Installation of Windows 10 with working sound to old MacBook and IMAC

Faced with the problem of non.working sound when installing Windows on its 11th MacBook, I found that there is very little material on this topic in the Russian.speaking segment of the Internet, we can say that it is not at all. This article was written to help all those faced with the same problem, and pursues the goal of describing the entire process of solving the problem from and to. This describes the way to solve the problem on the example of MacBook, but it is also suitable for stationary imac.

Ways to create a hybrid disk and Dual-boot MacOS and Windows on one SSD will not be described here. It is assumed that in the system there is either one physical disk on which Windows will be installed, or two physical disks with different sections tables. GPT for MacOS and MBR for Windows.

A patient. MacBook Pro 13 Early 2011 with two SSD on board. For the purity of experience, the second disc with MacOS has so far removed completely. Then it can be returned without problems and launch both OS through the butt menu.

SSD patient is experiencing experience

Why and why such an installation is needed?

The sound refuses to work. Neither the entrance nor the exit, the driver downloaded specifically for my laptop module does not change the situation. A red cross hangs on the sound icon in Windows, the standard means of eliminating errors also do not solve the problem.

In addition, I did not work for me a full.time discode for the “native” installation of Windows via Boot Camp, instead there was a second hard drive. The standard installation of “How Apple was conceived” with the use of the Disco and Licensed Disk Windows would help. no idea. Most likely not, since after throwing a USB disc with the image recorded on a blank, the installer did not even start.

delete, install, windows

What was the case?

The whole essence of trouble with sound is that the system. EFI launched in EFI mode refuses to interact with sound devices tightly. At the same time, only EFI booters sees the standard bootman.

But for our happiness. On poppies can be launched in the LEGACY system compatibility mode. What we need, because everything works bypassing EFI.

What should be done?

Next, I will describe the steps that led me to the successful installation and launch of Windows 10 on my old poppy. In short, we take the dump of a hard drive from a virtual machine, where Windows is half installed in Legacy mode and restore this dump on physical hard poppy, where we continue to install.

Having only MAC in hand to do what we need a little more complicated, but I will leave the method below the article in the explanation. I have the possibility of using the second machine, so I use my stationary PC with SATA portioned outward.

poppy disconed to PC

First you need to download my archive in which I collected all the necessary programs and images. It is better to immediately unpack the archive on the USB flash drive, we still need software from it in the installed Windows. Link to the archive at the end of the article. The contents on the screenshot below.

The contents of the archive

Remove the hard drive from poppy and connect it to PC. Using PartitionWizard, we delete all sections on this disk and initialize the disk in MBR. This is important so that the system is launched precisely in Legacy mode.

Deleted sections. Initialized in MBR

VHD2DISK Proceeding the image of the virtual disk from the archive in VHD format to the disk of our poppy. Physical discs in this program have a display of the species // Phisicaldrivex, where x is a digit. Find out which digit which disk corresponds to the task dispatcher.

Detered the disc number. Threw dumps on him

Upon completion of the transfer of the image, we are again convinced that the disk is initialized in the MBR in the PartitionWizard program. If everything is correct, at this stage there should be two sections on our disk and a bunch of empty places.

We expand the last section to the end of the disk. Click “Apply” as in the third step (I forgot to place the picture on the screen).

Turn off the PC, disconnect the disk from it. Disconnect power from poppy (or disconnect the battery in case of macbook) and install the disk back to the Mac. We wait 30 seconds after which we connect the power back.

Turn off the power. We connect the disk. 30 sec. We connect the power

Run the Mac, holding the pressed Option button (she is Alt). A disc with Windows appeared in the boot menu! Select it and complete the installation of the system. Mac can at this stage be rebooted a couple of times, to continue the installation, you will need to hold ALT again and choose a disc with Windows, if this does not do the Mac, tries to find the EFI system and if it does not find such issues of such an error.

Legacy system is available for launching

So far we are not connecting to the Internet. Automatic Windows update can break us the entire installation. After the installation is completed, a terrible red cross on the sound icon will no longer be visible, but until the sound will work. No drivers. Also at this stage you need to connect the wired mouse, since the right mouse button through the touchpad will not work without drivers.

delete, install, windows

The sound device has been determined!

Connect the Mac to the Internet with wire. Install 7zip from the archive. Without it, the next software will fly out. We launch Brigadier from the archive on behalf of the administrator, and wait until he downloads the version of the drivers we need.

Drivers downloaded to the same folder from which we launched Brigadier. Press the right mouse button on Setup.EXE. Correction of compatibility problems. The staff utility of Windows itself will determine that the installer should operate in combinability mode with Win7 and applies these parameters. We keep compatibility parameters. Launch Setup.exe on behalf of the administrator.

After installing the drivers on the proposal, the reload will answer “yes” and hold the Option when you turn on again by selecting our disc with Windows in the boot menu.

Everything is working. Sound, Wi-Fi, touchpad and keyboard in order. If desired, you can install a TrackPad from the archive, this software adds the tachpad gestures familiar to MacOS users like tugs with three fingers, and which makes a pleasant and usable opportunity scrolling with a touchpad.

I threw a second disc with the installed MacOS. Both systems are visible in the boot menu, everything is loaded and functions properly.

Both disks in the body of the boot menu with both OS

delete, install, windows

Preparation for installation

Before the installation of the Windows Operations on PC, you need:

Important! It is allowed to install a Windows operating room on the following PC: MacBook (2015) or any late, MacBook Air, Pro, Mini (2012) or any late, IMAC Pro (all without exception of the model), IMAC (2012) or any late.

Download ISO-image Windows 10

For free, downloading Window OS is allowed from the official website “Microsoft”. In new models, the Mac ISO-image can be immediately installed on PC. In old versions, you will have to create a loading medium.

To create a USB-loader, it is recommended to use this according to:

After loading the ISO-image on the Mac, it is advisable to create a USB installer using the assistant boot campaign:

  • Choose the task: “Create an installation disk”;
  • In the new window, select a previously downloaded ISO file (in the “loading” folder), indicate the destination disc (USB drive);
  • Butt Kamp Assistant format the disk and loads Windows 10 on it;

The required free disk space

Under the load of the Windows of the Windows, you need to take a separate free hard drive. Microsoft will require a minimum of 64 GB of free space to install “dozens”. For optimal work, you need all 128 GB, in this case, automatic Windows updates will be performed. If the PC RAM capacity is 129 GB, then the installer will need all 129 GB. If the volume of RAM, for example, is 256 GB, then on the boot disk you need to leave the same amount of free space for Windows 10. In any case, the system before loading the OS for the drive will format it (cleaning).

Installation Windows 10 on Mac

You can install a Windows operating room on Apple computers yourself. There are several ways to load the OS. The easiest way to install through the assistant boot campus, that is, through the official MacOS application.

Via Boot Camp

How to install an operating room on the old versions of Macbook from the installation flash drive:

  • complete the process;
  • When the Welcome to the Boot Camp Installer notice appears at the end, it is recommended to install a boot campaign, auxiliary software and drivers;
  • At the end of the process, carry out the restart of the poppy.

How to activate an ISO-image on new models:

  • At the end of the PC process, it will reboot;
  • perform the settings of the OS and drivers Boot Camp;
  • wait for the process to complete and restart PC.

Using a virtual machine

How to launch a Window operating room on a poppy or aimak using a virtual machine (for example, VirtualBox):

Parallels Desktop

There are situations when it may be necessary to install Windows 7 or 10 on MAC without using bootcamp. For example, when you need to use both MacOS and Windows at the same time, but having 2 devices is too costly and inconvenient. Virtualization funds will come to the rescue, one of which is Parallels Desktop for Mac.

Parallels Desktop. software solution for creating a virtual machine and subsequent installation of Windows, Linux and other OS. Allows you to use another operating system, without rebooting the device and enjoy the functionality of different OS at the same time.

The latest version of Parallels Desktop 14 is currently available at a price of 4,990.

The application has truly outstanding functionality:

  • General desktop for Windows and MacOS.
  • Using Win applications in the MacOS integration without the need to launch a virtual machine.
  • Backup, general clipboard, DRAG-N-DROP, huge tools for working with the “window” OS and much more.

Together with Parallels Desktop, you will learn how to quickly put Windows 10 on a MAC with a second system, only by pressing one button. What do I need to do:

The developers made sure that the process took place as simple and quickly for Mac users. We will also analyze how you can perform a clean installation of Windows 7 or 10 on Mac OS High Sierra or later using Parallels, for example 11 version:

  • You can choose an express installation of a system that will require you only the system key and a minimum of actions. Or to remove the checkplace from the installation express, independently configure the process.
  • You can choose not only the number of active nuclei, RAM or memory of the drive, but also video memory, using the system, download priority and much more.
  • After that, Windows 7 will be successfully installed. You only need to give a name to the profile and PC, create a password (if required), enter the activation key, configure the time and Internet connection parameters.
  • The system is ready to use

The application is really very functional and at once we solve many problems. But if you do not have 5 thousand for the purchase of a license, we will show another way to install Windows 7.10 on Mac OS virtualization VMware.

Oracle VirtualBox

VM VirtualBox. Oracle virtualization tool. Free application that will allow you to launch Windows 7 or 10 without a separate installation on Mac or Bootcamp. The functionality is not as rich as Parallels Desktop, but this solution will allow you to use 2 systems at the same time. What is needed for this:

  • Download and install VM Virtualbox for OS X Hosts on the official website.
  • Download the image of the desired system, for example, “Ten”
  • Create a new virtual machine. Enter the name, type and version of the OS

As you can see from this article, instead of Mac OS it is quite easy to put Windows 7, 8 or 10, you just need to choose the option convenient for you. Using the entire power of the device, but to put up with only one active OS or the full use of all the advantages of Windows and MacOS, but with minor loss losses.

Parallels Desktop

Parallels Desktop is the best solution in the field of virtualization on MacOS. With its help, you can install any version of Windows or Linux and use the necessary software that works only in these OS.

  • Here we can set up the allocation of disk space, memory, the use of network resources and peripheral devices. The specified parameters should not be lower than the minimum requirements for Microsoft to PC. For example, for RAM this value is 2 GB. After the preliminary setup is completed, the Windows OS installer will start.
  • Having completed the necessary actions when installing, you get a second operating system in your MAC in the form of a virtual machine. The button marked in the left corner of the button is responsible for the operating mode. Green unfolds Windows into a full.screen mode and outwardly it will look like an ordinary desktop, occupying a separate working space. The blue activates the full compatibility mode. In it, Windows applications can be opened directly on the Mac desktop.
  • If the need to use VM has disappeared, it can be easily removed from the Parallels control center by selecting the appropriate item in the context menu.

Using the function of memory images, you can test any software on VM without worrying about the integrity of the system. You can return it to the original state in several movements.

As you could verify, installing Windows on MacBook as a second system is an easily solved task. The choice of use of use depends only on the needs of software in hardware resources [.

The video below will allow you to better understand the intricacies of installing and using OC Windows on Mac computers.

For example, I do not use MacPro OSX in general. Windows can be put without all these crutches, such as Bootcamp, and even more so virtual machines. And MacPro bought it because I liked the iron. Although there is the only problem. Maybe you know what’s the matter. When I installed Windows 10 clean. everything works fine. Then it takes about 3-4 months and such a glitch begins: during the download of Windows 10-its logo, under which balls spinning. This logo happens and “spins” for 20 minutes, while the computer decides to boot. over, the system itself works fine, furiously! It happens that it loads normally, fast. Somewhere 50 to 50. That is, he wants. it will boot quickly (20 seconds), but he wants. he will dull 20 minutes. SSD disc 12 nuclear percent, 56GB RAM, etc. And further. Also a problem on MacBook. But there Win10 is installed through bootcamp. And the same thing. then it loads normally. you have to wait a very long time. It makes nerves. And here is another question. I noticed that without bootcamp the installed Win10 does not always want to boot. Therefore, on my MacPro (where Win10 stands without bootcamp) when starting, I always press ALT and see 2 Windows download options. Now, if I knock out the second option (UEFI), then Win10 will boot it anyway (even though it happens for a long time). And, if there is a default option, then it can stupidly hang, falling into a stupor on the logo. Here’s how to rebuild the bootloader correctly, so that the second is loaded by default, UEFI is the cariant and as if rid of cases when Win10 is loaded for 20 minutes.

In this case, it is not “Makovo Iron” to blame. If initially it was loading everything fine, then something happened to Windows itself over time. I probably tell you this.

Windows installation methods on MacOS

Many Apple operating system users do not mind trying and solution from Microsoft. For this, you will not need to buy a computer or tablet. several ways to install Windows on the Mac device are available.

In total, three ways to install OS from Microsoft on Apple computer. using a virtual machine, installation on a separate section by means of Boot Camp and a merger mode, in which the OS installed through the Boot Camp can be launched without rebooting the machine. Consider all of them in order.

Using a virtual machine

If Windows needs to be used for simple tasks like office work or only from time to time, the best option would be to install this OS on a virtual machine, there are three for macos: Parallels, VirtualBox and VMVare. The example further shows the installation of OS from Mycrosoft in VirtualBox.

Now install the type of Virtual HDD used. The default option is installed as VDI, it can be left.

Leave the data storage format as a “dynamic virtual hard drive”.

In the pop.up menu, use the item “Choose the image of the optical disk”.

Installation by means of Bootcamp

Sometimes MacOS users require Windows to launch specific software. As practice shows, rare and highly specialized applications on the “virtual” often refuse to work normally. In such cases, the installation of a full.fledged Windows on a separate section of the hard drive using the Boot Camp tool is appropriate. All the features of the procedure were described by one of our authors in a separate material, so we recommend using the link further.

Hybrid installation

There is also a method that allows you to combine virtualization and full.fledged installation through boot Camp.

  • First of all, Install the OS from Microsoft on your Mac via boot camp, the instructions above will help to do this.
  • To turn on the hybrid system, you can use both VMware and Parallels. The last option is much more convenient, so we will use it.

Attention! Oracle VirtualBox officially does not support the hybrid system!

So, we examined the methods of installing Windows 10 on the Mac computer and can draw the following conclusions: three methods of solving the problem are available, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages, therefore, you should choose based on the goals that the user pursues.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

In addition to this article, the site has another 13177 useful instructions. Add the site into bookmarks (ctrld) and we will definitely come in handy for you.

Describe what you didn’t succeed. Our experts will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Removing Windows with MacBook [decided]

Recently installed Windows on Mac, did everything that was needed and now I’m trying to get rid of it with great zeal. In all I found, this is done in the simplest way. through the assistant Boot Camp.

Good. We turn to the disk utility for help.

To everything, it was added that the Mac in constant heating is more than 80 degrees, and the Macs Fan Control does not solve the problem.

I do not know if the OtherusersTension process was even before, but I know for sure that a week ago the temperature of 55-60 was the norm for the browser.

The fact that the storage tab does not shows no information does not give peace.

Windows 10 from the Mikov website was installed through Boot Camp.

I would really like to save all the data on the poppy, there is simply nowhere to make a backup copy. I hope for your help!

thanks for the help! The recovery mode was reanimated by the disk utility and through it everything managed to do.

All the same, just in case, it is worth maintaining the most important data. Say, having bought a little space in one of the cloud storages and downloading precious files there. Everything is cheaper, remote hard and isolation will not have to be violated.

At the same time, by securing the data, you will untie your hands on probably more effective methods of instillation of previously dug.

The main thing is that the Mac does not overheat from copying.

Unfortunately, I was not fond of such a perversion, so I can’t give more useful recommendations, although I would be glad to help. Excuse me, this is my authority all. I believe that there is an expert on perversions and help.

P.S. Many years ago (~ 14), in the college where I studied, the arm and I laughed a lot with the fact that the college purchased poppies and put Windows on them. Even then, we, green fools, saw it, to put it mildly, shitty venture,)

Mine was also bought for study, but the university decided that it was necessary to use programs that work exclusively on Windows

So you can put at least VirtualBox, roll Windows there and rejoice that you have a vinda on a poppy in a poppy. Read in the total volume about virtualization of the OS

And why fence a virtual machine, if you can put exactly the same time through the Windows through Butykump and enjoy life not through a layer of shit, knitting needles and VM, but on normal Windows?

The problem is directly for the vehicle that it is completely wild and cannot kill Windu through a simple utility through a simple utility.

But the poppies are sinless, they will not fail, do not buggle, they are perfection itself!,))) (No)

If you put it via Boot Camp, you can just switch to Makos. What is the problem? And you start Butkmon for installing Windows. What are you trying to do??

I’m on Makos right now. Switching does not cause any difficulties. I want to remove Windows with SSD, it is already small

On the screen with an error, he is pressed by the jackpot “Create a disk of installation”. It was confused. And I did not understand what data he is afraid to lose, if he hasn’t gone to Makos.

I also installed then demolished.I had to reinstall Makos. TC remained boot when loading poppies.Now only a virtual machine and I advise you. With Windows is not bad Parallels dares.

Download in recovery mode (CMD-R when loading) and try to remove the section with Windows through the disk utility there

Try through the terminal, or by loading through the alt from the disk of the installation, any Mac OS and there through the terminal, or through the Mac OS itself, should also work. The Diskutil List team, as far as I remember, it should see how the disk is broken there, it can conditionally be 1 axis itself, the second restoration can happen and the 3rd section will be a Windows with the name Bootcamp, and try to purely form a section through the console, and if if After that, the disk utility then puts off the unoccupied space together, a year ago I did this somewhere several times, I did it all. It’s just that at one time I had to turn Windows on the MAC fully, and they were only placed on the 4.broken section, therefore the fun began with the console. This is a little barbaric removal, but the Bootcamp utility comes to life after this.

It is time to reinstall the shindo. Macos. A backup can be made either in a cloud (simply in the form of the necessary data), or on a USB flash drive for 200, what is the problem?

The problem is in the hemor that I arranged for myself

But, after all, this is a fair fee. You arranged it for yourself. you and deal with him. Accept this as a life lesson and go through it with humility,)

Delete Mac OS Install Windows

In one of my previous articles, I described in detail how to install Windows on Mac using an assistant Boot Camp. Or a virtual machine. As soon as you get up well at Mac OS and Windows, you no longer need it, you can easily remove it. In this article I will show how to delete Windows with Mac.

Before deleting Windows, copy all the files important for you. After removing Windows, it will be practically impossible to restore them.

To delete Windows, you need to boot at the Mac OS, for this, while turning on the Mac Book Pro/ Air/ IMAC, click the Alt key, after which you will have the opportunity to choose the operating system, select the Mac OS.

How To Remove Windows from Mac (Boot Camp)

Attention. Do not rush to delete Windows in this way, then a more correct way will be described.

After that, open “Finder”, select “Programs”- “Utilities”.

Before deleting Windwos with Mac I propose to see how much your place is on the hard drive and how many of them is Windows. To do this, select “Disco utility”.

Choose a disk and go to the “Disc section” menu. Here you will see the full size of your disk, as well as how many Windows occupies from this place, in this case, Windows occupies half the disk. 250 GB (total disc 500 GB).

How To Erase & Factory Reset A Mac & Reinstall macOS. Step By Step Guide

You can delete the section on which Windows can already be installed in this menu, for this it is enough to select a section with Windows and press the minus button below. But such removal will not be “clean” and leave traces of the installed Windows. For “pure” removal of Windows, return to the “utility” window and select “Boot Camp Assistant”.

Read general information and click “Continue”.

Next, you need to make sure that the item “Removing Windows 7 or News” is selected and click “Continue”.

In the next window, information will show about how your disk will look after deleting Windows with Mac OS, click the “Restore” button.

Next, enter the password to make changes.

After a few minutes, Windows will be removed from your MAC device, which will notify the corresponding window about you, click “Complete”.

Now, if you enter the “disk utility” in the disk menu “Disc” you will see that all the place on the disk is occupied by Mac OS.

Delete Mac OS Install Windows

As I wrote earlier to install Windows on IMAC/ MacBook Pro/ Air, Mac Mini is not much difficult. But after installing Windows, this operating system will be loaded at each turning on by default. And if you want to download the Mac OS, you need to hold the IMAC/ MacBook Pro/ Air, Mac Mini, hold the Alt key, in order to further select the Mac OS download. Agree this is not very convenient, especially if you mainly work on Mac OS and only occasionally you need to load under Windows. In order to correct the situation and choose a Mac OS as a default load, you need to take a number of simple steps.

So, our goal is on IMAC/ MacBook Pro/ Air, which is installed by the second Windows operating system to upload Mac OS by default. To do this, you need to download your MAC device under the Mac OS. To do this, reboot your IMAC/ MacBook Pro/ Air, Mac Mini and at the very beginning of the load, press and hold the Alt key. As a result, the OS load loading window should appear. Choose Mac OS.

Next on the Dock panel, go to “System Settings”.

In the window of the loading volume, select which operating system will be loaded by default. In this example, this is Mac (Mavericks OS X 10.9.5). Just click on it, below in the menu you will see the line “You chose. “. This is a confirmation of your choice.

Now you can close the “loading volume” window.

At the next IMAC/ MacBook Pro/ Air, mac mini loading, the operating system that you indicated in this example Mac OS boot.

I really hope my article helped you! Request with friends:

Installation on this disc is not possible. The selected disk has the GPT sections style and writes some kind of crap about BIOS. Computer MacBuk about 2012. The second set the screw from the same Mac. The first to put SSD. The second through optibey is worth

When you turn on the macbook, Windows is loaded which keys should be pinned when loading so that there is a choice of Windows or Macos

The trouble is such, Windows and Macos are standing, Windows stopped loading, and when pressed when turned on, the lock appears and the password requires, but no one put the password, help the plz.

Hello!Windows were installed on IMACE.The computer stood idle for a year. I turned on, there is no Windows in principle, only the axis and recovery go through Alt. Through the settings/loading volume I enter. Only the axis.

Here is the task. When turning on, nothing happens. reacts to the clamped when turning on ALT, only the cursor appears

Hello stood the second axis of the Windows now when loading only a black screen and the cursor can be fixed somehow without formatting the disk there ?

Hello!Paul Etel Hard disc changed installed Windows from a disk from a flash drive in any way, how to make a macbook about me from the flash drive in the future

Help people, there is a G5 system under the axis of Mac OS X.neither a name nor a password. How to run it.? Commands s will not start.

Help. They gave me a laptop, and there is Windows. Rebooting the laptop, ALT, only Windows comes out. 1 point only. How can I make Mac OS ((((

Help. They gave me a laptop, and there is Windows. Rebooting the laptop, ALT, only Windows comes out. 1 point only. How can I make Mac OS ((((

Hello! help me please! Installed Windows 7 on a macbook, everything was loaded. At the next reloading I got a blue screen and the system did not extract the C, I reinstalled VinoDVS from the same flash drive, it was loaded, the bootkump drivers were no longer climbed out and I installed them manually, after rebooting the blue screen again, but the system had already grown up and I went in. drivers butts and all the same. Now I want to delete Windows section and do everything from scratch, but here is my main question. When I clicks, the hemp “Alt” comes out the choice of OS, but there is no Mac OS, there is only Windows and flash drive. help me please!

Faced a similar problem. Only otherwise. Mac axis is worth. He manually created the second section for Windows in Paragon and deployed through acronis. And I just can’t understand what happened. But now I can only load Windows. But what happened to the sections with poppy. which I did not touch. I will sue microsoft !! I understand well. What I did. But why doesn’t work no explanation !


For the comfortable use of the “seven” on the macbook you will also need to perform a number of additional actions.

Click with the right.button mouse button will cause a context menu through which you can reboot into MacOS, as well as open the equipment control panel.

Virtual machines

If your MacBook is not officially compatible with Windows 7, but this system is still required, the best option would be to use a virtual machine. both exclusive Parallels Desktop programs for the VMware or Oracle VirtualBox program. We have already considered the principles of installation of the system from Microsoft in this software, so get acquainted with the materials on the link further.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

In addition to this article, the site has another 13177 useful instructions. Add the site into bookmarks (ctrld) and we will definitely come in handy for you.

Describe what you didn’t succeed. Our experts will try to answer as quickly as possible.