The touchpad does not work on the laptop? 5 ways to solve TouchPad

Touchpad centuries.old feature, has long replaced alternative mouse control. With the help of it, we can completely control our device, whether it is a laptop or a hybrid tablet. Many laptops (Acer, ASUS, HP, LENOVO, DELL) have problems during the operation of the touchpad. What to do if the touchpad does not work on the laptop in Windows 10? We will analyze 5 ways to eliminate this problem.

One story happened with me when I turned on Wi-Fi on a laptop and accidentally turned off the touchpad touch panel. For a long time I was looking for the reason, not immediately realizing what happened. It turned out everything simple, in the laptops there is a button of additional functions called fn with the left from the bottom of the keyboard. To turn on some function on the laptop, clamp the combination of FN and F1 buttons. F12. On the same F1-F12 buttons, pictures or symbols for applying the parameter are drawn. For example, in order to turn on the touchpad, you need to click FNF7, on the F7 button will be the image of a type of touch panel. You can press all the buttons in order fnf1. F12, but remember that there is a display turning off function, click on the buttons on which the screen went out.

On some HP brand laptops, the touchpad turns on and turns off, with a double touch along the edge of the sensory panel itself. On the brands ASUS and Acer there may be a separate button next to the touch panel. If the touchpad still does not work, then we are moving on.

Removing other mouse drivers

There are times when you have a whole bunch of drivers from different mouse devices in the past and you never removed them. Some drivers from mouse manufacturers, themselves automatically turn off the touchpad. Go to the device manager by pressing the combination of Winr buttons and enter in the DevmgMt line.MSC.

Find the line pointing to mice and other indicating devices, click on the label to push the category and delete all the mouse drivers in order, until the touchpad starts to work on your laptop. If you haven’t earned, try to restart the system after removing all the drivers. The touchpad has not earned? Moving to the next point.

How to enable and disable TouchPad through the device manager

The touchpad on the laptop can be turned on and disabled through the device manager. For this:

  • Press Winx and select the device manager
  • Expand the mouse column and other indicating devices
  • Press the TouchPad with the right mouse button and turn off the device or turn on

How to disable and enable TouchPad in Windows 11/10

To enable and disable the touchpad on a laptop with Windows 11 and 10:

Windows 11: Open the Bluetooth parameters and the touch panel device and turn off or turn on the touchpad using a slider.

Windows 10: Open the parameters of the device touch panel and turn off or turn on the touchpad.

Windows 10 parameters

The current method works with the latest versions of the original drivers for the touch panel (touchpad).

It was also noticed by the inability to turn off the touchpad using this method in the latest version of the Windows 10 operating system. Instead, only a change in sensory panel sensitivity is available. When installing low sensitivity, the need to turn off the sensory panel is completely disappeared.

Control Panel

The current section can be called in different ways starting on behalf of the device parameters and ending with Synaptics depending on the manufacturer and the version of the drivers. Regardless of the section of the section, the ability to turn off the touch panel or the touchpad is present on all laptops.

We also want to draw your attention to the disconnection point when connecting an external USB mossy, activating which the touch panel will automatically turn off when using the mouse. The plus of this possibility is that the user does not have to turn off the device every time.

Why should you know the ways to turn off the touchpad?

There are a lot of minuses at the use of the touch panel:

  • It is located directly under the keyboard, which very interferes when typing;
  • The mouse cursor shifts when randomly touching the site with clothing or wrist;
  • not owning the method of “blind” printing, you have to spend time correcting large pieces of text;
  • Working with graphics on the touchpad is not very convenient.

That is why each user should know how to enable and disable the touchpad on a laptop. Outside the house, the presence of a touch site is very convenient, but if you are in the office or at a computer table, it is better to use a regular or wireless mouse.

We use the keys and their combinations to turn off the touchpad

Most laptop manufacturers have provided a temporary shutdown of the sensory platform using a key combination. One of the buttons on almost all laptop models is FN. It is designed to expand the capabilities of the keyboard and the accurate setting of the laptop.

The second key depends on the laptop manufacturer. Most often, a combination of fnf9 is used to turn off the touchpad. But some manufacturers have chosen other options:

If several key combinations are indicated for the manufacturer in the list, then you need to use one of them. You can choose it by trial or focus on icons applied by another color to the F12 keys. F12. As a rule, an image resembling a mouse is applied to the desired button. a large rectangle under which two small.

Some manufacturers took the button to turn off the touchpad to the upper or lower panel. This option can be found on HP laptops or game laptops. In the latter case, the shutdown key is located next to the touchfall and is highlighted. It should be pressed separately, without the FN button.

We use software

Those users who could not find a “hot” combination of keys have a reasonable question whether it is possible to turn off the touchpad on a laptop in another way. Indeed, there are such methods. It is most often recommended to use standard or utilities. We will deal with them in more detail.

Standard programs

Together with a laptop, the manufacturer usually puts a disk with programs in the package, which contains utilities that help configure it for the user. In it you can find security that allows you to adjust the work of the touch panel.

Most often for Windows, Synaptics software recommends. After installing it, you can see an icon resembling a touchpad. Click on it to open the settings window. In it you can deactivate the touch panel. applications

There are also universal utilities that are suitable for laptops from all manufacturers. One of the popular programs of this plan is TouchPad Blocker. It spreads free of charge and has a number of useful functions:

  • auto.loading along with the operating system;
  • temporary shutdown of the sensory panel;
  • a separate shutdown of the scrolling strip of the site or multitach;
  • self.purpose of “hot” keys for activating or disconnecting the sensor.

In an active state, the program turns into a tray and does not interfere with the user. The lack of the program is that it is not Russified. It also has one special function. Block Accidental Taps and Clicks. Allows this program to turn off the touchpad on the laptop at the time of typing, without using additional keys. You only need to set the time for which the touchpad will be disconnected when pressed on any key.

Apply “Task Manager

If the Synaptics software is responsible for managing the touch site, then it can be forcibly stopped using the “Task Manager”.

  • Call it a combination of Ctrlshiftesc keys.
  • Then manually find the name Synaptics or ETD Control Center among the processes or applications.
  • Select this process and press the “Remove task” button located under the table.

This method allows you to temporarily turn off the touchpad. After rebooting the laptop, the touch panel will again become active.

Disconnecting on an ongoing basis through the “Device Manager”

If you plan a long session without a touchpad, then you need to find a way that will not be distracted by its inclusion or deactivation. One of the options for experienced users is. stop the device through the dispatcher. You can open the list of all equipment of your laptop one of the ways:

After you got into the right directory, you must follow a simple instructions:

  • Find in the list the item “Mouse and other signs”.
  • Expand it. Find the point of the HID-compatible mouse. Click on it with the right mouse key (you need to connect a conventional wired or Bluetooth device to the laptop).
  • From the context menu, select “Disable the device”.
  • At the warning that appears, click “Yes”.

Immediately after these actions, the touch panel should stop working. If there are several HID-compatible devices in the list of devices, then you need to turn off each of them alternately. After deactivation of one of the mice, you can solve the problem of the working touch panel.

These actions are reversible. You can at any time go to the Device Manager, find the disabled mouse and performing steps in the reverse order start it. Or you just need to restart the laptop so that the touchpad will work again.

We use BIOS

Consider another way to solve the problem of how to disable the touchpad on a laptop. BIOS is a special settings environment that controls the entire “filling” of your device. It is most reliable to use it. even after rebooting, you will not be able to use the sensory platform. BIOS controls all ports to which peripheral devices are connected, in particular, the southern bridge is responsible for the operation of the touchpad.

This method is suitable only for experienced users. If you have not previously encountered work in BIOS, then it is better not to use this method. Inaccurate actions will lead to problems with the loading of the operating system, and can also cause incorrect operation of the laptop.

Clearly adhere to the instructions:

  • Completely turn off the laptop.
  • Turn it on with a button. At the time of the appearance of the first logo, press one of the keys: Delete, F2, F10 or F12. Each motherboard has its own call key to the BIOS menu. Since there is not enough time for this action, you may need to turn on and disable the laptop several times. At the time of loading, pay attention to the lower part of the screen. often there are tips on it.
  • After the blue-gray screen is booting. Go using the keyboard to the Advanced tab. Confirm the transition using the Enter button.
  • Then select the System Properties item.
  • Find it in it Keyboard/Mouse Features or Device Options. Confirm the transition to these settings using the Enter key.
  • In the next list, find the Internal Pointing Device line. Click Enter again and with an arrow replace the Disable status with Enable.
  • Now you need to leave the menu correctly. To do this, press the ESC key. Go to the first column and find the Save Exit line. Click Enter again.
  • Select the Save Changes and Exit option. Confirm your actions again using the Enter button.
  • In the window that appears, select the YES option using arrows and confirm your actions again with the Enter button.

After that, the computer will restart on its own and will run the operating system. The touch screen will be disconnected until you change the status of its use in the menu.

In the settings menu, you may not find the items that help turn off the touchpad. This is due to the fact that not all manufacturers have foreseen this opportunity in system settings. In this case, it is recommended to use programs.

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Now you know all the ways to turn off the touchpad on the laptop. If you have questions, you can ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Share the information received with friends, invite them to join the discussion.

disable, samsung, touch, panel, laptop, fill

Tachpad shutdown in the device manager

We increase the degree of invasion of the system and now consider how to disable the touch panel through the device manager.

In fact, this is not as scary as it might seem at first glance. Even if we inadvertently delete one of the standard devices, whether it is a touchpad or a mouse, after rebooting a computer, with a high degree of probability, the driver will be restored in automatic mode. If we turn off both the touchpad and the mouse, then you can easily activate them again with the help of the keyboard alone

First, open the device manager. Passing the way:

We find the mouse section there and other indicating devices (the name of the section may differ insignificantly). There will be 2-3 devices under this section, among which there should be our touchpad. Click on the right record with the right mouse button and, if it is provided for the equipment configuration, click on the item disconnect the device. After that, the touch panel should be completely turned off.

Tachpad disconnect in BIOS

A more radical version of deactivation of the touch panel in the laptop. it is to turn off the touchpad in the BIOS. This method can be conditionally called low.level.

If we turn off the touchpad in BIOS, then it will not be possible to activate it through the system, this should be borne in view of when setting up a computer

First we enter the BIOS laptop. To do this, you need to press the key programmed for a specific device for the device. There can be many options: del can. F2. ESC. F6 and so on. You can simply guess the right key with the selection, or you can find the desired version of the laptop model on the network.

In Bios, we need to find the settings of the hardware, they can be located, for example, on a tab that has the word advanced in its name. This is the most common option.

We are interested in a item that will be called the Internal Pointing Device (from English. “Internal indicating device”), Touch Pad Mouse, or similarly. All we need to do. Translate the state of the parameter from Enabled (inclusive) to Disabled (disabled) and save the changes made when leaving the BIOS (key f10 or other programmed in a particular motherboard). After starting the system, the touch panel will be inactive.

option of how to turn on the touchpad on a laptop or disconnect it

Some laptop models have a small recess in the corner of the touchpad. This is the on/disable button of the touch panel. By pressing it twice, you activate the touchpad or turn off if it was turned on. This is very convenient, although such a button is not provided in all models of portable portable computers.

The HP laptop may have a sensitive place on the left in the upper corner of the touchpad. If double pressing does not help, try another option. Hold your finger for a few seconds in this place

Что внутри у доступного Android-смартфона TECNO с большой батарейкой?

2 hot keys to enable or disable the touchpad on a laptop

In other laptops to turn on/off the touchpad, click a combination of FN keys and one of the upper row F1-F12. The FN key is usually located in the lower left corner of the laptop keyboard. Which of the F1-F12 keys to press, you can judge by the pictograms applied to them, which are made in the same color, style as the FN key.

The icon of turning on/off the touch panel usually has the appearance of this touch panel. a rectangle with rounded corners (image of the “site”), under which two small rectangles are shown (as if buttons, left and right mouse button for cam. rice. 1) and above all this is a cross, like the letter “x”, meaning “turn off”. But there may be other mnemonic pictures of the sensory panel. Here, computers’ manufacturers are trying as they can.

For the Sony VAIO laptop, turn off/turn on the touchpad using the FNF1 keys. Once pressed on two FNF1 keys and thereby turned off the touchpad. With repeated press on FNF1, the touchpad will be turned on again.

Hot keys for turning on or disconnecting a touch panel for different models of laptops:


Lenovo Ctrl F6, or FN F6 or F5 F8

Option 3: turn on/disable the touchpad through parameters in Windows 10

In a laptop with Windows 10, you can use another possibility of turning on and disconnecting a touch mouse. To do this, open the parameters:

Number 1 on rice. 3. click on the icon with a magnifying glass to search for parameters on our device.

2 in Fig. 3. we collect “parameters” without quotes.

Number 3 on rice. 3. the result of the search will be visible from above. these are “parameters”. Click on the inscription, a window of parameters presented below:

We open the “devices” in front of us will appear a window with a list of devices in the left column:

Click the “touch panel” (1 on rice. 5). Then it should be checked so that the switch is in the “v.”(2 on rice. 5). Then the panel will be enabled.

Also check for the presence of a checkmark opposite the option “Do not turn off the touch panel when connecting the mouse” if you need. If you remove the box, then the touchpad will be turned off automatically, without warning when connecting to the outer mouse laptop. In principle, someone can be useful for someone to automatically disconnect the built-in mouse.

And if the touchpad needs to be turned off, the switch is transferred to the “Otkl.”(2 on rice. 5).

Option 4: We are looking for a touchpad in the BIOS settings

If for some reason the described methods cannot turn on or disable the touchpad with a special button, or using functional keys, or using Winndows 10 settings, then this can be done through the BIOS settings.

To access these settings, you need to pinch the F2 or DEL key during laptop starting. As a rule, when the screen is turned on, a hint is displayed which key to press. It must be remembered that this hint appears for a very short time. And you need to press this key at the moment when the hint is displayed. Otherwise, it will be impossible to go to the BIOS settings program, you will need to restart the laptop.

In the BIOS settings we find the Pointing Device. Change its value to Enabled (literal translation of “inclusive”) if you want to turn on the touchpad, or on Disabled (literal translation “turned off”). to turn off the device. Then go out with the preservation (as a rule, this BIOS settings menu look like “Save Exit” or “Exit with Saving”) so that the changes come into force.

With the BIOS settings you need to be careful, especially if you don’t know what this or that option is for. You can even rebuild the computer settings to such an extent that it will not be possible to fix it. Here he is, this BIOS “insidious”.

5 Instructions for the laptop to help

Another way to find information on the question of where you can disable/turn on the touchpad on a laptop. For this, an instruction for your laptop may come in handy. It is usually stored not in paper, but in electronic form. You can find the instructions on the hard drive C: the laptop, as a rule, in the Documentation folder, but not necessarily in it.

When all 5 options do not work

So, the touchpad is easy to turn on and disable. But if the described methods of the touch panel cannot be turned on, then probably,

  • The device is faulty,
  • either drivers have not been installed, for example, as a result of reinstalling the operating system. I wanted to, instead of the “native” XP (that is, “sewn” by the manufacturer in the device at the time of its sale), install the seven, or instead of the “native” seven. an eight or ten.
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Комментарии и мнения владельцев: 73 to “How to turn on or disable the touchpad on a laptop?

Hello Nadezhda. And what to do if Windows 7 still costs and most importantly, then I have an arrow, but if I want to work with two fingers and move the screen down or up, for some reason this cannot be done.I tried as you said both FN and F7 and F9 but nothing happens, by the way, this problem arose only today and I can not do anything.Thank you for your attention, respectly, Vladimir.


Hello, Vladimir. The movement of two fingers on the surface of the touch mouse is not triggered in all Windows programs and windows. Try this gesture in those programs and windows in which you have this movement earlier. To scrolling windows, use the “elevators” on the right and bottom of the windows windows, paint them with a double click by one finger along the touchpade and then move up and down or left-right (depending on whether a vertical elevator or horizontal), without taking the finger from the surface with the grip. Such movements work more reliable and in almost all cases, while interruption by two fingers is a non-standard option, and may not work in some cases.

The fact is the hope that the child was inadvertently running in the keys with his hands and I noticed that he pressed some buttons on top of the laptop and for two days now I can move the arrow with only one finger, and as for two fingers, for example, to move the picture up or down, or down, for example, to move the picture. then EN reacts completely, so three fingers do not work, etc.D. and t.P.It seems to me that several buttons were pressed on top, of course you can probably connect the mouse, but I’m just used to it without it and now, as if without hands, as if something is missing and everything is very long, especially when you want to find something quickly and t.D. and t.P.You are hope if I am not mistaken in your first answer to everyone about the fact that you need to quickly press the upper left corner, so when I clicked, something worked, the picture blinked, but still I could not work with my fingers.Thank you, of course, hope for an answer, can look at your passport today, it’s a pity everything in the passport is probably in German (and if I have an asus laptop), I will try to watch a passport and still Windows 7, I am somehow used to it and not I want to buy anything new.You are all the best and your whole family.

Functional keys (this is the upper row) laptops usually all different. They are not standardized. Each model has its own. Therefore, it will be correct to look in the documentation or on the official website of the laptop manufacturer specifically for your model, as a laptop model is called completely. The official site can be useful if there is information in Russian. Key combinations (this is when simultaneously pressing more than one key) usually does not happen in the upper row, each functional key is responsible for its. These keys control different laptop parameters sometimes directly (pressed, and something turned on or turned off). And sometimes the control only works if you press and hold the fn auxiliary key, and only in this position is pressed on the functional keys F1-F12. Mnemonic patterns are usually applied on the keys of F1-F12. For them, sometimes, without documentation, you can guess what they mean. Sound speaker is crossed out. the key turns off the sound. The sun is painted. the key adds the brightness of the screen. The sun is not painted over. the brightness of the screen decreases. Etc. By the way, I did not meet that with the help of the F1-F12 keys it would be possible to configure the sensory mouse. But with their help you can “turn on”/”turn off” the touch panel, nothing more. Therefore, it is hardly the reason that the panel does not work from 2 fingers is in the F1-F12 keys. But if the touch panel (touch mouse) does not even work from one finger at all-here try to press the F1-F12-one of them is definitely responsible for turning on/off the touch mouse. Try the following options for the ASUS laptop: FN F9 or FN FN 7

but what to do if the touch panel is turned off in the parameters, and the mouse is not connected??Osogram, please

Disconnect the touchpad using mouse settings

Many modern laptops use touchpads made by Synaptics. If a similar touch panel and appropriate software are installed on the laptop, then you can easily disconnect it.

You can configure everything so that when the manipulator is connected to the laptop, the touchpad will automatically turn off.

To turn off the device follows: 1. Open the control panel, go to the “Mouse” item. 2. Next, you need to switch to the Synaptics tab and set the desired parameters. In the same menu, you can configure automatic shutdown.

Note!This method is relevant not only for Synaptics, for example, on my Lenovo Z5070 laptop there is also a tab of my touch panels, where I can turn it off or activate the function that automatically shut off the sensory panel when connecting a USB mouse.

Turning off the touch panel using the device manager

If the laptop uses a touchpad, which was made not by Synaptics, then you will need to go a little different.

First of all, you need to open the device manager. You can get into it using the shortcut “My computer”. To do this, use PKM and select “Management” in the menu in the menu. In the window that opens, you need to go to the “Device Manager” tab. 2. If the touchpad functions normally, then it will be displayed in the list of all devices (in order to see it, you need to open the “Mouse” tab). 3. If the device is present, then you need to click on it PKM and turn off.

Tachpad shutdown on laptops of different models

Next, detailed descriptions will be presented indicating the necessary buttons of disconnecting the touch panel for all the most popular brands of laptops.

It should be remembered that to turn off or turn on the touchpad you need to use the combinations of the above keys with the FN button. For example, FN 1. This applies to all laptops.

  • Asus. To turn off the touchpad on such laptops, F7 or F keys are usually used
  • HP. On some laptops of this manufacturer, there is simply no key to turn off the touchpad. In such cases, you can try to touch the left upper corner of the touch panel twice, as shown in the photo. This method works on many new HP laptops models.

If this does not help, you can try to hold your finger in the upper left corner of the touchpad for some time (about 5 seconds). On some laptops, the touchpad turns off in this way.

  • Lenovo. To turn off the touchpad on Lenovo laptops, the F5 or F keys are standard
  • Acer. For Acer laptops, the most characteristic key to disconnect the touch panel is the key
  • Sonyvaio. If there are standard official programs from Sony, it becomes possible to interact (configure and disable) with a touchpad through VAIIOCONTROLCENTER (located in the “keyboard and mouse” section). As for the hot keys, they are not on all models of laptops of this manufacturer, but even if they have these combinations will only work with established official drivers and utilities. For VAIO, such a utility can be, for example, Sonynotebookutilites.
  • Samsung. For laptops of this manufacturer, the F5 button is enough (in a combination with the FN key, of course). But, as in the previous case, all official drivers and corresponding to.
  • Toshiba. For TOSHIBA laptops, the FA key is also in the overwhelming number of laptops of this manufacturer to turn off the touch panel to turn off the Synaptics touchpad, which means that there is the possibility of manipulations with it through an official program.

It is worth remembering that even the “hot” keys to turn off the touchpad do not always work without the availability of the right software or drivers. Turning off the devices through the task dispatcher will help, but in order to be able to turn off the touchpad through the “hot” keys, you must definitely download sets of drivers from official sites for a model of a particular laptop.

The touchpad is disconnected in BIOS

If you cannot find a touch panel in the list of devices or it does not work despite all the manipulations, then it is worth checking the BIOS settings. You could deactivate the device yourself while changing the download procedure or when you turn off other devices. Also in some cases (especially after the laptop battery breakdown), the BIOS settings are lost when the device is suddenly disconnected or at the time of installation of the new operating system.

Tachpad through BIOS is easy to turn on the algorithm for this:

  • During loading the laptop, go to the BIOS settings. Typically, the launch of the software shell occurs by pressing the Del or F 2 button. These buttons should be pressed immediately after the start of the starting starting screen.
  • Using the arrows, go to the Advanced tab. and then go down to the interlor’s line.
  • See what value is opposite this line. If Disable is indicated there. then you need to change it to Enable.
  • After that, you will only have to save the settings using the key combination F 10 Y.
  • The computer will reboot again, check the work of the touchpad.

Bios tabs management most often occurs using arrows, but there are deviations from this option. In the lower part of the screen for users there are tips that will allow it to go to the right tab and save changes.

The hardware problems of the touchpad

If none of the listed methods of turning on the touch panel helped, then most likely the problem is hardware. The first thing you need to remember. if the laptop has been versed recently. If you carried out repairs and after it did not use the touchpad, then there is a chance that the point is simply in the disconnected train. Otherwise, the problem may hate because:

  • entering the sensor of water;
  • physical impact on the panel;
  • The oxidation of the loop contact due to the temperature difference (if you bring the device from the cold to heat, and then turn it on).

The weak spot at the touchpads to all models is a train. If a small amount of moisture gets in, it quickly oxidizes and stops transmitting signals. Initially, the touchpad on the laptop can initially refuse: scroll or keys does not work, and then it will completely fail.

complex hardware malfunctions are the sensor split and the breakdown of the South Bridge (microcircuit responsible for the operation of peripheral devices). In the first case, the sensor will need to be replaced with a block, in the second. the specialist will restore the motherboard directly.

Now you know why the touchpad does not work on the laptop, and most importantly you can deal with this. In most cases, the breakdown is programmatic and eliminating the user himself, if you suspect that the reason is in the hardware, then you should contact the service center. Remember that it is easy to disassemble the device, but it will not be difficult to assemble it back correctly. Share this article with friends so that they can use all the capabilities of the laptop freely. If you have questions, then ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.