How to give the Internet from Android phone to a computer

In this instructions, we will analyze how to distribute the Internet from the phone operating in the Android operating system in different ways: via Wi-Fi wireless network, via a USB cable, via Bluetooth. Computers, other smartphones or tablets will be able to accept the Internet that is heard from the phone.

Often, users are faced with situations when it is necessary to distribute the Internet to the computer from the phone. This is especially true in those places where there is no wired Internet, but you need to work on a device with a large screen.

The user needed to go on the Internet from a laptop, and in the presence there is only a mobile Internet in 3G, 4G (LTE) networks available on a smartphone. How to give the Internet via phone?

Fortunately, there is a way out of this situation. A modern telephone device is a kind of mini-computer, the mobile device has a modem with which the user will be able to solve his problems related to Internet access on a computer.

From this article, you will learn how to distribute the Internet from the Android smartphone to a computer via a USB modem on a cable directly, by wireless connection Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

How to use a smartphone as a modem

Any modern smartphone that has access to the Internet can become its source and distribute a network via Wi-Fi or on a wire. As a rule, gadgets already have suitable drivers to turn into an access point, and you only need to find the necessary parameters in the settings of your phone.

Important: using mobile Internet, do not forget about traffic. If you often connect the gadget as a modem, go to the tariff that offers a large gigabyte package. The quality and reliability of communication will also depend on the speed of the Internet and the location of the towers of your provider.

How to connect an Android smartphone as a USB modem

When you connect a smartphone to a computer, a menu appears on the gadget’s desktop in which you can select the connection mode. charging or transfer files. The parameters of the USB modem are hidden in the phone settings and are not set by default, so you will have to find them manually.

As an example, we used a smartphone on Android 9 in the EMUI shell, but just in case, the names of the menu items in other versions of Android cited.

  • Connect the phone to PC via USB. If this is a new device, wait for the installation of drivers to complete the installation.
  • Open the smartphone settings. In the section “Wireless Networks” (“Network”), find the item “Modem mode” (“modem and access point”).
  • Activate a USB modem. A new network with Internet access will appear on the computer.
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Through Wi-Fi

The easiest way to give out a mobile Internet is to do it by Wi-Fi. This technology has a number of advantages:

  • a wide radius of signal coverage, its power is enough to pass through the walls;
  • unified standard. is supported by all modern devices;
  • you can build a full.fledged wireless network of several devices. The official website of Google talks about the maximum number of connected customers. it is ten.

Windows Phone

Owners of rare smartphones based on Windows Phone also have the opportunity to activate the modem mode. Consider the setting process using the example of Nokia Lumia 730.

We connect the computer

To connect a home computer to Wi-Fi, you will need additional equipment. The most economical way to do this is to purchase Wi-Fi wireless adapter. They look like ordinary USB flash drives and connect to PC in the same way.

Mobile Se wifi Laptop Me Kaise Connect Kare, Mobile Se Laptop Me wifi Kaise Connect Kare

Installation of drivers in most cases is automatically. After the installation is completed in the notification, a familiar menu will appear, offering to choose a wireless connection.

Connection setting using additional programs

In the case when you can’t configure the connection in a standard way, you can try to resort to the help of additional programs.

This is Osmino. It should be loaded through the GooglePlay application.

Install the application. After turning on, set the name and password for the network.

It is better to configure in such a way that there is always a password.

We connect to the access point, before that, you must definitely turn on the Internet.

In order to then turn off the return of the network, you just need to drag the cursor and turn off the Internet.

Hosts editing

Above I wrote that Yota limits the speed when downloading files. Any torrents and file organizers, even after changing TTL, banned. In order to avoid blocking in Windows settings, we turned off the automatic update. Now I will tell you how to solve the problem more radically.

Your computer has a Hosts file. You need to add the addresses of sites that are tracked by the operator to it. True, for this you need to know them. There is no universal list on the network, but you can find out the addresses using traffic monitoring programs. For example, Acrylic DNS Proxy.

Press the Win K keys and enter %Systemroot %\ System32 \ Drivers \ etc. In the opened folder, find the Hosts file and open it using a notebook.

You need to enter the sites that Yota tracks into this file by registering IP 127 before each This is how it will look for Microsoft servers:

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The operator will not see that you entered these sites.

How to distribute Wi-Fi from iPhone to a tablet, smartphone or laptop

So that your iPhone can distribute the Internet, it is necessary to activate the modem mode on it. At the same time, you can share access to the network not only via Wi-Fi, but also through a USB cable or Bluetooth. The last two methods are relevant for laptops and desktop PC, but other smartphones can use the Internet with iPhone only via Wi-Fi-so we will focus on this method of distribution of the signal.

To distribute Wi-Fi from iPhone to a tablet or any other device, you need to enable mobile Internet. Check in advance if you have traffic, and if it is not enough, buy the right amount of gigabytes from your operator.

If your iPhone has two SIM cards (classic SIM and ESIM), the Internet will be heard from the number and tariffs that are used for mobile data. In this case, you can choose the most profitable option for distributing the network to spend less funds or GB.

Regardless of which system WAI iPhone (iOS 12 or iOS 13) operates, the modem mode, in which you can distribute the Internet from the phone, is turned on in the same way:

  • Open “Settings” and move to the “Cellular Communication” section.
  • Find the item “Modem mode”. If it is not, check if the mobile Internet is included, or contact the operator. Some providers do not support data transmission in access point.
  • Activate the “Resolving others” item-it is important that other users can connect their devices to your Wi-Fi network.
distribute, wi-fi, phone, laptop

Mobile Internet distribution methods

The phone connection to the computer is carried out by wired and wireless-using the USB pipeline and through the Wi-Fi access point.

distribute, wi-fi, phone, laptop

In addition, you can distribute mobile Internet via Bluetooth, but we will consider this method the last, because it has fewer advantages than the other two.

Wi-Fi access point

Most effectively distribute mobile traffic on several devices via Wi-Fi if you work from a laptop or computer with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. Then the smartphone performs the function of the router.

In the settings menu, find the “Wi-Fi access point” and activate. 2. Next, click “Setting up access point”. 3. Make sure the Wi-Fi-bands of the phone and computer coincide 4. Set up traffic restriction or just turn it off. 5. Enter the network name, protective code for connecting a computer.

A personal wi-fi access for any password is activated on the smartphone. Do not forget that the Internet must work on the smartphone.

The advantages of this type of communication in a wide range of coverage, fast speed of the Internet connection, as well as the ability to parallel to connect different devices. The only minus is that the smartphone consumes a lot of energy and quickly sits down.

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Internet distribution to a computer via a USB modem

Unlike a wireless connection via a Wi-Fi network, the connection via a USB modem has important advantages: the smartphone battery is not discharged; Internet distribution to any devices without a Wi-Fi module; Internet quality is higher and more stable.

Connect the phone to the computer via a USB cable and configure the phone to connect as follows:

Open the settings network and Internet access point and modem

How To Share WiFi From Phone To Laptop || Share wifi

Turn on the USB modem by moving the slider and check that the cable is correctly connected on both sides.

At the display at the time of connection, the window will open with the offer to make the computer a public. This is not necessary, so just click “No”.

Now you can use a mobile Internet on a computer.

Disadvantages of the USB workshop:

mandatory presence of a suitable wire;

Through Bluetooth If the previous methods of distributing mobile Internet on PC do not work, a Bluetooth model will help you. For activation, you need:

Turn on Bluetooth on devices 2. Find your computer on a smartphone among Bluetooth. 3. If necessary, enter or approve the conjugation code. 4. Go along the following path: Connection settings Bluetooth access point.

Disadvantages: a difficult connection method, a small range of action is less than 10 meters, the phone is quickly discharged.

So, you learned about the methods of distributing the Internet from a smartphone that allow a computer or laptop to have active access to the network. An important meeting or urgent work outside the house now will not have to be postponed for later.

Almost every modern phone with a working Internet can perform the functions of a modem.

Nothing works for me why?

It is unprofitable for mobile operators so that you buy a tariff with unlimited Internet and use it the whole family. Therefore, they in every possible way counteract the distribution.

If you install a SIM card with a bezilmit Internet for a smartphone in a modem or a communication module, it will not work.

The same thing can happen when a smartphone is connected via USB to PC.

If you decide to adapt an old smartphone as a modem, keep in mind that it probably does not work in 4G networks. That is, the speed will be noticeably lower than when going to the Internet from a modern gadget.

We hope you will be able to distribute the Internet from phone to laptop and other devices. Successful Seing!

By the way, you know which Internet is faster: what is born from a phone or from a modem? Read about this in our article.