Quickly move to a new phone migrate your data from Android to Android

Just bought a brand new Android phone? Perfect! But you do not really want to migrate to the new model, because the data have not yet migrated? Do not worry, the entire migration will not take more than 5 20 minutes!

Yes, yes, you read that correctly, no more than 5 20 minutes, as all modern devices have synchronization, which allows you to transfer data from Android to Android in a short time.

Progress doesn’t stand still and new Android phones come out almost every day. New models update the operating system, add new features, increase performance, and the manufacturer may add a proprietary program to the menu for synchronizing and transferring data.

Easy way to transfer data from one phone to another!

It is impossible to list all the ways to transfer information, but within our article I will highlight a few standard ones that will work for most devices:

  • Using the standard or branded apps.
  • By connecting to your computer.
  • Connecting special applications to transfer data over Wi-Fi.

In this practical part we will look at each method in detail.

How to transfer apps and games from Android to Android

When you connect your Google Account on a device, you will have access to all those applications that you have ever downloaded. To download them again:

Go to Google Play, click on the three bars at the top of the search and in the drop-down list click on the item with your applications.

copy, data, phone, another

Click on the library here and simply re-download the software or games you want.

Important! If you’ve previously downloaded paid apps or games from a promotion for free, you won’t be able to do so again, you’ll be asked to purchase them.

Interesting! Also, above there was a list of applications that can do this you can use them.

Transferring music, photos, and other files

Here we get to the transfer of media content and personal files. If the new phone will have a memory card from the old one, which is often the case, it is enough to copy the necessary files from the phone memory to the memory card.

Alternatively, you can use Google Drive or copy files from your old phone to your computer and then to your new phone. Here’s how to transfer a file from your phone to your computer in this guide.

Transferring data using utilities

You can transfer information using third-party applications.

Its advantage is that there is no need to be registered in Google or other accounts. It is enough to download the application on the phone and start transferring data.


The most convenient and popular service for transferring information. The algorithm for using CLONEit is as follows:

  • If the program is not on your device, you need to download it from Play Market. CLONEit must be installed on both smartphones;
  • Wi-Fi connection;
  • Depending on where the data is transferred to, after opening CLONEit you will need to select the Sender or Receiver script;
  • The user selects the files to be transferred and confirms the action.

To transfer any type of information: both multimedia files and applications, along with the phone book are available.

Titanium Backup app

As in the case of CLONEit, you need to install the app on both gadgets from Google Play. The only disadvantage is that the program must be paid for, but it is worth the money.

After installation, you’ll want to make sure you have the necessary size of the phone’s internal memory or an external SD card.

One more important condition for the fruitful work: to establish Root rights. After that, you will need to follow the designed instruction to create a single backup.

The application has additional icons and symbols:

  • The exclamation mark lets the user know that the backup has not been created;
  • The phone icon is the location of the application, in this case it is in the internal memory of the phone;
  • If the memory card icon is present, it will let you know that the application is located on an external memory card.

To migrate an app, you will need to find it inside Titanium Backup, click on it, and then a menu of actions will open:

  • The Save button creates a backup for the application;
  • The user can also freeze the use of a particular program inside the device, temporarily disabling it;
  • Delete button completely and irretrievably deletes files.

By giving Root rights the user allows the application to act as the administrator of the device. That is why it is recommended to download the paid version, to avoid fraudulent schemes and malware.

How to transfer photos from Android to Android: all ways

Transfer photos from one Android phone to another, is a very important point when switching to a new smartphone.

There are several ways to do this, let’s look at all of them. Plus, you’ll learn how to use the cloud to protect yourself from unexpectedly losing photos on your phone.

In the last publication we looked at the easiest ways to transfer contacts from android to Android, today’s material will focus on how to transfer photos from Android phone to Android phone quickly and without losses.

Via the Wi-Fi network

Connect your PC and smartphone to the same Wi-Fi access point, then:

  • Run “File Manager” or “Explorer”.
  • Open the “” menu and select “Remote control”. Depending on the app, the function may be called “FTP” or “File Transfer”.
  • Click “Enable.”.
  • The address will appear, which must be entered in the browser on the laptop to access the internal storage.
  • Once entered on the PC, a simplified interface for navigating between folders on the internal drive will be displayed.
  • Left-click once to download the document.
  • It will be uploaded to the download folder set in your default browser.
  • Go to “Configuration” or “Connection Settings.
  • Turn on “Access for all” and change the “Transmission Encoding”.

When the “FTP” function is missing in the explorer on your smartphone:

  • Open the “Play Store.
  • Click on the search bar.
  • Enter “Shareit”, tap “Install” next to the first app in the output window.
  • Download and install “SHAREit” for your computer.
  • Run the software on your laptop. Connection window appears.
  • Open the software on the mobile device and press “Start.
  • Select your avatar, enter your username, tap “Login to SHAREit”.
  • Go to “” menu.
  • Select “Connect to PC.”.
  • A QR code scanner will appear. In the window on your computer, click “Show Barcode” and point your phone camera at it.
  • After scanning an active connection, use your phone to send data from it to your PC and vice versa.

Attention! If the connection failed the first time, press “Repeat” on the phone and select a computer found nearby.

Using cloud storage

This method is similar to the Google Drive transfer method, except that you can use another cloud storage service instead.

List of storages:

  • Google Drive
  • Yandex Disk
  • Mega
  • Cloud
  • DropBox
  • OneDrive

There are many more cloud storage facilities, we have named the most used. The difference is in the free gigabytes and the rates they charge.

Transfer algorithm:

  • Download the desired cloud storage to two phones
  • Open the application on the old smartphone and sign in
  • Upload the necessary files to the cloud using Windows Explorer or the app itself
  • Signing in to the cloud storage on your new device.
  • All downloaded files will open in front of you and you will need to transfer them to your new phone’s internal memory.
  • Repeat these steps until all the necessary information is transferred.

Lifehack: You can use all the cloud storage. Each of them provides a limit of free GB. Upload different files to each cloud storage, so you can transfer all the information you need to your device without paying for extra gigabytes.

Transferring data from an old to a new Android phone

How to transfer all the data from Android to Android: Activate the synchronization of your Google account, or use a third-party app to transfer your data over Wi-Fi. An alternative option is to create a backup copy of the files and then unzip it to another device.