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Every professional esports player in Counter Strike Global Offensive has a personal computer mouse. Each model provides a different feel for different DPI values. For this reason, dots per inch is a very important indicator that will allow you to choose the most convenient value for yourself. In order to start doing this, you should pay attention to the DPI values ​​of the most popular esportsmen in CS: GO:

As soon as the player decides to change the DPI parameter, it is worth considering that the indicator should not exceed 400-500, at least for the first time. This is the best option. It is imperative to mention that a computer mouse is also important in this complex issue. Do not forget that there is a completely uncomfortable mouse, then no DPI indicator can help to establish or improve shooting. In addition, correctly selected settings allow users to fully immerse themselves in the gameplay, feeling that they are right in this universe and shoot accurate shots with their own hands. Finding the right setting takes a lot of time and you shouldn’t be afraid of it.

CSGO From My POV | Keyboard/Mouse Cam (GoPro)

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Consider enabling a direct mouse connection

You can choose not to use Windows settings or mouse drivers in CSGO by enabling direct connection. Some players prefer not to interfere with other inputs when it comes to their mouse settings.

Go to CS: GO settings, then Keyboard / Mouse, then enable raw input.

This will force the game to use only the mouse settings that you set in CS GO.

Many pros use a direct connection to reduce noise in settings.

Also, so-called packet loss can occur if it is not enabled, which means a lot of latency for you.

Adjust the radar parameters

Most pros want to see the entire map on their radars in order to know the location of the enemy and teammates.

[irp posts = ”165 ″ name =” CS GO radar setup ”]

Not only in their area, but throughout the map.

To do this, we want to center the radar and shrink it using the console commands.

  • cl_radar_always_centered “0”
  • cl_radar_scale “0.3”
  • cl_hud_radar_scale “1.15”
  • cl_radar_icon_scale_min “1”
  • cl_radar_rotate “1”
  • cl_radar_square_with_scoreboard “1”

The result will be an overview of the entire map on your radar. Now you will know where everyone is on the map.

It may take a while to get used to this smaller version, but this is the recommended setting to play like a pro.

Overclock your GPU

Smooth gameplay means getting maximum FPS (frames per second). If you have a powerful GPU installed, you can overclock it for maximum performance.

To easily and safely overclock your graphics card, we recommend downloading a program such as Afterburner.

Check out this video to help you overclock and tune your GPU with Afterburner:

GPU overclocking is an option that not everyone wants to mess with. But if you are using a new card, then squeezing the maximum out of it will definitely affect the performance of the game.

Customize your graphics settings in the game itself

Other graphical settings also have a big impact on the gameplay.

In CS: GO, you can tweak these settings for the best performance and the highest FPS.

Go to CS: GO settings, then to Video settings.

  • Model / Texture Detail: “Low”
  • Shaders: “Low” to get more FPS
  • Multi-core rendering: “Enabled”.
  • Multisampling anti-aliasing mode: at your discretion. Some people like to play with sharper pixels and turn MSAA off. “X8 MSAA” will smooth the edges and increase the load on the graphics card.
  • Texture filtering mode: “Bilinear” if you are interested in frame rate, “Trilinear” for better visual effects.
  • Antialiasing FXAA: Disabled (MSAA does better than FXAA)
  • Waiting for vertical sync: “Disabled”
  • Motion Blur: Disabled

Many of these settings sacrifice better visuals for higher FPS. But maximum FPS is what you need in this game.

Enable net graph in console

For those who like to monitor latency and frame rates while playing, the console has the option to enable network graphics.

This will display your frames per second, ping, server tickrate and much more.

Just turn on your console, open it in game and enter net_graph 1. This will show real-time stats as you play.

[irp posts = ”476 ″ name =” What net_graph shows in cs go ”]

This is a useful way to track the performance of your ISP, software and hardware.

It’s also a good way to look like a pro.

Check your screen resolution

Other video settings are important, but resolution is prioritized.

The size of your monitor will affect what resolution you use, but most pros play at 1024×768.

Go to CS: GO settings and then Video settings and set the resolution.

Similar to aspect ratio, choosing the right resolution is critical to ensure that you can see everything you need on your monitor screen.

Check your Windows mouse settings

Mouse settings are very important for more accurate shots and smoother movement. CS: GO settings can adjust this, but it can also be changed on Windows.

Go to Windows Mouse Preferences and click on Pointer Options. Uncheck “Improve Pointer Precision”.

Make sure mouse acceleration is disabled. We suggest setting the sensitivity to a lower value for higher accuracy.

Now that you play, you will at least know that your basic OS settings for your mouse are where you installed them.

Mouse sensitivity in CS: GO

In addition to all of the above parameters, there are a number of necessary details that must be taken into account when setting up the mouse and its sensitivity and movement.

At the beginning of the article, we wrote about such a concept as DPI. Now we will discuss this in more detail, since the sensitivity depends on it, as well as the speed of your mouse. After all, all models have a different frequency and DPI setting.

Technically DPI is the number of moving dots per inch of the monitor. Most beginner players use very fast movement and cursor sensitivity. But we strongly recommend dropping the DPI value down to the 400-800 range. This is enough for the head to work correctly, as well as to play comfortably. Here is a graph of DPI settings based on player ranks:

GAMING SETUP & CS:GO SETTINGS. Resolution, Sensitivity & Crosshair

Always be aware that depending on the screen resolution, your sensitivity will change.

Setting up the sight in CS: GO (its appearance)

Before you start playing, be sure to customize the appearance of the sight. This is very important for the further game, since the standard offer from cs: go looks sad. Most players immediately make all changes to the visual display of the sight, as this further leads to a comfortable game.

I remind you that we will carry out all further changes in the game console. We described earlier how to enable and run it in the article.

All commands that have the word Crosshair in them refer to the visual change of the sight. There are more than 15 of them in total. Of course, it makes no sense to learn them by heart, since these settings are made once for a long period of time.

The general list of commands for changing the appearance of the sight:

cl_crosshairsize 2.5. the size of your crosshair. Strongly depends on the resolution and size of the monitor;
cl_crosshairthickness 2. line thickness of the cross;
cl_crosshairusealpha 1. enable and disable the transparency mode of the sight;
cl_crosshairalpha 255. transparency of the sight (the lower, the more transparent. The minimum transparency is 255, that is, no transparency);
cl_crosshairgap 1. the gap between the lines of the cross (-5 value will lead to the closest distance. there will be a solid cross);
cl_crosshair_drawoutline 0. the outline that makes the boundaries of the sight lines from the inside (value 0. disabled);
cl_crosshair_outlinethickness 0. the outline that makes the borders of the sight lines outside (value 0. disabled);
cl_crosshairdot 0. presence (1) / absence (0) of a point inside the sight;
cl_crosshairstyle 4. actually the standard crosshairs styles that the game itself offers. There are only 4 types of them, you can choose any convenient one by numbers;
cl_crosshaircolor 5. crosshair color by numbers;
cl_crosshaircolor_r 255. the number of the sight in the RGB style of the R mode;
cl_crosshaircolor_g 36. scope number in RGB style for G mode;
cl_crosshaircolor_b 127. the number of the sight according to the RGB style of the B mode.

Mouse settings in Windows operating system

The first thing you will encounter is the need to remove acceleration in setting up the operating system itself. By default, it is always on.

Acceleration. artificial acceleration of the cursor speed depending on the rate of movement of the mouse itself. In other words, the faster you move your mouse, the more it starts to accelerate. For a more comfortable game, we recommend playing without acceleration. This will help you to clearly understand how much you need to make mouse movements so that the sight is in the right place.

We remove acceleration in Windows:

We go to the “control panel”. You can find it through the search:

Open the mouse settings in the Control Panel:

Open the “Pointer parameters” tab and turn off the checkbox “enable increased pointer positioning accuracy”. We also set the sensitivity cursor in the center. this will help you find your sensitivity in the game faster (we recommend at DPI 800-2000):

    These are the main aspects of customization. Be careful and be sure to test this sensitivity on training maps. Since it is very important that you feel the movement of the crosshair for each pixel, and can clearly aim at the enemy at any distance.

Recommendation: Insert the mouse sensitivity so that you can rotate 180 degrees within one movement. That is, with one turn of the brush, turn your model in CS: GO in the opposite direction. With a faster sense, it will be difficult for you to aim at long and medium ranges. And with a weak sense, you will have to move the mouse over the carpet, well, or crawl over the entire surface of the carpet.

Setting up a mouse in CS: GO

Let’s talk about: How to properly configure a mouse in CS: GO, what settings need to be set and adjusted, which DPI to set and which sensation is the most convenient.

For every player, mouse sensitivity is one of the most important things to pay attention to. We will now analyze all the necessary settings and factors affecting your control of the sight in the game.

Rule: The most important and most important rule is the choice of a gaming mouse for playing CS: GO. It is very important! All gaming mice have a minimum of 400 DPI. And this is the minimum required for sharp movements and reversals. An ordinary office mouse will have this value much lower, because it is not worth the direct task of making sharp movements with the cursor on the screen.

DPI (translated into human language) is the number of images per second by the camera of the surface on which you drive (rug). The program of your mouse compares these pictures and due to this, the cursor moves. Naturally, the higher the indicator, the better the mouse works. But more than 2000 DPI is overkill. Optimally. 800-1200.

Now let’s analyze, in order, setting up all the necessary parameters for our rodent for a comfortable game in Counter-Strike: Global Offenssive:

CS: GO mouse settings

It is also very important to disable mouse acceleration in the game itself (acceleration):

I want to note that the “Input Directly” parameter means that all the necessary mouse settings (including in Windows) will be controlled exclusively from the game itself. Even if acceleration is enabled in the operating system, the game will ignore it and work only with its own settings.

All this can also be configured through the console by writing the following commands:

m_rawinput 1. ignore all OS settings (activate “Input directly”);
m_customaccel 0. disable acceleration (the same mouse acceleration);
m_customaccel_exponent 0. how much the mouse will accelerate (its value);
m_mousespeed 0. additional acceleration elements;
sensitivity 2.1. mouse sensitivity (parameter in the settings)

There is also an important fact that many modern rodents have drivers from their manufacturer. Many settings can be made in this software. Including setting the blinking color of various indicators on it.

How to choose the right mouse and mat for CS: GO

Now on the market there are many options for choosing mice and rugs. Starting with old brands, ending with new ones. completely unknown, which can also be good. But when choosing what you need to pay attention to:

  • The mouse must have the required DPI (minimum 400);
  • The price range should satisfy you completely. There is no argument that you will buy a bad mouse if it costs less than 20;
  • Its size. All people have different hand sizes. And if you are a guy aged 12-16, then there is absolutely no point in taking a large mouse;
  • Number of buttons. The mouse is not a keyboard, no need to buy with a lot of buttons to play CS: GO. Since in the future they can only interfere with you;
  • Choose a mat according to your mouse sensitivity. Since with a small one. you need a large carpet from 35 centimeters in width.

Crosshair. sight settings

Also a very important point in the game. Although the standard sight looks very good, but its functionality is not to hell, therefore, more than one professional player will not use it in the game.

First of all, you need to install a static sight. This will allow you to be less distracted by it, and secondly, read about the finer adjustment of the sight.

Mouse settings in CS: GO

In the previous paragraph, we looked at configuring a mouse from under Windows. We updated the drivers, disabled unnecessary functions and set the default settings. Now it’s worth considering the setting directly in the game itself.

The most important parameter is to disable mouse acceleration, if you have completed this point, consider a third of the job already done.

Further, if you missed the item with the mouse settings in Windows, then enable such a parameter as “Direct connection” which will allow the game to ignore all settings from under the system. That is, the game will connect the mouse directly to itself, bypassing all Windows settings.
Next, you customize everything for yourself by disabling the unnecessary ones. The most important thing is that your mouse is configured in such a way that when you move the mouse across the mat, from one extreme side to the other, it should rotate 180 degrees.

Setting up a mouse in CS: GO. the most complete guide

What is DPI?

Let’s move on to the next question related to mouse settings. Now we have moved on to the characteristics of the mice. First, let’s figure out what it is, and then we’ll look at the question of using this function.

DPI. tells you the total number of dots per inch. Where 1 inch is approximately 2.54 centimeters.

Players from the professional scene claim that it is necessary to use the mouse at a low sensitivity level. This will allow you to more accurately capture all inches of the screen. Yes, you may have to move your mouse a lot more and more often in the game. But, if you learn to use a mouse with a low sensitivity, then the quality of your game will increase by just 1 or even 2 levels up. This is because this sensitivity allows you to improve your accuracy, especially at range and overhead.
Play with low sensitivity and believe me, you will notice the difference very soon.

Configuring mouse settings in CS: GO

The next point is to consider setting up a mouse through the config in CS: GO.

Typically, configuration is done through the autoexec.cfg file. To do this, you need to follow the path where the game is located, then to the csgo folder and there, in the cfg folder, you need to find this file.
List of commands to be inserted into autoexec.cfg

m_rawinput “1”. Activates the direct mouse connection function. This function is described above.
m_customaccel “0” // Disables mouse acceleration. The value must be 0
m_customaccel_exponent “0” // Sets the amount of acceleration. Also 0
m_mousespeed “0” // mouse acceleration “0”
m_mouseaccel1 “0” // mouse acceleration (used in case of double mouse speed)
m_mouseaccel2 “0” // mouse acceleration (used in case of 4x speed)

Setting up a mouse in CS: GO

Good day. In today’s article, we will analyze the most complete guide to setting up a mouse in CS: GO. Let’s start by analyzing the mouse settings in Windows, then we will analyze the setting in the game, setting the correct cfg, analyze what DPI is and what sensitivity to choose for yourself.

The article came out very voluminous, so if you are already familiar with one of the points, use the navigation menu to go to the next.

Mouse settings in Windows

Initially, the mouse configuration should be started at the Windows level.

Where you can adjust the speed of cursor movement, disable acceleration and a couple of other useful points.

To configure you need to enter the control panel, then you look for the item “Mouse” if you do not find, then either switch the type of icons, or use the search bar. Now after you have been able to enter the mouse settings, you need to configure the cursor.

CS: GO launch options for professional players:

  • John “Edward” Sukharev:.novid.freq 120 fps_max 0 cl_interp 0 cl_interp_ratio 1
  • Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovacs:.noforcemaccel.noforcemspd.noforcemparms.freq 120.tickrate 100
  • Daniil “Zeus” Teslenko:.noforcemspd.noforcemaccel.noforcemparms.freq 120.console
  • Sergey “starix” Ischuk:.novid.freq 120
  • Denis “seized” Kostin:.freq 144.tickrate 128.processheap.novid.threads 8.m_rawinput 0
  • Arseny “ceh9” Trynozhenko:.w 1280.h 720.novid.freq 144 rate 128000 cl_interp 0.01 cpu_frequency_monitoring 2 engine_no_FOCUS_sleep convar 1 cl_obs_interp_enable 0 cl_hideserverip.console

CS: GO launch options

Today we’ll talk about CS: GO launch options. In order to register these parameters, you need to run steam, go to the library, right-click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and then go to properties.

This is where we will write the parameters for launching CS: GO. First, we will consider most of the well-known commands, and then we will give examples of professional players and a set of parameters for those who have weak computers (less than 150 fps on all cards).

Commands for those who stream:

  • cpu_frequency_monitoring. shows the processor frequency
  • engine_no_FOCUS_sleep_convar. when starting another window, the image stops spoiling
  • cl_obs_interp_enable. instant transition from one player to another
  • cl_hideserverip. hide server IP address

List of basic commands

  • -novid. turns off the start movie
  • -console. turns on the console in the game
  • -freq “number”. screen refresh rate, for example 120 (-freq “120”)
  • exec “filenames”. will automatically launch the configured config
  • -high. launching the game with a high priority (we recommend it)
  • -low. starting the game with low priority
  • -full. the game runs in full screen
  • -windowed. running the game in windowed mode
  • -w. set screen width (-w 1920)
  • -h. set screen length (-h 1080)
  • -language english. launching the game in English, it is used if you have steam in Russian, and you want to launch the game in English or vice versa.
  • rate 124000. maximum amount of data that the host can receive (bps)
  • cl_cmdrate 128. maximum number (per second) of packets sent to the server
  • cl_updaterate 128. maximum number (per second) of requested package updates from the server
  • -tickrate 128. refresh rate. from the server (per second). used only for the server
  • ex_interpratio 1.net parameter
  • -noforcemspd. use mouse speed from Windows
  • -noforcemaccel. disable mouse acceleration
  • -noforcemparms. using mouse button settings from Windows
  • -threads. number of involved processor cores

Launch options for weak PCs:

  • -console.novid.threads 4.refresh 120.noforcemparms.high.tickrate 128 cl_cmdrate 128 cl_updaterate 128 rate 128000 ex_interpratio 1

We recommend that you use these parameters, regardless of the power of your computer. In our opinion, these are the optimal parameters for launching CS: GO.

How to properly adjust mouse sensitivity in CS: GO

First of all, it should be understood that there is no universal convenience. Someone is more suited to the low sensitivity of the mouse, since for some reason this player jerks his hand too sharply and often his sight misses the target. But someone, on the contrary, needs increased sensitivity. if the player has all the actions as accurate and verified as possible, he does not need a wide amplitude of waving his hand.

Your own feelings are the only reliable criterion here! The CS: GO mouse setup is made solely for your convenience. And you can understand whether it is convenient for you or not only with practice. Load single player against bots with one setting, play multiple matches and just feel good. It is necessary to change something. change it. There is no need to change anything. leave it as it is, but still continue to look after yourself. Don’t cling to your preliminary decisions. Your playstyle may change over time and it may be appropriate to experiment with your mouse settings again.

Other in-game mouse options

Customizing your CS GO mouse isn’t just limited to sensitivity. It is worth paying attention to other parameters. perhaps some changes will make you more successful in virtual skirmishes:

  • Mouse inversion is a rather peculiar setting, when moving the mouse to one side leads to the opposite effect in virtuality. Suitable for particularly eccentric players.
  • Zoom Sensitivity. Same as Basic Sensitivity, but only when the sniper scope is activated.
  • Mouse acceleration. for those who need even sharper movements in virtuality.
  • Acceleration value. the slider is activated when the previous parameter is turned on and adjusts it.

All mouse settings can be done using console commands. The most popular among them are the following two:

  • sensitivity 2.7. mouse sensation, the same as the sensitivity indicator through the settings menu;
  • m_rawinput 1. this parameter enables the mouse “directly” bypassing the computer operating system, that is, only the parameters in the game will work;

The first is good for quickly changing the sensitivity without entering the settings menu. The second is often used by professional players to fine-tune the mouse in CS: GO matches.

There are also other, much more specific settings via console commands. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the possibilities of the standard setting will be quite enough.

  • m_customaccel 0. activating mouse acceleration (1) and disabling it (1);
  • m_customaccel_exponent 0. setting the mouse acceleration factor;
  • m_customaccel_max 0. this command sets the maximum mouse acceleration factor;
  • m_customaccel_scale 0.04. mouse acceleration rate;
  • m_forward 1. sensitivity of the mouse when it moves “forward”;
  • m_mouseaccel1 0. enable (1) and disable (0) 2x mouse acceleration;
  • m_mouseaccel2 0. enable (1) and disable (0) 4x mouse acceleration;
  • m_mousespeed 1. parameter of mouse acceleration by means of Windows;
  • m_pitch 0.022. a command with this parameter inverts the mouse;
  • m_side 0.8. coefficient of mouse sensitivity when moving to the sides;
  • m_yaw 0.022. coefficient of sensitivity of the mouse when moving horizontally;
  • m_pich 0.022. the coefficient of sensitivity of the mouse when moving vertically.

about console commands can be found in the article “The most useful CS: GO console commands”.

Mouse sensitivity in CS: GO

Mouse sensitivity, or as it is also called. sensivity, one of the most important points in customizing CS GO for yourself. First of all, the sensitivity affects the quick aiming of the sight at the enemy and the accuracy of shooting at him. You need to configure the “sense” depending on your mouse, since this parameter is already set on it.

To correctly determine which value is easiest for you to play, try on the training map to quickly aim the sight at the bots that will run out from around the corner, or just move along a certain route. so you will immediately understand whether the set indicator effectively affects your aim. If the aiming is too sharp and sometimes “bends” through the enemy, then set the value lower and try again.

Be careful! Setting the sensitivity too low, you run the risk of being caught unawares and simply will not have time to turn on the enemy because of the “slow” mouse.

Mouse sensitivity settings in CS GO

To set the desired mouse sensitivity value, go to Settings. Keyboard, mouse. Mouse sensitivity. It is recommended to select a value between 2-4 indicators, they are the most optimal for a stable game in CS GO.

Mouse settings in KCGoPro players

Of course, guys who play KCGoPro professionally also have professional (read very expensive) equipment. In their mice, it is worth considering not only the in-game sensitivity setting, but also the DPI parameter. The higher it is, the more sensitive the mouse is. At the same time, a large sense factor significantly increases overall sensitivity.

After analyzing the data on the settings of pro-gamers, we can come to the conclusion that more than half of them use mice with:

  • 400-600 DPI;
  • sensei about 2.5.

than 95% of pro players have mouse acceleration disabled.

If you do not know the DPI of your mouse, you can simply ignore this parameter and adjust the sensitivity only within the game. Specialized DPI checker programs exist, but they are quite confusing. But if you buy a new mouse, and especially from a gaming series, be sure to check the ability to change DPI.

It is worth taking into account the experience of cybersportsmen, but there is no need to copy it thoughtlessly! Your feelings are much more important here. Choose the settings that are really convenient for you.

You can also give additional recommendations on the mouse. pay attention to where it “runs” for you, whether your hand has enough space on the table. Buying a large mouse pad can be a good decision.

Another game parameter directly affects the shooting accuracy. this is the scope settings. Read about this in detail in our article “How to change the crosshair in CS: GO”.