Sight dot

The dot in the middle of the scope is a very convenient thing for more accurate shooting. There is a lot of debate among professional players about whether this feature is necessary, but in ordinary pubs, almost everyone plays with the cherished point.

How to make a crosshair a dot in CS: GO? To put a full stop, you must enter the command:

sight, settings, players

Map for adjusting the sight in CS: GO

For this method, on the Internet, you need to find a link to download the Map: crashz ‘Crosshair Generator v3 (you can immediately put the link It is in this map that you can fully customize your scope without resorting to a game console.

After you have installed the Map in your Stem, you need to click on “Find a game”, then “Official matchmaking” and the fourth item select “Maps from the Workshop”. After the whole process, click on the “Start” button.

After loading the map, many sections will appear in front of you, where you can visually see and choose the sight that suits you best. The scope for imagination is simply huge. And if there are no ideas, then there is an opportunity to see what sights are used by professional players of all top CS: GO teams and set yourself the same.

Also, the Map allows you to test the selected sight in the game with bots, as well as go to the shooting gallery, where you can check your reaction.

The ULTIMATE CS:GO 2021 Config, Crosshair And Settings Guide!

Unfortunately, the method of adjusting the sight through the Map has a significant drawback. it works exclusively in single-user mode, that is, in a game with bots.

In addition to all the above settings, we have prepared another interesting guide: settings and console commands of the T-shaped sight in CS: GO.

Do you want a sight like a cool blogger? Then quickly read about the settings of the Marmok sight in CS: GO.

CS: GO scope outline

You need to know that in CS: GO, you can turn on a special stroke at the crosshair. For some, it helps to better hold their eyes on the sight, and therefore respond faster, and then shoot.

How to make a crosshair outline in CS: GO? To turn on the stroke, you need to enter the following commands:

How to remove the outline of a CS: GO sight? To turn off use the command:

Crosshair size in CS: GO

Crosshair size is also very important in CS: GO. It is convenient for some to play with a big one, others. with a small one, and still others like the golden mean. How to change the size of the crosshair in CS: GO through the console, the commands are below:

  • cl_crosshairsize 10. large crosshair;
  • cl_crosshairsize 5. medium crosshair;
  • cl_crosshairsize 0. small crosshair.

You can change the distance between the lines of the sight. It is classically accepted to play with averages.

  • cl_crosshairgap 5. long distance;
  • cl_crosshairgap 0. normal distance;
  • cl_crosshairgap.5. small distance.

The thickness of these lines can also be changed significantly. Make them very large (for inattentive players).

  • cl_crosshairthickness 0. standard lines;
  • cl_crosshairthickness 3. thick lines.

And if you’re tired of the lines, you can basically remove the top of the scope. To do this, just enter the commands:

  • cl_crosshair_t 1 AND cl_crosshair_t 0. to return.

Sight style in CS: GO

To change the crosshair style, use the cl_crosshairstyle option. To do this, enter the necessary command into the console:

  • cl_crosshairstyle 0. standard (-dynamic);
  • cl_crosshairstyle 1. standard (-static);
  • cl_crosshairstyle 2. classic;
  • cl_crosshairstyle 3. classic (-dynamic);
  • cl_crosshairstyle 4. classic (-static).

How to set up a crosshair in CS: GO?

There are three main ways to customize your crosshair in CS: GO:

All of these methods have their own characteristics and capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at all the intricacies of aiming in CS: GO.

CS: GO is a shooter where you have to shoot at your opponents. This means that it is very important to correctly adjust the sight in order to shoot as accurately as possible. You can also make the crosshair more attractive for even more enjoyment of the gameplay.

All CS: GO fans know how interesting and challenging this game is. To constantly receive new titles, you have to work a lot on yourself, improve and, of course, win. Of course, the winrate directly depends on the player’s personal skill, but there is another indicator. the convenience of the interface and all available settings.

Many players neglect this indicator, but it is obvious that the player will only show his maximum level when it is most convenient for him to play. For this, it is necessary to set the correct settings, although some do not want to do this. Gameplay settings are a whole art, especially since they are all different, since they depend on the taste of the player and the characteristics of his body (poor eyesight, slow reaction, and so on).

Crosshair color in CS: GO

You can also customize the color of the sight. We have compiled a detailed guide on how to change the crosshair color in CS: GO, please read.

Setting up the crosshair in CS: GO via the console

To begin with, we note that the console setting allows you to greatly change the sight and its characteristics in CS: GO. This method, without exception, is used by all professional players. In order to open the game console, you must press the key

How to change the crosshair color in CS: GO?

To give the crosshair the desired color, enter the cl_crosshaircolor X command in the console, where X is the color parameter.

A total of 6 color options are available for the scope. The most popular are green, yellow, blue and red.

X = 0. red
X = 1. green
X = 2. yellow
X = 3. blue
X = 4. blue
X = 5. custom (black, white, pink and so on).

In principle, the player is free to choose the color of the sight as he pleases. The overwhelming majority of professional players believe that the shade of the crosshair does not play any role. But at the same time, you should take into account the color palette of the maps: for example, on de_dust2 and de_mirage, you should abandon the yellow color of the sight, which will simply merge with the background.

To select a custom color, you first need to enter the cl_crosshaircolor 5 console command, and then set the hue you want by entering the values ​​for red (r), green (g) and blue (b) colors. The commands for this are as follows:

Thus, you can choose any of the existing color shades by setting the numerical value of red, green and blue in the range from 0 to 255. For example:

The black White Light green
cl_crosshaircolor_r 0 cl_crosshaircolor_r 255 cl_crosshaircolor_r 125
cl_crosshaircolor_g 0 cl_crosshaircolor_g 255 cl_crosshaircolor_g 255
cl_crosshaircolor_b 0 cl_crosshaircolor_b 255 cl_crosshaircolor_b 0

How to change the scope style in CS: GO?

The scope’s configuration options are not limited to style and color. The crosshair has a number of parameters that can be configured with the basic cl_crosshair command followed by the attribute. specifically, it looks something like this:

cl_crosshairstyle. This command allows you to set the crosshair style in the console.

There are 5 types of crosshair styles to choose from:

cl_crosshairstyle 0. standard crosshair (dynamic)

cl_crosshairstyle 1. standard crosshair (static)

cl_crosshairstyle 2. classic style

cl_crosshairstyle 3. classic style (dynamic)

cl_crosshairstyle 4. classic style (static)

Professional players do not recommend using standard styles and scopes that expand when shooting or running (in particular styles 0, 1 and 2), as they take up too much screen space, which negatively affects accuracy.

Pro gamers like s1mple and ScreaM find cl_crosshairstyle 3 as the best choice for single shots and cl_crosshairstyle 4 for burst shooting.

Adjusting the scope contour in CS and CS: GO

To include the outline around the crosshair lines, enter the cl_crosshair_drawoutline 1 command in the console. Accordingly, to remove the outline, you must change the value of 1 in this command to 0.

How to set up a crosshair in KCC and CS: GO, via the console? (Sights about players)

How to set up a crosshair in CS: GO (ccc) using console commands?

To adjust the sight, you will have to contact the CS: GO console more than once. The console is activated in the game settings menu: go to the settings, select the “Game options” tab and click “Yes” opposite the “Enable developer console” option. details: how to enable the developer console in CS: GO?

If you still use the standard scope, then it’s time to change it. The basic dynamic sight in CS: GO changes its size depending on the speed of movement, position and intensity of fire. This visual approach makes it clear to beginners that running or bursting has a big impact on accuracy.

At the same time, judging from a purely visual point of view, the standard sight is far from ideal: it is too animated and takes up too much screen space. Its sweeping expansions and contractions are more distracting than giving a rough idea of ​​where the bullets fired are going.

In addition, the extended scope can lead to the erroneous conclusion that shots can hit any point in the radius of the crosshair, although this is not entirely true.

Adjusting the transparency of the sight in CS: GO

Transparency is adjusted using the cl_crosshairalpha X command. However, this parameter is recommended either to be used with the outline (cl_crosshair_drawoutline 1), or not to touch at all. The translucent sight will make aiming much more difficult, but the outline compensates for the lack of contrast between the crosshair and the surroundings.

How can you customize the scope? (Crosshair Color and Style Settings)

The basic configurable parameters of the scope are color and style. They are available in the standard game settings, you do not need to enter the console to change them.

The scope color and style settings are in the same menu as the option to enable the console: Game Settings. Game parameters. Interface settings.

How to change the aiming point in CS: GO?

To add a small dot in the center to your scope, use the cl_crosshairdot 1 console command. The cl_crosshairdot 0 command removes the dot.

Pro players do not recommend using a dot scope as it can make headshots difficult. But if it is still more convenient for you to shoot with a dot, then do not rush to remove it.

Crosshair example with center point enabled:

Sight size

This team is constantly used by both professional players and mere mortals. Most often, the latter are experimenting with it, since they have not yet chosen the size of the sight suitable for themselves. The higher the value, the larger the scope.

  • cl_crosshairsize 0
  • cl_crosshairsize 5
  • cl_crosshairsize 10

Scope outline

You can also use the outline of the sight when the sight merges with the textures of the map.

  • cl_crosshair_drawoutline 0. sight without outline
  • cl_crosshair_drawoutline 1. sight with outline

You can adjust the thickness of the scope stroke lines, the value can be from 0 to 3.

  • cl_crosshair_outlinethickness 0
  • cl_crosshair_outlinethickness 2

Professional Player Aim Settings

  • cl_crosshair_drawoutline “0”
  • cl_crosshair_dynamic_maxdist_splitratio “0.35”
  • cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitalpha_innermod “1”
  • cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitalpha_outermod “0.5”
  • cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitdist “7”
  • cl_crosshair_outlinethickness “1”
  • cl_crosshairalpha “250”
  • cl_crosshaircolor “1”
  • cl_crosshaircolor_b “0”
  • cl_crosshaircolor_g “0”
  • cl_crosshaircolor_r “0”
  • cl_crosshairdot “0”
  • cl_crosshairgap “-0.5”
  • cl_crosshairgap_useweaponvalue “0”
  • cl_crosshairscale “0” cl_crosshairsize “4”
  • cl_crosshairstyle “4”
  • cl_crosshairthickness “0”
  • cl_crosshairusealpha “1”
  • cl_fixedcrosshairgap “0”

Sight line thickness

You can also experiment with thick lines of sight. For this, there is the cl_crosshairthickness command, the larger the value, the thicker the line.

  • cl_crosshairthickness 0
  • cl_crosshairthickness 3

Black sight

Scope color and style

As we said earlier, the color and style of the crosshair can be changed in the game settings. This is the easiest way and every player who is just getting acquainted with CS: GO uses it. Another way that all professional players, without exception, use console commands. A similar option for changing the crosshair style, but in the cl_crosshairstyle console.

  • cl_crosshairstyle 0.default (dynamic)
  • cl_crosshairstyle 1.default (static)
  • cl_crosshairstyle 2.classic
  • cl_crosshairstyle 3.classic (dynamic)
  • cl_crosshairstyle 4.classic (static)

A similar setting for the color of the crosshair, but already in the console, is done using the cl_crosshaircolor command

  • cl_crosshaircolor
  • cl_crosshaircolor
  • cl_crosshaircolor 2.yellow
  • cl_crosshaircolor
  • cl_crosshaircolor 4. blue
  • cl_crosshaircolor 5.your color

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When using your own color, you need to use a few more commands

The ULTIMATE CS:GO 2020 Config, Crosshair And Settings Guide!

  • cl_crosshaircolor_r. The proportion of red (from 0 to 255)
  • cl_crosshaircolor_g. The proportion of green (0 to 255)
  • cl_crosshaircolor_b. Proportion of blue (0 to 255)

Some popular examples of using these commands

Setting up the CS: GO sight in the console

Today we are going to talk about crosshair settings in CS: GO. Many players adjust their crosshair using standard methods in the game settings. But in the visual settings of the scope, there are only two options: scope style and scope color. Of course, these two settings cannot be customized to suit your needs.

We remind you that the configuration is done through the game console, so you will need to enable the ability to use the console in the game. You can read how to do this in our article “CS: GO launch parameters”.

Hide sight

This command hides or displays the crosshair. If you have lost your sight, then I recommend that you first check this command. Most often, problems arise precisely because of her.

  • crosshair 0. sight is not displayed
  • crosshair 1. sight is displayed

Set up crosshair in CS: GO through the console

The third way is to configure the crosshair through the developer console in CS GO, by entering the commands there, which is at the end of this article, or take from the settings about players from the sites, which is higher.
But first you need to turn on the console. Go to “Settings”, section “Game” and in the line “Enable developer console” change the indicator to “Yes”. After pressing the “Y” key, the console will open.

Crosshair size in CS: GO

To resize and use the cl_crosshairsize console command in a value from 0.5 to 10.
On the screenshots you can see the main difference between these sizes.

Online adjustment of the CS: GO sight

For this, console commands. received from the site, you will need to enter it into the console in the game or, if you wish, save your CS GO config.
One of the sites for CS: GO sight generators Through it, you can configure and change the sight without entering the game.
For this:

  • Go to the sight generator site

Enter the nickname of the player whose crosshair we want to set

Having found the CS: GO player you need, check the parameters of his sight on various maps in order to test them, which is important
4. Scrolling down, you will see all the console commands for this sight. Click “Copy settings“, paste the selected text in the game into the console and press Enter.

You now have the crosshair of a professional CS: GO player!

Another site has only one map (de_dust2). Standard options are available: replace size, thickness, stroke, dynamics and gap. There is an opportunity to play with the color sliders and make a “custom” color.


If you customize the color of the sight for cs go, then it all depends on your individual needs. To create your own color, you need to enter the cl_crosshaircolor 5 command and add colors using the console commands, which are shown in the photo below. There are a huge number of these shades and you need to choose them one by one adding a little color after r b g values ​​from 0 to 255 and thus have your own unique shade and color.

Distance between sight strips

We change this characteristic with the cl_crosshairgap parameter. It is important to find a middle ground, otherwise if you have a large distance between the slats it will be difficult to shoot well at long distances and if you make a small distance it will be difficult to shoot at close distances.

Let’s consider in the article 4 ways to set up a crosshair in CS: GO:


There are 5 types of scope styles. Some of them expand in motion and this prevents them from focusing on shooting. The position of the pro players is to use the third
classic style. Regular players also use it, so we recommend you too.

Below are all 5 types of scope styles in counter strike global offensive:
cl_crosshairstyle 0. default (dynamic)
cl_crosshairstyle 1. default (static)
cl_crosshairstyle 2. classic
cl_crosshairstyle 3. classic (dynamic)
cl_crosshairstyle 4. classic (static)

To change the color, use the cl_crosshaircolor X command
There are 6 colors in total. By changing the X value to 1, 2, 3, and so on, we can change the color, namely 0 is red, 1 is green, 2 is yellow, 3 is blue, 4 is cyan, 5 is black, white, pink, etc. d.

Sight for avp cs: go

general information

Most users who operate a sniper rifle in Counter Strike Global Offensive are used to the realization that it doesn’t have any scope on it. This is true, but only partially. The sight can be mounted on a sniper rifle and it is even possible to improve it using effective techniques. This is not any scam, but standard settings that are available to any user who wants to. With their help, you can get special convenience in the match, so you should think about using them.

Bold sight on CS: GO AWP

The display that players use for CS: GO isn’t all that harmless to the eyes. This is especially true for players using a sniper rifle. They may notice that there are crosshairs in the scope, which are difficult to see. Straining your eyes once more in order to see them is far from the best idea. Honor has it that these crosshairs can be made bold, and accordingly, it will be easier to notice them even for a user with vision problems. What commands need to be used for this:

The user should copy the specified commands and send them to the console. Now the user will forget about the extra strain on the eyes and will become comfortable using AWP while playing Counter Strike Global Offensive. This is a must-have setting for regular sniper rifle users.

Top scopes for CS: GO


Each player is used to customizing the scope in Counter Strike Global Offensive in their own way. However, in order to get the really best crosshair present in the game, it is necessary to refer to the settings of the professional players. It is their scope settings that can be considered the best of all.

Top 10 scopes for CS: GO

If the user wants to try out any sights of professional players, which can purposefully be considered the best of all, then you should pay attention to the following settings (sights of CS: GO players):

These are the best scopes that professional Counter Strike Global Offensive players have. In order to set the specified sight, the user must copy all the specified settings and paste them into the developer console.