Hyde. optimal settings of the CS: GO mouse

At the moment, I do not know of anything that can make your shooting quality, other than straight arms and a good mouse setup. If it is very difficult to do something with your hands, then with the mouse settings it is much easier to solve the problem. So that you do not need to search for information on hundreds of forums and sites, we decided to do it for you and collect the most effective mouse settings. Naturally, I checked these settings first of all on myself and to my great surprise, my level really increased and I rose from silver to gold nova, and very quickly. So we will be happy to provide you with the most optimal mouse settings on our portal below:

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Mouse settings in Windows

Usually, professional players do not spend a lot of time on the mouse settings in Windows and try to set them by default, except perhaps by turning off acceleration (acceleration). To go to the mouse settings in Windows, you need to go to the following instructions: “Control Panel”. “Mouse”. “Cursor settings”. There, set the mouse speed to 6, there are 11 in total, which means that 6 is exactly in the middle. In addition, you will need to uncheck the “Enable Enhanced Pointer Precision” checkbox. When Enhanced Accuracy is on, your cursor will fly over some points. For example, if your mouse sensitivity is 8 out of 11, then the cursor will skip 2 pixels when moving, and if the sensitivity is less, the number of skipped pixels will increase. So to move the sight, you will need to move the mouse a greater distance than usual, and sometimes the mouse will not react at all, which is unacceptable for cs go.

In addition to the Windows settings themselves, some mice have software or drivers in which you can also configure the mouse, which will not be superfluous. The name of these files, programs or drivers may depend on the brand of your mouse for example: Razer, SPEEDLINK, Logitech or A4 Tech and many others.

CS:GO Pros Answer: What are your Mouse Settings?

CS: GO mouse settings

The most important thing in the in-game settings that you need to do is to disable acceleration (mouse acceleration), in the picture below it is outlined in a red rectangle.

The most observant may have noticed that in contrast to the default settings, the direct connection is disabled in the picture (over mouse acceleration). The “Direct Connection” function synchronizes the mouse settings in Windows and in CS: GO. We disabled this function so that in case of an accidental failure of the mouse settings in Windows, your settings would remain in place. It is unlikely that you would be happy to know that after reinstalling Windows, you need to configure the mouse again.

Well, and where without console settings. I am using autoexec.cfg:

m_rawinput “1” // Direct connection enabled
m_customaccel “0” // Mouse acceleration disabled
m_customaccel_exponent “0” // Acceleration value 0
m_mousespeed “0” // mouse acceleration “0”
m_mouseaccel1 “0” // mouse acceleration (at 2x mouse speed)
m_mouseaccel2 “0” // mouse acceleration (at 4x mouse speed)

DPI / Mouse sensitivity

First of all, we’ll figure it out. what is DPI?

DPI stands for (dots per inch), the number of dots per inch, or 2.54 cm.Let’s take this example: your monitor has 1000 DPI (that is, a thousand dots per inch), your mouse has 800 DPI. This means that when you move the mouse an inch, the cursor will also move an inch, only skipping a certain number of points.

For example, pros rarely use high mouse settings and often like low settings for their higher accuracy. Perhaps such settings will not suit you, this is very individual, but if you manage to get used to such settings, then you will definitely notice how your shooting accuracy has increased and most likely you will remain with a low mouse sensitivity.

Mouse sensitivity and screen resolution
If your computer’s screen resolution changes, then it in no way affects the sensitivity of the mouse. If the screen resolution has increased, then both in the game and in Windows, the cursor will simply travel more distance

Crosshair. sight view settings

We have to admit that the standard in-game scope is not bad enough, but not one professional CS GO player uses it. Each of us, if we have not yet started adjusting the sight, will sooner or later start doing this in order to adjust the sight to our taste and play style. The only thing that is set the same for most players is the static sight. The rest is everyone’s business.
To customize the scope the way you like, you will need to use about 13 commands. Of course, you do not need to memorize and enter them every time you enter the game, because the settings will be saved. But in order to completely simplify your task of adjusting the sight, we have created an online sight generator for you in cs go. With this generator, you can set up your scope very quickly, and then just copy these settings and paste them into the console. The description on the site says in detail how to do everything.

Choosing a mouse and mat

Let’s summarize what we have done!

Set the mouse sensitivity in Windows to 6/11
2. Turn off mouse acceleration in Windows, games and additional software
3. In the game settings, enable “Direct connection”
4. Recommended DPI for the mouse. 400
5. Mouse sensitivity: 2-4
6. Static sight
7. Buy a mouse with DPI control and a large mouse pad

We hope that this article was useful to you and we will definitely continue looking for information to improve your cs go skills.

Setting up a mouse in Windows

Any pro player, amateur or amateur configures the mouse by default and without using acceleration (acceleration). To do this, you need to go to the Control Panel. Mouse. Cursor settings. Set the pointer speed at 6 (11 divisions in total). this is the default speed of your mouse in the system. Next, you need to uncheck the “Enable increased pointer precision” checkbox. If you increase the speed of the mouse pointer, it will affect the fact that your crosshair in CS: GO will skip extra pixels. If you set your value to 8/11 and set high precision, then 2 or more pixels will be skipped. If you set the value below, then some of your mouse movements will be skipped. That is, in order to move the crosshair by a few pixels, you need to move the mouse more, although the minimum movement will still move the crosshair by 1 pixel.

Acceleration settings and mouse senses can be set in the software or driver, so do not forget to check there too (the name of the program and driver depends on which manufacturer of your mouse, for example, A4Tech, Sven, SteelSeries, Razer and others).

Mouse CS: GO. customization

The most important thing is here. do not forget to disable mouse acceleration.

As you can see, “Direct Connection” is enabled by default. This means that the game will ignore your mouse settings set in Windows. Why is this needed? For convenience. If you suddenly changed the mouse settings in the system and by mistake forget to return them back, then you can still play cs go without any problems.

Settings can also be changed through the console. It is optimal to use this autoexec.cfg:

  • m_rawinput “1”. direct connection included;
  • m_customaccel “0”. mouse acceleration is disabled;
  • m_customaccel_exponent “0”. acceleration value 0;
  • m_mousespeed “0”. mouse acceleration “0”;
  • m_mouseaccel1 “0”. mouse acceleration (at 2x mouse speed);
  • m_mouseaccel2 “0”. mouse acceleration (at 4x mouse speed);

Crosshair console commands

The standard scope in the game looks good, however, no one uses it. Everyone makes it for themselves and their monitor. There is only one feature that most people have. this is the static nature of the sight. To configure the crosshair, you need to use the console and 13 crosshair commands. It is not necessary to know them by heart, since you set up the sight once and immediately forget about it, since you will play with it for a long time until the next possible reinstallation of the game. However, adjusting the scope will have to tinker with in order to find one that is comfortable to play with. For more information on the crosshair settings, you can read the article with the most used console commands of the crosshair and not only.

Best CS:GO Settings Part 1: Mouse Settings

Monitor resolution and mouse sensitivity

The sensitivity (sensation) of the mouse does not change if you change the monitor resolution. After the monitor resolution has increased, in the system itself and in cs go, the mouse will travel even more distance.

Optimal mouse settings in CS: GO

Almost every CS: GO player configures his mouse in the way it will be more convenient for him to play the game. Few people use the standard mouse settings. In this article, we will break down the following points:

Selection of mouse and mat

There are many models of mice for personal computers, differing from each other in colors, sizes, the presence of a certain number of buttons, wires. On the Internet, you can find reviews for almost any gaming mouse, so the choice is yours. Among them there are leading brands whose mouse remain high to this day. As for rugs, this is also a mandatory attribute for a mouse, players most often use large rugs of this size 40×30, 50×40. This is due to the fact that players have to move the mouse quite long distances due to the low sensitivity level of the mouse. Thanks to such a large rug, your CS: GO mouse will not fly to the table.

Mouse sensitivity / DPI

DPI. it is the number of pixels per inch (2.54 cm). Let’s say your monitor has 900 DPI (that is, 900 dots per inch), and the mouse speed is 700 DPI. it turns out if you move the mouse 1 inch, then it will also pass 1 inch on the monitor, but it will miss a couple of dots on it.

Pro CS: GO players often use low sensitivity settings. Not the fact that this will suit you. If you like the high speed of the mouse, then you will need time to get used to. However, it will greatly improve the quality of your game. You will move the mouse a lot, but over time it will become the norm.

Let’s go back to talking about professional players. Below is a graph drawn from the survey results. First graph: X-axis.Rank of players, Y-axis.Number of players using a specific DPI size.

Looking at the graph, we see that many high-ranked players use exactly 400-800 DPI.

Setting up a sense in CS: GO

In addition to the usual mouse sensitivity, there is also a DPI parameter. Roughly speaking, DPI is the sensitivity only set on the mouse itself, not in the game. Mouse sensitivity, as in any game, can be adjusted directly in Counter Strike Global Offensive. In order to configure it, you should resort to the following instructions:

In this clever way, you can adjust the sensitivity right in the game. DPI adjustment is done in a slightly different way. What do we have to do:

This is how the sensitivity is adjusted, only outside the game.

Sensa simple in CS: GO

Counter Strike Global Offensive has a ton of varied professional players, but S1mple is a true individual among them. He was repeatedly named the best player on the planet, and accordingly his settings can and should be trusted. It has a sensitivity set to 3, and the DPI is 400.

How to pick a sensea in CS: GO

Again, the user must choose the ideal sensitivity for himself. There are only three factors to consider when choosing sensitivity:

Based on these parameters, the user is guaranteed to find the best sensitivity for himself. It should also be understood that the sensitivity should also be such that the player is comfortable controlling the computer mouse. This is the only way to find the ideal between settings and convenience, not otherwise.

Sensa in CS: GO

What is sensa in CS: GO

Sensa is the sensitivity of a computer mouse. It is he who is responsible for how well the user feels the gameplay and how he leads it.

The perfect CS: GO sensation

In fact, there is no ideal sensitivity. Each has its own. This is an individual parameter and only the user can choose which sensitivity is ideal for him. At the same time, if we talk about the most popular sensitivity, it is: in the game. from 1.5 to 2.5, and DPI from 400 to 800. Most likely, these values ​​are the ideal sensitivity, if you trust the majority of players in Counter Strike Global Offensive.

There are many different parameters in CS: GO that affect the outcome of a match. Highest priority of all is mouse sensitivity.

Sensa scream in CS: GO

ScreaM is a true pro and veteran of the scene, renowned for his shooting skills and mouse control. It has a sensitivity setting of 2.5. As a DPI, he found his ideal at 400. These are optimal values ​​for the game.