Digital TV prefix. what is how to choose and configure?

recently, television viewers did not need to worry about TV-consoles for viewing public TV channels. All that was required is to connect an antenna to TV, which was often used a piece of cable, and sit for some time near it for searching and setting up the clarity of the received channels.

All instantly changed with Russia’s transition to digital television standard (“digit”). Now, to view the same public television channels, either a modern TV, or a special compiler for digital TV. We will try to give comprehensive information about them by a simple human language.

What to do, and how much it costs?

If you have a relatively new and modern TV, which supports DVB-T2 format, then you will need to buy an ordinary antenna of the decimeter range before disconnecting analog television. if, of course, you have not yet acquired. Such antennas are sold in radio markets and networks of household appliances, there are several hundreds, stuck in the antenna jack of the TV.

If you have a modern TV, but the DVB-T2 format is not supported, you will have to buy not only an antenna, but also a special console-receiver. They are also sold in radio markets and household appliances networks, cost about 1000-1500. Look for in the catalogs and on the counters “DVB-T2 receivers”.

If you have a very old kinescopic TV, which simply do not have a connector under the receiver, you will have to buy a new model. There are already almost no limits here. choose what you like and on my Make only the TV support the DVB-T2 format you need.

Decoding terms and characteristics

Man far from digital technology, easy to get confused in terms and narrowly words. We choose a digital console for TV. Fine, if there is instructions in Russian, where you can familiarize yourself with them. And if not? Let’s figure it out.

To begin with, decrypt the abbreviation of digital formats on the device or box:

  • DTV. the device supports essential digital television;
  • DVB is the European digital broadcast format;
  • DVB-T2. works with free air television signals;
  • DVB-S2 / C. receives a signal of satellite and cable TV 2 generation;
  • Digital TV. covers all digital broadcasting formats.

The description often meet words that are essentially synonymous. They denote the transition device between the antenna and the TV:

  • Receiver. literally “receiver”, with the main function of receiving a digital signal and setting;
  • Tuner. signal conversion to the picture and sound, setting up to a specific channel, is internal and external;
  • decoder. receiving and decoding the digital signal code, turning it into video and audio analog or digital TV audio;
  • Prefix. external device with signal reception and configuration functions.

In the instructions of the device we find the term “slot”. Slot. landing space, slit connector or jack for connecting and / or installing additional external modules.

Multiplex is a package of television channels, radio channels in digital TV.

Home or street?

It directly depends on what distance from you is the transmitting center. It can be found on the website of the Russian television and broadcasting network (Watchpool.). If you live no further than 15 km from the tower, on the high floor, then feel free to take the room antenna. If the tower is located far, your home from all sides is surrounded by high buildings or forest, it is worth considering a more serious antenna.

As you already understood from all of the above, the counterfast is connected to the TV through the slots on TV. For this additionally, you will need special cables like “Tulip”, “Tulip. Comb” or HDMI.

TV translate into AV mode and go to the receiver settings. Click on automatic search, and after a few minutes we can enjoy twenty free TV channels in digital quality. For any questions, relating to the configuration of digital television, you can contact the direct line for RTP trimmer. 8-800-220-20-02.

Did you know

  • Luxembourg became the first country that abandoned analog television. It happened on September 1, 2006.
  • Russia began a gradual transition to digital television in 2015.
  • The theory of digital compression of the video signal was described by the Soviet physics of Lebedev and Zuckerman in their book “Television and theory of information” back in 1965. It is on this principle that digital television has been implemented today.

What antenna is needed?

Also necessary antenna that will receive digital signals in the 470-860 MHz band. It can be two versions: indoor to place her indoors or external. The use of room antenna is assumed if the tower of a television repeater is located within 15 kilometers, otherwise the optimal solution will be the use of external. It is also necessary to take into account the terrain landscape, natural obstacles that may noticeably worsen the quality of reception.

When using an antenna, it is desirable that it is passive equipment without an amplifier, since the use of the latter may cause extraneous unwanted noise or random interference.

For more information about the choice of antenna for the console, see

What do you need digital consoles Lumax

In connection with the popularization of the new TV format, the analog television is rapidly goes into oblivion. Most developed countries moved to “digit”. For the adoption of such channels you need a special console. Receiver “Lumax” connects to the TV, allowing you to take digital broadcasting. There are several modifications of the considered devices that are characterized by functionality.

  • A variety of received signals. DVB-C, DVB-T2;
  • Type Type. RT-850;
  • chipset. GX 3235S;
  • Case material. stainless metal;
  • Inteeis. USB, Wi-Fi, SPDIF, HDMI.

Createfining “Lumax” can take off the owners of outdated models of TVs and the most modern TV.

Digital Broadcasting Standard

Television format is determined by the source of broadcasting.

  • DVB-C. The format of ordinary television, which provides a specific provider.
  • DVB-S2, DVB-S. TV signal reception is carried out through a satellite on a plate. As a result, the resulting impulse is converted into a decoder, due to which the video relay is able to organize a telephoneial relay.
  • DVB-T. The signal receives a decimeter antenna by using a radio-pool channel.
  • DVB-T2. Improved reception option and DVB-T conversion. High quality image in HD and 3D-format, nice sound and video.

When choosing a receiver to obtain a high quality image, you should consider the channel through which the reception and standards.

digital, console, channels, package


You will have to choose the prefix for a long time and carefully not to miss the useful tuner property useful for you. Or not to pay unnecessary for its functions that you do not need.

It is very important that the prefix to digital television almost will not improve and will not worsen the reception of the digital television signal. All tuners are similar in their characteristics. First of all, the operational parameters of the console. Enough so that the tuner is optimized for working with television signal in DVB-T2 standard.All other functions of the receiver. at your request. The more expensive the prefix. the more functions.

On the forums, questions are often discussed on the topic, which of the tuners it takes better, and what worse. Let discuss! With a sufficient antenna signal, all tuners show normally. With a weak signal, there are cases when “one tuner also shows, and the other is no longer”. In such a situation, it is better to immediately do an antenna, and not a choice which of the tuners is a little more sensitive.

Some consoles are managed only from the remote. The presence of buttons on the device itself is a positive moment when the console is selected.

There is an inconvenience that while watching TV, the viewer is at once two consoles, from tuner and from the TV. The television console must be turned on and off the TV, and from the remote control of the tuner to switch the channels and change the volume.

TV viewers who are very like comfort buy universal consoles with the function of their “learning”. Such a remote control can be simultaneously driving and tv and tuner. Such a remote can be trained so that only the transition buttons across the channels, volume and shutdowns in order to accidentally not click “something not that”.

Digital TV frequencies DVB-T2 in Russia and Moscow

The functionality of digital airtal television in Russia occurs at frequencies operating in the 470. 862 MHz band, on channels from 21 to 69. The regional zone of CTV coverage involves the choice of stream by which the digital console or TV will be configured.

In the manual search option, you must enter the frequency of the required channel.

digital, console, channels, package

Channel number MHTS. Channel number MHTS. Channel number MHTS.
21 474 38 610 55 746
22 482 39 618 56 754
23 490 40 626 57 762
24 498 41 634 58 770
25 506 42 642 59 778
26 514 43 650 60 786
27 522 44 658 61 794
28 530 45 666 62 802
29 538 46 674 63 810
thirty 546 47 682 64 818
31 554 48 690 65 826
32 562 49 698 66 834
33 570 fifty 706 67 842
34 578 51 714 68 850
35 586 52 722 69 858
36 594 53 730
37 602 54 738
No Frequency, khz Modulation Speed No Frequency, khz Modulation Speed
one 386000 / SK30 256-QAM 6750 ten 546000 / 30Twke 256-QAM 6750
2 394000 / SC31 256-QAM 6750 eleven 562000 / 32TVC 256-QAM 6750
3 402000 / SC32 256-QAM 6750 12 570000 / 33.w 256-QAM 6750
4 410000 / SC33 256-QAM 6750 thirteen 578000 / 38Twank 256-QAM 6750
5 418000 / SC34 256-QAM 6750 fourteen 610000 / 38Twank 256-QAM 6750
6 426000 / SC35 256-QAM 6750 fifteen 618000 / 39wk 256-QAM 6750
7 434000 / SC36 256-QAM 6750 sixteen 634000 / 41TVK 256-QAM 6750
eight 442000 / SC37 256-QAM 6750 17 642000 / 42TVK 256-QAM 6750
nine 554000 / 31Twke 256-QAM 6750

Required information about frequency data and coverage area of individual regions are provided on the website. The service provides for automatic determination of the region from which the login was made to the page.