Apple ID: 3 ways to create an Apple account (through iTunes, directly from iPhone and without a credit card)

Registration of a single account for all services from Apple (iTunes Store, App Store, iCloud) does not require any special knowledge and skills, everything is elementary and simple, if not more intuitive. Read more about why you need an Apple ID and how to create an Apple Account with or without a credit card.

In today’s tutorial, we’re going to talk about

If you’re not sure if you need a single Apple account, remember, without an Apple ID you can’t

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  • Locate your iPhone (iPod Touch, iPad, or Mac) in case it is lost or stolen;
  • synchronize your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad with iCloud;
  • install free games and software from the App Store;
  • buy games and software from the App Store and Mac App Store;
  • purchase music and video content from the iTunes Store.

How to create an Apple account with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad

You can create an Apple ID account directly from your iOS device and you can do this in two ways:

  • In the iOS Settings on your iPhone (no other iOS device was at hand);
  • through the native App Store app on iOS (the icon is on the desktop of your device).

The only difference between these methods is where the Apple ID creation is initiated from.

Creating an Apple ID on your iPhone from the Settings menu

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings. iTunes Store, App Store (3rd scroll screen) and tap on Create New Apple ID.

Register your Apple ID to your iPhone through the built-in iOS App Store app

  • Launch the App Store and scroll to the bottom of the main page.

What data does Apple collect?

When you use an Apple ID, especially when using an Apple ID with “iCloud,” Apple collects certain data about you.

This includes your name, address, phone number, and device and app purchase history (with serial numbers and other information for all your devices), as well as iCloud access logs, phone call and message metadata, recovery transactions, and more.

Apple has features of the data it collects on its website, and there’s also a feature to request and download a copy of all the data Apple has collected about you.

Apple collects less data than other companies, but there is definitely personal data associated with your Apple ID and it is worth knowing what information Apple has. Use the guide below if you want a copy of your data from Apple.

Apple ID is a single account for all “apple” smartphones or tablets. Don’t delay in creating your own account, it will greatly expand the scope of your activities in the App Store. Account you will need an account for the following reasons:

  • Download paid and free apps;
  • Use free communication features such as iMessage;
  • sync information from multiple devices using a single cloud;
  • Download audio and video files from the iTunes Store;
  • locate your smartphone if you’ve lost it.

We also recommend checking out the answers to frequently asked questions on

How to create a new (and American) Apple ID on iOS 10.3 and later firmware

If you updated to iOS 10.3. Follow the instructions below to create a new Apple ID account on your iPhone or iPad. Compared to previous versions of the operating system, the procedure has changed.

Go to “Settings” from the home screen.

Select “Login to iPhone/iPad” in settings menu.

The operating system will ask you to enter your Apple ID and password for authorization. To create a new Apple ID, click “No Apple ID or forgot it?”

In the new window, select “Create Apple ID.”.

Set your date of birth by scrolling, and then press “Next”.

Enter your first and last name in the corresponding box. Press “Next.

In the field for entering e-mail you can use your e-mail or create a free iCloud e-mail. In these instructions, we suggest creating an Apple ID account using your existing email, so click “Use current email”.

Important! If you want to use your iCloud email address as your Apple ID, select “Make email to iCloud” and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Enter the email address you want to use as your Apple ID in the entry field. Press “Next”.

Set and confirm your new Apple ID password. Click “Next” again.

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You’ll need to enter your mobile number to verify your identity when you sign in to your new Apple ID on your new device or in your browser, or if you need to recover your password. Select your country and enter your real phone number. Continue to the next step.

Note: You can select the U.S. country item to create a U.S. Apple ID. You can do this to access certain services and applications that are not available in Russia and other CIS countries. The App Store in the U.S. brings new games and applications to you sooner and gives you a wider selection of choices. With a US Apple ID, you’ll have access to all available services, apps, and features on your iPhone.

You’ll receive a message with a verification code on the cell phone number you entered. Enter it in the box when prompted.

You need to accept the “Terms and Conditions” to proceed. Select “Accept.”.

Click “Accept” again when another agreement appears on the screen.

Enter the password you use to unlock your iOS device.

Now you need to confirm the entered email. Check your email and follow the link to confirm the address.

A verification message will appear on your device.

After confirming the e-mail you will be automatically authorized on the device using the new Apple ID account.

How to create an Apple ID on your iPhone, two real ways

Creating an account on your iPhone is an extremely important manipulation. Without it later you can not fully enjoy all the features of this worthy device. And for all the important steps. like syncing and restoring to iCloud, or setting up security features. you’ll be prompted to verify it. With it, you’ll activate “Find iPhone” through iCloud and be able to download or buy content from the proprietary store for free. You can also get access to free 5 GB of iCloud cloud storage and all its services. The iCloud private cloud (on Apple‘s server) will store backups of your iPhone, which comes in very handy in case of its unforeseen malfunction. It is usually created during the first launch of the iPhone. If you’re upgrading from an older model to iPhone 6, you can link it to your existing Apple ID. Before registering, you will need to create a mailbox, and it is better to make a separate one for this purpose. All data must be entered correctly, so that it corresponds to the real one. Believe me, in case of any problems, you will not regret it.к. You can restore, lock or unlock your device if it’s lost or no longer works.

How to Create Free Apple ID without Credit Card on iPhone? Latest Method (2022)

Step 1: Open the App Store, iTunes Store, or other Apple content store

Step 2: find any free content, click on “Download” and confirm your intention with “Install”

Step 3: When the content store asks you to enter your Apple ID information, select “Create New Apple ID”

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions, and when you get to “Payment Details,” select the “No” option

Step 5: After providing all the necessary information and confirming the creation of an Apple ID, activate the ID with an email

How to create a new Apple ID to replace the original one

To create a new Apple ID for a used iPhone, you need to delete the original ID beforehand. But if you can’t get out of the original Apple ID without a password, FoneLab’s Unlocker for iOS is a versatile way to erase your iPhone password, remove your Apple ID, and bypass the screen time limit. After unrestricting your iPhone, you can create an Apple ID for your used iPhone accordingly.

  • Delete the Apple ID of a used iPhone before creating a new one.
  • Remove access code from the screen of your old iPhone during the second / broken iPhone.
  • Bypass 4-digit passcode, 6-digit passcode, Touch ID or Face ID.
  • Compatible with iOS 15 and earlier versions for iPhone 13/12/11 / XR.

FoneLab Helps you unlock iPhone screen, remove Apple ID or its password, remove screen time or password limit in seconds.

  • Helps you unlock the iPhone screen.
  • Delete Apple ID or its password.
  • Delete screen time or password restriction in seconds.

Step 1 Download and install FoneLab iOS Unlocker, you can run the program on your computer. Connect your used iPhone to your computer and select Delete Apple ID menu to remove the original Apple ID associated with the iPhone.

Step 2 Press Trust on the iPhone screen and enter the screen password. Click the Start button to delete your Apple ID and remove all your content and settings. Make sure your iPhone is connected to your computer during the process.

Step 3 Go to Settings on your iPhone, you can select the General option and select Reset all settings option. Then the used iPhone will automatically delete the Apple ID and other information to factory settings.

After you’ve deleted your Apple ID, you can follow part two to create a new Apple ID.

Create and change an Apple ID on your iPhone

An Apple ID is a unique user name that everyone who is a potential customer of the iCloud service that Apple devices support. Note that you need this platform to make various purchases on the AppStore and iTunes Store. No less important is the fact that users of American gadgets through Apple ID can order products of the manufacturer online, as well as contact, if necessary, technical support Apple.

In this article we will tell you how to set up an account for iOS devices

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There may be several reasons why an iPhone owner wants to change his ID. Most often, users have to change the username after purchasing a used device, when the new owner simply does not know the unique name previously assigned to the gadget. It’s not difficult to create a new ID, but it’s important to remember a few crucial details that directly affect the success of the endeavor.

First of all, the iPhone or iPad user should know that you can change the Apple ID directly from the device, which significantly reduces the time spent on the procedure. The user does not need to register on the manufacturer’s website additionally. The data in the phone or tablet memory will not disappear, and photos, contacts, and previously installed applications will be saved. In addition, to create a new identifier does not require the owner’s credit card.