How to create a Google account without a phone number

Yes. Google has not closed the ability to create accounts without entering the phone. Turn the account without binding the number can still be. The need to confirm the personality through sending code for SMS or using a call does not always occur, but only in some cases.

Why the system asks to enter the phone and how to avoid it

This is usually happening if the user registed too many accounts, often entered the wrong password or enters IP addresses that show suspicious activity.

There are several tricks that will increase the chances of success. If you do not work out the account without binding the number, try to do the following:

  • Before creating a new account, exit the current.
  • Connect through your mobile Internet or another network other than your usual.
  • Use another computer or Android device.
  • Indicate at registration age 15 years or younger.
  • Create an account not from Google’s main page, but from the “Account” section for this link.

Temp Mail

Simple and convenient service for creating temporary mail. You can use a random address or assign your. There are extensions for Chrome and Opera, as well as mobile applications. However, Tempmail works great in the usual browser.

Mail from the most popular Google search engine. In addition, one of the few with Russian intertees and international graduation “ “(just before some sites of the letter on the” ru “mail did not reach and gmail in this plan very much).

The main advantages of this postal service:

  • Fully large drawer: you immediately get 15 GB of a place that can be filled with any messages and files (for a start more than enough. On many paid services. give it less. );
  • one of the best filters from spam (plus you can independently configure these filters);
  • Mail is always available, 99.99% of the time. Still, Google technology, just so these technologies did not become the first in the world ☝;
  • Quick search among hundreds and thousands of letters in the box (for example, it is very useful when you are on a separate word from the letter (you no longer remember where it and who sent it) want to find it);
  • After mailing, you will automatically access Many Google Services (convenient!);
  • Grouping letters: Mail itself automatically lays out letters to various catalogs (social. networks, promotions, alerts, etc.);
  • Ability to edit Word and Excel Documents Online. You can also download the necessary supplements from the depositary to expand the capabilities of the base mail;
  • very high security.
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Which services you can get a mailbox for free?

Any of the method described below is universal and for other postal services. Instructions can be used regardless of the model of your phone. Small differences can only be in the intees.

I recommend creating an email in the following postal services:

create, email, phone, number, google

All these postal services are good in their own way, it is our pros and cons. However, I still recommend to stop my choice on two this Yandex and Google. Ideally will be fine if you have a mailbox in both of these services, each of them will complement each other.

All listed postal services have their own mobile application management application. I recommend using them, they will be much more convenient than the standard email client.

Use a fictive number

Fictive number. This is an online service that you can use to check your accounts by mobile phone number. You can use one of the phone numbers from these sites instead of your.

Then Gmail will send a check key to this number, and you can read it and enter it.

Keep in mind that you can use this phone number only once. Thus, if you install your phone number as the only recovery option, you can forever lose your email account forever.

How to use gmail without phone number

Simply put, you do not need to have a phone number in Google Account / Gmail. Google actively promotes this idea, so it can contact you and report confirmation codes and help in situations with account blocking. But if you decide to hide your number, nothing bad happens. Your Google / Gmail account will work in the usual mode.

If you decide to add a phone number, for security purposes, the same number can only be used for four different accounts. After that, you can use another security check process, such as two-factor authentication or Yubikey.

But if you have reached the limit of four accounts and do not want to use another confirmation method or simply do not want Google to know your phone number, simply register an account, as usual, and leave the phone empty field. As you can see, it is clearly marked as optional.

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However, it is recommended to add a backup email address to all other Gmail addresses so that Google has, with what to contact you if your account is blocked. You should also set the age of 15 years as in the account you are setting up and in a backup emails, since it is obviously saying Google that you probably don’t have your own phone. But really, how many 15-year-olds have no phone now?

Another option is to simply use a fictitious number to receive confirmation by SMS from Google. One of these complimentary services is a free SMS check.

When you register Google account on your phone, and it requests a number from you, you can enter a fictitious number mentioned above. Or you can click the link “Skip” to completely abandon the phone number.

Is it possible to register Google Account without a phone?

Run ahead. yes it is possible. There are several ways to make a new account without confirming it by phone. First, try simply to register if you didn’t create many accounts earlier, no problems will arise. If problems appear, you will have to change IP, check PC for viruses or use one of the ways below.

Solutions are several, you can make a new profile in the Google Chrome browser, use the old smartphone, or find virtual numbers on the Internet. For each of these options, we will give more detailed instructions so that you do not have any questions, at least one of them will help you.

You can not bother to buy how many accounts of accounts on b uyaccs. In the price list there are Google Accounts, their cost begins with 0.3.

Almost all the ways help create several accounts, but they will not be eliminated infinitely. The protection is triggered and after filling out the form still fall on the page where the phone number is required. It is impossible to go around such protection, and sometimes you just wait a bit (day).

How to create a gmail account without checking

There are several ways to create a Gmail account without confirmation by phone. One of the easiest ways to do it. through Gmail application. Why? Because no matter how you register, you can refuse to provide a phone number to check. Alternative way. Enter 15 years old. So Gmail will think that you still do not have a phone number.

Note. Although these methods can work, sometimes when entering your account from another device or when you press the application, you will request your phone number in the application. To avoid this problem, add another email to check before re-entry so that it can request this email. Add one more email with age for 15 years, and you should take care of. If everything else fails, you can at least use the fictitious number website. You still have to add a phone number, but it will not be yours.

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How to send first letter

If the addressee is one or more

Step 0. If you want to write a letter to Gmail, then click on the left button “Write”.

Step 1. A window will appear with the address of the recipient, the theme and body of the letter.

Start enter the name of the recipient. If the name is in the address book, or you have already received or sent a letter, the address will instantly appear. Press “Copy” or “Hidden Copy”. add addressees that will also receive a letter.

Come up with letters. Write in essence so that the recipient immediately understand what will be speech.

Step 2. Select the font and do not overdo it with the selection of text. The letter should easily read and not look like a chessboard or blanket from different flaps.

Step 3. Click on the clutch if you want to attach the file to the letter. The document should not weigh more than 25 megabytes. If you want to send a “heavy” file, download it to the cloud storage and give a link to it in the letter.

Step 4. Gmail has a confidential send function. You send a letter, and the recipient can open it if I entered the code. Useful if you need to send secret information.

If a lot of addressees are

In the postal services (Gmail,) you can send letters to groups of addresses, but it is impossible to make mass mailing numbers here. This means that send one message immediately by 200-300 addresses they will not give.

For mass mailings, special distribution services are used (for example, Unisender). You can create a beautiful HTML letter, download the addresses of the desired users and send messages. Mailing results can be tracked: you can watch who read the letter and click on the links. In the distribution services, you can send an unlimited number of letters.