“Do not bothermode on Android. how to disable

It is difficult to find a person who did not get the calls of other users, constant alerts from social networks or other sources. This often interferes, as the user can be busy with his important work, which requires a complete concentration.

The problem is that often such calls are quite difficult to reject or just get rid of them. This becomes a problem that is difficult to solve in the future. Fortunately, there is a special mode on Android phones, which is called “not to disturb”. He has a fairly interesting principle of work.

How to enable the “do not disturb” mode on Android

To activate this function does not need any related applications. Everything is configured in the gadget settings.

  • go to the settings menu
  • After opening the section “Sound” and “Notifications”
  • Go to the point “Do not bother
  • pull the slider towards the “v.”
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Next you will be available to the settings of the “Do not disturb” mode. Settings can vary depending on the software version and on the manufacturer of the device.

How to configure the “do not disturb” mode on Android

In the settings, you can completely turn off the sound, leave only the alarm or configure exceptions only for important calls. There are three options in the “do not bother” mode:

  • Complete silence. In this option, upon receipt of SMS messages, calls and notifications, sound signals and vibration do not work. Music, including in applications and videos, does not play. The alarm clock does not work either
  • Only an alarm clock. All sounds except the alarm clock are inactive
  • Only important. You will hear only your chosen priority calls, SMS messages and notifications. All other alerts will be silent
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You can also configure the rules in the “do not disturb” mode. One of them may be a soundless regime at a certain time. This is very convenient if you are busy with something important every day or, for example, a lunch break you want to spend in absolute silence and not be distracted by calls and messages. You can set both one rule and a series of rules.

  • go to the “settings” of the gadget
  • Further “sound” and “notifications”
  • “Do not disturb” mode
  • After the “Rules”
  • and “add the rule”
  • indicate your rule (for example, “lunch”) and be sure to apply the time frame
  • After that, confirm your actions

It annoys many when messages or call signals distract at an important meeting or meeting. This nuance is also taken into account in the settings of the “do not disturb” mode. To do this, you can create another rule. To create it, you need to take all the steps, as in the previous instructions, but after the “Add rule” button, click “Applies to events”, then more detailed settings will open, which you can adjust to your needs and desires.

What is the difference between the “do not disturb” mode from a soundless regime

Initially, these modes may seem the same, but their only common feature is the lack of sound when receiving calls and notifications. In other aspects, the presented modes are quite seriously different. For a better understanding, we give several examples of existing differences:

  • There is no sound in soundless mode at all. In “not to disturb” you can save the sound when performing specific actions or in selected applications.
  • The “Do not Breat” mode can always be configured so that repeated calls come with sound. in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • The transition to the “do not bother” mode allows you to get rid of text notification. That is, in principle, it is possible to prohibit the display of information about the receipt of any warning. There are no such settings in the “without sound” mode.
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In other words, the inclusion of the “without sound” mode allows you to get rid of the sound. The remaining options will be active. The “Do not Breat” mode is more flexible (due to the possibility of choosing settings) and allows you to limit not only sound, but also text notifications.

How to activate the option “Do not disturb

Almost all modern mobile devices and tablets turn on and this mode is turned off the same. However, depending on the established version of the OS, the algorithm of actions may change slightly. Instructions:

  • Press and hold the volume swing button towards the decrease until the “do not bother” icon is displayed on the gadget screen. Here you can call an additional menu to configure priority, as well as manually adjust the volume of different notifications.
  • On some gadgets, it is enough to press the volume button once on the button, then on the icon “Do not disturb”. To configure the volume of different notifications, you need to slip to the icon in the form of three points.

note! If you turn on and disconnect the mode using physical buttons, it is necessary to do a little different. To do this, call the notification panel and activate the “without sound” mode. After activating this regime, sound alerts will not come to the gadget. If necessary, you can additionally configure the sounds of vibration.

bother, android, mode, disable

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In my youth, when smartphones just appeared, calls and SMS were expensive, and all sorts of messengers were not yet. Therefore, it makes no sense to turn off the smartphone or turn on the soundless mode. No one will just write or call you at night. And on the first three phones I was not particularly worried about this.

In 2008, I went to institute, then I had an old slider from one famous brand. We had four pairs every day, and, coming home, I could afford a couple of hours of sleep, just to recharge my strength. I think you all know how sweet a daytime dream is and how unpleasant it is when it is interrupted. And stably two or three times a month, a friend from the institute called me precisely during this “quiet hour”, just to find out how to do it. Around the same time, all kinds of advertising mailings began to appear, which sometimes came at a rather strange time of the day. At some point, I spat on all this and simply turned on the “on the plane” mode before the daytime and evening sleep.

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When I started working in Mobile-Review, I had a need to always stay in touch with colleagues at any time. At the same time, the situations are different, something urgent can happen at night, and then it is better to wake a person, eliminate force majeure and sleep calmly. It is no longer an option to turn on the “plane” mode, but I also do not want to leave the notifications on. Fortunately, by that time the manufacturers have already had the “do not bothermode, let’s see how it works in EMUI.

How to enable the function not to disturb Android

On the main screen of the smartphone, draw a finger along the display from the upper edge down. In the window that opens, brush the screen to the left. Here you will display this function. Click on the icon, if it is blue, then the mode is turned on.

How to configure the function not to disturb samsung

On the main screen, find the settings button and click on it.

In the settings, click sounds and vibration to the tab.

Next, here you will be displayed not to disturb the option. On the right you can click on the switch to turn off or enable. Click by name.

You can include this schedule function. You can add exceptions, such as an alarm clock. You can hide visual notifications and t.D.

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