Why does Samsung TV not see digital channels: reasons what to do?

Samsung TV does not find digital channels. a common problem among viewers. Most problems are eliminated independently and do not require repair in the service center. But in order to correct the problem on your own, it is necessary to find out the reason.

  • Program failure.
  • Incorrect connection of the antenna or equipment.
  • Damaged cable.
  • Technical problems on the side of the provider.
  • Incorrect tuning.


Before connecting a television receiver, you need to study the instructions.

After studying the user managers, it will become clear that this process is simple.

If you have a cable Internet, then you need to connect the provider cable to a special nest. In the case when you use a wireless network, it will be enough to connect it in the settings.

After the connection, you need to turn on the TV from the control panel and accept the user agreement from Samsung.

How to find and set digital channels on Samsung TVs

We will analyze in order both setting options (without a prefix and with it).

For TVs with a built.in tuner DVB T2 and Smart TV

If you have a modern TV with Smart TV, you will not have to suffer. Settings on it will take about 15 minutes from force. The Inte Week may vary depending on the Samsung series, but basically the setting will be as follows:

  • We will analyze the auto.building. Click on the menu button on the remote control. Go to the Broadcasting Block.
  • Click on “Auto”.

Wait until the search process is over

If the automatic setting ends unsuccessfully, there is an option to use the manual way:

    Again, open the TV menu. In the “Canal” block, instead of the antenna, put the cable.

For old models that can be connected to digital TV only through consoles

If TV does not have a built.in tuner, we buy it separately. His

Is all TV settings suitable for Samsung TVs

TV settings are usually universal, that is, they are suitable for televisions of different models and manufacturers, so worry about the fact that you buy something inappropriate is not worth.

The main thing is that your TV has the right connectors for connecting this prefix (receiver, tuner, etc. D.). The prefix will receive a digital signal from the antenna and convert it into a regular analogue, which recognizes your old TV.

“Tulip” is the most popular way of connecting TV and prefixes

How to connect a prefix to an old TV

You need to choose a cable for your situation. If you have a HDMI connector on TV, use a cable with a similar name (version 2.0). the picture will be better. If there is no such exit, just take the standard “tulip”. This is a cable consisting of three wiring. each with a plug of a certain color (red, yellow, white).

SCART cable can also be used.

Through Scart, long.outed models are connected

What is required of you: Combine the TV and prefix through the corresponding outputs. The slots for the tulip are also painted in different colors, so it will be difficult to get confused here. The receiver itself must first be connected to the antenna via cable with a round output.

Samsung Smart TV: How to Setup (step by step) UHD AU8000 Series

“Tulip” is connected in accordance with the colors of the connectors and plugs

How is the search for digital channels

Setting occurs through the TV menu, and the prefixes. The receiver of the receivers differs, so in each case there will be its subtleties in setting. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the instructions that are included with the device before searching for channels.

The general course of action, however, will be as follows:

  • First we go to the source list on the TV itself. Put the output to which the prefix is ​​connected.
  • We go to the prefix menu. We go to a section indicated, as a rule, with a folder with a magnifier.

Setting channels on Samsung TVs after a successful search

If necessary, you can edit the list of channels found. For example, remove unnecessary ones:

  • In the TV menu, open the “Broadcast” section, and then the list of channels. Put the marks next to the channels that you want to remove. Click on Tools on the remote control and in the caused menu select the removal or lock.
  • When blocking, you need to come up with a password on which it will be possible to access the previously selected channels.
  • If you click on “change”, you can rename individual channels.

If you have a newer TV model, all channels associated with their change, blocking can be found in separate items directly in the “Translation” section.

Select in the “Channel Change” or “lock” menu

Connection and configuration

SMART-TV digital tV settings are performed according to the same scheme as on a regular TV or receiver.

Models with support for smart television when setting digital channels also solve the problem of preserving the already present channels. They have a system setting that allows you to choose a radiation source (antenna, satellite, cable).

For example, with manual setting of digital TV channels and choosing a cable as source, in other ranges, the search does not occur and the programs of the etheric and satellite TV are preserved

But the settings of digital channels on the TV are not enough to fully use the function of smart television and you must connect to the Internet.

  • Wired Internet. Connection is performed using a network Ethernet-cable RJ45 to the LAN. The connection will require home Internet.
  • Wi-Fi. Wireless connection with data transfer speed up to 30 kb/s. Not all TVs with a Smart-TV function have a built-in Wi-Fi module. In its absence, you need to purchase a router with connection to the USB input.
  • WPS. This technology allows you to connect to a Wi-Fi network using a router without entering additional settings. It is available only when using the router and should be supported by it.
  • Plugaccess. Unique Internet connection technology from Samsung, which is supported only by devices of this manufacturer.

After selecting the connection method, the connection is installed. You need to go to the settings menu by pressing the corresponding button on the TV or remote control. After the opening of the SMART-TV integral, you must enter the settings and there select the “Connection” item there.

Attention! If it is supposed to use frequent access to the network and uploading files, it is recommended to give preference to the wired Internet, t.to. its speed is an order of magnitude higher than that of a wireless connection.

Advice! When connecting the “home Internet” service, the operator can offer for free “home TV” in addition. Do not refuse, t.to. With it there will be access to the Internet and high-quality IP-television for the same price.

Establishment of the connection

A list of available networks will be displayed in the menu that opens.

  • Direct connection. A available connection is selected and the password provided by the network operator is entered, after which the entered data “OK” is confirmed. After a few seconds, the connection will be established.
  • Using a router. In this case, the data of the router (IP address, port, DNS address and password) are prescribed, which can be found in the operating instructions or get from the operator (if provided).
  • Plugaccess. It is required to enter the “Connection” settings point. After that, insert a USB drive into the router, wait for the indicator to change on the device, pull out the flash drive and insert into the TV with Smart-TV. After a few seconds, the connection will be installed automatically.

After a successful connection, you can start setting up Smart-TV on the Samsung TV.

Registration of the device

If the menu is not in Russian, you need to go into system settings and change it, as well as select the region (Russia or Eastern Europe).

At the first stage, it is important to register the Samsung device and activate the synchronization of the device with a remote server.

  • First of all. This will confirm the use of licensed equipment and its remote support will be carried out.
  • Secondly. The user will receive an update for software and individual widgets.
  • Thirdly. Without registering a user, smart television function will become inaccessible.

User registration

To perform this procedure, you need to enable Smart Hub, to enter the corresponding button (in old TVs Samsung F-series and others. models 2011. 2014 release on the remote control green button). The menu immediately opens with the offer to register.

  • select “Create an account”;
  • adopt a user agreement (privacy policy);
  • enter the desired login and password;
  • Mark the point “Receive E-Mail On Samsung Smart TV.

Important! In the login entry field, it will be proposed to enter an email address to which a letter will come with confirmation of registration. It is recommended to introduce a simpler login instead, and after registration, go into the user settings, enter an e-mail and request confirmation of registration.

After registration, it will be proposed to undergo authorization or enter under the status of “guest” (ghost). You need to select the user and enter the account. For guests hidden Smart-TV settings are not available


Upon completion, the message “Tenet application has been successfully installed”. You need to return to the main menu and again go to the newly loaded widget. The application will offer to introduce a login with a password, which is assigned to the device.

Upon completion, confirm the entered data and wait a few seconds. Synchronization with a remote server will be installed, beyond which the following changes will follow:

  • The exact time will be configured, the prognosis of the pagoda, the exchange rate and other information will be issued;
  • News reports about the developer and his products will be received.

Thanks to synchronization, the device will be checked for available updates.

Advice! Synchronization of the device provides for the constant data transfer. If the speed of the Internet connection is not higher than 5 MB/s and Smart-TV hangs, the problem can be solved by turning off synchronization. But you need to remember, updates will not come without it.

How to set up Samsung TV

Improvements made by Samsung in modern TVs affected not only matrices, screen diagonals and other parameters. Similarly, sets of functions are updated with technical characteristics. Thanks to them, management becomes better, and settings. light and fast, affordable even beginner users.

Nevertheless, all new models that replenish the product line have their own characteristic features, including in the field of settings. After all, the whole work of the TV will depend on them. Some innovations can cause difficulties, especially an updated integration, with which the entire setting up of the Samsung TV is performed.

In many ways, this is due to the fact that, starting with the 6th series, devices with LED matrix are equipped with a pre-installed Smart TV function. Those who first encountered smart electronics cannot and do not want to delve into the intricacies of settings, preferring to pay quite a lot of money to involved specialists. This, of course, is the personal file of everyone, however, it is worth remembering the Russified operating system that allows you to easily perform all manipulations on their own. It is only necessary to put the tips and tips that appear on the screen in stages.

Now not everyone uses paper instructions, since the most simple integer easily resolves the question of how to set up a Samsung TV. The menu does not have incomprehensible commands with a complex or double interpretation. After turning on the device, all actions are performed using the remote control. Setting up free channels is possible when using the simplest antenna.

All the innovations manufactured by the company mainly affect additional functions that may wait. You can do them and then, when all the main settings will be made.

How to find and set digital channels on Samsung TVs

Search and setting digital channels on the Samsung TV depends on the TV model. The easiest way is to set up on new models equipped with a digital tuner and on Smart TV.

For TVs with support for DVB T2 and Smart TV

If the TV is equipped with a DVB T2 connector to configure: you need:

  • Connect the antenna;
  • Turn on the TV;
  • Depending on the remote control, press the “Home” or “Source” button, select “Source” and click “TV”.
  • Enter the menu and select the “Settings” section.
  • Select “Translation”.
  • Click “Auto.building”.
  • Select “Start”.

This instruction is suitable for all Samsung TV TVs R and higher. Search for channels will begin after pressing the button. After all the channels available in digital format will be found, you need to leave the menu. The channels will remain automatically.

Setting digital TV for TVs with Smart TV function:

  • Go to the menu and select the “Broadcast” tab (as a rule, indicated by the antenna icon);
  • Select the item “Auto.building”;
  • The menu will open in which you also need to select the “Auto.building” item;
  • Press the “Start” button;
  • Set the search mode “Full” and press the “Scanner” button;
  • Wait for the program to finish the search for channels, and press the closing button menu.

For old TV models

Old TV models equipped with a tuner to receive digital broadcasting can be configured according to the following scheme step by step:

How to Factory Reset (Back to Original Settings) on Samsung Smart TV

  • Go to the menu, select the section “Channel”;
  • Replace the value of the “antenna” with “cable”;
  • Select “Country” item. The system will ask for the code, you can use four zero, four units or a sequence of digits from one to four. Indicate Russia if it is in the falling list. If it is not, select Eastern Europe or the meaning “others”.
  • Open the “Cable Search Parameters” item, where you will need to enter the frequency. Data can be taken on the RTRS website.ru or set a standard value of 290,000 khz. You can also change the indicators of the gear speed of 6875 ks/s, modulation of about 256 QAM.
  • Install checks opposite the values ​​“full” and “digital channels”, start automatic search.

After installing all the menu channels, you can close or change the list of channels by constructing a format convenient for yourself.

How to connect a prefix to an old TV

If the TV does not support the DVB-T2 data format, you need to purchase a tuner (receiver) separately. The market presents a wide variety of models that differ in their functionality, appearance and capabilities. Reception of DVB-T2 format is carried out by all prefixes.

There are USB ports on the rear receiver, to which you can connect a USB flash drive, a removable computer disk or other devices for viewing video files recorded on them. Often they are equipped with their spacious internal memory. The cost of the receiver directly depends on the number of ports. Some models have the ability to record television shows from the screen on removable media. There are options with connecting via the Internet to YouTube channels. You can also choose a model with support for operating systems (Android), it can be used to broadcast channels using SMART-TV technology.

When choosing a receiver, you need to take into account what requirements are for him. If this is just a viewing of free federal and local channels in digital quality, you can purchase the most inexpensive set. He can safely use data in MPEG-4 format. If you need support for video in HD format, it is worth considering the models more expensive.

TVs released in the Soviet years may not support digital TV even if you buy a prefix. Before buying, you need to inspect the TV for the presence of connectors and focus on when buying a prefix precisely on them.

The following types of connectors can be located on receivers:

  • RCA (tulip). Three plugs of different colors: yellow conveys the picture, red and white. sound. As a rule, it approaches all models of old TVs, new ones are not equipped with such a connector. The quality of the picture is average. Given that such connectors are usually installed on panels with a small diagonal, you can not attach special value.
  • HDMI. Similar to a USB port, it provides a good transmission of images and sound to TV. Audio is broadcast at a frequency up to 192 kHz, the video has a maximum resolution up to 1080 pixels.
  • Scart. An additional connector that allows you to connect a video recorder or player of DVDs with the ability to recording a picture from the screen.
  • D-Sub or DVI. The trapezoidal.shaped connector conveys the picture, to transmit the sound signal, you need to additionally connect tulips.
  • Turn off the TV.
  • Connect the prefix with the TV using available cables (tulips, HDMI or DVI).
  • Connect the prefix to the power supply.
  • Connect the antenna (satellite, decimeter or through the provider cable) to the prefix.
  • Insert batteries into the remote control and turn on the console.
  • Turn on the TV.

After that, you can proceed to setting the channels. All actions are similar to actions on the TV, only when using the prefix you need to use the remote control not from the TV, but from the prefix.

Important! All actions to connect cables are carried out exclusively with the equipment turned off.

To access digital broadcasting, you will also need to replace the antenna. Equipment for receiving analog signal. the meter antenna in this case is not suitable. All antennas are divided into three types:

Indoor antennas are compact and relatively inexpensive cost. They do not require complex installation, to view the gears, it is enough to install them in a convenient place in the house. The disadvantage of this species is the poor quality of the signal and make a choice in its favor only if the distance to the retranstlator is at least 30 meters. Otherwise, you cannot avoid constant hanging around the picture. To improve the quality of the signal, you can use the amplifier.

What to do if the TV does not find channels

Sometimes after setting up the TV “does not see” channels. Often the problem lies in the antenna. Either it is incorrectly selected and installed, or the old model is used.

You can try to buy an amplifier for the antenna, or replace it with a more powerful model. If the antenna is room, it is recommended to get a street option. The further the house is located from the television tower, the worse the quality of the signal received.

If the antenna is in order, you need to check the integrity of the cable. If the wire is whole, you need to check the contact at the junction with the antenna and the plug.

If the channels disappear on a new TV (for which the prefix is ​​not needed), you can drop the settings and start the search for channels again, this often helps to solve the problem.

Digital TV is a new era in the world of television, which makes it possible to watch your favorite TV shows in high quality. The nuances of setting and searching for channels depend on the model of your TV. Digital TV setting is performed once, in the future nothing needs to be changed until the TV change. The only drawback of the figure is if the signal is bad for technical reasons, you will not be able to watch a movie or transmission until disgrace is eliminated.

Possible problems and their solution

With self.setting, small problems may occur. Before calling the master, try to eliminate them yourself.

  • Lack of image. Look at whether the plugs are tightly fixed, whether the cables correspond to the right connectors. For verification, it is better to repeat the connection process again. Perhaps the cable is damaged, carefully examine it. If there is no mechanical damage, and cables in the corresponding connectors, reset all the settings and connect in the same sequence.
  • Low quality picture. Often occurs due to improper connection through the cable. If a second connection did not help, it is recommended to use HDMI.
  • There is no image with the current signal. If the problem has not been eliminated after checking the cable, then the channel is either not free, or is prohibited for the region.

Connecting digital television to the Samsung TV will not create additional difficulties if you initially familiarize yourself with the instructions and follow it step by step. You can get information about a specific series at the “Telegyt Samsung”. Access to it is open in system settings. Can also be read in paper instructions.

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