How to find out the model of your laptop?

Today we will consider several proven and simplest ways to find out the model of a laptop or netbook, starting from the tools of the operating system, ending with specialized software.

Almost every user, during the operation of the laptop, is faced with the need to know the name of the device. This is useful not only to check its technical characteristics, but also for the acquisition of various components and accessories. Also, it is not worth excluding cases of repair when when calling to the service center, the operator can clarify the brand and model of equipment to check the availability of the required parts in the warehouse and name the estimated cost of the upcoming work.

First of all, the information of interest can be found on a box from the product, in the attached user instruction, on a warranty coupon or in the purchase check check. If there is no packaging and documentation, adhere to the following points from our article and be sure to find that you are looking for.

We look at the information on the panel and in the battery part

To date, the lineup of laptops, netbooks and ultrabooks is incredibly huge. Manufacturers can sculpt stickers in different parts. For example, on most laptops Samsung, Lenovo, HP, ASUS, Dell are on the front side, not far from the touchpad.

Some modifications of MSI, Acer Aspire, Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu-Siemens, Sony VAIO received the designations from the side or on the bottom. In any case, carefully inspect the equipment from all sides and most likely you will see the necessary information.

Another option to see the serial number and find out a specific laptop model is the battery.

Pre.turn off the power! After 10-15 minutes, try to carefully turn your “iron friend”, remove the latches and the cover on the back panel and pull out the battery. Find a marking on your laptop battery, which can be located on the front or lateral part, in the contact area.

Instructions or sticker with laptop or battery surface

This is another way to find out full information about the model of your laptop that does not require to go anywhere and download anything. If the device is purchased recently and/or you have not thrown out the documentation (instruction) or packaging box, then they have information that interests you.

Also on the vast majority of laptop models, the manufacturer applies to the upper or lower part of the device the main technical data. They usually include No. model, manufacturer, serial number, display size and other less important information.

Although this method is fast and convenient, it has a great drawback. Often the laptop model is indicated in the cut.out version. This leads to the impossibility of determining the exact characteristics of your device.

For example, the HP 255 G6 1xN66EA laptop has a 1920 × 1080 screen resolution and the 8GB RAM, and HP 255 G6 1WY47EA has a resolution of 1366 × 768 and only 4 GIGI memory. As you can see, laptops in their characteristics are completely different, but they have one main series. HP 255 G6. They differ only in a digital index. It may not indicate stickers and labeling, but rather this is an exception to the rule.

If for some reason there is no marking or it was erased, then try to find the name of the model on the laptop battery. To do this, you need to disconnect the battery on its back, if it is original, a model, series and manufacturer are usually written.

If this did not help, then we find accurate data on the name of the laptop using CMD (command line) of the operating room.

We use the command line

Entering special teams in the CMD field, it is also very easy to see the laptop model. For this:

  • At the same time, press the Winr buttons and introduce CMD;
  • Next, the command line work window will open, into which we enter either Systeminfo or WMIC CSproduct Get Name and press Enter to confirm.

The first gives complete information about all the characteristics of the device.

You can also use the same teams by entering them in PowerShell, but for me it is less convenient.


This program will have to download. But together with the solution of the question, how to find out the model of the ASUS laptop, as a bonus using EVEREST you will get a whole list of characteristics of your PC.

This picture shows that thanks to EVEREST you can learn in detail literally about each component of your laptop. It’s very simple to get this list: just start the program and click on Summary in the Computer section.

How to find out the model of the ASUS laptop motherboard

The very name “motherboard” hints at the exceptional importance of this element of the computer, because it is to it that the remaining vital “organs” PC: hard drive, video card, processor, RAM are connected to it. If, again, you have no instructions or boxes, we use the above Windows or download special programs.

How to Update/Flash All Asus Laptop BIOS (Official)

First, you can call the command line again. However, the introduced commands will be as follows: WMIC Baseboard Get Manaufacturer and WMIC Baseboard Get Product. The first will give us information about the manufacturer, and the second. the value displaying its model.

Secondly, the same EVEREST program, as indicated above, displays data on all the “insides” of the device, including the motherboard. If this program does not suit you, you can download any other analogue for determining PC parameters, for example, CPU-Z or AIDA64.

How to find out the ASUS laptop model and get to the bottom of the motherboard if your computer is broken and not turned on? You need to make it out. Be careful: often, if the warranty is still valid, but traces of the intervention are visible, they refuse to carry out free repairs in the service centers, arguing that the breakdown was caused by the actions of the user.

If you still decide to get to the motherboard yourself, then you need to tinker for a long time and tedious. After all, first you have to remove the mass of other elements from it (it is advisable to do it very carefully so as not to break anything). What remains will look something like this:

Inspect the motherboard carefully: the model number is usually indicated in large letters, often next to the connector for installing the processor. If this method does not help, then bring your laptop to the service center: experts who have clearly more experience with such technology than simple users, will easily determine what your device is called and will conduct complete technical diagnostics.

How to find out the ASUS laptop model: all ways

Today, many users do not know what exactly is called the laptop model that they use. In principle, you can safely do without it. However, in some cases, you need to know the exact name of the device used.

This may be required with manual loading drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website. Here for each specific model there is its own set. Also, the exact name of the model does not hurt when contacting the technical support service. This article will talk about how to determine the name of the ASUS laptop model. Despite this, the methods described below are quite suitable for devices of other manufacturers. Whatever brand you use the device, a lot of information is associated with it. This is a model of the motherboard, and serial number, and a unique ID, etc.D. All this is quite difficult. This article will even help a beginner correctly determine the exact name of the laptop model.

How to determine the model of the asus laptop

There are two most common ways. The first is to find out a laptop model from a package of papers, which is attached to the device. This includes a warranty card, operating manual, a check from the store. In some cases, the user manual indicates only the name of the laptop series, and not the model of this device. How to find out which ASUS model you use? If you are not enough name of the lineup, you can always contact a special factory sticker. It is usually located on the box and on the bottom of the laptop. On it you can find the following information: serial number, laptop and motherboard model, barcode. After the word Model, the name of the device is given. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the third, fourth and fifth symbols in the name are not taken into account.

Is it possible to determine the name of the model from the OS?

If you lost the documentation for the device with the packaging, there is nothing wrong with that. All necessary information can easily be obtained directly from the operating system. We learn how to determine the name of the model using the command line. To do this, open the parameter input line. To do this, you can use the sequence of actions “Start”. “Perform”, or dial in the search “Perform”. Then type CMD. Thus you will open the command line. It is necessary to execute the WMIC CSproduct Get Name command. Then you need to click on the Enter button.

Then a message will be displayed in the next line with the name of the device you use. It is not necessary to use the command line for this purpose. There is another way to find out the device of the device. To do this, open “execute”. Insert in the DXDIAG command in the input line. The “Diagnostic tool” window will arise. It should immediately open on the “System” tab. The “Computer Model” section will indicate the model of your laptop to get comprehensive information about the laptop, including the name of the model, you must go along the path of “start”. “control panel”. “system and safety”. “system”.

You can also just click on the “My Computer” icon with the right mouse button and select the “Properties” item. In Windows 10, you can try to use the search. To do this, you just need to enter the word “system” in the search line. You can also find out the name of the laptop model using special programs. One of these specialized utilities is EVEREST. To do this, open the folder with the program and start the file with the exe extension. The program window opens. Here it is necessary to go along the next path “Menu”. “Computer”. DMI. “System”. In the lower part of the window in the properties of the system, the manufacturer, the name of the model, a unique ID number, serial number will be indicated.

To find out the model of the laptop you use, you can use BIOS. This method is especially useful when the packaging documentation was lost, and the label with information about the model was damaged. At the same time, it is not possible to enter the system because of some kind of failure. In this case, you need to contact Support. But how to determine the name of the device? To do this, you need to get into BIOS. Depending on the device you use, the methods may vary slightly, but there is nothing to worry about. There are not many options here. You can try when loading the manufacturer’s logo click on the ESC key.

As a result, a black screen should appear. Here you need to find a string with the inscription Enter to setup Instead of three points, a combination of buttons will be indicated, which required to click on the entrance to the BIOS. The same inscription can be located in the upper part of the screen or at the very bottom. If nothing happened when pressing the ESC key, then at the next load, you can try other options: del, ctrlf2, f2. After you move to BIOS, the name of the device can be found in the Main tab. Also, in some cases, this information can be obtained when clicking on the F12 button.

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Through utilities

Many laptop manufacturers equip their gadgets with additional software, which allows you to find out the exact characteristics of the computer and the full name with the code of the entire series and a specific model. The same programs can be downloaded on your own. Among the most popular, they highlight:

  • AIDA64 (in the past EVEREST) ​​- a famous utility familiar not only by users of computers working on the basis of Windows, but also to Android fans. Displays the most complete information about the device, including the characteristics and number of points in all kinds of performance tests.
  • Speccy is a more preferred option for those who only want to know the computer brand, since this utility spreads free of charge and has a simplified integration.

Some laptop manufacturers offer their own utilities. For example, HP reserved in the system a combination of FN ESC keys, allowing you to instantly go to the HP Support Assistant program, where you can find all the necessary information. ASUS is a slightly different way and offers to download a software complex for working with the motherboard and BIOS. ASUS AI Suite allows you to update/reinstall BIOS and displays information about the installed equipment, including the configuration of the device, serial number and accurate name.

How to find out the model of the ASUS laptop

It is often not so easy to find out the model of a particular laptop, since documents, packaging, commodity checks are lost. However, there are other ways to establish the exact name of the model of your device.

Find the packaging from the ASUS laptop and pay attention to the marking of the product. Typically, the sticker with it is on the side of the box, it should be written appropriate information on it. It can also be found in the documents for warranty service or commodity-cashier check.

how to find product key and activate windows on laptop/notebook, windows 10 activation, acer, asus

Turn the laptop and check if there is a sticker with information about it on its rear cover, it is usually located above the licensed sticker of the operating system, if any. It will not be superfluous to check the battery compartment. Very often on such stickers, the motherboard model is also written.

If there are no stickers left on the case of your laptop for any reason, try to view the information about the configuration of computer equipment. To do this, open the properties of the system by clicking on the on the free area of ​​the menu “My computer”, you will have a small window with several tabs on the screen. Go to the one called “Equipment”.

Open the device manager by pressing the corresponding button. View the equipment available in it, rewrite the name of the motherboard, video adapter, models of some other devices in the configuration when buying. Open the first tab and rewrite the processor frequency and the amount of RAM.

Open the browser, enter the name of the manufacturer of your laptop, the name of the models of some devices and the parameters of the processor and RAM and RAM parameters in the search line. In the search results, try to choose those that will help determine your model.

Try to see the laptop model on the official website of the ASUS, which were on sale at the time of your purchase, choose your own, after comparing the technical characteristics in the properties of the computer.

We learn the laptop model using software

In addition to Windows, which may not always work, you can find out the laptop model with special utilities diagnostics and monitoring the state of the computer. In addition, they allow you to get information about components, for example, find out the model of a video card, matrix, laptop battery, etc.D.

The popular utilities of this type include:

Each of the programs can be easily downloaded on the developer website.

Hwmonitor Error

A simple type of software is the utility Hwmonitor Error. Launch the program on your PC. In the utility window you need to find the line of Desktop, which contains the manufacturer and model number of the device.

AIDA64 Error

The AIDA64 Error utility refers to paid software, but is provided with a trial for 30 days, which is enough to find out the laptop model.

After starting the program in the left panel of the working area, you must click on the “Computer” tab and select the DMI item in the drop.down list. Next, go to the right panel of the window of the program, where we are looking for the line “System”. All the basic data of the devices are displayed here, including the laptop model.

Sisoftware Sandra Error

Another simple and convenient way to find out the laptop model programmatically. After starting the Sisoftware Sandra Error utility, you need to open “devices” in her work window and select “Maternal Code”. Information about the PC model can be indicated in the lines “Version” or “Model”. You need to choose the line where the brand and code consisting of letters and numbers is indicated. This will be the name of the model.


The Everest Error utility allows you to easily find out the Lenovo laptop model or any other brand. After starting the program, we alternately pass along the tabs and lines:

In the last window you can find the name of the brand and the model number that is placed in the line “Product”.

BELARC Advisor

This utility does not need to take any additional actions at all to find out the brand and model of the laptop. After starting, the program automatically scans the system and gives a window with the result. Here you need to find the System Model item, which contains information about the manufacturer and PC model.

How to find out a laptop series

A laptop series is a combination of letters and numbers or only letters, which is indicated on the sticker located at the bottom of the laptop. A laptop series is capable of providing you with a big service. Without it, the device may not be taken into repair, so it is so important to know how to find it.

First, figure out what a laptop series is and why it is needed. Series is a type of modification of the model within one production line. The fact is that almost every laptop brand has the so-called “lineup” or “line” of laptops, which includes the adoptedness of this product, united by common features and aimed at users with certain needs. For example, Acer, Aspire One, Aspire Timeline, Extensa, Travelmate, Ferrari, has Acer. In each such line, there are several models of laptops, and in each model there are several episodes. Laptops of one series differ from each other usually only with configuration, while the laptops of different series have differences in size, appearance and, of course, in internal filling, for example, by processors.

Turn the laptop upside down. There you will see a sticker. Look for a combination of numbers and letters on it or only of letters on it. This will be the serial number you need. It is usually written in large print and stands out among the rest. This can be, for example, at the Samsung brand. Series 7 Gamer or just 9, the manufacturer Sony. VAIO S, in the ASUS trademark. n, the giant in the world of high HP technologies. Pavilion and so on.

Try to find information about the serial number of the laptop in the documentation for it. If you have in your hands a manual for your laptop, then you can easily find its series there. It is usually written immediately after the name of the brand.

Take one pleasant fact also. Knowing the series of your laptop, you, by going to the website of the manufacturer, can easily determine the model of your laptop, download all kinds of drivers and utilities for different software.

Learn the laptop model: ten accessible ways

To prevent the appearance of compatibility problems when replacing components or connecting new equipment, you need to know the laptop model. A few proven methods will be considered below, thanks to which the question of how to find out the laptop model will cease to be difficult for you.

There is little hope for packaging from a laptop or some kind of hope of hope-usually all this is thrown out immediately after buying a laptop. But if you have a manual left left, you can see in it information about the laptop.

A more real way is to find stickers on the front or bottom of the laptop. They indicate complete information about the device, including the manufacturer, a series and model. For example, Acer Aspire 5745g.

If the stickers from the case are torn off, then try to see the model on the laptop battery. Turn it over and find two latches (maybe one). Transfer them to an open position and remove the lid to pull out the battery. A manufacturer will be written on the battery (for example, HP or DNS), as well as a series and model.

Using software

If the information of interest to you is not indicated on the case or on the battery, then you can resort to programmatic ways to determine the exact laptop model. Let’s try to do this through the command line:

A model of your laptop will appear in the Windows interpreter window. you just have to rewrite it or remember it. If you are not friends with the command line or just want to double.check the information, look at the model of your laptop in the “System Information” window.

The manufacturer shows a specific brand. Sony VAIO, Dell, Lenovo. The model is indicated by numbers and Latin letters. You need to be careful here: as part of a series of laptop models, one sign can differ in one sign.

Since we went on system utilities, we will not pass by the DirectX diagnostic tool. Despite the implicit attitude to the issue of determining the laptop model, you can also find all the necessary information here:

These are proven options acting on laptopes of all manufacturers, whether it is common Samsung or more rare MSI. There are other ways: for example, sometimes information about the laptop is fixed in the “System Properties” section. To open it:

Note: This method does not act on all laptops. For example, ASUS with the installed Windows 10 in the properties of the system does not contain such information.

Another option is to see the information about the laptop in BIOS. Reload the laptop and press Del (there may be another key) until the window of the base/output base window appears. There should be an Info tab, inside which the basic information about the device is indicated.

Computer monitoring utilities

Information about the laptop is provided by various programs for measuring temperature and other indicators of the device. For example, you can use the Hwmonitor utility.

The laptop manufacturer (HP, Lenovo) and its model will be registered in the line. You can double.check data using the AIDA64 program. Although it is a paid utility, it has a trial period (for 30 days), which is enough to determine the laptop model.

There are a lot of programs providing detailed information about the computer; You can see a laptop model in any system monitoring. By the way, after receiving the necessary information, you should not delete these programs. use them to constantly keep abreast of the processor and video card temperatures.