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How to delete Android system applications without Root rights

How to delete Android system applications without Root rights. You have long been interested in the question of how to delete Android system applications without Root? It turns out that this is not only possible, but also to do it very simple! In this article, we will tell you how to delete useless Android system applications using a computer!

Earlier, in order to remove the Android applications, it was necessary to get a ROOT rights, the procedure is quite unsafe, and it is almost impossible to get it on new devices! But it turns out that using the ADB utility, you can easily delete Android system applications without root! This article is especially useful for the owners of Xiaomi who are tired of the MIUI applications!

Removing applications with Android via Play Market.

Google Play app store serves not only for installation, but also program removal. This requires a number of non.complicated actions:

  • Open the Play Market application on a smartphone or tablet.
  • In the upper left corner, press the button in the form of three strips.
  • In the window that appears, select “My applications and games”.
  • Open the application and click on the delete button.

The main disadvantages:

  • Play Market is required to have a mobile or wireless Internet.
  • Do not remove several applications at a time.
  • The programs established from unknown sources are not displayed.

Removing pre.installed applications

It is much more difficult to eliminate system applications. The fact is that some smartphone manufacturers are pre-promising some games and programs in order to receive money from their developers. Most often, such programs cannot be deleted, otherwise it would not be possible to make money from the creators of smartphones. But in fact, there are bypass maneuvers that still allow you to remove system applications.

However, be careful! You always need to understand which standard applications can be deleted and which is better not to touch. The fact is that the elimination of some of them will entail unstable operation of the entire operating system. If it is quite possible to get rid of any browser or navigation application, then the “calendar” or “camera” is better not to disturb.

You can delete built-in applications only by bypass ways using Root-right.

If you have the rights of a super sex user, then download ES conductor or some other serious file manager, and then perform the following actions:

Launch ES conductor or its analogue.

Use the point of the ROOT conductor, at the same time providing the ROOT access utility.

Go in the internal memory along the path /system /App.

Select the APK file of an application unnecessary for you. If there is an ODEX file with the same name nearby, then highlight it.

In the context menu, select “Delete” item.

On Android 5.0 and later versions of the operating system all standard programs are in folders. This does not change the essence of the matter. you just need to delete the entire folder, not individual files.

Next, follow the path /DATA /App. Updates of pre.installed applications may be stored here. They should also be removed. On devices with Android 5.0, again, updates are stored in separate folders. But this only facilitates the task.

You can also delete (and even necessary) the database of system services and applications together with the cache. All this is stored along the path /DATA /DATA.

How to disable the system application is the easiest way to get rid of applications

In many situations, deleting the system application is completely unnecessary, it is enough to freeze it. Freezing is a legal and easiest way to clear the memory, remove unnecessary processes and without the need to “dance with a tambourine” from a computer or with Root. This method allows you to disable some system applications. They will seem to be still installed, but not operational, that is, “frozen”. Also, after freezing, they are reset to the old version that saves memory. To freeze system applications in Android, you need to do the following:

After that, the application cannot be used, it will be frozen in a smartphone on the old version. However, if necessary, it can be turned on in a similar way, and later updated through Google Play. The frozen application does not load processes and does not require RAM. You can turn off any system application that allows the system (it is not recommended to touch only “Google Play services”, “watch”, “Carrier Services”, “Google”, “Google backup” and “Google Services Framework”).

Turning off system utilities

If you want to quickly get rid of the system application, but you do not have a Root right, you can use this way. This method does not remove systemic software, but disconnects it. Thus, an unnecessary application will not eat your memory and energy.

  • Go to the device settings;
  • Select “Applications” item;
  • Find an unnecessary system application;
  • Then, click on the “Stop” button

It was the simplest and at the same time fast method. He partially solves your problem, but not completely. Since the application will still be on your smartphone and with a new launch, it will again eat phone resources.

As you can see, it is quite easy to cope with failed applications. Finally, we remind you. do not install a dubious software of unknown sources on the phone, because you risk running into the virus.

on this topic:

Hello Anna. Please tell me which application and from which device you are trying to remove?

How can I put some additional on a smartphone.the program, even if there are not enough existing places to update? But the 1st method did not help anyway pre-installed Google programs are not removed from the “own” progress that could be temporarily deleted-only Weiber and Instagram-I will not delete them, because I will be left without the correspondence pages I need and saved pages

Hello, Sveta. It is not recommended to delete pre.installed applications from Google, since some of them are necessary for the normal operation of the system. If you are ready to take risks, read the following material:

The main thing is to clearly follow the instructions. Write what your smartphone you have, perhaps we will be able to offer something else to free up the place, but for now with the following articles:

Perhaps the following materials will also be useful to you:

Thanks for the answer, the Senseit A109 phone is still under warranty, so unlawful actions, such as receiving admin rights, are afraid so far I thought to delete something like YouTube, Google Disk, Google Books, etc.P., So that at least the system can be updated without problems (for example, to clean from garbage) I can’t put it. says there is no place

In this case, if the phone is under warranty, you really should not do anything “unlawful”. True, try to move some applications to the memory card is still worth trying (there is a link in the previous comment). In addition, you can remove some garbage without installing programs. this is described in the method of 4 Articles “Cleaning Android from garbage”, the link to which is also higher. And if you still free up enough space for installing at least one application, I recommend that you put some kind of cleaner, but another branded application from Google-Files GO-with its help you can very effectively remove all the extra from the smartphone without much effort.

In the most extreme case, you can delete, and then re.install both Instagram and Viber, but this is already at your discretion. The first retains all the data (including correspondence) even after reinstalling, but in the second one can and should create a backup before removal. To do this, go along the following path:

Open the Viber menu. select “Settings”. then “Account”. “backup”. “Create a copy”

After that, the application can be deleted, and then re.install.

Thanks for the useful information! Files Go installed

It’s my pleasure. I hope she will help you make room on the device.

Hello, my name is Mikhail Trying not 1 hour delete the message application version 3.412.27. Zhinga phone Fresh 4Zh, it does not turn out in all ways after disconnecting the right of the administrator, the window pops up and only activate the application back.

Hello, Michael. Most likely, the application you want to delete is a systemic. It can only be deleted when receiving a ROOT, but even in this case it is not recommended to do this, since the phone may stop functioning normally. Just freeze the “messages” if you have an installed alternative.

How To Uninstall Carrier/ OEM Bloatware Without Root Access Video Tutorial

Hello! By stupidity, I installed a virus on the phone (Meizu M5 Note), sends messages, including on writing off funds. He quickly became systemic. I blocked the sending from him, but it did not work out to remove it (I tried it with ADB). Writes: Delete Failed Devace Policy Manager. Maybe you can try something else? I don’t want to include Root, otherwise banking applications will refuse to work.

Valera, hello. You tried to do what is proposed in the first method of this article. disconnect the rights of the administrator, and then delete the application? What is the name of the application with which these problems arise, and how (where) you established it?

delete, android, system, applications, root, rights

Thanks for the article, helped the 2nd point deleted the annoying body 2 menu.

Hello. Without a ROOT-right, delete the Google Assistant, most likely, it will not work, but you can try to turn it off: go to the application manager, find the asistent page there and click the “Disable” button.

Hello! Together with music, I downloaded the Dabrower application on Android 7, is not removed either by Kaspersky or CC-Xleaner. Writes. the application is deleted, after 10 minutes it appears again. I can’t find him in the folders. When removing through the antivirus writes:/DATA/App/COM.Newspaper.comic-1, but there is no such folder. Root-right no. I tried the commander through the total, dropped it to factory settings, still 10 minutes. and again the antivirus warns about the danger. How to delete Dabrower finally?

In the second method after entering the Adb Shell, Error: No Devices/Emulators Found. What is the problem and how to solve it? Thanks

Oksana, hello. Tell me what happens after the previous command is input. ADB Devices? Whether the serial number of your mobile device appears? First of all, it is worth redeveloped again, whether the drivers corresponding to the computer are installed on the computer. This is stated in the article, the link to which is given in the first step of the second method.

Before that, something appeared. I closed the window and when recently input list of devices attached is empty. I will check the drivers. Thanks.

In addition to drivers, perhaps the reason for the problem in a USB-cable or connector to which it is connected. Therefore, having previously convinced of the serviceability of the cable, try connecting it to another port.

How to Remove System Apps from Android Mobile without root

Thanks! And more clarification. If I do not have such a item (even when the developer’s operating system) as a USB debugging in the phone, something can be done?

USB debugging must be if the developer mode is enabled. Write what your phone is, and we will tell you where to look for this option.

Good evening. Please tell me which method of removal is suitable for the application of YouTube. You need to remove from a smartphone.

Hello! It turned out to delete Dabrower?

Hello, tell me how you can delete the Smart Manager program on the Samsung J3 (6) phone tried to turn off but everything is useless

Full removal of applications in Android

New users of smartphones and tablets on Android often cannot figure out how to delete installed applications. This can be done in several ways, but only those programs that were installed by the owner of the device or other people will be deinstalized by ordinary manipulations.

In this article we will tell you how to remove ordinary and system applications, as well as erase the garbage that they leave behind.


A simple and universal way to remove any application is the use of a menu with settings. Depending on the brand and model of the device, the process may vary slightly, but in general it is identical to the example described below.

Thus, you can delete any user applications that are no longer needed.

Home screen

In new versions of Android, as well as in various shells and firmware, it is possible to remove the application even faster than in the first method. For this, it does not even have to be on the home screen in the form of a shortcut.

    Find the label of the application you want to delete. It can be both on the menu and on the home screen. Press the icon and hold it until the additional actions that can be performed with this application appear on the home screen.

It is worth recalling once again that in standard old Android this opportunity may not be. This function appeared in new versions of this operating system and is present in some firmware from manufacturers of mobile devices.

Cleaning application

If any software responsible for working with applications is installed in your smartphone or tablet, or you just want to install it, then the approximate procedure will be the same as in the CCleaner application:

    Launch a cleaning utility and go to the “Application Manager”.

Removing system applications

Many manufacturers of devices embed a set of branded applications into their own modifications. Naturally, not everyone needs them, so there is a logical desire to remove them in order to free the RAM and memory.

Not all versions of Android can delete system applications. most often this function is simply blocked or absent. The user must have a ROOT right that open access to expanded control of his device.

Attention! Obtaining a Root-right removes a guarantee from the device and makes the smartphone more vulnerable to malicious.

About how to delete system applications, read in our other article.

Remote control

Manage the applications installed on the device can be remotely. This method is not always relevant, but has the right to exist. for example, when the owner of the smartphone experiences difficulties with the independent implementation of this and other procedures.

System tools (only shutdown)

If you do not set the target to remove the application, it can be turned off in system settings. It is done very simple.

As you can see, the task of removing system applications is quite solved, even if it is connected with a number of difficulties.