GoPro’s Quik Editor

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A popular free utility (recommended by Apple) that allows you to easily create slideshows and videos from photos. In total, you can use up to two hundred images for one video. Thanks to the simplified interface, the process of editing fragments and the video as a whole will not be time-consuming for the user.

There are 27 different Styles with theme-specific effects and transitions. Ready videos can be published directly from the application to social networks.


A free utility with a simple interface and limited functionality aimed at creating videos from photos. There is a database with two hundred music tracks that you can use to decorate your masterpieces. In addition, the program is endowed with support for 285 fonts, as well as high definition formats HD-720p and FullHD-108. The results of your creative experiments can be shared with friends by mail, in social networks and on video hosting.

Perfect Video

Simple video editor with numerous options. With it, you can trim, combine and split video clips, add watermarks, subtitles and music to them, change the playback tempo of individual fragments, apply transition effects between frames, and more.

The program is perfect for creating your own videos and slideshows. There are two versions. free and paid with advanced functionality.


A program for quickly creating videos from manually combined videos and photos. Notable for the fact that it offers access to fine-tuning, which allows users to participate in the creation of videos themselves, without relying on automation.

There are a variety of effects and filters, with the ability to apply them both to individual videos and to each frame separately. You can add any music from your own media library to the video sequence.

Memories feature (For You tab) in the stock Photos app (available on iPhone and iPad with iOS 10 and later)

Starting with iOS 10, the standard application for storing and editing photos and videos has acquired its own function that allows you to create thematic slideshows in automatic mode without user intervention. When creating a “video from a photo”, it is possible to select a background composition, the speed of scrolling through content and the duration.

In order to view automatic selections, open the Photos application and go to the For You tab.

To save the resulting video, click the Share button in the lower right corner, and then select a file transfer method.


The “classic” version from Apple. With its help, you can not only create cuts from home photos and videos, but also work on full-fledged trailers for games and films. There are all the necessary tools without exception.

How to make and share music slideshow in Photos app on iPhone or iPad

With the release of iOS 10, Apple seriously decided to make the Photos app a competitor to Google Photos by introducing the Memories tool with the ability to group photos by events and create slideshows from them. In this article, we will show you two ways to make a music slideshow from photos in the Photos app.

How to make and share a music slideshow (video from photos) in the Photos app on iPhone or iPad

Apple offers two options for creating slideshows.

Option 1 (creating a video movie from all photos of the album, the ability to save)

Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and go to the Albums tab. Select the desired album to create a slideshow (movie). We talked in detail about how to create albums and folders in the Photos application in this article.

Click on the “···” icon in the upper right corner.

In the menu that appears, select “Play a movie-memory”.

A slideshow of the album photos with music will be launched.

Tap the screen to change slideshow settings. Choose a soundtrack (soft, light, funny, vigorous, disco club, etc.), as well as a frame rate (short or medium).

To fine-tune the slideshow, click the “Edit” button in the upper right corner and in the pop-up window confirm your intention by clicking the OK button.

Additional options will open that allow you to change the slideshow title, title image, music theme, and select a photo for the current slideshow.

The process of detailed customization of the slideshow creates a copy of it in the “Memories” format in the “For You” tab of the Photo application.

To save the slideshow in video format to the Photos app or share it with friends, return to the original screen (before clicking the Edit button) and click the Share button in the lower left corner.

In the menu that appears, select “Save Video”.

The slideshow in video format will be saved in the Photos app.

Option 2 (creating a video movie from selected photos of the album, more opportunities for choosing animation effects and musical accompaniment)

Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and go to the Albums tab. Select the desired album to create a slideshow (movie). We talked in detail about how to create albums and folders in the Photos application in this article.

To select all photos for slideshow, click the “···” icon in the upper right corner.

To create a slideshow from selected photos, click the Select button and highlight the desired images, and then click the “···” icon in the upper right corner.

Select Slideshow. Slide show starts automatically in full screen.

How to create a VIDEO with PICTURES & Music on an iPhone. makevideo with Travelvids 2019 Tutorial

Tap the screen to change the settings. Click the Options button to change the slideshow settings.

In the Music section, select one of the suggested standard songs or music from the Music app (Apple Music).

In the Theme section, choose a style for displaying your slides. To repeat the slides, activate the Repeat item.

To decrease or increase the playback speed of the picture, use the turtle and hare slider.

Changing the soundtrack entails re-arranging the entire clip to match the tempo and tone of the composition.

It should be noted that the slideshow created using the second option does not provide the ability to save the video and send it to friends. The created slideshow can only be viewed on an iOS device or transferred to a TV with an Apple TV set-top box.

Step 2.1 Crop video

Click on the icon of the same name, set the cropping borders with black markers, then. “Save”. Apply a beautiful mask to the video. to do this, click “Layer Mask”, and select one of the proposed options.

Step 2.2 Add video effects

Click on the “” icon in the left corner of the editor, here you can choose different types of improvements for your video. For example, click ” effects”, select one of the options offered by the program. blizzard. Click Add to Slide. Now your movie is snowing beautifully!

Special effects for the camera are applied when you click on the icon with its image. Change here the position and tilt at which the movie is shown, the type of animation. constant speed, push, bounce, etc.

Install a program to create a movie

Download Windows Movie Maker. The program is distributed on a shareware basis. It is compatible with operating systems Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and the latest version of Win 10. The new improved software has a user-friendly interface, nice design and many tools for making movies at home.

Click on the downloaded distribution kit and install the program on your computer. Next, launch it from the shortcut on your desktop, and in the menu that opens, click on the “Create a new slide show” icon. Add video from PC memory.

How to make a movie from a video

Click under the slide on the pencil icon, or on “Edit Slide” on the right side of the menu. The editor opens. Click on the “Layer” tab, then, once click on the video itself so that a green frame appears on it, start editing.

How to make a movie from video at home

Videos should not lie on the hard disk of the computer as a dead weight, and “gather dust” in a rarely opened folder. We offer you to diversify your collection of videos and clips, to make each of these files more beautiful and interesting. Create a bright film from a nondescript video. and watch it with pleasure.

To make a movie from video at home, you need a simple program and a little free time. We advise you not only to follow the step-by-step instructions provided, but also experiment with different types of effects and enhancements.

Add titles

What quality film does without beautiful titles? Click on “Add titles”, click on the option you like, then on “Add to slideshow”. Now “Edit Slide”, in the list of layers, enter a new name for your movie. Add new labels through the icon “”.

Create a movie

The operation on how to make a movie from a video at home has been completed, now convert the file to a new, easy-to-view format. In the main menu of the program, click on the “Create” tab, then select one of the conversion types, for example, create a video for publishing on the Internet.

See how to make a clip for a song, and then edit it with the tools of the new version of Windows Movie Maker. Store movies, videos and clips on your computer, record them on your phone, publish them on the Internet, with this software the quality of your files is always at the highest level!

How to make a movie from photos and videos with music on the computer

What could be better than a good photo?. Some nice photos! They replace each other, complement, lead the viewer, tell a story. The video sequence is accompanied by music that makes the show even more expressive. Collectively, this is called a slideshow. To do it you need the PhotoSHOW PRO program and a little time and desire.

Step 2: add effects to your slides

At this stage, you have to make a spectacular show out of a simple set of photographs. You need to add visual effects to your photos. They will make the photos move around the screen, rotate, the frame and background will appear.

Select the Effects tab. The program will display thumbnails of the available effects. Any of them can be viewed in the player. To apply an effect to a slide, drag the effect thumbnail with the left mouse button to the desired slide.

To save time, you can let the program automatically apply effects to your slides. Click the Random Effects button. Evaluate the result and replace the effects selectively if you don‘t like them.

Stage 4: music and voice

The Music tab contains tools for working with the sound of the slideshow. On it you can add and remove music files, change their order in the presentation, crop, adjust the volume.

On top of the musical accompaniment, you can record your voice commentary: tell us about what is left behind the scenes, about the circumstances of the shooting, explain what is shown in the photo. You need a microphone for recording, take care of it in advance.

Stage 5: saving the presentation and the finished result

Knowing how to make a photo slideshow and how to make a slideshow are not the same thing. It will take time. The program “PhotoSHOW PRO” allows you to save the intermediate result of work in order to return to it later and continue working. In the “File” menu, select “Save project as”, specify a name in the opened explorer window and specify the location of the file, click “Save”. To continue working on the slideshow, double-click this file.

Save the presentation file in the selected folder

Finally, everything is ready and you need to export the result, that is, convert the finished slideshow into a format suitable for uploading to the network, or burn it to a DVD, or create a file for viewing on a device.

The choice of format and method of output is done on the “Create” tab. Choose from ready-made presets, or set your own parameters. Follow the prompts in the dialog boxes.

Select the desired preset to create a video file

Stage 3: edit the transitions

Now that you see the fully formed visuals of your slideshow, you can work on the transitions and edit the slide transition.

Go to the “Transitions” tab. The principle of working with them is almost the same as with effects. In the player, you can preview the transition as a thumbnail and then drag it to the desired position on the timeline. Please note that the duration of the transition can also be changed.

Installation and familiarity with the program

You can download the distribution kit of the program from the program’s website using this link. The program is installed and launched according to the standard Windows procedure.

The main program window is divided into several areas: tabs for accessing files and tools, the player and the artboard. On it you will see the sequence of your slideshow slides in the order they will be shown.

Now that you have downloaded and installed the program, we will look in detail at the stages of how to make a slideshow from photos.

Stage 1: import photos and music

Select the “Photos and Videos” tab in the main window of the program. In the explorer on the left we find the photo files from which you will create your slideshow. Desired images can be dragged onto the artboard and arranged in the desired sequence.

The contents of the entire folder can be quickly added to the artboard by using the “Add All Photos” button located at the bottom of the tab.

View the order in which the slides are arranged on the artboard. If necessary, you can move them to the desired place in the slideshow by dragging the thumbnail along the ribbon. Adjust the slideshow duration if needed. It is indicated by numbers in the corner of the slide.

In this way, you can make one slide from one photo. But the program “PhotoSHOW PRO” also makes it possible to combine up to six photos in one slide.

Go to the “Collages” tab. Select the option you like and double-click it. A window for importing photos into the selected collage template will open. Add photos to the collage and save the result by clicking the “Apply” button. In the player on the right, you can view both the thumbnail of the collage and the finished slide.

Add multiple photos to one slide

After uploading photos, add music to your slideshow. The import audio button is located under the image feed.

Play the resulting result in the player: you will see how still photos on a black background replace each other to the music. Not bad, but not enough. But we promised to teach you how to make an effective photo slideshow. The fun begins next.

Add photo

Now you need to add beautiful photos to the editor. The left column contains an overview of all folders on the computer. Find the photos you want there and drag them to the work panel. If desired, photo slides can be swapped, copied and deleted.

In the Collages tab, you will find dozens of universal slide templates that you can use to complement any project. All presets are already animated. All you need to do is drag the slide you like from the catalog onto the timeline, embed photos into it and evaluate the result in the preview player. Your work will sparkle with new colors!

Save your slideshow

How do I make a slideshow viewable on my phone or player? “PhotoSHOW PRO” will allow you to easily upload the created video from photos to any device, as well as convert to one format or another, burn it to DVD and upload it to the Internet. You just need to open the “Create” section, save the project and select one of the presented export methods. Adjust video parameters and start converting. Wait until the end of the work and play the resulting movie.

Making music slideshows from photos is not only easy but also fun! Develop your creativity with “PhotoSHOW PRO”.

Start creating your unique slideshows now!

Just download the program and follow the instructions below!

Apply effects

You already know how to create a slideshow from photos and music. Bright effects, which are in the tab of the same name, will help to complement the presentation. Use your mouse to drag the effects you are interested in onto the image slides. If you wish, you can edit the animation parameters, add clipart or text by clicking “Edit Slide”.

Install the program

Run the distribution kit of the program. Follow the instructions on the screen and the installation process will be quick and easy.

Add transitions between photos

Use the Slideshow Wizard to add the same or random transitions to all slides at once. To do this, press the special button on the toolbar shown in the illustration. In the dialog box that appears, select the style and duration of the transitions and specify the desired duration for the slides. You can also view all available transitions by clicking the Transitions tab. You can find more information in the instructions on how to add transitions to videos.

How to create a video from photos and music

It is always a pleasure to receive a video made from joint photographs as a gift from a loved one. And to present such a gift to someone is no less pleasant, because creating a video from photos with your own hands is a very interesting and exciting process.

If you’re looking for a video maker from your photos, check out Movavi Video Editor, a full featured video maker and editor. Due to its ease of use and an intuitive interface in Russian, mastering the program will not be difficult even for a beginner.

Turn your digital photo album into a vivid and memorable slideshow with Movavi Video Editor! To create a video from a photo yourself, you need to download the program and follow just five simple steps.

Add files

Run the program and click Add Files. In the dialog box that opens, select the photos and pictures that you want to use in your video. You can also drag pictures to the workspace directly from the folder in which they are stored. The added photos are automatically placed on the Video track. You can move and arrange them in the desired order.

Want to insert a beautiful animated screensaver at the beginning or end of your slideshow? In our collection of licensed videos, you will find many stylish hand-drawn clips and moving backgrounds for titles! To go to the collection, click the Video Collection button.

Magisto. program for generating video from pictures

Magisto software allows you to create and process music slideshows on devices with iOS and Android systems, both online and offline.

It supports such important basic functions as:

  • transition;
  • face recognition;
  • applying filters;
  • automatic stabilization.

With the help of Magisto, you can not only make videos from music with photos, but also put together disparate videos. As with Google Photo, AI can easily create a custom script for your project. Emotion Sense Technology identifies key scenes by the presence of close-ups, moving objects, dialogues.

The Magisto interface is very easy to master. The “Family Sharing” option allows six people to use the same version of the program at once. However, although the app advertises itself as “free”, it will require paying to get a decent result.

Likee. social network with built-in online video editor

The popular Likee application allows you to decorate your projects with beautiful stickers, apply fashion filters, and replace the faces of people in the photo. There are many settings for image processing. Likee, you can also watch video content from all over the world and meet other people.

The developers made the program free, but they make money from advertising. The built-in function for automatic creation of slideshows allows you to instantly get a beautiful and unusual movie created by artificial intelligence algorithms from your photos online.

How to make video from photos with music online?

Below I will list a few online services that can help you make video from photos with music for free. These online services work in approximately the same way:

  • you sequentially upload the photos (and music) you need to them. Services for adding music to videos are described here;
  • choose the settings for your clip (the more complete the functionality of the service, the richer the possibilities for settings);
  • the clip is processed, you view the result, and then download the clip (or get a link to it on the network).

At the same time, some of the services may have shareware functionality, where you will have to pay extra for the full set of features.

How to quickly make a Slideshow video on iPhone (No 3rd party Apps required) online video editor

To create a video online from a photo with music, I recommend using the MakeVideo service. To work with the service, do the following:

  • Go to the resource;
  • Click on the “Upload photos, videos, and music” button on the top left and upload your photo and music in sequence;
  • Choose the background for your clip, the text for the overlay, also decide on other clip settings at the bottom of the screen;
  • Click on the “Create” button;
  • Wait until the end of the processing process;
  • Click on the “Watch my video” button;
  • If you do not like the result, click on the “Continue editing” button and resume editing the clip;
  • When you are satisfied with the result, click on the “Download” button, then right-click on the blue “Download” button and save the result by selecting the “Save object as” option.

Slide Life. make a clip for free

Another service with shareware functionality to make video from photos with music online. With all the possibilities of the site, its free functionality is significantly limited, allowing you to create a clip from several slides and your music, which, moreover, you need to wait 5 hours. Great opportunities are available only on a paid basis.

To take advantage of the capabilities of this service, do the following:

  • Log in to the resource using this link;
  • Click on the “Try for free” button;
  • Choose a theme for your video;
  • Switch to the “Slides” tab and upload your photos (or add text) by clicking on the plus sign;
  • Click “Next”, go to the “Melody” tab and select the one you like (or upload your own);
  • Click on “Next” and click on the button “Make a video”.

ScoompaVideo. editor to create video from photos

The ScoompaVideo editor is very popular and has over 85 million downloads on the Google Market. Video can be processed using a huge number of styles, filters, frames. A large library of music is available, import of your own audio track is open.

By adjusting the settings, the user develops an individual style and makes the video unique. This makes the slideshow more interesting and memorable for viewers. You can download the application from here.

You can easily upload files for inclusion in a video project both from your device and from the Internet. You can take a photo with your phone camera right on the spot, and immediately attach it to a slideshow. The application also has a significant drawback: in the free mode, it is allowed to make only videos with a duration of less than 1 minute 30 seconds.

iMovie. free video editor to create music slideshow

The online video editor for Apple products iMovie is very handy for making music slideshows. Although the application is considered free, the full functionality is available only after payment. The download link is here.

IPhone owners often prefer to use iMovie. It supports many image formats and languages ​​and is very stable and with high performance. Easily helps to make video from photos with music overlay. Family Sharing lets you share the app with your loved ones for free.

How to make a beautiful slideshow out of photos on iPhone

  • movie from all photo files with saving;
  • video from the selection with an expanded selection of music and animation.
  • click on the date the album was created;
  • activate the playback icon (first a photo will be created, then the preview will start);
  • touch the screen to change the parameters;
  • pick up musical accompaniment.

To save or download the slideshow to your iPhone or share, you need to click on “Share”.

When using the second option, you need:

  • select an album, mark on the first photo frame
  • highlight pictures;
  • click on “Share”;
  • go to “Slideshow” (for preview);
  • touch the screen;
  • go to “Parameters”;
  • pick up a song from Apple Music or a section;
  • define a style in the “Theme” section.

It is important to know that videos can only be made and watched, cannot be saved or sent. In addition to being shown on the gadget, you can transfer to a TV equipped with an Apple TV set-top box.

IPhoto 11 or higher and an iCloud account are required to display the wallpaper as an animated slideshow on the iPhone desktop.

  • enable “Photo Stream” in the settings (on “iCloud” and switch);
  • enable “Photo Stream” on the gadget (iPhoto, then on “Enable”);
  • go to “System Preferences”, then to “Desktop and Screensaver”, then to “Screensaver”.

After selection, it remains only to select the parameters.

IPhone 6s / 6s Plus and iPhone 7/7 Plus have Live Wallpapers. To use them, you need to enable 3D Touch and show the program the path to the photos.

  • enter “Live Wallpaper”, define a category in the menu;
  • flip through and mark photos;
  • go to “Photos”, then “All photos”;
  • open a saved snapshot;
  • click on “Share”;
  • click on “Wallpaper”, then on “Live Photo” and “Install”;
  • further “Lock screen”.

The selected photo file will appear on the screen. Hold is required after pressing until animation appears.

How to create and save a slideshow in an app on iPhone

  • open;
  • log into your account;
  • click on “For You”, then on “New Film”;
  • pick up a snapshot, click on “Create”;
  • when ready to “Save”.

The user can change the sequence of displaying frames, a song, watch a photo film and use according to the instructions.

Home Use Apps

IMovie is considered a classic, which allows not only creating modest slideshows on a computer or iPhone, but also working with films and game trailers. There are many tools, but it takes time to learn. Users consider an advantage to be the ability to publish videos on YouTube and. disadvantage of having to pay 5.

Free to make slideshow for iPhone allows applications:

  • GoPro’s Quik (Apple Recommended)
  • Pics2Mov;
  • PhotoMotion;
  • Perfect Video.

Quik editor that allows you to get a cool slideshow of 200 photos on your Android or iPhone phone. There are 27 styles available with highlights and effects to match your chosen theme. The clip is edited quickly, publication in social media is allowed. networks.

The Pics2Mov utility is also distributed without payment, due to the limited functionality it is possible to produce only clips from pictures. The database contains 200 music tracks, 285 fonts, FullHD-108 and HD-720p formats with high resolution. In addition to publishing on social networks, sending by e-mail and posting on video hosting is possible.

In PhotoMotion, still images and video files are manually combined. The presence of fine settings makes it possible not to rely on automation, but to create an original slideshow on your iPhone yourself. There are a lot of filters and effects. You can add music from your library.

Perfect Video has 2 versions: simplified and paid. This software allows not only making videos, but also separating, combining them, adding melodies and captions, applying special effects, changing the viewing pace. For home use it is enough.

Slide Show on iPhone

You can create your amazing slideshow on iPhone for free right now, on this site. Choose a cool design and upload your photos, videos, music. Very quickly we will make an excellent clip for you, which you will not be ashamed to present to your loved one.

Functionality of the built-in application “Foto”

This application is available starting from iOS 10. Slide show from photos on iPhone is done automatically, user participation is not required. You can choose a melody, video duration, speed of scrolling through photos. Google extension in functionality differs little.

Free slideshow software with music for iPhone

This program is for online slideshow maker for iPhone or Android. It is freely distributed on the App Store. The main advantage is the absence of restrictions on the number of files. The format is chosen depending on where the finished video will be used. than a hundred forms, transitions, effects are offered. Finished videos are saved in the gallery, from there they can be sent by e-mail to. Youtub, Instagram.

The choice of the program is complicated by the wide assortment. Most focus on the convenience and quality of the videos. It is difficult to recommend something specific, each development has its own advantages and disadvantages. For beginners, simple free options are preferable. It is worth spending money if you have at least minimal experience.

Slide show online

Service in Russian. You can create a movie in a few simple steps:

  • choose a template
  • upload photos
  • add music
  • come up with a name
  • enter email address mail to which the finished film will come.

Here you will have to wait a bit, as the developers promise to edit the film within 8 hours. Although I think everything will be much faster.

The service also offers to download the PRO version of the program with a trial period of 10 days. By the way, in 10 days you can create more than a dozen films, take advantage of this offer.

Create video from photos online. bring your photos to life

Hi everyone. In the digital age, every family has accumulated so many photos that flash drives and cloud storages will burst, and viewing has become a boring procedure of clicking the “Next” button. You can revive and make photos interesting, unforgettable using the resources of the network. Here you will learn how to create a video with photos, music and captions for free. The online program will automatically create a great movie, you just have a little control over it.


Great service with many different features. Here you can make a great movie out of photos. Each photo can be individually edited by applying:

  • various filters
  • animation
  • change of size
  • adding animated stickers
  • text application

Photos in the film can be placed on any background you like. Add various transitions with effects.

The only drawback of Kizoa is that it does not support Russian, but this is not a problem. After spending a little of your precious time and playing around with the functions, you will quickly figure out how to create a movie from photos with music and captions.

Let’s take a look at some of them as an example.

In the “My Images” section, you need to add photos from your computer by uploading them one by one or several at once, selecting them in advance. For example, I added three photos, and from them we will try to make a small video.

The next section is to suggest a kind of movie creation. In my case, I choose “Templates”.

In a new window, I picked up a suitable template and uploaded music. I press “Next”.

The next step is to add photos. all three. You can add much more, no one limits. I press “Next”.

This short video is almost ready, but I decided to add something.

I add transitions between photo changes for greater effect.

And as an advertisement, I threw a couple of animated stickers, increasing them to the size of photos.

The more I work with the film, the more I like the service.

I almost forgot about the text. I add text flying away to nowhere. That’s only in English (very sorry).

Now the film is ready and I am sending it straight to YouTube, you can download it to your computer or send it by mail, at your discretion.

This will require registration, do not ignore, but rather do it right away.

Here’s what I got in five minutes.

If you find it difficult to deal with this service, move on to the next, simpler.


Also an uncomplicated service, albeit in English. Not very rich functionality, but I advise you to try it.

The Google Chrome browser does an excellent job of translating and as a result, everything is clear.

The principle of managing the creation of a movie is similar to the previous one: upload photos and music, choose a template and you’re done.

Share the movie on social media. networks and send to your mail.

I spent five minutes here and called the film “Dreams”. Look.

For a smartphone, you can download an application from Slidely and create videos from photos, with music and captions online for free on the fly.

Vigo Video

With the Vigo Video app, you can create videos up to 15 seconds long. Decorate videos with stickers, music, animation effects.

The application has its own internal social network, where you can publish both full videos and individual cuts of them, you can also watch videos created by other users of the Vigo Video application.

You do not need to pay for the use of the application, it is available for free.

TOP 5 Simple and Effective Apps to Create Videos from Photos on iPhone

If you are the owner of an iPhone, then the photos stored on the device can be turned into videos. To do this, you should use special applications. There are many iPhone apps that allow you to do this.

The most popular photo video maker apps are:

Quik is free and recommended by Apple. Has a lot of tools to create slideshows and videos from photos.

Has a simple interface that allows you to use Quik to create videos from photos without wasting a lot of time.

The app supports 27 styles with different themes and transitions that can be used when creating videos. Videos created in the app from photos can be automatically published to social networks.


The Pics2Mov utility has a simple interface and not very wide functionality, but nevertheless it is suitable for creating videos from photos. The application has a base with music tracks that can be used to decorate the created videos.

Pics2Mov supports 285 fonts and also lets you create high definition videos. The application has tools that allow you to share the created videos by email, on social networks, as well as using popular video hosting sites.


If you need to quickly create a video from iPhone photos, then PhotoMotion is best suited for this purpose. The program provides users with access to fine-tuning, which opens up more options. Users participate in video creation on their own and do not rely on automation.

PhotoMotion can also offer users filters and effects that can be applied to the entire video or to individual frames.

It also has its own media library with a large number of music tracks that you can add to your video. The program has a simple interface, so you can quickly figure it out.

Perfect Video

A simple video editor with a lot of all kinds of options. Using Perfect Video, you can create videos from photos, cut and combine individual frames from videos, add watermarks, as well as subtitles and audio.

It is also possible to add transition effects between frames for video.
There are two versions of the Perfect Video app: free and paid. Paid is distinguished by the presence of advanced functionality.

Each of these apps can be used to create a video from photos on iPhone.