How to create a new Apple ID: registration in App Store without a card

Apple provides users with their devices a large number of free and paid services that allow you to simplify file access and synchronize your phone or tablet with laptop. But to use them, you need to start your unique account. Many have problems. How to create a new Apple ID and register correctly in the App Store, we will tell you later.

Apple ID is your unique login and password that allows you to use many capabilities and services. Also, the owners of the account have the opportunity to attach a credit card to it or use another payment method, after which they will have the opportunity to make purchases of applications, music and game currency in just a couple of steps. If you are authorized in the account with the iPhone, you can download the special program and configure the “Find iPhone” function so that in the case of loss and theft of the device, quickly find it. Another reason to start an account is an opportunity to create or join the Family Access group in order to get some discounts and always have information about what actions were performed on the construction of your family members.

What are iTunes and Apple ID

Apple ID is an Apple account for access to Apple services, including App Store, ICLOD, Messages, Online Store, Facetime online store and many others. It contains data designed to enter the system, contact and payment information, as well as security data used in the operation of all Apple services.

How to Set Up your new iPhone | Create Free Apple ID | Complete Beginners Guide

Apple ID is an account. With which you can make purchases in the AppStore application store, upload videos, photos and books to your device. And also create backups (synchronize).

Itunes is a media player for organizing and playing music and films developed by Apple and distributed free of charge for MacOS and Windows platforms. ITUNES provided access to the ITUNES Store company online store, allowing you to buy music, films, iOS applications and books.

One way to create Apple ID requires the availability of the iTunes program, which can be downloaded from the official Apple website.

The ITUNES program is installed exactly, like any other application on your computer, and has support for the Russian language. In addition, you can immediately understand what exactly will allow you to do and what opportunities will provide:

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At one of the steps you will be offered to put a checkmark on the adoption of an agreement on the use of this software. At the first launch, it will be proposed to open access for Apple to your media, so that pictures of artists and the cover of the disks are loaded into it. I don’t need it, so I chose the option to cancel.

How to register a new Apple ID

Your iPhone, iPad or iPod can be used without Apple ID. But only with the “out of the box” applications. You can’t download something from the AppStore. You have two opportunities to create an Apple account on the device.

  • When activating the phone. Before you will be the “Apple id” screen. If you choose “create.d free”, then this item is for you.

But you can skip this step and return to it later. About the second option, but for now we will analyze the first case.

How to Create Apple ID On Windows

There is nothing complicated in this paragraph. You need to enter your name and date of birth, as well as indicate your email or use the free mail There you will need to come up with a password for an account. Do not be lazy, the password is better to choose a reliable.

If you missed the creation of the identifier at the very beginning, then you will face this in the application store.

In the AppStore, click on the “Account” icon.

Select “Create Apple ID”.

The first steps will be the same as in the first paragraph. But you went to the application store. Therefore, it will be required here:

  • Indicate the region in which you find. This is necessary for the fact that the applications were in Russian, with its presence in the application itself, of course. There are also applications that are not available in all countries. That is, it may be this: your friends in Europe have a program, but in Russia it is blocked.
  • You have to agree with the rules of the company.
  • You need to add a payment method.
  • Confirm the phone number and email. This is necessary for notifications and to restore access to the account.

If you already have Apple ID, but you need to create a new. Then we leave the account and apply according to the instructions above.

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How to create an American Apple ID

It happens that there is no program or game you are interested in in the Russian segment of the App Store, but at the same time it is available for loading in the American or New Zealand segments, which do not access without a “local” account. This happens, for example, with a software of the application. How to create an American Apple ID, as well as New Zealand, Canadian, Australian and so on.

The creation of an American account of Apple ID is no different from creating a Russian, with the only difference being that when registering Apple ID, at one of the stages you should indicate that country, to the App Store segment of which you want to access.

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What is the Apple ID for

Apple ID will allow access to all Apple online services, including: ICLOUD, IMESSAGE, FACETIME, Apple Music, and of course, iTunes Store and App Store.

If you describe in simple words, then using Apple ID, you can:

We strongly recommend that you understand and try out each of the points.

If in the near future you do not plan to make purchases in Apple online stores, then create an Apple ID account account without a credit card. In any case, replenish the account of this account or tie a card to it and later.

How to create an account in the App Store (Apple ID) with iPhone or iPad

Launch the App Store application and at the very bottom of the “selection” page click “Enter”.

In the menu opened, select “Create Apple ID”.

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Choose the country and click “Next”.

Accept the user agreement.

  • E-mail-email address will be the login of your account of Apple ID.
  • Password. it must contain at least 8 characters, including numbers, capital and lowercase letters. The same symbol cannot be repeated three times in a row.
  • Control questions and answers to them.
  • The date of birth.

After the correct indication of all the information, click “Next”.

Note: on this page you can unsubscribe from Apple mailings by removing the corresponding switches.

Select a Payment Method. In the case of a bank card, it is necessary to specify the card number, security code and date of validity period. If you select a mobile phone (only beeline and megaphone) as a payment method, then you need to specify only the mobile phone number.

Advice! You can learn about how to create Apple ID without a credit card in this instructions.

Enter the address of the account by indicating the greeting, surname, name, address, index, city and mobile phone number. Click “Next”.

Confirm the creation of Apple ID by clicking on the link “Confirm the address” in the letter that will come to the email specified during registration.

Ready! You have created an Apple ID account and you can download or buy apps from the App Store.

How to create Apple ID for free on iPhone or iPad

1st step: Open the App Store, iTunes Store or other Apple content store

2nd step: Find any free content, click on the “Download” button and confirm your intention using “Install”

3rd step: When a content store asks to enter Apple ID data, select “Create a new Apple ID”

4th step: Follow the instructions on the screen, and when you get to the “Payment Information”, select the option “No”

5th step: After indicating all the necessary information and confirmation of the creation of Apple ID, activate the identifier using a letter that will come to e-mail

Creating an Apple ID account without a credit card on mobile iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

We find, load and install free (be sure to enter the card number) application.

In the dialog box that appears, select “Create Apple ID”.

We read and agree with the conditions of the store by clicking on the “I agree” button at the bottom of the screen.

Enter the information into the proposed fields: email, password, year and month of birth, etc.D. We check the entered data once at once. If everything is normal, we click “Next”.

As a payment method, select “No”.

Fill the remaining fields, click “Next”.

Confirm the account using email. Ready!

Creating an Apple ID account without a card is successfully completed, and now you can start using iWork or make purchases on the App Store. If you forgot the Apple ID password and cannot recognize it, follow the links /Materials /196 or /Materials /210.

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