The touchpad does not work on the laptop? 5 ways to solve TouchPad

Touchpad centuries.old feature, has long replaced alternative mouse control. With the help of it, we can completely control our device, whether it is a laptop or a hybrid tablet. Many laptops (Acer, ASUS, HP, LENOVO, DELL) have problems during the operation of the touchpad. What to do if the touchpad does not work on the laptop in Windows 10? We will analyze 5 ways to eliminate this problem.

One story happened with me when I turned on Wi-Fi on a laptop and accidentally turned off the touchpad touch panel. For a long time I was looking for the reason, not immediately realizing what happened. It turned out everything simple, in the laptops there is a button of additional functions called fn with the left from the bottom of the keyboard. To turn on some function on the laptop, clamp the combination of FN and F1 buttons. F12. On the same F1-F12 buttons, pictures or symbols for applying the parameter are drawn. For example, in order to turn on the touchpad, you need to click FNF7, on the F7 button will be the image of a type of touch panel. You can press all the buttons in order fnf1. F12, but remember that there is a display turning off function, click on the buttons on which the screen went out.

On some HP brand laptops, the touchpad turns on and turns off, with a double touch along the edge of the sensory panel itself. On the brands ASUS and Acer there may be a separate button next to the touch panel. If the touchpad still does not work, then we are moving on.

Removing other mouse drivers

There are times when you have a whole bunch of drivers from different mouse devices in the past and you never removed them. Some drivers from mouse manufacturers, themselves automatically turn off the touchpad. Go to the device manager by pressing the combination of Winr buttons and enter in the DevmgMt line.MSC.

Find the line pointing to mice and other indicating devices, click on the label to push the category and delete all the mouse drivers in order, until the touchpad starts to work on your laptop. If you haven’t earned, try to restart the system after removing all the drivers. The touchpad has not earned? Moving to the next point.

How to enable and disable TouchPad through the device manager

The touchpad on the laptop can be turned on and disabled through the device manager. For this:

  • Press Winx and select the device manager
  • Expand the mouse column and other indicating devices
  • Press the TouchPad with the right mouse button and turn off the device or turn on

How to disable and enable TouchPad in Windows 11/10

To enable and disable the touchpad on a laptop with Windows 11 and 10:

Windows 11: Open the Bluetooth parameters and the touch panel device and turn off or turn on the touchpad using a slider.

Windows 10: Open the parameters of the device touch panel and turn off or turn on the touchpad.

Installation/reinstalling drivers

Also, the reason for the inoperability of the touchpad may be the absence or incorrect operation of the device drivers. This situation may well be if Windows reinstalled or any failure occurred.

In this case, you need to try to install the TouchPad drivers from the disk (if any) or download from the official website of the manufacturer.

TouchPAD Synaptics

Now on modern laptops, Synaptics touch panels are very often used. Perhaps the TouchPad of this manufacturer is also installed on your portable computer. In this case (if there are installed drivers), the touchpad can be turned off using the control panel.

To do this, you need to go to the Windows control panel and select the “Mouse” item.

On the “device parameters” tab using the corresponding buttons, you can turn on or disable the touch panel.

Also, for some versions of drivers on this tab, there may be a setting that allows you to disconnect the touchpad when connecting to the USB laptop.

TouchPad is faulty

If all of the above recommendations did not help you, perhaps the reason is the physical breakdown of the touch panel or the contacts simply disconnected. In this case, there is only one way out. to disassemble the laptop and check all the connections. In extreme cases, even the replacement of the touchpad may be needed. If you are an inexperienced user, then it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

Thank you very much your article helped me

thanks a lot! The reboot helped. Although before that two times they just turned off the computer forcibly did not help.

Thanks. Happened. I thought I would steal it completely :-). But it turned out thanks to your help.

I tried It didn’t work out, I bought mouse everything worked out.

Good evening. No Pell Nohbuk cannot turn on the touch control of FN F5 keys

Hello. Try FNF3 combination or just F6. You can read in more detail here: https: // goo.GL/AOHCXH

thanks for the help. Fnf3 and my touch on Dell earned !!

Scrolling page scrolls does not work with a touchpad after reinstalling windows. eight.1 (stood Linux. everything worked).What to do?

Most likely, the problem with the driver of the touchpad (not established, not suitable version, damaged) or the scroll function is disabled in the settings of the device.

Lenovo laptop new turned on the wireless mouse. Removed. for tomorrow the sensor is a considerable. Does not work. at least do not turn on the parameters

The device dispatcher in the “Mouse and other indicating devices” section contains?

Thank you so much. The article helped a lot. HP laptop

Hello my laptop, too, HP for some reason did not help.: admin: how to enable the touch foam Pointing Device I am waiting for you to answer

Lenovo after reinstalling the touchpad and Klava worked, rebooted. What to do?

“After reinstalling” Windows I think so? Which version?

Thank you very much your article helped me !

Thank you from the heart, good people who posted such the necessary information here. Following the algorithm of action, I managed to solve the current problem!

I can’t turn off the touchpad (interferes with working on the clave). I tried FNF9 and FNF7. I have an ASUS K95V laptop. The system is now worth Windows 7.

For your laptop, there is a package of ATK Package, which includes a set of tools, among which there is a utility for working with keyboard and hotkey.reted utilities) can download it from the official ASUS website. Try this option.

thanks a lot!I did not know how to turn on the touch panel, I thought I broke.

On the Lenovo G50-30 laptop, when replacing Windows8 with Windows7, the mouse and TouchPad stopped working. There is nothing to continue reinstallation or restore Windows. Please tell me what to do?

T.e. Windows 7 has been installed and only the keyboard works? Legacy USB Support in BIOS is included?

It was not possible to install Windows7. there was nothing to choose Windows from the list and give the command to the installation. there is no cursor. I tried to return back to Windows8, but the BIOS settings were dropped to factory. I tried to restore Windows8 through the Novo button, but due to the lack of a cursor there is nothing to give a command. On Enter. does not react. It is possible to install the mouse and touchpad driver, but how to do it without a cursor?

I think there is a problem in the settings (possibly firmware) BIOS. I read the forums, it turns out this is a pretty common problem for this laptop model. I found the following advice: if you have a non.original Windows 7 assembly, then before installing the system in the BIOS you need to put optimized settings for Windows 8, and after the first reboot, return the settings for Win7. Try this option.

Heartfelt thanks! All the brightest you are!

Good evening. HP No Club I can’t turn on the touch control of FN F9 keys

Hello. I have a laptop. The touchpad stopped working, in my opinion, after wiping the keyboard. Rebooted the drivers, did not help. What do you advise?

Hello. Check the settings along the following path: “Start. Control Panel. Mouse”. COMPAQ laptops are several models. What you have?

I fixed Windows 10 and re.worshiped the touch mouse tried to turn on the tech pad did not help on the combinations also does not help.I have ACER what else can you make.

First of all, check the touchpad settings in the control panel (paragraph “mouse”). You can experiment yourself with the settings, or restore the default values ​​using the corresponding button. If it did not help, then try to reinstall (update) the touch panel driver.

The child accidentally turned off the touch screen on Toshiba while watching the film. I do not know what to do. I didn’t find it on the internet. The touchpad also stopped working, does not react to the combination of keys. Return to the factory installations did not help.

Greetings. ASUS laptop, 7th Windows. The touchpad does not work on the middle part of the screen, t.e arrow moves, but when you want to press something, the “hand” does not appear and nothing is pressed.

Help, please please. ASER E5-511-C8ZD laptop. After forced updating on Windows 10, there was 7, the touchpad disappeared. There were many options to connect, but all without result. Thanks.

Acer Extensa 4230 laptop model was handed over to me from my niece.How to include in my apartment.Trying.On the screen text in English.There is no cursor.Pressed the button.which was turn off.a short.term alternating alternating sound at equal intervals.How to turn it on.Connect and disable this laptop.We have Wi-Fi.

Lenovo G50-45. Combination FN. F6. Thank you for the tip.

If I understand you correctly, you have problems when finding the cursor in the central part of the screen regardless of the location of the finger on the touchpad? Right?

Absolutely true. As if on active shortcuts and links, there is an invisible window size of 1015 cm.

Tried to connect the mouse? Checked the work of the touchpad in safe mode? Updated (reinstalled) driver?

With a mouse without changes. I don’t know how safe. I did not update the driver, I don’t know how.

To go into safe mode when downloading a computer, press the F8 key several times until the menu appears, and then select the corresponding item. If nothing changes when using the mouse, then most likely the problem in the system itself.

The settings wrote that the drivers do not need update.

Hello, the Acer Aspirees1-511 laptop does not work, the sister picked it after he stopped working and stopped perceiving the speakers, maybe the case is in the driver. Please advise what to do/cgfcb, j!

Through the dispatcher of the devices

The easiest way to get into the device manager to get by pressing your right button on your computer.

No matter what your version of Windows (XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or even 11), immediately in the first window we find the link “Device Manager”.

The second way is to use the ke keys and the command:

As soon as you get there, we first go to the section “Mice and other indicating devices” and find your sensory panel. If it is not there, then go to the HID (Human Interface Devices) and find the HID-compatible touch panel. To turn off the device, click with the right mouse button and select the point we need.

NOTE! The names of the TouchPAD panels can be different. If you are not sure what to disconnect, you can try the “poke method”, turning off each of the devices presented in the “Mouse and other indicating devices”. If you turn off not what you need, just turn on the device back in a similar way.

Disconnecting in BIOS

First of all, we need to go to the BIOS itself. for this we reboot the computer. At the time the screen is turned off, clamp the auxiliary button “FN” and press the main key several times. The main key depends on the BIOS version, as well as on the laptop model.

Enable/disable mouse/touchpad on HP laptop

Most often use the F2 buttons. Delete. ESC. In more rare cases F10. If you can’t go to BIOS, we read this instruction.

As soon as you get inside, we go to the “Advanced”, “Configuration” or “Integrated Peripherals” tab (the name depends on the BIOS version) using arrows on the keyboard. Next, we find the item “Internal Pointing Device” and switch it to the “Disabled” state. At the end, press F10. To save the parameters and get out of BIOS. In UEFI, this parameter is called similarly.

Device Manager

  • We perform the DEVMGMT command.MSC in Winr window.
  • In the window dispatcher window, we find a touch panel device in the mouse section and other indicating devices.
  • In the context menu, select the item Delete the device (if you have the opportunity to select the option in the context menu, then give it preference).
  • In the device, the removal of the device must confirm the removal by pressing the delete button (and it is also possible to remove the drivers programs for this device).

In the absence of the latest drivers, you may have to look for a touchpad in the section of the HID device. There it can already be called a HID-compatible touch panel.

Windows mobility center

On laptops of some manufacturers, it is possible to turn off the touch panel directly from the Windows mobility window.

There are many free utilities that block pressing on the touch panel. Among the most popular, it is possible to choose TouchPad Blocker, Touchfreeze or TouchPad Pal. If TouchPad Blocker has various settings, then TouchFreeze and TouchPad Pal work immediately after starting.

  • If you need to completely block the touch panel, then download TouchPad Blocker.
  • If you need to block the touchpad only in the process of typing, then you can use Touchfreeze and TouchPad Pal.

Using keys

This is a quick way to deactivate the sensor. Use a combination of special keys. functional FN in combination with simultaneous pressing F7 or F9.

If the device has official software for the keyboard, or drivers, inconvenience will not arise. If there is no such equipment, the problem can be solved by appeal to the official ASUS portal, where you can download the necessary package by.

Using the Windows system

This will allow you to see the dispatcher window where you can deactivate the panel in the “Mouse and other indicating devices” tab.

You can also turn off the touchpad through the driver according to Synaptics. You need to press the Start button and go to the “control panel”. In the parameters “mouse”, select a item that allows you to control the sensor. Having opened the settings, set the shutdown parameters.

This procedure works if the device is installed on the Synaptics sensor. And the way to display the company drivers will be just such.

Tachpad shutdown using a TouchPad Blocker program

The user can block the touchpad using software. The program installed on the computer turns off the touch panel.

Free TouchPad Blocker Blocks a touch panel with random presses. After installing on a computer, the program is prescribed in the bus loading Windows.

Setting “Block Accidental Taps and Clicks” (block random presses and clicks) is responsible for blocking the touchpad when randomly pressing on the sensory panel. In the parameters of the application there are options for setting up the lock time, pop.up.

Using “hot” keys, you can turn on or disconnect the blocking of the touchpad (“Ctrl” “F9”), and on computers with Synaptics Tachpads, you can turn on or disconnect the touch panel (“Ctrl” “ALT” “F9”).

How to turn off the touchpad on asus

On the ASUS laptops to turn off the touch panel, the “FN” keys “F9” are used. Some models use other key combinations: “FN” “F7”, and sometimes: “FN” “F6”, “FN” “F3”. In most cases, a crossed touchpad is drawn on a functional key.

Laptop keyboard

On modern models of laptops, the touchpad can be turned off by means of the keys of the F1. F12 in combination with an additional key FN. For example, on ASUS laptops, this is a combination of FN F9. And on laptops Acer. FN F7.

However, in every case, this method can be applied in practice. Often the FN key is simply inactive. Usually it can not be used due to the fact that the Windows system does not install a special driver supplied by the manufacturer of the laptop. Even the most relevant version of Windows 10 of this plan, specific drivers in automatic mode does not install. Usually does not supply them with software for installing drivers. Such a driver can be part of DVD.disk coming with a laptop. It can also be downloaded on the site of the device manufacturer.

Blocking the FN key can also be the result of certain settings in BIOS. Naturally, if the basic firmware of the device supports such opportunities.

Settings in BIOS

The shutdown of the touchpad in separate models of laptops can be carried out in the BIOS settings. On ASUS devices, for example, this option is located in the “Advanced” firmware section. This section should contain the parameter “Internal Pointing Device”. The touchpad will not work if the value of this parameter is set to “Disabled” and save BIOS settings.

Devmgmt team.MSC

Devmgmt team.MSC, introduced in the input line of the Start menu, opens the equipment “Device Manager” equipment well familiar to each Windows user.

The same equipment can be opened through the Windows control panel by performing the following sequence of actions:

In the device manager, the touch panel can be in one of two categories:

It can be called differently, for example, “USB input device” or somehow with the words “touchpad” or “touch panel”. In Figure 3, the touch panel is called “Finger Sensing Pad” and is located in the list “Mouse and other indicating devices”.

On the selected element, press the right button and select the item “Disable”.

To completely turn off the touchpad, you can use the BIOS function that controls the settings of the manipulator. To enter the BIOS settings configuration mode, after turning on the laptop, click a keyboard on the keyboard determined by the laptop manufacturer. So, for most laptops, you need to press the F2 key, the other option is the DEL key.

Attention! Information on the purpose of the functional keys is usually displayed in the lower line of the screen.

After entering the BIOS settings, it is required to find the Internal Pointing Device option, and set its value in “Disabled”. If you need to turn on the touchpad back, you will have to enter the BIOS again, find the same option and set its value in “Enabled”.

How to turn off a touchpad on a laptop when connecting a mouse

Apparently, the easiest and logical way is to set up the operating system of your laptop to automatically shut off the touchpad when connecting an external mouse. To activate this regime:

    Enter the “Start” devices and printers “;

Как отключить тачпад на ноутбуке

Attention! This setting is not present on all laptop models. The presence of such a settings on a specific laptop model depends on the version of the operating system, the version of the USB-mouse drivers and the touchpad.

If your laptop is equipped with a Synaptics touch panel, the same result can be achieved by installing the flag on the switch “Disconnect the internal indicating device when connecting the external indicating device to the USB port” on the device parameters, as shown in Figure 2.

Despite the fact that there are several ways to turn off the touch panel on a laptop, not everyone can work on your computer model. A specific method is determined by the user based on his needs, equipment capabilities and software of portable PC.