What to do with noise in the fan

Most often, the laptop fan makes a large noise and even cracks due to dust accumulation in the cooling system. Once every six months or a year, it is necessary to clean the device, otherwise the cooler, even at the maximum speed of rotation, will not be able to provide normal heat sink, the device is heated because of this. Next, we will tell in detail why this is happening, how to correctly disassemble the laptop and clean it from the accumulated dust if it is very noisy.

Before proceeding with the disassembly of the laptop, make sure that the fan noise cannot be reduced in other ways:

  • When the user works with “heavy” applications, there is a high load on the processor and video card, as a result of which the chip is very hot and needs effective cooling. Then it is quite normal that the cooler can make maximum turns, making a fairly large noise.
  • When the device is very noisy, make sure that the air exchange in the cooling system does not prevent anything. Near ventilation grilles there should not be extraneous items, you can not close the keyboard. The laptop itself should only be on a solid flat surface, since there are also holes on its lower cover through which the cooler carries out air exchange.

If the load on the processor is small, the influx of fresh air to the cooling radiator does not interfere, then to reduce the fan noise, you will have to disassemble the laptop, clean the cooler and internal surfaces from dust accumulated during operation. Immediately warn that if the device is very noisy or buzzing and at the same time is under warranty, then not to lose it, contact the service center for cleaning.

But if you want to do without additional expenses, then all the necessary procedures can be performed on your own. Next, we describe a couple of cleaning methods from dust. The first is suitable for novice users who are noisy laptop, the second for more experienced.

Incomplete disassembly and cleaning of the laptop

The laptop needs to be completely turned off. you can’t disassemble the hibernation mode or sleep. Further:

  • Remove the back cover of the laptop. Screws can be hidden under stickers, rubber inserts. If none of them was missed, then the cover will easily withdraw.
  • Peel the heat removal system. It includes cooler and copper tubes connecting a radiator to a video card chip and a processor. Dust lumps are removed from the cooling surfaces and fan blades with cotton sticks, the remains can be blew out with a spray can with compressed air.

In the process of cleaning, keep caution. do not press on the cooler, radiator grilles and tube. the latter can be easily bending, which will adversely affect the efficiency of heat and noise during the operation of the device will not disappear.

Next, make sure that all the loops and connections are in its place, during the cleaning process you did not hurt anything. It remains only to return the lid to its place and tighten. If the screws were under the rubber legs of the device, be sure to glue them back. If this is not done, then you will notice that the laptop is very noisy. these elements create the gap of the rear panel and the surface necessary for air exchange.

Stop unnecessary computer processes

If you experience an excessive noise of the laptop fan, this may be the result of the overload of the device.

For example, a computer fan will strain, meeting the requirements for equipment from graphics and central processor.

Such intense input is usually the result of the simultaneous execution of several processes.

It is best to kill processes.

One way to do this is to use the Activity Monitor for Mac or “Task Dispatcher” for Windows.

When you open the systems, they will display a list of applications and system processes that are currently performed.

“Start with the completion of the most energy.intensive process. You will not only reduce the fan noise, but also extend the life of the battery ”.

You can organize a list in various categories, such as memory, energy, disk, network and processor.

These factors allow you to understand which processes require the most energy and cause the fan noise.

After eliminating the problems in the parameters, you can stop the processes and see how much effort will save the laptop.

The goal here is to close unnecessary applications.

Start by first complete the most energy.intensive process.

You will not only reduce the fan noise, but also extend the life of the battery.

Raise the laptop from the table to make it cooler

Excessively loud fan is often a sign of overheating.

Since computers are getting less and more compact, overheating becomes a serious problem.

Faster processors working in closer buildings release more heat.

However, overheating is dangerous not only for your fan.

Sony withdrawn several thousand of her computers because they worked at a fairly high temperature to cause burns.

There were also rumors all over the world that overheating of laptops could lead to male infertility.

In addition, the internal components of the laptop are under threat.

Too strong heating can cause failure of components such as maternal boards, hard drives and video cards.

It can also significantly reduce the life of the device.

Although the noisy fan is an obvious sign of overheating, there are several other symptoms.

For example, a computer can work slowly when you are trying to perform basic tasks, such as opening a Word document.

You may also encounter freezing, turning off the laptop, mysterious error messages or random display of lines on the screen.

Although a break is the simplest solution, you may need to use a laptop for a long time, which makes this option less feasible.

If so, you must minimize the clogging of the fan.

For example, when the laptop lies on your knees, your leg closes the fan from below.

A simple solution is to put a laptop on a hard flat surface.

Pillows in the lower part of the computer should prevent the base to adjust the flush with the surface.

The added place is usually enough to solve problems with overheating.

If you find that this does not solve the problem, try the laptop stand.

Many different types are available that are easily adapted to your aesthetic and functional preferences.

If you love to do a spade more, there are many alternative solutions.

Regardless of which route you choose, the goal should be that the fan has enough space for air circulation without any obstacles.

To circulate the air, you can use a desktop fan to remove heat and cool the processor.

Make sure this is a quiet fan, otherwise your problem with noise will still exist only in a different form!

degrees AMD processor on a gaming laptop, help solve the problem

It doesn’t matter what kind of game: VAAIS, GTA 5, or a recently released biomantant, in all toys the processor heats up from 80 sometimes to 100 degrees, in normal mode 50, there is a turbo mode is terribly noisy, but not what, the same indicators, nothing interferes with the fans. the laptop is raised, the technique of half a year, still under warranty, has not yet climbed into the inside, how to solve the problem? (

Laptop and should work for several years. Someone said something else? And, also, if you look carefully, and not as usual, you will see that the current temperature of 81 degrees was already at reduced frequencies. But where are you.

Why are you climbing into it, and even with such pressure and raids, when you don’t understand this in this?

On a temperature laptop of about 80 degrees with jumps up to 100. norm. This is a technological feature with which nothing can be done.

Trottling. This is bad at the hospital, and normally on the laptop. The reason for this is banal: frequencies are laid in laptop proceedings that can not cope with. Therefore, the declared turbo times in the laptop are unattainable. Again, you can’t do anything about it.

PC has another degree of temperature protection. Emergency turn-off. It will be dangerous if this protection starts to work.

Improving the cooling of a laptop at home is almost unrealistic. But I personally do not like that you have the memory frequencies below the declared, and the percentage works at a slightly higher temperature than necessary. In theory, you can contact under warranty, but I doubt very much that they will help you.

I have Ryzen 3700X stands in a blown case with 5 turntables of 140 mm and under the standard cooler heated to 87 degrees. You feel the difference? Corps with good cooling and laptop body?

For your sake, your laptop on YouTube and in the review of your laptop, where the most views are the same temperatures, 103 maximum. Ryzen hot processors, and in laptops all the more.

Do you want to listen to the advice of brick 7856. Do not put on the sofa and clean the cooling system (at the same time the guarantee will fly off), if you want to take it back to the store, they will be checked and given back in a couple of days with words- standard temperatures.

I had a PC processor, which often worked 100 percent with high temperatures for it and nothing, 5 years from call to call and went to Avito

And I also forgot to write, although I wanted. Update BIOS. There is a chance that this is a fixing problem. There is nothing complicated in the procedure, the laptop will do everything himself. The main thing is to check the version of iron and the BIOS version. On off. The site should be detailed information how to do it and which marking is more priority.

I do not think that even additional cooling in the person of the stands with fans will fix something.

When I was small, I played on the laptop (I won’t tell the filling, but he pulled Dum3 on medium-nyes), he looked 100% like a plane and a frizil of 10 seconds, while the temperature, then 50 seconds is exactly and all the same and all the same and all the way and again. I bought a deepcool n8 stand (aluminum, with ribs for directed heat removal) and it was a PPC as I waved. I won’t say temperatures, I was a little Tada and did not rummage (and right now I don’t rummage XD) but in the same Dum.3 the laptop stopped doing this and I played without any buzzing of a laptop and frizes. And after the hour of the game, if you touch the ass of the laptop, he was barely warm. So I came to the conclusion that the stand decides, but the form also decides it. Deepcool N8 definitely 10 out of 10 helped.

You, apparently, do not understand that the temperature of the CPU Package is the temperature “on the cover” of the processor, and not the laptop. Do not understand that the temperature of the body of the laptop itself is not the same as the temperature of the processor. Up the further, your stream of consciousness is very fascinating. )

Well, what at once 94? Maybe he likes 41 more)))))

So the problem is what? Temperatures are quite acceptable “in the factory”.

https: // images.Stopgame.ru/uploads/images/220864/Form/2021/06/02/1622662758.PNG

Actually, this penny in a penny beats with indicators from the review. It can be assumed that “according to the plant” a threshold of 94 degrees is set when frequencies fall from 3.6 to 3.2 (although, more precisely, energy consumption falls, and with it frequencies). And it is unlikely that you will do something with this. I do not think that even additional cooling in the person of the stands with fans will fix something. Draw a little time until the frequency falls, but to completely hold the temperature before this threshold is very hardly. Not to poke it in the refrigerator.

[b] ryzen 5 3550h [/b]. Max. temperature 105 ° C

Your processor in the load does not get to Trotling.

AMD Ryzen 5 3550h Processor 2.1 ghz (2m cache, up to 3.7 ghz)

T.e. Until the frequency of the bunny falls below 2.1GHC under load. all within normal. And on the screenshots you have a frequency for 3GHz.

In your situation, you can try to contact under warranty. As I wrote above, with the most likely you will be returned to the laptop in the initial state.

The second option is to give to a person who understands. Disassemble, clean with, change thermal grease. Further software optimization. Due to the disassembly, the guarantee will fly off, so if something dies after-to repair at your own expense.

The third option is to buy a stand for a laptop with fans and cool it like that. But due to the upholstery of the upper frequency, the percentage is to accelerate a little stronger and the temperatures will not change. Also, because of one general thermal security, high heating on one component (GPU or CPU) will affect the second component.

As I described above, Trottling is configured to keep either consumption (W) or temperature. If one of the parameters is exceeded, Trottling occurs to reach a given indicator. At the moment, the only way to avoid this is not to buy a gaming laptop. But the average game PC will not be possible to collect due to frantic for VK.

I would recommend finding a person who at least understands in software and can digest without disassembly. Maybe he will succeed. T.to. A person understands what he does, instantly sees the result and notes the details that you cannot see, the process can go faster and more efficiently.

You also asked about BIOS and RAM frequencies. Unfortunately, the trimmed version of BIOS is sewn into laptops compared to PC. Nothing can be done with this.


In the stress of the AIDA 64 test, the temperature of the CPU rises to 92 °.This is normal for this model?

Look at the cooling system))) well, what do you think?))) Bite the cooling stand. Now in the summer she will help out so good, even if she lifts the laptop from the table so that there is a gap for air intake. After all, lying on the table, he stupidly “holes” for air intake contacts the table. In fact, they are “blocked by this table” creating also a “thermal air pillow”, from here and high temperature. But for laptops. this is the type “norm”.

https: // images.Stopgame.ru/uploads/images/307095/Form/2022/06/02/6BADA21EBA61F24F18ACF5563E7C2A83.JPG

If you’re talking about CPU, then conditionally normal. Although, of course, this is an abnormal temperature in itself, but other users have about approximately similar.

In general, 92C is a critical temperature for any mud. X.h. How they are now achieving such temperatures in mobile vights (Intel is no exception). Previously, the laptops at 85-90s were stupidly cut down.

Normal situation for mobile processors. The declared critical temperatures for 100. rather the norm. Even ancient mobile third hemp and C2D are such. Another thing is that at a normally working from such temperatures there was not even close. But many of these devices in a pledged state were actually conditionally used on temperatures under a hundredth years. There is, however, great doubts that modern devices will be able to do the same.

No 90C is the norm! We will not believe the fables of the manufacturers of chips and iron. There is an inexorable thing: silicon degradation at high temperatures; The higher. the stronger. Question: For how long is the vanity for a period if it will holl up every day under 100C? It is not known, but is included in the general principle of production of modern technology: to make it enough for a shorter period (that is, buy a new computer/vacuum cleaner, etc.D.) before it is morally obsolete (there will be no spare parts, for example, problems with service maintenance and t.D.)

Once again, this is not in my purely personal opinion, this manufacturer indicates the temperature data as permissible. The fact that this has never benefited the iron is obvious. And even if the stone itself suffers such temperatures, there are also a bunch of elements that such a neighborhood is undesirable, especially given the compactness of the entire device.

About degradation in general, a separate topic. Yes, as a phenomenon it exists. But its manifestation in practice is quite doubtful. Because even with such seemingly unambiguous manifestations, when the processor ceases to keep acceleration or stock frequencies, this can easily be the problem of the motherboard, not the stone. And much more often there are dumps, breaks and so on, not directly related to the processor itself in order to bet on such “obsolescence”.

90 degrees is the best value for the form factor, performance and temperature.

Does not look like it. Even judging by the turntables. the air climbs from below. Upper diffuser for cooling is clearly not enough. Most likely there are speakers.

I was thinking about replacing thermal paste and the rest of the service. But from the moment of purchase for 2 years of thermal paste in my opinion, she had to lose her St. Although we don’t know what they smear there.I did a stress test both CPU and FPU worked 7 minutes temperature from 89-92.There was no Trottling

So 92 degrees like not a critical temperature for 3550h.

There, in the OC installed application, there are Armoury Create there are four modes: Windows, quiet, efficiency, turbo.Quiet notes the frequency of 1.3 GGR and temperature 40-55.Efficiency raises the frequency of almost foul and begins to spin a little louder. Coolers begin to rotate at all their speeds on turbo, the tin is buzzing, the frequency rises.I just didn’t really notice that he was buzzing very loudly, t.to headphones with noise. Paste is coming, I think it will come in a month, I’ll change.The guarantee has already passed I think to deliver another 8 GB of memory to it, and then there are only 8 GB in it.I looked at the workload of the RAM 4.7 of 7.9.

Underwear through Throttlestop or Ryzen Controller

You can try to replace thermal grease, and be sure to glue the spaces of the coolers with C from a circle with mounting acetate tape. Unfortunately, underwear on the raisen is not particularly possible (although you can try to slightly reduce the voltage through Ryzen Master and BIOS; then be sure to drive off the tests). Do not know if CTR (Clock Tuner for Ryzen) works, you can also try them; It was created for this. a large frequency at a lower voltage (but can only work on desktop tunes).

In general, 92C is a critical temperature for any mud. X.h. How they are now achieving such temperatures in mobile vights (Intel is no exception). Previously, the laptops at 85-90s were stupidly cut down.

Top 5 BEST Laptop Cooling Pads For Gaming of [2021]

Gloomy business, you need to throw cool and change thermal grease there and then it will throw 10-15 degrees


The ASUS Tuf Gaming F15 laptop uses a 15.6-inch IPS matrix with a resolution of 2560 × 1440 (Edid-Decode report).

The outer surface of the matrix is ​​black hard and semi.dummy (mirroring is expressed). There are no special anti-fiber coatings or filter, there is no air gap. When food from the network or from the battery and with manual control of brightness (there is no automatic adjustment by the light sensor), its maximum value was 265 kD/m² (in the center of the screen on a white background). The maximum brightness is low. However, if you avoid direct sunlight, then even such a value allows you to somehow use a laptop on the street even a summer sunny day.

To assess the readability of the screen outside the room, we use the following criteria obtained in testing the screens in real conditions:

Maximum brightness, CD/m² Conditions Assessment of readability
Matte, semi.water and glossy screens without anti.reflective coating
150 Direct sunlight (more than 20,000 lux) Not reading
Light shadow (approximately 10,000 lux) We barely read
Light shadow and loose cloud cover (no more than 7500 lux) Work is uncomfortable
300 Direct sunlight (more than 20,000 lux) We barely read
Light shadow (approximately 10,000 lux) Work is uncomfortable
Light shadow and loose cloud cover (no more than 7500 lux) Work comfortable
450 Direct sunlight (more than 20,000 lux) Work is uncomfortable
Light shadow (approximately 10,000 lux) Work comfortable
Light shadow and loose cloud cover (no more than 7500 lux) Work comfortable

These criteria are very arbitrary and may be revised as data accumulate. Note that some improvement in readability can be if the matrix has some transreflective properties (part of the world is reflected from the substrate, and the picture in the light can be seen even with the backlight turned off). Also, glossy matrices, even in direct sunlight, can sometimes be turned so that something is reflected in something quite dark and uniform (on a clear day it is, for example, the sky), which will improve readability, while matte matrices to improve readability need to be blocked from Sveta. In rooms with bright artificial light (about 500 lux), it is more or less comfortable to work even with a screen brightness of 50 cd/m² and lower, that is, in these conditions the maximum brightness is not an important value.

Let’s go back to the screen of the tested laptop. If the brightness setting is 0%, then the brightness decreases to 14 kD/m². Thus, in complete darkness, the brightness of the screen will be reduced to a comfortable level.

At any level of brightness, a significant modulation of the backlight is absent, so there is no shit of the screen (there is no shim). In evidence, we give graphs of the dependence of the brightness (vertical axis) on time (horizontal axis) with various values ​​of brightness settings:

This laptop uses an IPS matrix. Microphotography demonstrates a subpixel structure typical of IPS (black dots are dust on the camera matrix):

Focusing on the surface of the screen revealed randomly arranged surface microdectors responsible for the actual matte properties:

The grain of these defects is several times smaller than the size of the subpixels (the scale of these two photographs is approximately the same), so focus on microdectors and the “rebellion” of the focus on subpixels when changing the angle of view are weak, because of this there is no “crystalline” effect.

We have measurements of brightness at 25 screen points located in steps 1/6 from the width and height of the screen (the boundaries of the screen are not turned on). The contrast was calculated as the ratio of the brightness of the fields at the measured points:

Parameter average deviation from the average min., % max., %
Black field brightness 0.26 kD/m² −8.7 23
The brightness of the White Field 265 cd/m² −9.0 6.6
Contrast 1000: 1 −17 5.9

If you retreat from the edges, then the uniformity of the White Field is good, and the black field and, as a result, contrast is a little worse. Contrast by modern standards for this type of matrices is typical. The photo below gives an idea of ​​the distribution of the brightness of the black field over the screen area:

It can be seen that the black field, mostly closer to the edge, is highlighted. However, the unevenness of the light of black can be seen only on very dark scenes and in almost complete darkness, it should not be considered a significant drawback of it. Note that the rigidity of the cover, although it is made of aluminum, is small, the lid is slightly deformed with the slightest applied effort, and during deformation the nature of the black field light changes greatly.

The screen has good viewing angles without significant flower shifts even with large deviations of the view from the perpendicular to the screen and without inverting shades. However, the black field, when deviated diagonally, highlights and acquires a red-violet hue.

Work from the battery

The capacity of the laptop battery is 90 W h. To give an idea of ​​how these numbers correlate with the real duration of autonomous work, we conduct testing according to our method using the IXBT Battery Benchmark v1 script.0. The brightness of the screen during testing is set at 100 KD/m² (in this case, this corresponds to about 45% brightness), so laptops with relatively dim screens are not advantageous.

Load scenario
Work with text (output of pictures through the NVIDIA video card) 3 hours. 3 min.
Work with text (output of the picture through the integrated graphics of the processor) 6 hours. 12 min.
View video 3 hours. 59 min.
The game 1 h. 02 min.

Like many modern gaming laptops, the battery here has a very impressive volume. Well, perhaps this will contribute to the periodic use of the Asus Tuf Gaming F15 (2022) as a portable laptop, that is, it will save on the purchase of a second laptop specifically for trips. In general, there are no obvious contraindications for this, except for the game video card and clearly gaming positioning: the device is not so heavy and bulky, except that the brightness of the screen is small for work under the sun. But in any case, it must be understood that the duration of the battery in typical “autonomous” scenarios (work with text and watching video) is not very impressive here compared to office laptops without a discrete video card: ASUS TUF GAMING F15 (2022) is 6 and it turns out 6 and 4 hours, and they can easily be, say, 10 and 6 hours at the same load. And there is no need to talk about the game application of the laptop away from the outlet: you can count on an hour maximum, and this is with reduced performance of the video card. By the way, the table also shows a visual demonstration of why you should always use a discrete video card for work, even if you are pleased with the presence of a MUX switch: Autonomous work time even with the lightest load is halved.

The time of full charge of the laptop battery from the standard adapter is a little more than an hour and a half: in the first 40 minutes the battery is evenly charged to 70%, in an hour. up to 90%. The laptop does not charge through the USB Type-C port. In the Myasus proprietary utility, you can enable the battery renewing mode by choosing how much the battery is not redistributed, in accordance with the typical laptop use profile. The corresponding LED on the case burns red when charging and white when working, when category below 10% begins to flash red. In the settings of the energy saving profile, it is impossible to set the critical discharge level below 2%, and in practice the laptop turned off at all at 3%, so the battery life was measured during discharge to this value.

Other methods for preventing fan noise

In addition to cleaning and monitoring the speeds of rotation of coolers with special software, there are several more means that can help owners of noisy laptops in certain situations.

Cooling stands

Laptop stands with a built.in cooling system come to the rescue if the coolers built into the device cannot cope with the tasks assigned to them.

And they have one or more additional fans blowing the laptop body and thereby lowering its temperature. The quality of the blowing is highly dependent on the manufacturer and the model of the gadget.

If you buy a cheap budget stand, you are unlikely to get rid of overheating. In addition, she may well aggravate the situation, additionally increasing the noise level.

In the budget segment, the manufacturer of DeepCool showed himself well, and in the expensive. Coolemaster.

BIOS laptop update

When the fan is very noisy in the laptop even when turned on, this may be the result of the wrong installations in the BIOS.

That is, the developers themselves made errors that do not allow the system to normally read readings from temperature sensors and control the speed of rotation of the coolers.

On some versions of BIOS, users do not even provide manual settings. Therefore, it is recommended to go to the official page of manufacturers, find the latest version of BIOS for your laptop model and install it, following the instructions posted there.

Do not forget to remove the disk from the drive

If you have a laptop, we advise you to read our article “5 reasons for the sudden shutdown of the laptop”

It seems to be a trifle, but able to greatly affect the noise level. A working drive for reading CD/DVDs creates vibration, which is transmitted to the rest of the device.

Such an effect is clearly not beneficial for them, so it is better not to keep the wheels in the drive, but to use more modern drives (flash drives, external HDD/SSD). They not only do not exude noise, but also more compact, resistant to damage.

That’s all. If you have some questions left after reading the material or you want to supplement it with useful information, do not be shy-write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

Reasons why the cooler is noisy and cracking in a computer or laptop

If you find that you have a nozzle of a processor or video card, a power supply, then there may be several reasons for this:

  • The fan is clogged with dust, cleaning is required.
  • There is not enough lubrication, a stator with a winding was erased, problems with a permanent magnet in the form of a ring.
  • Overheating of the processor itself, the old thermal paste, which needs to be replaced.

In the event that the processor cooler is no longer noisy, but also the cracking, then the reason for such a problem can lie in:

  • Weak fixation of the fan on the body of the radiator.
  • The blades are in contact with third.party elements: Power system wiring.
  • The uneven location of the system unit on the surface of the slot, cabinet, the presence of vibration.
  • The bearings of the fan of the video card or power supply have worn out.

In addition to these reasons why the cooler is very noisy, there may be others that are associated with the physical breakdown of the fan itself.

What to do if the cooler is cracking and rustling in a laptop or computer?

If you have determined why the fan began to make noise in the computer when it is turned on or during the work itself, then among the ways to solve the problem you need to shut down the following:

  • We disassemble a laptop or system unit. Find a fan that makes noise. Disconnect the fan from the radiator body. To do this, you need to remove the radiator itself from the processor. Change thermal grease and clean the fan blades.
  • If you have a laptop, then we recommend watching video disassembly, since sometimes it is difficult to get to the cooler. In addition, you can damage the assembly components. Better to seek help from a specialist.
  • We also recommend lubricate the bearing. There is a special oil for this. A pair of drops on the fan rod is enough.

If the noise still remains, then you need to see the settings in BIOS. To do this, you need to restart the PC and at the initial stage of the start of the PC start to click F2 or Del (the combination of the entrance to the BIOS is indicated in the instructions for the motherboard or laptop).

  • It is necessary to find such sections (they will be different) Noise Control, Smart CPU FAN TEMPerature and CPU Smart FAN CONTROL. If you turn them on, the fan will only work at the start of the system and during the peak load. However, we recommend manually set the temperature for maximum acceleration of the blades. So you will know that the system is protected from overheating.
  • Also, do not forget that there are special utilities for processor coolers and video cards that allow you to change the rotation settings of the fan blades.

In extreme cases, if the noise does not disappear, it is worth replacing the fan itself, picking it up to the size of the radiator. The cooler is not the most expensive part in the system assembly, and therefore you can buy it in any store of components PC. Just before buying, you must definitely look at the serial number, which is glued on the back of the cooler.

If the replacement of the cooler has not solved the problem, then it is worth paying attention to the hardware part of the PC and do complete diagnostics.

Apple MacBook Air A2179 2020 EMC3302 820-01958. Photos of the motherboard ⁠

Driving link in the original size without compression. Download

PS: If someone cannot find a scheme, BIOS, BOARDVIEW. You can write to me in telegram @deviedb_xyz https: // t.me/deviceb_xyz, I’ll look at my database

How we are deceived in various services ⁠

I got burnt here here. Of course, for 40 years I almost got rid of naivety, but still infuriates.

I have started a meal with a laptop. dynamic strips on the screen, or even the image disappears completely. First thought. The switch of the matrix flew. But I’m not special, I have to contact the service. Went to one of the most rated in the city. Looking at me from the height of Olympus, these gods of service gave me a verdict. Everything, matrix in scrap, urgently change,

I scraped in the back of my head and came to the conclusion that it doesn’t burn, through a stump-column, but still works, I will suffer before the move, and there we will buy a normal stationary. And somehow one fig of doubts remained, especially given the fact that when they dismantled the laptop, gathered back. Problems are gone.

The other day it began again. The image disappeared from the word completely. The husband (also never special) freak out and with the words “no worse”, he dismantled the laptop. And what did we see? Fragmented and non.fixed train. They took adhesive tape, glued it as it should be, they recorded. Turn on. Voila. Everything works great, no stripes and other blinks at all. Means what? That’s right, everything is fine with the matrix, but you need to change the train. But only the difference in the cost of services and details of times is ten times less.

I am sure that if I gave the laptop for repair. They would have replaced the train, and the score would be put up like a matrix.

Cubbles of the ASUS TUF Gaming laptop

Nurali, it’s kind of like a power indicator. (if the “lace” is not properly sticking or not to connect the red LED will light up.)

Nurali, when he “moved” from green to a red card from ASUS was also surprised by the “White bulb”, after the Internet I found that it was normal when it glows white.

Hello, the other day I purchased the ASUS Tuf Gaming B460-Plus motherboard and noticed such a strangeness: in the area of ​​the socket, a crack is heard, and if you drive a computer mouse, then the intensity increases. This sound is exactly from the motherboard, the housing fans are disconnected, the video cards are also disconnected, I stopped the processor cooler, the power supply also has nothing to do with it. Here is a link to the audio recording, I recorded on the back of the motherboard in the area of ​​the https: // vk socket.COM/AWAY.PHP?UTF = 1to = https: // drive.go.

Tell me, this is the norm for this motherboard or marriage?

Good evening. Given the ASUS GL731GT laptop. No OS. Put Windu 10 x64. The device dispatcher shows 2 video cards. The driver was installed only on integrated, on the second (GTX1650) is not installed. Writes that the driver is not suitable for the selected OS. The driver rocked first from the ASUS website, then put the latest version with Invidia.

An integrated sound card does not turn off when using an external USB

Hello! There was a problem with the ASUS laptop. Microsoft says you need to contact ASUS.https: // Answers.Microsoft.COM/RU-RU/Windows/Forum/Win.

ASUS Republic of Gamers ASUS ROG Strix SCAR II GL704GW tell me how to fix it, already all that can be reinstalled!The regimes are gone by the control of the cooler. And backlight control.

Good afternoon. Perhaps there was already an answer to a similar question, but the topic is huge, everything cannot be reviewed. ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DY laptop. The Gamevisual tab has disappeared in Armory Crate, and Racing mode has been established. I would like to change it, and in general, this tab is observed in the future. If someone knows the solution to the problem, please help)

Hello, on the ASUS ROG Strix II laptop, a turbo mode in ARMOURY CRate is not available without connecting a laptop to charging, it should be so or something is wrong for me?

How to install Sonic Studio 3 B Radar on ASUS ROG B365-F. Downloaded Audio Dravera from the office of the site, but Studio and the radar were not established what to do?

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I sell the video card: ASUS ROG Strix Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super (ROG-STRIX-GTX1650S-A4G-GAMING) Write in drugs

Good evening. Maybe someone has become a problem and can help. The bottom line is this: Assembly PC: MSI Z490 Mother, 32GB DDR4. I910900K. MSI 1080TI GAMING X. ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q MONIC. The computer is mainly used for FPS shooters (Valorant/R6, etc.). Recently, somewhere around 30-60 minutes of games began to appear frizes and a delay in input/output on the monitor (as if a vertical synchronization is connected and playing with a ping of 30-50MS, the signal is processed as with a delay of 150MS) all this is accompanied pronounced frizes on the monitor. I decided to check by replacing components (I will immediately say heating at low / high frequencies on the pro.prick and vidaha). As a result, he came to the assembly that was described at the beginning but were replaced.percent from i7 8700k. Accordingly, mother. Monitor wire. Windows (previously updated to the latest version. And now there is an assembly of the 18th series without renewal) but all of the above actions did not bring results (I forgot to say that it was not played with custom permission and in the Nvidia panel everything is worth with default settings with which there were no data problems before). All of the above arose with Gsync. Today I tried it without it and put in the Nvidia panel a fixed update frequency as a monitor technology. partially disappeared fries, but still there was a delay in the input/output. Actually a question. Could it be a problem in the G Sync module or the Monitor Matrix or still look for the problem in the gland further?

The problem of this kind, hello. I can’t activate WZ Tuning Wizard in any way, that is, transfer from the usual office direction to multimedia. I am engaged in video editing. Why the system becomes unstable and after transferring to this mode the computer hangs and does not want to load. Have to discard the BIOS settings in Defolt. What to do? If I asked the question somehow incorrectly, then I apologize.