How to unlock the keyboard on the Lenovo laptop

How to unlock the keyboard on the Lenovo laptop? Use hot keys, for example, FNF8, FNNNUMLOCK, FNINSERT, depending on the laptop, check the fact of turning on the equipment through the settings, make sure that there are no blocks / viruses or clean the system of “garbage”. Also do not exclude mechanical breakdown. Below Consider the main methods for unlocking and blocking.

How to unlock

First you need to understand that the keyboard blocking on the Lenovo laptop can occur for the following reasons:

  • Random blocking by another user or personally by pressing a special combination.
  • Equipment of equipment, for example, keyboard damage.
  • System failure, which is why the keyboard is blocking on the Lenovo laptop.
  • Infection with viruses that do not allow equipment to work normally. Often the problem is accompanied by others (for example, the cursor disappears).
  • The action of different programs or system garbage.

Given the possible problems, it is necessary to make a decision to unlock the keyboard on the Lenovo laptop. Several methods are possible here.


First, try to unlock the keys using hot combinations. Several options are available here:

  • For Lenovo laptops with a diagonal of 14 or less inches, the Numlock button is located on F8, F7 or Insert. To unlock the keys, press FN with one of these buttons.
  • In Lenovo laptops with a diagonal of 15 inches and above the digital keyboard is located on the right. At the same time, Numlock is a full.fledged key that needs to be pressed to solve the problem.

Also, in some cases, unlocking the keyboard on the Lenovo laptop occurs using FNESC. This option is also relevant for shortened versions. There are models in which it is impossible to block and unlock the keys using a separate button.

Through the control panel

If the method considered above is how to unlock the keyboard on the Lenovo laptop with a key combination, has not come up, you can use the settings of the operating system itself. To resolve the issue, do the following:

  • Click with the right mouse button according to “My computer”.
  • Enter the device manager.
  • Find the “Keyboard” section.
  • Click on it PKM and click “Encabise”.

If there is an exclamation mark near the icon, click “Delete”, and then restart the device. During the restart process, Windows 10 should download all the missing drivers on their own and thereby unlock the keys on the Lenovo laptop.

Blocking program

There may be a situation when the device-blocker, which in certain conditions blocks the keys, is possible on the device. If this happens, it will be extremely difficult to get around the software. We’ll have to use the external device, and then look for software blocking the work. But here there may be difficulties that do not allow the keyboard to unlock the Lenovo keyboard due to the cunning of such programs.

To get around such restrictions, try using different combinations, for example, AltenD, Althome, Ctrlshiftdelesc. Note that this software, as a rule, is not a virus. Most often they are placed to protect so that another person cannot use his laptop and unlock him.


The usual virus could also block the keyboard on the Lenovo laptop. In this case, the user’s task is to identify and eliminate malicious. At the same time, removing an extra program does not guarantee that software will immediately start working. Sometimes additional steps may be required, which are described in the article.

  • Find Windows Defender through a search or “security center”.
  • Launch scanning to check the Lenovo laptop.
  • Select the full verification version.
  • Wait for the end of the process.

If any malicious programs were found, delete them or send them to quarantine. After that, check if you managed to unlock the keys on Lenovo or not.

Cleaning the system

The need to unlock the system from garbage may occur when it is polluted. In this case, you need to delete unnecessary files from the laptop. To do this, it is best to use the CCleaner program available for download on the official website of CCleaner.COM/ru-RU. After the entrance, select the option of cleaning the registry, wait for the completion of the process and eliminate all the problems.

How to block

There are situations when you need not to unlock, but block the keyboard on the Lenovo laptop. To do this, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Hotkeys. The same combinations are used here, which are discussed above, for example, FNF8, FNNNUMLOCK, FNINSERT.
  • Through the settings. To do this, click PKM on my computer, enter the “Device Manager” and find the desired section. Press PKM again and select “Disable”.

To block the keyboard on the Lenovo laptop, you can use special programs. We select several options:

  • Bluelife Keyfreeze. a free lock available for downloading from the Sordum Allows you to turn off the keys and the mouse with one combination.
  • Keyboard and Mouse Locker. software for Windows, which allows you to block the keyboard and the mouse with one button. It has a simple and affordable integration, available from the DowNLoad link.CNET.COM/Keyboard-And-Mouse-Locker/3000-2094_4-75802828.HTML.

Turning on the keyboard on the Lenovo laptop

By default, the keyboard on the Lenovo laptop or any other is in active mode, and the need for its inclusion appears when various problems occur with pressing specific keys or all at once. Therefore, the main information in this article is just focused on solving popular malfunctions, and you only have to find a suitable way.

Unlocking the keyboard

Certain models of laptopes, including Lenovo, are equipped with a special function that allows you to temporarily block the keyboard, for example, to clean it from dust or perform other actions that require physical interaction with the keys. Most often this function becomes the cause of problems with the seal. Check out the general guidance on this topic by clicking on the following link to understand whether such an option is supported on your laptop model and how to disconnect it.

Turning on through the device manager

Sometimes users replace the keyboard on a laptop or connect an additional one using a USB cable to it. It is extremely rare that the device goes into a state and requires activation through a special menu in the operating system. However, this situation nevertheless happens, and it is solved as follows:

Inclusion of functional keys

Often the owners of laptops are faced with the fact that only certain keys do not work on the keyboard, which in most cases are F1-F12 and their combinations with the FN key. To begin with, we will deal with a key called FN, which is needed to start certain functions inherent in a particular laptop model. If these combinations do not work, go to the article on the link below and check out the information presented there.

The next situation concerns the digital block and keys F1-F12. In the first case, the lock is by pressing only one key on the keyboard, the on which the entire unit unlocks. If the F1-F12 keys are inoperans, the BIOS settings should be checked, which are responsible for the use of functional keys. You may have to change the settings so that the values ​​of the steel keys by default, and the functions are performed only with a combination with FN.

Turning on the screen keyboard

Sometimes the user understands that the physical keyboard on its laptop does not work for certain circumstances or other reasons arise in starting its screen analogue. If you mean the transition to the screen version under the keyboard on the keyboard, the next instruction is for you.

Solving problems with the work of the keyboard

If the above methods (with the exception of the fourth) did not bring any result, most likely, the keyboard on the laptop from Lenovo simply does not work. There are a huge number of causes of such a problem, respectively, each of them will have to be checked manually by searching for a suitable solution. You will find auxiliary instructions on this topic by clicking on the next heading. In the article below, all options that can help cope with this problem are dismantled.

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How to lock and unlock keyboard

What key combination can be turned off the keyboard?

In such cases, ways of blocking the keyboard on a laptop through various key combinations are ideal. Click Winl. Or num locnfn. In the future, you can unlock the keyboard by entering the password.

  • Click Winl
  • One option is to squeeze CtrLaltdelete and in the menu that appears on the screen click “Bloking”
  • Many laptop models support other key combinations
  • On the laptop from ASUS, it is worth checking the performance of some more combinations.

How to disable the keyboard on a computer with hot keys?

To block the mouse and keyboard, click the “Block without disconnecting monitor” button. Confirm the lock. The release from the lock mode is carried out, as in the previous case, the Ctrl Alt Del keys and by pressing the “Cancel”.

disconnect, keyboard, lenovo, laptop

Briefly about myself: my parents are not ashamed. In order to click the Fnnumlock key combination. If you have not watered, then look for a locking key on the keyboard (usually on the keys of F1-F12) and press it combined with the FN key.

How to disable the keyboard on the Lenovo laptop with Windows system

You can turn off the keyboard in Windows both standard means and programs. It is important that sometimes the keyboard is completely turned off, and in other cases it is simply blocked for a certain time.

How to completely turn off the keyboard

If you do not need a keyboard at all, then you can disable it using the device manager:

  • Press the combination of Win R keys to call the menu “Perform”.
  • Enter the DEVMGMT command.MSC “(without quotes).
  • The device manager will open in which you need to find the “keyboard” section and select the one that you need to disable.
  • Click on the device with the right mouse button and select “Delete”.
  • Confirm the operation.

Attention! After these actions, not a single PC key will work (exception is a power button on a laptop).

To return the keyboard performance, you need to go to the device dispatcher again, go to the “Action” tab and select “Update the Equipment Configuration”.

How to temporarily block the keyboard to view the cartoon by a child

For temporary blocking the keyboard, you can use the Windows command line, or extraneous programs. If the need to interact with the command line scares you, keep in mind that special utilities also do not always have an understandable and friendly integration.

To call the command line, you need:

  • Go to the launch and go to the list of programs.
  • Find the group “Standard” (on Windows 10. “service”).
  • Select the command line service and click on it with the right mouse button.
  • In the list that opens, select the “Launch on behalf of the administrator”.

After that, the command line will start with the rights of the administrator, which will make deeper changes to the system:

  • To turn off the keyboard, enter the command “Rundll32 Keyboard, Disable” (without quotation marks), and click Enter;
  • To turn on, you need to enter the command “Rundll32 Keyboard, Enable”, and confirm the action using Enter.

Attention! Before turning off the keyboard, you need to connect the second input device, or have at least a mouse, since the touch touchpad on the laptop will also be disconnected.

You can also use free programs, for example, Kid Key Lock. To install it, you need to download the file from the official website of the developer. After installing with the program, you can interact in two ways:

  • To set up, enter the KKLSETUP command right on the desktop, and for exit. “KKLQUIT”;
  • Press the left mouse button on the utility icon that will appear in the Trey Panel.

In the latter case, you will see blocking options:

  • Not to block anything;
  • block only system combinations;
  • block all keys, with the exception of characters, space and Enter;
  • Block the entire keyboard.

Also here you can block separate mouse buttons, wheel, or double click.

The program settings present all the listed functions, in addition, you can set your own commands to enter or exit Kid Key Lock.

Important! To remove temporary lock, it is enough to return all the settings to the original position.

Thus, you can block the keyboard on Windows in different ways, and for this it is not necessary to download extraneous programs. The disconnection can be either constant or temporary.

Other solutions

Another solution that allows you to enable or disable the FN button on the Lenovo laptop is the installation of the Magic Keyboard program. It is universal for all laptopes and has an understandable intensity, so the difficulties with turning on/off FN should not arise.

As for Linux distribution users, they can be recommended to install the Solar application designed to change the keyboard and mouse settings.

Turn on or off the fn key on Lenovo laptops can be in several ways. You can change the settings in BIOS, install additional software or press the appropriate key combination. The process itself is nothing complicated and does not require specialized knowledge.

Special utilities

So, imagine that all the methods that I have listed above did not help you, then in this case, we need to apply branded programs. Quite often, such programs are on DVD, included with a laptop. If the desired laser disk is lost, we download the utility data on the Internet:

  • For Samsung, we are looking for the next EasyDisplay Manager program;
  • For Toshiba. Hotkey Utility or Flashcards Support Utility;
  • For Sony, we are looking for SonySharedlibrary or VaioControlcenter;
  • The program that works on all laptops is Magickeyboard.

Checking the drivers

The work of the keyboard does not require installation of special software, but if the input device does not answer, you should see how it is determined in the device dispatcher:

You can try to install a utility for the operation of hot keys on the laptop (downloaded from the site of the laptop manufacturer). Perhaps the absence of such a utility interferes with unlocking the buttons using a combination with the FN key.

We use various software

Those who are not sufficiently capabilities and tools to turn off the keyboard on a laptop can use different programs and utilities. For example, we can advise Toddler Keys. Its advantage is not only in a convenient and simple integration. This utility is free. It is also compatible with a variety of operating rooms and models of laptops from any manufacturers. ASUS, Lenovo, Acer, HP, Samsung, etc.

Using the Toddler Keys application is quite simple:

  • Download the utility from the website of the developer or resource.
  • Install it on a laptop.
  • We launch the program. It will open at the bottom right in the TREE (in the field of notifications).
  • Next, we find the label of the utility. These will be the letters “t” and “to” blue. Press it with an auxiliary button.
  • The window will pop up. In it you need to click on Lock Keyboard. As a result, a checkbox will appear next to this item.

Accordingly, when it will be necessary, on the contrary, turn on the keyboard, then we just remove the checkmark. We also recommend paying attention to the following. After installation of the application, remove the flags from the points “Lock Drive Doors” and “Disable Power Button”. They are installed by default by blocking DVD/CD-ROM and the laptop on/off button.

Another free keyboard off is KID KEY LOCK. This program is favorably different from the rest of the software in that in its options you can set blocking modes. For example, you can completely turn off the entire keyboard, or a separate key or only a group. the same functional keys.

How to unlock the FN key on lenovo?

Click FN ESC to enable FN Lock and turn off the hot keys. After turning on or disconnecting the hot keys, use the hot key as follows: Included: Use the hot key function by pressing one FX key.

How to block and unlock the FN key?

To enable FN lock on the ALL In One Media keyboard, at the same time press the FN and Caps Lock keys. To turn off the FN lock, press the FN and Caps Lock keys at the same time.

What is FN Lock Lenovo?

To go to the standard F1-F12, you need to clamp a FN functional key. It used to be tuned in BIOS, but for this laptop model this function is more unavailable. You can press FN ESC, and it will block it for this session, but when the computer is rebooted, it is dumped to the default value.

How to turn off the FN indicator on my Lenovo?

Press FN ESC includes or disables the FN Lock function. When the FN Lock function is disabled: the FN Lock indicator does not burn. To start a special function printed in the form of an icon on each functional key, directly press the corresponding functional key.

How to turn off the FN key?

To turn off the FN key on the portable computer, expanded BIOS parameters must be installed.

  • Turn on your computer.
  • Use the arrow to the right to go to the menu of the system configuration.
  • Press the arrow down to go to the parameter of the keys of the action.
  • Click Enter to turn off the settings.

Why is my fn key locked?

Functional key unlock (FN)

If your keyboard gives out numbers instead of letters, hold the functional key (FN) on the keyboard to be able to write in normal mode. If this does not work, try to press fn numlk or, depending on the model, FN Shift Numlk.

disconnect, keyboard, lenovo, laptop

How to turn off the FN key without BIOS?

Therefore, press and hold FN, and then press the left Shift and then release FN.

How to make functional keys work without fn?

Having found it, press the FN Functional Blocking keys to enable or disable the standard keys F1, F2 F12. Voila! Now you can use functional keys without pressing the FN key.

How can I change the FN key on my Lenovo?

Select Lenovo keyboard dispatcher, and the keyboard controller window will open. Select the FN key and the Ctrl key switch tab. Set for the function of the exchange value of the v. Or off.

What are my functional keys to my lanovo laptop?

ThinkPad functional keys (FN key with F1 to F12) review

  • F1: disconnects and turns on the sound.
  • F2: Reduces the volume of the dynamics.
  • F3: Increase the volume of the dynamics.
  • F4: disconnecting and turning on the microphone.
  • F5: reduces the brightness of the screen.
  • F6: increases the brightness of the screen.
  • F7: access to external display control parameters.
  • F8: Turning on / off by aircraft mode.

What is FN key on the keyboard?

Simply put, the FN key used with the key kes in the upper part of the keyboard allows you to quickly perform actions, such as control of the screen brightness, turning on / off Bluetooth, turning on / off Wi-Fi.

Why is my keyboard not glow Lenovo?

Press the fn gap or ESC to check if the backlight is working. If this works, go to the Lenovo website to update BIOS to the latest version. If this does not work in BIOS or in safe mode, make a backup copy of important data and perform the restoration of the system from the previous recovery point.

How to disable FN lock in Windows 10?

To enable FN lock on the ALL In One Media keyboard, at the same time press the FN and Caps Lock keys. To turn off the FN lock, press the FN and Caps Lock keys at the same time. Follow the link below to get a complete guide. Link https: // support.Microsoft.COM/EN-in/Help/405226

How to disable the FN key in Windows 10?

Use the keys with the arrow to the right or to the left to go to the system configuration parameter. Using the keys with up or down arrows, go to the parameter of the keys of the action, and then press the input key to display the menu turn on / disable.

How can I change my fn key?

Apparently, you can change the behavior of the FN keys by default using FN ESC. It depends on the manufacturer, and sometimes on the model. Some keyboards somewhere hid a physical switch, some keyboards support FN Caps keystrokes, others require changes in BIOS settings.

How to disable FN Lock to Lenovo?

To enable FN lock on the ALL In One Media Keyboard keyboard, at the same time press the FN and Caps Lock keys. To turn off the FN lock, again press the FN and Caps Lock keys at the same time.

How to disable FN on the Lenovo Ideapad 320 laptop?

  • Go to BIOS. To do this, in the process of loading the system, press the F8 button or another (depends on the laptop brand).
  • Select the System Configuration tab.
  • At the point “Action Keys Mode” select “Disabled”.
  • Save changes.

How to make the FN buttons work without fn?

Press the F10 key to open the BIOS settings menu. Select the Advanced menu (additionally). Select System Options (system parameters). Install or remove the Launch Hotkeys Without Fn KeyPress FN FNE CLOSS FNE FNE FNE Combatures).

How to change the FN button settings?

Apparently, you can change the behavior of the FN keys by default using FN ESC. It depends on the manufacturer, and sometimes on the model. In some keyboards, a physical switch is hidden somewhere, some keyboards support fn key presses. Others require changes in bios settings.

How to disable FN on Windows 10?

  • Access to BIOS (method of entering BIOS in Windows 7. Windows 8 / Windows 10).
  • In the BIOS menu, select the Configuration tab.
  • Select the hot key mode and set the “disabled” value.
  • Save and leave the BIOS menu (press F10, and then Enter).

How to disable FN on an acer laptop?

So, in order to do this (turn off FN on a laptop), on most laptops you need to press a combination from the keys of the Fnnum LK keys. If FN still does not turn off, then try the combination: fninsert; fnf11, or just press Num LK.

How to enable the keyboard backlight on the Lenovo Ideapad 320 laptop?

  • Pick up “FN” on the keyboard and at the same time press the “gap”. This key has an appropriate icon with the image of a flashlight.
  • If the mentioned icon is absent on the “Space” button, it is necessary to inspect the rest of the keys for the presence of this symbol and perform the same actions.

How to go to BIOS Lenovo Ideapad 320?

  • Turn off computer. Find the Novo button. Read more about the Novo button: where to find the Onekey Recovery (NOVO) button on IDEA laptops. Introduction to the NOVO button.
  • Press the Novo button to enter the NOVO boot menu. Select BIOS Setup to enter the BIOS.

Where is the FN button on the computer?

Where is the FN keyboard on the laptop keyboard in 90% of cases, the FN functional key is located on the left side of the keyboard. Near it took root such keys as Ctrl and Windows.

How to make the keys f on the laptop?

On HP laptops, F1-F12 functional keys work as multimedia (brightness adjustment, player control, volume, etc. P.), and for the operation of the F1-F12 keys directly, you need to pinch the FN key. Since I often use the F5 key to update something, F4 for editing, etc.

How to configure the FN button on the ASUS laptop?

Often to turn on the FN button on the laptop, you have to dig into the BIOS.Turning/turning on fn

  • Go to BIOS (you must press ESC, F2 or DEL at the time of starting the device).
  • Go to Setup Utility.
  • Find the System Configuration menu.
  • Turn on the FN option (Action Keys Mode).

How to turn off the hot keys F12 on a laptop?

Buttons from F1 to F12 on the laptop keyboard perform various functional tasks.Features of shutdown for different models

  • Having launched software, open the “Optimization” tab.
  • Go to the “Special Opportunities” section.
  • Deactivate the use of the FN key, removing the box opposite.
  • Confirm the changes by the OK button.

How to configure the FN key on the Lenovo laptop?

  • Access to BIOS (method of entering BIOS in Windows 7. Windows 8 / Windows 10).
  • In the BIOS menu, select the Configuration tab.
  • Select the hot key mode and set the “disabled” value.
  • Save and leave the BIOS menu (press F10, and then Enter).

How to configure the FN button on the Samsung laptop?

How to enable FN key on the Samsung laptop

  • We go to the Samsung website in the support section;
  • In the field search for a product we enter a laptop model.
  • In the search results, we cross the link of the same model.
  • Download and install the program, reboot the laptop.

How to reassign functional keys on a laptop?

To do this, just press the FN Esc combination. The FN key is automatically blocked in the “constantly included” position. Therefore, now, to activate alternative functions, it will not be necessary to press any combinations with FN, the use of F1- F12 will cause the multimedia operation assigned to them.

Turning off the keyboard forever

A complete shutdown must be performed when replacing the old, or connecting a new input device. But before the start of the procedure, it is necessary to copy the value of the keyboard identifier. To do this, open the device manager, then select the “keyboard” and press the right mouse button by its name. From the list of the list, go to the “Properties” section.

Here we go to the “Information” tab. Next, select the item “Equipment ID” and select the contents of the initial line. Then click “Copy”.

After that, click Win R and collect “GPEDIT in the search bar.MSC “. Next, click on the OK button. Now we move to the “Computer Configuration” section, then “Administrative Templates”. Among the templates, select “System”.

After we go to the “Installation of the device” tab and click on the “Restriction for installation of devices”. From the list you need to click on the tab “prohibit the installation of devices with the specified codes”.

Prohibit the installation of devices with the specified codes

Now click PKM and select “Change”. After put the point in the “enable” point and select “Show”.

Next, in the opened field, we enter the previously identified identifier.

In the end, click OK and check the keyboard work.

As you can see, you can disable the keyboard built into the laptop temporarily or completely. Each option for deactivation of the device depends on the specific goals of the user. If you still have any questions, be sure to write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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Temporary shutdown of the keyboard

“De.energize” Klava (turn off the keyboard on a laptop) for a while you can three ways. Consider step by step of them their implementation.

In the dispatcher

To open a list of equipment, click together “Win ​​Break” and select “Device Manager” in the window that appears.

Or open the “start”, dial “dispatcher” in the search bar and then click on the “Device Manager” that appears in the upper part of the menu.

In the list of equipment, open the “keyboard” section. Click the line with the name of the connected keyboard. In the list of commands, click “Disable”.

Before turning off the equipment, you need to confirm the command. In the request panel “ really want to turn off” Clax the “Yes” button.

With the help of the program

To quickly turn on/disable the keyboard, “without digging” in Windows settings, you can use special utilities. Let’s get acquainted with the most popular solutions.

Kid Key Lock

Free application. It comes in a portable format (does not require installation). It is controlled by a set of commands from the keyboard:

In the options of the program, you can set the following blocking modes:

You can also change the symbolic combination of the entry and exit command command.


Platform.Net Framework 3.5 (its presence in the system is mandatory). After starting, it displays a panel with one single button for a total shutdown of the keyboard, mouse and touchpad on the display. The inclusion is carried out by a “hot” combination: “Ctrl Alt Del” → “ESC” (to close the utility window).

On the command line

With the rights of the administrator, launch the file icon that appeared in the panel.

In the console, dial the command: Rundll32 Keyboard, Disable

Disconnect forever

Complete deactivation may be needed in cases where you need to turn off the “native” keyboard and connect the additional or replace the keyboard panel with a new (other model).

Before you turn off the keyboard on the laptop completely, you need to find out its digital signature, or identifier. This procedure is performed as follows:

Open the “Keyboard” section in the task dispatcher (see. temporary shutdown).

Click the right button by the name of the input device.

In the new window, clap the “Information” tab.

In the flowing menu “Property”, set the “Equipment”.

Climat the right button on the first entry in the field value (this is the identifier). In the menu, click “Copy”.

Transfer the record to the notebook or other text editor. Or save in the system buffer of the exchange. It will be needed for deactivation.

After receiving the ID, proceed to configure group policy:

Click “Win R”. In the line “Perform” dial. GPEDIT.MSC. Click “OK”.

Click: Computer configuration → Administrative templates.

Go to the “Installation of the device” subsection.

And then click the string “Restriction for installation of devices”.

Find the line “Prohibit the installation With specified codes “.

Click on it with the right button. Click “Change”.

In the “Forbid” panel, turn on the “Turn on” radio clip with clicking. Then click the “show” button.

In the “Content output” window, insert a previously copied ID code. Click “OK”.

After these actions, the keyboard will be completely disconnected.

Use any most convenient key method for you. If you are weakly oriented in the Windows settings, use a special utility for blocking. For novice users, this is the best option.

Through the “Device Manager”

You can’t turn off the keyboard itself through the “Device Manager”, but you can remove the drivers for it, after which it will stop working. You can do this according to the following instructions:

How to Disable Hotkeys | How to Enable Function Keys

  • Open the “Device Manager” in any way convenient for you. For example, this can be done by clicking by the right mouse button on the “Start” icon and selecting the “Device Manager” option in the context menu.
  • In the window that opens, open the “keyboard” tab. Here you will need to click on the name of the keyboard.

To return everything as it was, open the “Device Manager” again. There, select the “action” item, which is located at the top of the window. In the context menu, click on the option “Update equipment configuration”.

“Command line”

In Windows operating systems, you can perform any action using the command line equipment. This method is recommended only if you are sure that you can interact with the “command line”. The fact is that the entered commands can greatly affect the work of the operating system and laptop as a whole, so if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better not to consider this option.

  • Launch the “command line” on behalf of the administrator in any way convenient for you. For example, open the search line with a combination of Wins keys and enter the name of the desired object there.
  • In the results of the issuance, press the right mouse button to the desired object. From the context menu, select the option “Launch on behalf of the administrator”.

These were all the main methods to disable the keyboard on the laptop with the Windows 10 operating system. Yes, you can use any other programs that have not been considered in the article, but in this case be sure to check if this is the virus.