Xiaomi Redmi (MIUI) settings (energy conservation, disconnecting advertising) ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

Protection and confedancial, special permits, access to data on the use of Quick Apps Service Framework. Off. Also disconnect the unlimited mobile Internet, external sources (allow the installation from this source. OFF), stoop other windows. OFF, change in system settings. Off

Disconnecting recommendations on the desktop, when installing applications, downloading, conductor, music, instruments, etc. And also disconnect Iternet safely for him

Disconniament of advertising: Hidden Settings for Miui (Play Market), Private DNS, Private DNS server, DNS.Adguard.COM (DNS-Family.Adguard.COM for a child, in addition to advertising, there is no shocking information and porn). Hidden Settings can be deleted

Confidentiality, special access, ID devices. Off

Play Market, Settings, Application Auto Exverts. Off

Camera (hidden experimental functions). In the DCIM folder, Camera Create the Lab_OPTIONS_VISIBLE folder

Play Market. Activity launcher, all applications

Miui folder. Debug_log delete. Applications 3 points show everything, report. Disconnect the Internet. And then special access (in search of settings), saving battery charge, report. Off, and back, on top of other windows, a report. Off

Settings, special access: saving batteries and unlimited mobile Internet and access to data on use

Safety, gear, receive recommendations. Off

Safety, gear, notify about the discharge. Off

Activity Launcher, power (through search), Pywani and performance, adaptive mode. Off

Xiaomi Service Framework (Clock), Miuidaemon, MSA

Applications. Device Health. 3 points at the top, management of data off

Digital well.being. And 34 and 35: saving batteries, mobile Internet, on top of other windows, access to the “do not disturb” function, external sources. And through applications, turn off their access to the Internet. Or disconnect from the Play Market (menu, certificate review, application)

Disable the acceleration of games in the settings

Internet: SIM map settings, access point (APN), configure the channel (remove it is not indicated and set from Edge to LTE and save)

Activity launcher, settings (first), all applications (first), still show system processes, Google Partner Setup (virus). Disconnect and stop

Well, most importantly: if you need to be in touch and for a long time, then translate the Internet to 2G

And if there is no need, then turn off Bluetooth, navigation, Wi-Fi, access point

Firstly, Redmi out of the box is perfectly able to adequate energy conservation without disconnecting beneficial functions. I can’t dare mine below 60% per day. Secondly, built-in advertising is turned off faster and easier, completely regular means.

Why so many body movements? Not easier to use the full.time opportunities for energy conservation? And advertising is cut much easier.

And so 2 \ 3 of this list is a relatively useless slag, most is located not as it is spelled out, but banally searched in searching for what was collected from different sources)

Protection from the advertising works, I am more than sure that I have more than sure that I have influenced the review of the permit for personal data and manual shutdown of data issuing and working with the Internet for applications that are not intended for this

Oh how I do not advise you to put the DNS Ed block. At one point, when the Internet is needed more than anything (according to the Law of Mea), it will just stop working, and you will break your whole head why (of course, by this moment you will forget that somewhere they prescribed something) 🙂

mi9 from the box you do not need to tune anything. Advertising does not fuck/nowhere to pops up. It works from morning to night on one charge with constant use.

Dick knows why you climb something to configure something. Everything is already optimally configured for you. Optimizers are bad.

2/3 of information is rewritten on the Internet 100,500 times and incorrectly formulated. In my experience, these only functions helps (the rest do not affect in any way, and sometimes applications work poorly):

Of the points about Wi-Fi, you can only turn off the constant search for networks and the assistant and the priority of Wi-Fi (generally opened.). This item will not affect the speed of the network (and on the contrary, in some cases, it works more stable than with the function on) and the autonomy of the device!!

GPS has an interesting function. location of the location of the location and select the item “Energy Savings”

There are many disputes on the security application where half of the points is better to leave at rest. They do not affect autonomy in any way. Yes, remember finally, first of all, depends on the processor and optimization of the manufacturer (if there is a complete trouble with autonomy, then no improvements will help!! You can stretch the maximum 40-60 minutes of the screen time, well, it will not be more)

a) background connections You can disable only the branded applications that you do not use, you cannot completely turn off!! (Otherwise notifications will not come)

disable, digital, being, xiaomi, application

b) you should not speak at all to delete extra applications. It is logical that if you have never used it. It’s clear to delete

c) in the cleaning point, turn off “remind of cleaning”; “Check memory”

e) antivirus switch points. “Update automatically: avast/avl”; “Root access”, “system updates”

5) I don’t know what the author took before sending this post?! Your division!! Why disconnect “accounts and synchronization”?! 80-90% of the notification do not come, so do not turn it off (as a last resort, you can turn off the Play game (if you play) and Google Fit (if there is no fitness of the bracket tracker).

6) Device Health applications and digital well.being is easier to turn off through Google Play Service/Reading the search We are looking for a point “Delete or Disable Apps on android“(The main thing is before that to turn off the dark mode on the phone!! For it does not open with him) After we remove the appetizers)), but there is an exception with Google applications will not work. You can only turn off (but this is better than that of everyone to turn off a number of other points)

The possibilities of digital well.being

At this stage, this function gives us the opportunity to independently analyze and regulate the time of handling a smartphone.

How to Delete/ Disable System App on Android/mi phone. Digital wellbeing.

The first thing we will see after starting the function is statistics.

The circular diagram will show the total time spent with the device turned on and divide it into components for each application for the current period of time.

Taping the diagram, let’s move on to the schedule by days and analyze the collected statistics.

Now we must make a decision and independently limit visiting applications by time. If we exceed the restriction time, this function blocks the launch of this application before the onset of new days.

Rest mode

This mode will not bother us in the interval of time, which we will determine, as a rule, is night time of the day. The screen will go into black and white, protecting the eyes in the case of accessing the smartphone.

Rest mode

This mode will not bother us in the interval of time, which we will determine, as a rule, is night time of the day. The screen will go into black and white, protecting the eyes in the case of accessing the smartphone.

Disconnection of notifications

The more applications installed on a smartphone, the more notifications we will receive. Each notification is the announcement of the information that we must view. Each of them distracts attention, leads to the inclusion of the display and further seing along the pages of applications or browser.

As a result of the notification, this impetus is to take a smartphone in the hand. But this can be avoided.

For himself, each user has decided on the basis of his experience, which notifications are important and which.

Digital well.being allows you to configure the appearance of notifications from applications. To do this, set the switches in the necessary position.

After a certain period of time, you can re.evaluate the time spent by the smartphone monitor. You will really see that it has decreased and you have not lost anything. So, you can move on by controlling yourself without this function of Digital WellBeing.

How to disable digital well.being on Xiaomi?

Since presenting the version of the MIUI 11 shell on Xiaomi smartphones, an option has appeared with the name “digital well.being”, which helps the user to control the time that is released to use the phone, and also demonstrates information about the operating time of programs. There is the possibility of setting restrictions on the period of use of various applications, and therefore some are immediately interested in such tools, but in the absence of a need, you can figure out how to disable the described function.

It is interesting that the user will not be able to disable the option through the standard program menu, and therefore Xiaomium.ru offers to open “settings” and pay attention to the search field in the upper part. There you should indicate the phrase “Change of settings”.

Further, the user will display a list of installed programs, after which you need to select the desired item with a simple click. The opening of the section will follow where the “disable” command is present, where you need to click so that the application goes into an inactive mode. over, to restore the work, you will need to perform the same manipulations, but the final action will be a click on the “Turn on” key.

It must be added that the proposed menu allows you to qualitatively set the options for using the program. Therefore, the owner of the smartphone can activate and disable notification, manipulate indication, provide the ability to display on a locked display.

Additionally, information is attached about the occupied volume of constant memory of the phone, the time of use of the program, as well as energy consumption. It can also be recommended to include the option of saving batteries.

The section of additional settings may offer to display the application on top of others, as well as put a ban on downloading from unknown sources. Having clicking on the command “more”, the user will have the opportunity to remove updates, which is especially effective when problems are observed in the process of using the program, since some of them come with new versions of software.

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disable, digital, being, xiaomi, application

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How to unlock Xiaomi if you forgot the graphic key integral integral phone of Xiaomi provides many useful settings for.

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Disconnect this and your Xiaomi will live forever

“Disconnect this mode, and your Xiaomi smartphone will live forever,” such a proposal is not fantastic. Indeed, if you deactivate extra options and applications, the work capacity of the gadget will improve. Each program and function consumes energy. For more economical energy consumption, it is recommended to disable several applications and options.

Deactivation of unnecessary modes and applications will help extend the work of the Xiaomi smartphone. Each program consumes a battery charge. There are functions on the device that are included by default or work in auto.navigation mode. Any activity affects the battery charge. If we deactivate unnecessary functions and applications, a smartphone without recharging will be able to work 2-3 days.

True, Xiaomi is appreciated for the fact that this device is comparable to the mini-computer. Gadget owners do not need to limit themselves. You can download various messengers (telegrams) on a smartphone. From the gadget it is allowed to go online and access the social network (,. Instagram,).

Xiaomi developers provide users with the opportunity to work with any program and on any Internet platform. The activity of the browser, messenger, any application can be limited in time, having previously set the work timer. Programs can independently disconnect after 5-30 minutes. The ability to limit the operation of applications over time reduces the battery consumption, extends the lifetime of the smartphone.

What to disable and optimize

Xiaomi owners can disable or optimize the work of some applications. The smaller the programs will be launched when the smartphone is turned on, the more economically the battery charge is consumed.

Background connections

Each Xiaomi user has the opportunity to choose applications that will work in the background. By default, most of the programs installed on the smartphone are turned off. Activating the application is very simple. you just need to configure the autostart and give permission to work in the background.

It is recommended to limit the activity of the selected program by selecting a standard level (soft restriction) from the proposed options). Each smartphone user can control applications that have access to the background Internet. Connection activity can also be limited.

After loading the OS, mail customers, cloud services, instant messengers usually appear. The less applications are activated, the faster the smartphone will start (after rebooting). It is desirable that only the most necessary programs work in the background. The activity of each application affects the battery charge.

Disconnecting animation

Settings are built into the Xiaomi smartphone, which make it possible to control animation (disconnect, change, adjust smoothness). To save energy, it is better to turn off this option. To disconnect the function, you need to go to “Settings”, then to the “For Developers” section. Then deactivate the “animation of the windows”, “animation of transitions”, “duration of animation”.

Optimization of system memory

In the smartphone settings there is a section “For developers”. It contains subsection “Optimization of system memory”. The default is “medium”. To reduce energy consumption, it is recommended to disable optimization and restart the system. Turning off this function will not entail changes in the device settings.

Turning off extra sensors

By default on the Xiaomi smartphone, several sensors operate additionally consuming the battery energy. Some of them can be disabled without harm to the device. For example, a sensor responding to the illumination of the screen. By default, the sensor is in the “Auto” mode “. If the sensor is deactivated, the brightness will not change depending on the illumination of the screen. Additionally, you can set the standard display contrast mode and turn off the accelerometer (auto.capage).

Optimization of permits for applications

To reduce energy consumption, it is advisable to optimize permits for applications. Initially, it is recommended to activate the auto.launch coincide with the mode of operation of the smartphone, only for the most important programs. Then you need to see what permissions selected applications use, and leave only the necessary from the whole list.

Energy saving mode

It is advisable for your Xiaomi device to activate the economical energy consumption regime. You can do this in several ways. For example, configure daily automatic shutdown of a smartphone at night. There is an option that allows you to turn off the device with 0.00 nights up to 8.00 in the morning. You can use the function “flight mode”, which deactivate the connection of the smartphone with the outside world at night. This option is recommended to include before bedtime for a more economical consumption of battery energy.

You can save batteries charge by turning off the most voracious application. The option “Energy consumption” option allows you to calculate the most energy.intensive program. Applications consuming a lot of charge can be turned off, removed or limited to activity (by setting the work timer).

It is advisable to include on your Xiaomi smartphone mode “Energy saving”. Thanks to the activation of this function, the device will control background processes and disable synchronization with low battery charge.

Removing or disconnecting unnecessary voracious applications

Third.party programs consuming a lot of energy are better to delete from a smartphone. The rest of the applications loaded to the device is recommended to set the work timer. You can activate the mode so that open applications themselves disconnect after 1.5,10.30 minutes. Having previously set the timer, you will not need to control the number of advanced programs and close them manually. Applications will automatically unload from memory after the set time.

Typically programmed the closure of the energy.intensive browser, YouTube, communication with the bank. Important applications (messengers, mail) for the period of use by a smartphone are best left on.

Xiaomi smartphones users are recommended to set the minimum time to block the screen. If the gadget is not used for some time, then you can disable unnecessary services that spend traffic or battery charge. For example, the Internet. It is better to turn it off immediately after blocking the screen. To do this, set the time to turn off the Internet (after 5, 10, 30 minutes or never). The smartphone in this case will turn into a regular phone that can accept only incoming calls. Messages to messengers will not be able to come. When unlocking the screen, the Internet will recover again.

disable, digital, being, xiaomi, application

We remove the constant search for Wi-Fi networks

Before starting work, you need to choose the type of network. Xiaomi provides the following options: 4G, 3G and 2G. The fastest type of communication is four. But 4G quickly consumes a battery charge. You can choose a more economical, but slow type of communication, that is, 2g. Use the deuce is constantly uncomfortable. Subscribers can set 4G, but on the occasion to switch to 2G, when it becomes necessary to extend the work of the smartphone.

All the possibilities of digital well.being

There are many different opinions about the benefits or dangers of mobile gadgets. However, the fact that mobile phones occupy a lot of personal time of people is undeniable. Using Digital WellBeing on a smartphone, you can get rid of a bad habit not to break away from games and applications during the day.

A more detailed Digital WellBeing overview will help you conclude whether the application is necessary or it should be disconnected.

How to enable the restriction for application

The most interesting feature of the Digital WellBeing application is the “toolbar”. This allows the user to limit unlimited access to the game. Options are presented as follows

  • Go to the settings and select the name of the program.
  • Select “toolbar”.

After confirming the configuration, the selected program will not be able to work longer than the specified time: if you cannot break away from social networks or messages in messengers, if you are trying to complete the game in the game, but you have to go to bed, this function will provide you with unconditional support. It takes a lot of time to turn off the function. Therefore, often there is no need to think about it. And the user can calmly put a mobile phone and go to bed.

Digital well.being. the best chip miui

Xiaomi constantly pleases us, fans of Miui, with new chips and capabilities. After updating the stable version of Miui 10 at number 10.3.four.0 in the system settings a very interesting item appeared. You will learn about him now.

This chip is digital well.being from Google. The MIUI 10 has finally added an option from Android 10, namely, the counter of your activity. The item “Digital well.being” is located in the “Settings” application.

Как удалить системные приложения на Xiaomi

This option will allow you to track the following information: the launch of applications spent on them, the number of notifications and unlocks.

And it’s all? No, in digital well.being, one can also limit the time of application activity. For example, you want to spend on games no more than 30 minutes a day. In this case, open the “toolbar”.

Next, find the right application, for example, the game Mobile Legends. And opposite him, click on the icon of the hourglass.

Next, select the maximum use time of the application per day and click on OK.

If you overcome the limit of using the application, then the system will limit access to it and will not allow you to launch on this day.

Application opportunities

It is noticed that smartphones take a lot of free time. Many users are distracted by social networks, games and other applications. Therefore, the creators of the Android operating system added a special application that allows you to limit yourself to using the device. This program will help spend less time using the device.

  • Night mode. Set your usual retreat time to sleep. At the appointed time, the device will remind you of the need for night rest. A corresponding notification will appear on the screen. It pops up every day on schedule. If desired, you can set another time or turn off the reminder at all.
  • Do not disturb. Allows you to disconnect notifications during applications launch. Reminders will come without sound. This is a convenient opportunity that helps to focus on any lesson. The user can independently install a list of applications for working with the “Do not disturb” mode.
  • Parental control. Many parents are worried that the child has been using a smartphone for too long. Children’s psychologists urge to limit the entertainment in time. For this, the “parental control” mode is useful. It allows you to monitor what kind of classes the child is engaged in, to limit the opening of applications, etc. D. It is possible to connect the Family Link service.
  • Setting notifications. The user can manage permits for applications for sending notifications. For example, such an opportunity will come in handy if any program is too intrusively reminds of its existence.

Now we suggest you figure out whether to disconnect the “Digital well.being” application.

Setting up the application restrictions

Inside the program is the “toolbar” that allows the user to set limits on the use of games. To do this, take a few steps:

  • Find the program on the name in the parameters of the smartphone.
  • Open the “toolbar”.
  • You will have a list of all programs on the device.
  • Click on the icon of the sand clock near the name of the application of interest.
  • Enter time to limit.

After maintaining the changes in the program, he will not be able to work longer than the time you specified. The timer is dropped at exactly midnight. If you cannot stop corresponding on social networks, perform game tasks and the like. the function will be very helpful. She will finally complete the application of the application. You will need quite a lot of time to turn off the function, so the owner of the smartphone will put it and go to sleep.

How to limit the use time

So you suddenly noticed that you spend 3 hours on Instagram every day. Without panic, nothing terrible happened. No matter how difficult the problem may be, it can always be solved. Time spent in a particular application is no exception.

It is better to get out of digital dependence gradually. Do not rush to do with this.

To limit the time in the application on Android, you need:

  • Unlock the smartphone.
  • Open the settings application.
  • Then go to digital well.being and parental control.
  • Tap the diagram.
  • Press the installation icon of the application timer next to it.
  • Select the required time and click.

When the time you set ends, the application closes and its icon will be painted gray. Please note that all timers are dropped with the onset of a new day (at 12 in the morning).

If you still want to go into a specific program, you can easily turn off digital well.being by using the instructions in the reverse order.

How to set up parental control on Android

If an adult in most cases is able to evaluate their capabilities, then children often do not have such a discipline to control the time spent in applications.

For parental control, Google has a separate tool.

Honestly, I am strictly against such a venture, for the younger generation will know the world through gadgets. But if you think that this is necessary, you can configure parental control as follows:

  • Download the Google Family Link application for the parent and for the child.
  • Open the Family Link application for configuration.
  • Then indicate that you are a parent.
  • Next, click “Start” in the item, become the administrator of the family group.

Initially, Google Family Link was inside digital well.being, but later wasolated and became a separate application. Given the large number of settings here, I think that this is even better.

The capabilities of the program are mass. Filters for all applications, tracking the geolocation of the child, time restrictions and much more. Read carefully with all the functions in Google Family Link before starting work.

Of course, digital well.being implies several other functions such as rest or concentration, but it seems to me that they are much much cooler in the system initially. Agree, it is much easier to turn on the mode not to bother the toolbar than to delve into a heap of settings.

And you someday used the application digital well-being? Be sure to share your impressions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below or in our telegram chat. It will be interesting to read.

Samsung confirmed some time ago that Galaxy Unpacked event on August 10. It will announce many new products, among which there will be new smart watches, new folding smartphones of the brand and, possibly, something else. For the rest, we still have to find out what will happen there, but we already know a lot about phones. Now we have even more information. The company itself showed what the new products will look like. Let it be only a teaser, but we already have some ideas. That’s what we have.

This year will definitely remember all smartphone users without exception. If for the owners of the iPhone in situation it turned out to be critical, and now it has become less useful in everyday life, then not everything is so bad on Android smartphones: you can use alternative methods of contactless payment, but you have to download applications from other sources that may be enough Dangerous and problematic for inexperienced users. We did not wait for an improvement in the situation and came up with an original way to use remote applications from Google Play, collected in the same catalog. We tell you what it has and how to use it.

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