Rear view camera does not work: reasons, how to identify a breakdown

If the rear view camera does not work in the car, the comments are a serious reason for despair. The situation is fixable. The main thing. find out the reasons and deal with the problem in time. Let’s analyze the most frequent breakdowns and the possibilities of their correction using the example of the Hyundai IX35.

Briefly about the technical device. In the principles of purchase

Experts advise considering the following features of different types of cameras:

Rear view camera typology

You can find a variety of video cameras on the market. They are available at the place of installation in several versions:

  • Devices of a universal type for installation do not require special conditions. Thanks to their simple design, they are easy to mount. A significant advantage. availability.
  • Complete with license plates, the driver will NOT have to think about the extended installation.
  • At the factory, standard devices are mounted in the car.

How video information is transmitted

Let’s talk in simple terms about the principles of the camera. To determine the reason why the rear view camera does not work, it is worth knowing the principles of its functioning. Video transmission is possible in two ways:

  • The video cable runs to the monitor on the dashboard. The wire is routed through the passenger compartment. In this case, the signal is transmitted with high accuracy, and not subject to radio interference. The only negative point is the need to disassemble the interior trim.
  • There is a more convenient wireless installation method. Information is transmitted by radio waves, but the transmission range is feasible only at a distance of 15 meters.

The installation of the system is quite expensive, so some motorists prefer to carry out the procedure on their own. Consider why the problem happens when the rear view camera is not working? How to quickly solve it?

The most common problems

The device can be built in different places: in the trunk handle, license plate light, in the cabin. The owners of the latter were more fortunate than other road users, since such cameras rarely break. This is easy to explain. in the cabin there is the influence of the external environment, aggressive chemicals of car washes. Why isn’t the rear view camera working? The main enemy of this device. Water.

Liquid ingress leads to the inability of the camera to function in normal mode, to distortion of information displayed on the screen. Often auto mechanics are faced with the problem of muddy pictures or a non-working device. The culprit for such incidents is the liquid that has seeped inside. What are the ways to fix the problem?

In ways to repair rear view cameras

There are two ways to the owner of a vehicle: send it for repair and fix the device yourself. If the machine or the installed camera is under warranty, then it is recommended to contact the technicians who know why the rear view camera does not work. Service work does not leave a warranty on the vehicle. in this the car owner will benefit. You can try to fix a car that has left the warranty period on your own. What can be done, consider the example of “Hyundai ix35”.

Recovery on Hyundai IX35

The crossover is powerful and stylish, but when the rear-view camera “Hyundai” does not work, the road handsome man does not speak in normal functioning. The device is mounted in a plastic molding near the license plate lights. Molding bottom. a landing pad for a video camera. Wet weather and mud do the trick. moisture collects and leads to malfunctions, remaining in the case for a long time.

Another reason why the rear view camera does not work on the IX35 is corrosion and oxides. A good half of the part is made of aluminum alloy. It is highly oxidized. Most often this happens through and through. The electrical board becomes unusable, so there is no point in trying to repair something. Only replacement remains.

How to replace the camera on a Hyundai

If the rear view camera does not work on the Hyundai IX35, it does not necessarily install the original models, since it is NOT forbidden to use analog modifications. For this, it is important to select a product with the most identical properties. It is optimal to purchase a variant with a plastic case. The sealed setting will not corrode. The bottom point of the molding can be covered with glue and sealant, then water will not penetrate the fixture board. You can coat the housing with butyl rubber sealant. The camera can be salvaged in some situations. To do this, it is disassembled, cleaned, dried.

Adjustment secrets

I installed the device, I have to configure it. The task of the car owner. Adjust the parking guidelines. To do this, you need a block about two meters long. Here the rear bumper should be one meter away from the bar. The edges of the block should protrude from the sides of the car at an equal distance. Next, you need to get behind the wheel, turn on and off the side lights. The next step is to enter the menu and select your brand of device.

After activating the video camera, the steering wheel should be returned first to the right side until it stops, then to the left. On the screen, you must click on the mark “next”. The monitor will give out a rectangular outline.

After that, you need to use the regulation keys: you need to achieve the position of the bar exactly in the center on the display. The work ends with confirmation. A new disassembly will require updating the settings and doing THESE manipulations. Which manufacturer takes pride of place in popularity ratings?

Rating of the most popular rear view cameras

Now let’s consider which of the manufacturers takes pride of place in the popularity ratings. Automotive industry experts advise to purchase models of world leaders without fear:

Rear View Camera. The most efficient way to improve the quality of safe parking. Timely care, cleaning from dirt and sand will help preserve the properties of the device for a long time.

Why the rear view camera does not work: malfunctions

The rear view camera can be installed in several places. on the trunk handle, in the license plate frame, on the bumper or inside the passenger compartment. Devices installed in the cabin are less susceptible to adverse effects of moisture and other external factors, therefore they work more stably. Most often, malfunctions of outdoor gadgets are caused by moisture penetration into the device, which can cause image defects or a complete failure of the electronics. Consider the main types of malfunctions, why the rear view camera does not work and how to solve problems.

Rear view camera does not turn on automatically

The classic equipment connection scheme provides for connecting the device to the reversing lights. The voltage appears when the reverse gear is turned on, but if there is a burned out bulb, the electronics work intermittently. To avoid such problems, power must be connected to the tail lights via a DC relay from the cigarette lighter. The camera may stop turning on and working if it is disconnected from the gearbox sensor due to an unreliable connection of the contacts. To fix the problem, you will need to perform a connection check.

show, rear, view, camera

If the device writes signal comments, does not work, freezes, glitches or turns off, the reason may be due to the presence of interference from phones or other electronic gadgets. It is not recommended to turn on equipment that works with a wireless network near car systems. Environmental impact. Dirt and dust getting inside the case increases the likelihood of damage. Bright light from the sun shining into the lens may light up the screen image.

Rear view camera shows in mirror image: how to fix

Many drivers face problems when the rear view camera shows the image upside down, flips or flips the image. The reasons for such malfunctions may be associated with incorrect setup and installation of the device, the choice of NOT a suitable monitor. To reverse the picture and remove specularity, you need to change the settings in the MMS. To do this, go to the menu and disable the Mirror option. In some cases, you need to open the case and return the glasses to 180 °.

If these manipulations DO NOT help and the monitor continues to work in a mirror image, then you will need to make changes to the control scheme. Elements involved in changing the orientation of the image usually have special markings. The option labeled FLP makes it possible to reverse the picture in the vertical direction, and MIR helps to get rid of mirroring. To get a normal picture, you must disconnect the Corresponding jumpers.

Rear view camera fogged up

A cloudy monitor image may be caused by dirt, dust, and moisture on the lens. Weather conditions with high humidity and temperature parameters cause fogging of the rear view camera. Dirt can block all or part of the lens. As a result, the screen shows dull, individual image elements are poorly viewed. It will NOT be difficult to fix such problems. The lens is easy to clean with a soft, clean glass rag.

Ruffle Rear View Camera

Ripples on the screen are common problems if the gadget is installed incorrectly. The image may be severely rippled or the floor is cloudy, the device may not function properly, and may detect markings and distances. The reason is associated with strong vibration of parts when the engine is turned on. To eliminate the defect, it is necessary to ensure tight fixation and reliable fastening of the equipment.

What to do if a black, white or blue screen in the rear view cameras

A black, blue, or white monitor screen indicates imaging problems. In such cases, the camera does not work due to software problems and you will need to flash the device to fix them. It is better to entrust equipment repairs to specialists who will diagnose the malfunction, establish the exact reason why the camera does not show and choose the best way to eliminate it.

Blinking rear view camera

Flickering and Blinking of the screen may be due to poor signal quality. To eliminate the problem, it is necessary to check all the wire contacts, make sure that the cable connections are intact and that there are no insulation faults. In the presence of more complex breakdowns, if the camera has completely failed, you will have to check all the electrics. The process consists in dismantling and disassembling equipment, cleaning contacts and boards.

If your camera stops working, you can find and fix the breakdown yourself. Repairs are made according to the following scheme:

  • Before dismantling the equipment, check the power supply of the device using a special tester, the voltage should be 12 volts;
  • Disconnect the power cable;
  • Unscrew the fastening elements and remove the equipment;
  • Clean the gadget with a soft cloth, remove traces of rust and oxidation from the power connectors;
  • Remove the body, check the condition of the gaskets and, if necessary, replace them;
  • Inspect and clean all parts from dust;
  • Check the working board for swollen capacitors and damaged elements, replace the failed parts by soldering;
  • Assemble the gadget in reverse order.

After installing the electronics in place, it is very important to correctly adjust all settings and check the operation of the equipment. If, after all of the above manipulations, the device still does not work, it is better to seek qualified assistance at the service center.