. Use the navigation buttons to move through the options, go to the very bottom of the list and find the inscription stop video recording.

We return to the display and switch to photo mode, you can also press again and get into the folder with already existing videos. With the ok button you can view the record.

If there is a desire to delete the video, click the menu. At this point, you will have a preview of the video on the screen.

Video quality

The DVR itself shoots 1080P HD video, which means good video recording quality

Video recorder e ace

In the video test, the front camera gives a slightly better image quality than the rear camera. It has a wider viewing angle and less pixelation. You can also adjust the viewing angle.

Mirror DVR

The built-in microphone records quite quietly, but let’s assume that the main function of the device is still video recording. When the battery is fully charged, it can record for over 30 minutes without connecting to a power source.

To conserve battery life Use the shutdown function. You can use the option to turn off the camera in case the video interferes with you or distorts the image in the mirror in principle.

Buy or not buy

This question is easy to answer. Based on your needs, what do I mean?

This is an excellent mirror video recorder for your money with good video recording quality.

How to set up a rear view camera and avoid parking problems

Every driver needs to know how to set up a rear view camera correctly so that he can fully experience all of its benefits. The main function of this gadget. assistance in maneuvering the vehicle when reversing in conditions of limited visibility. It turns out that the correct setting also affects the safety of the driver while driving. Well, and, of course, the rear view camera allows you to maintain the integrity of the car’s appearance, preventing unnecessary collisions with obstacles.

What can be customized?

Setting up a video gadget is usually performed through a device for displaying a picture on the screen (radio tape recorder, tablet, mirror, DVR, etc.).

What settings are present in the rear view camera? By the way, there are few of them:

  • Next, enable or disable the Mirroring option. “MIR”. Most often, all rear-view cameras transmit a mirror image so that the driver sees the real picture (after all, while driving backwards, he sits with his back to the direction of travel). However, if you want to install the gadget in front, this mode should be disabled.
  • Sometimes the picture on the monitor appears upside down. In this case, you need to either physically flip the glasses, or turn off the “FLP” option in the settings;
  • If your device has a microphone, remember to adjust the recording volume;
  • A separate point should be mentioned the adjustment of the functions of the eye: focus, angle of view, etc.
  • It is also important to adjust the picture itself: clarity, brightness, contrast, color rendition;
  • Do not forget to adjust the additional options (if any): infrared illumination, washer, mechanism with a protective shutter and others.

How to set up a camera on a radio tape recorder?

The video gadget parameters are adjusted after its successful connection:

  • Start the car, turn on the car radio and put the gearbox lever into reverse mode;
  • A mirror image of objects behind the car should appear on the monitor;
  • Open the “Settings” block in the audio system menu, find the “Camera” section inside, look for the “Back” sub-item;
  • If the picture is inverted or not mirrored, activate the options “MIR” or “FLP”;
  • Adjust the eyepiece parameters. It is necessary to set up the car’s rear view camera so that the image is as clear and correct as possible;
  • Next, adjust the rear view camera on the car according to the angle of inclination of the peephole. Your goal. achieve the widest possible picture, while allowing minimal distortion of distances;
  • Next item. setting the parking lines of the rear view camera on the car, determining the correct distance from the peephole to each sector of the marking. To do this, you need a piece of wood and a tape measure. By the way, we have a detailed article on this topic;
  • Finally, you should adjust the image parameters: contrast, brightness, as well as auxiliary options.

With this algorithm, you can configure any rear view camera, including the Chinese Android radio. The names of the sections and their location may, of course, differ, but not dramatically.

How to set up your device on the mirror?

If you have purchased a camera kit with a rear-view mirror (or with an overhead panel), then the picture from the peephole will be displayed on it when you move back.

It turns out that the mirror acts as a monitor to display the signal from the camera. If the latter is in sleep mode, it normally acts as a reflector.

Let’s consider how to properly set up a rearview camera on the mirror on a car:

  • And again, the first step is to make the correct connection according to the diagram from the instructions;
  • Consider a mirror. There should be a row of buttons on the bottom or side bar. Generally, “ON / OFF”, joystick (up / down / OK), “Menu”;
  • Start the car and turn on the reverse gear. An image should appear on the display in the mirror with the marking of the parking lines. They should be calibrated or, at least, determine the correspondence of Distance to stripes on the screen to real distances;
  • Often in such gadgets, an optical device is combined with a video recorder. Accordingly, in the menu of the device, you can configure the parameters of both devices. The set of options is usually minimal and standard. Just go through the list and set the correct modes for yourself (language, date, Auto power off, sound, parking monitor, markup, exposure, contrast, brightness, white balance, etc.

How to set up a camera connected to a second device?

Well, above we told how to properly set up a rear-view camera on a radio tape recorder or on a reverse-view mirror. In fact, the very first thing you should do for this is to connect the device correctly. Well, then. find the section with settings in the menu and set your parameters.

Adjusting the rear view camera in the car, as you understand, is not difficult. If your gadget comes with its own monitor, or you connect it to a tablet or smartphone, the picture is adjusted directly through them. Again, it’s important to get the connection right first. As soon as the image appears on the screen, half the battle is done! Next, go to the menu and Explore the available functionality.

Your goals. clear video signal without interference and ripples, display in the correct format (mirrored, not inverted) and correctly calibrated markings.

Rear view camera in the back. Skoda Rapid.

Inside the camera itself, 2 cords (power and video) and connection instructions in English and Chinese.

I checked it by connecting it to a TV and 12V On the big screen, the pixels are clearly visible, but on a 2DIN radio it will not be so noticeable.

2 cables are connected to the camera, one is powered by 12V from the reversing lamp, the other is a video output to the screen.

Upon receipt, I tried to disassemble the camera, but could not. Most likely the case is latched or glued. I tried to push it apart with a sharp knife, but it does not come out, the plastic is crumpled but does not diverge along the seam. Then I did NOT break it. From the outside I siliconized it with a sealant so that the water would not flow. The photo shows it. The camera is attached to the transparent body with a pair of screws. The camera photo shows that the transport film has NOT been removed from the lens yet. The camera itself comes with a shade, but without a lamp holder. It is pulled out of the standard shade and placed in the shade with a camera. When installing, it turned out that the room illumination lamp is covered by the camera body. I didn’t like it. Moving on to the views. So, I parked at the beginning of the green zone across the screen. As seen from the salon. How is the car worth.

There is a place and the driver’s door to open at the second car, and the trunk will open without problems.

Note that the edges of the car DO NOT enter the camera, so you still have to look in the mirror when reversing. The camera does NOT replace the mirrors, but complements them, showing what you will NOT see through the mirrors.

Another example of parking by camera: How it looks from the outside

Let’s check the angle. The seller claims 170 for the CCD camera on the diagonal and 110-140 in the horizontal plane. In fact, measuring in the horizontal plane using a template: Since it is difficult for the template to maintain a right angle in the folded paper when measuring, we will find the calculated angle. Measurements with a tape measure.

Calculation according to this method We get 106 ° Not thick.

The sight in the dark suits me perfectly.

Pros: The camera fits into a regular backlight without any problems, nothing is needed from the collective farm. Put it on, connect it, use it. Colored, in the dark shows quite a difference.

Cons: The backlight is obscured by the camera itself. Due to its design, the camera is not in the center of the car, but slightly from the side. This is partially offset by a slight turn of the camera towards the center of the car.

I am satisfied with the purchase, now it is much more convenient to park, it is clear what was previously hidden by the body when reversing. But you still need to use the rear-view mirrors.

Rear view cameras

Car enthusiasts around the world have already appreciated the convenience of using rear view cameras. This is a device that will be able to protect not only its owner, but also pedestrians while parking or driving backwards. Rear-view cameras are mounted on the rear bumper, next to the license plate (there are models in which such a camera is built into the vehicle plate), near the trunk or in a similar place. Like any conventional camera, a rear view camera records video and transmits it to the monitor via wires or using a radio signal. Many models will automatically engage when the driver backs up. Thanks to this device, the driver will be able to see what is happening behind his car and avoid minor accidents when parking or while driving backwards. Such a camera will be especially helpful in bad weather, when visibility is greatly reduced (in rain, snow, fog), because it “sees” much better and clearer than the human eye. Another use of the rear view camera is also possible: when installing such a device on a car with a right-hand drive, it can be used to make it convenient to see the oncoming lane.

Prology AVM-500

The Prology AVM-500 color monitor is designed for modern car interiors. It can display a picture from the main device, camcorder, TV tuner and similar sources. Intuitively simple and straightforward control allows even a beginner to operate the device, practically without stopping from driving.

Diag. 5 in., Res. 480 × 272 pixels., Needs. Current 200 mAh, RCA inputs, 16: 9 format, for example. 11-14 V, dim. 128 x 84 x 27 mm

Warranty: 12 months

Parking complex for trucks and buses

Characteristics that we recommend Pay attention to when purchasing and choosing a rear view camera (several of the most important):

  • Viewing angle. This is an important characteristic of all devices of this type. It can be equal to 100, 120, 170 degrees. The wider the viewing angle, the more complete and wider the picture of what is happening behind you will get. That is, we can say that the larger the viewing angle, the preferable the use of this device. However, this also affects the price: almost always rear-view cameras, in which the viewing angle is 120 or 170 degrees, are more expensive than their counterparts with a smaller viewing angle.
  • Camera resolution. The quality of the video picture depends on this characteristic. At high resolution, the rear-view camera can also be used as a DVR (which, however, only removes what is happening behind).
  • Resistant to weather fluctuations. Such characteristics will not be written on the box with the device, but it is also important because it affects the durability of the rear view camera. It’s no secret that weather conditions, such as Severe frost or, on the contrary, heat in the city ?, Hail, etc. Can greatly shorten the life of the camera, or even completely break it.
  • Rear view camera weight. But this characteristic can be safely considered insignificant. Modern rear view cameras are always very compact and are firmly fixed in the rear of the car, so a difference of a few grams will NOT play a role.
  • The presence or absence of illumination and its range. The backlight provides additional benefits when driving or parking in the dark or in bad weather conditions (rain, fog, blizzard, etc.). The greater the range, the correspondingly better visibility at a distance. Each motorist chooses the most comfortable illumination range independently.

A DVR with a rear view camera allows you to fix what is happening on the road while the vehicle is moving, both in front and behind.

How does a DVR with a rear view camera work?

The user installs his car recorder on the windshield of the car, and then connects a second camera. It can be built-in or remote. The second built-in camera can only record what is happening inside the cabin. In this case, no additional settings are required, the device records in automatic mode.

If this is a remote type rear DVR, then it must be installed on the rear window of the vehicle. Such a device is connected separately from the main camera, it has its own control and power buttons. If desired, such a gadget can also be deployed inside the cabin for video recording of what is happening.

What are the advantages

This technique has several advantages, for example:

  • The angle of capture of what is happening on the road while driving increases. It helps to eliminate blind spots.
  • In terms of functionality, such devices are similar to parking sensors, so they are used for parking.

The best models of dvrs with a rear view camera

Among the common models of the registrar with a rear-view camera are:

  • Neck;
  • Prestige-540;
  • Blackview MD;
  • Neoline G0Tech;
  • Car DVR.

Neck A7 DUO

Neck A7 DUO can record Full HD movies.

Due to the built-in image stabilizer, the picture is clear and with a high level of detail even when the car is moving off-road.

The advantages of this device include the presence of Smart AE technology, as well as recording information about the time, date and speed of transport. All this information is displayed on the captured video. The gadget is attached to the rear-view mirror with 3M tape.

Technical characteristics and parameters of the DVR and rear view camera:

Viewing angle 160 °
Available memory card size 32 GB
Vehicle electrical system voltage 12 in
Built-in rechargeable battery capacity 500 mAh
Working temperature -20 °. 50 ° C
width 300 mm
Height 80 mm
Depth 15 mm
Full mass 230 g
camera 2 megapixels
Frame rate per second thirty
Video resolution 19201080
number of cameras 2
Physical matrix size 2.7 inch
Screen diagonal 3 inch
Screen resolution 960240
Minimum video duration 1 minute
Maximum video duration 10 minutes
Number of channels for sound recording 1

Prestige 540 Full HD

Prestige 540 Full HD. This is a recorder made in the form of a rear-view mirror and equipped with an external camera. This technique is distinguished by the presence of a parking option (i.e. the driver can see the parking markings on the monitor). The design of this device includes a G-sensor, an indicator of movements in the frame, a microphone, which can be turned off. Additional functions include overwrite protection, the ability to connect external cameras, photo mode and recording time and date.

Technical characteristics and characteristics of the camera with a recorder:

Lens capture angle 120 °
Megapixels 2
Display diagonal 2.7 inch
Memory size Up to 32 GB
width 300 mm
Height 80 mm
Depth 40 mm
Video recording resolution 19201080
write speed 30 fps
voltage 12 in
RAM size 64 MB
Working temperature -10 °. 45 ° C
Gross weight of the device 240 g
Loop recording Up to 10 minutes
Duration of work offline 7 minutes
Number of channels for sound recording 1
Monitor Resolution 480240

Blackview MD X3 Dual

Blackview MD X3 Dual. This is a dual camera car dvr. There is a built-in microphone and speaker, an indicator of movements in the frame, which starts recording in automatic mode. All footage is saved in MP4 format on a card that must be purchased separately. The capacity of the memory card cannot exceed 32 GB. Recommended class of microSD or microSDHC card. 10. Power supply of all elements is carried out either through the on-board transport network, or through a storage battery.

Technical parameters and characteristics of the gadget:

Angle 170 °
Built-in battery capacity 300 mAh
Monitor diagonal 4.3 inch
Video Resolution 19201080
Frames per second thirty
Display resolution 960480
Working temperature -20 °. 70 ° C
voltage 12 in
Longest video duration 15 minutes
Minimum video duration 3 minutes
Overall parameters 3108245 mm
Full mass 250 g
RAM 256 MB
camera 3 megapixels

Neoline G-Tech X2

Neoline G-Tech X2. This is a gadget equipped with a navigator with a remote camera. The built-in image stabilizer allows you to get a picture with a high level of clarity and resolution. Thanks to the LED backlit camera, this device can shoot video even in low light conditions and at night. You can use this device as a camera. The footage is saved in AVI, MOV and JPEG format.

Technical characteristics and data of this modification of the recorder:

Viewing angle 120 °
Available memory card size 32 GB
Vehicle electrical system voltage 12 in
Built-in rechargeable battery capacity 220 mAh
Working temperature 0 °. 60 ° C
width 300 mm
Height 80 mm
Depth 10 mm
Full mass 270 g
camera 2 megapixels
Frames per second thirty
Video resolution 19201080
number of cameras 2
Physical matrix size 1.5 inch
Screen diagonal 3 inch
Screen resolution 480240
Minimum video duration 1 minute
Maximum video duration 5 minutes
Number of channels for sound recording 1

Car DVR Mirror

Car DVR Mirror. This is a car recorder with two cameras. In the settings, the user can set the desired values ​​of brightness, contrast and exposure of the image. There is also an anti-glare option that removes all highlights from the video, thus improving its quality. The owner can set up an automatic mode in which the car recorder will start recording when the key is turned in the ignition. The package includes the device itself, car adapter, user manual, mount and warranty card.

Specifications and indicators:

Lens capture angle 140 °
Megapixels five
Display diagonal 4.3 inch
Memory size Up to 32 GB
width 300 mm
Height 80 mm
Depth 40 mm
Video recording resolution 19201080
write speed 30 fps
voltage 12 in
RAM size 64 MB
Working temperature -10 °. 55 ° C
Gross weight of the device 270 g
Loop recording Up to 15 minutes
Duration of work offline 20 minutes
Number of channels for sound recording 1
Monitor Resolution 480240

How to connect a rear view camera

Before connecting the camera to the DVR, it is necessary to clean the intended installation location on the rear window from accumulated dirt and dust.

Then you need to lay the car adapter, which is included in the delivery set, through the interior of the vehicle, fill all the wires under the upholstery. After that, the wires are connected in accordance with the recommendations prescribed in the user manual.

The red wire connects to the positive terminal of the reversing light. The black. to the vehicle body. The power cable must be connected to the car recorder. The ability to connect the camera depends on the model of the selected recorder and the car.

and prices

The average cost of such a device is 6200 rubles.

Anton, 30 years old, Omsk: “I have been using a recorder with two cameras for about six months now. This is a handy device that allows you to fully record the traffic situation. I bought a Neoline model in 2017. There is a parking mode and a navigator, which makes it stand out among similar devices “.

Sergey, 23 years old, Rostov-on-Don: “Among the advantages of such a device, I can mention a wide range of functions. The device can be used both as a camera and as a parking sensor. Such a car registrar helped out more than once in a disputable situation during an accident. I am using the Car DVR Mirror version. During the year of operation, there were no problems or failures in work. “.

Roman, 45 years old, Oryol: “This is a convenient device that completely captures what is happening on the road. Of the advantages, I note the ease of use and reliable fastening. Bypass camera is small in size, therefore does NOT interfere with the view “.

Best Rear View Cameras 2020

Rear view camera, made in the format of a license plate frame. Rather, the camera itself is at the top in the middle. This is convenient, because you do not need to embed anything in this form. We throw the “tulip” to the monitor and you’re done. Of course, the installation is best done by specialists so that there are no problems with the accuracy of marking the parking lines. The camera matrix is ​​made using CMOS technology, which means it is not very light-sensitive. Of course, the lights will illuminate, like the built-in LEDs, but this must be remembered. The final image resolution is 728 x 628 pixels. By the way, protection against moisture and dust according to the IP67 standard is declared here, so the camera should survive the road adversity.

Convenient format easy to install

This expensive rear-view camera justifies its price with the technology that is used in the matrix. CCD is now not so actively used in modern photography and video equipment, but in specialized devices like a rear-view camera it belongs. And the matter is in the increased light sensitivity. The picture at night turns out a little worse than in daylight (of course, when it comes to technical shooting). over, the resolution is up to 960 by 496 pixels, which is quite a lot for this kind of devices. AVS has a metal body. The fixing is as follows: thanks to a special pin, the camera is simply inserted into the drilled hole and fixed with a nut on the other side. On the one hand, it’s simple and quick, but some owners will NOT want to drill the body. The camera changes the marking lines based on the direction of movement of a particular vehicle.

NOT afraid of the dark good picture High protection against dust and moisture

The price range for this camera is fantastic. From 750 to 3000 rubles. We do not undertake to judge what the matter is, but it is better to look for this camera cheaper. It uses a CMOS sensor with a resolution of 762 x 504 pixels. over, the manufacturer claims that the minimum illumination for this camera is 0.2 lux. Let’s leave it on the conscience of the creators, but without an external light source, and a rather powerful one, the camera is completely helpless in the dark. The camera is mounted on a miniature bracket. So, how and where to put it should be decided separately. Protection against external influences is declared at IP67. Not a bad option, but only at a minimal price

Budget Universal Mount

A very budget option in case you want a camera, but just barely enough money. The budget here is expressed in the minimum light sensitivity of 2 lux. But there is an automatic exposure adjustment. The matrix resolution is 733 by 493 pixels. Little consolation, but also good. The camera mount is overhead, so how to put it on your car. This is a matter of imagination and professionalism of the installer. Although the declared waterproof IP68 is here, the temperature regime is very narrow from 46 to 10 ° C. The camera is connected, of course, with a “tulip”.

Very cheap auto exposure

A fairly popular model of a rear view camera, the best place for which. Above the frame of the registration number. Despite the CMOS sensor, work in the dark is tolerable here. One can complain that despite the declared viewing angle of 170 degrees, as users complain, it is somewhat narrower, and this is not very good for a parking camera. The resolution of the picture that comes from the camera to the display is 648 by 488 pixels. VC-208 is NOT afraid of frost, as well as moisture and dust. By the way, you can disable parking lines in the settings in this camera.

Sturdy parking camera Easy installation

Affordable in-car rearview camera. In the asset of this model, you can write infrared illumination, which, in theory, gives a gain in the dark. But the CMOS sensor, of course, has its own specifics. The picture resolution is not the highest. 640×480 dots. The camera is connected to the monitor using the bundled wires for the video output. It claims IP67 water protection, but real users complain that the camera can suddenly die due to the fact that it missed water. Well, you have to think something about the installation. Mortise camera, there is even a cutter in the kit. And hardly anyone wants the drill body, so only in plastic fittings or a bumper.

IR illumination Often discounted even cheaper

This particular rear view camera is suitable only for some models of Hyundai-Kia cars. For example, Solaris, very beloved by Russians. But you can choose a similar camera for your “horse”. The manufacturer has a wide range of products. VDC-097 is mounted in the room backlight, and in a regular place. This means that you don’t need to make any extra holes. However, if you don’t have to have problems with the installation, then such a “regularity” can turn into questions when connected to a monitor. The fact is that the video output here is composite, tailored for multimedia systems of “Koreans”. In other words, if you put a third-party “head” in your car, then you will have to make an adapter for this camera. Otherwise, everything is standard: a CMOS sensor, a picture with a resolution of 648 by 488 pixels, a 170-degree view and protection from water by IP67.

Ideal for specific car models Installation without drilling and sawing