How to connect your phone to your TV?

To ensure the stable operation of your phone as a TV remote control, you will need to install a special application on your mobile device. Several major TV manufacturers release their own applications for this purpose, which are distributed free of charge. If you cannot find the program you need for your TV, then you can always use universal applications that work with most TVs. Let’s consider the most popular ones.

How to make a remote control out of a phone?

A lot of modern TVs support SmartTV technology and are equipped with a Wi-Fi module. It is through this connection that the TV will be controlled. An important condition for the operation of these 2 devices is to connect to one router, so do not worry about the fact that your neighbor will “click” your channels. For the phone to work properly as a remote control, the following conditions must be met.

  • Your smartphone must be running Android 5 or newer. Otherwise, it will be quite problematic to install new wireless monitoring applications.
  • The TV must support Wi-Fi connections, and if your device has an infrared port, then you can do without Wi-Fi.
  • A dedicated app must be installed on your phone. This program can be specially developed by the manufacturer for Samsung equipment, or you can download any from the Internet.

By observing these simple conditions, you will ensure a fast and hassle-free connection.

ZaZa Remote

A very extensive program that allows you to control not only a TV, but also other household appliances that have a Wi-Fi connection. It is worth noting that the menu has only partial Russification, but at the same time it will not be difficult to understand the functionality. everything is simple and obvious. After downloading and installing, the first launch occurs. At this time, a small interactive instruction passes, after which you need to click on the Go Now button.

Further, a small menu will appear at the bottom of the screen, in which you need to click on “I know.” After that, you will need to provide the program with access to the location. The application is now fully operational. In order to add a remote control, you need to click on the corresponding button and select the required device and its model. The main advantages of this program include:

  • free access;
  • support for all versions of Android;
  • clear and convenient design;
  • the presence of a large number of supported devices in the database;
  • fast sync with your TV.

Android TV Remote Control

This program is designed to work with Android TV. Before using this application, make sure that you have Wi-Fi enabled, this will help to avoid unexpected problems. During the first start-up, you will need to agree to the privacy policy and fulfill the necessary requirements. After that, select your TV from the list of devices and synchronize. The positive aspects of this program include:

  • it is completely free;
  • there is a Russian language;
  • convenient and simple control;
  • there is support from Google.

TV SideView

This is a universal program for controlling most modern TV models. After installation and launch, the described application is ready to work. It is worth noting the convenience of the location of the buttons for switching channels, which allows you to immediately switch channels without calling up an additional menu. This application has almost no additional settings. Good or bad, each of the users will decide for himself. It is worth noting a set of software:

  • the application has a completely Russified interface;
  • convenient and intuitive control;
  • fast synchronization with the TV;
  • the program is completely free.

Samsung TV Remote

From the name it can be understood that this program will only work with TVs of this brand. Using it, you simply will not be able to control the device of the South Korean manufacturer. To get started, download and install this application. It is available not only for Android operating systems, but also for iOS, which allows this program to work on iPhone.

During the first launch, you will need to “Allow” access to all the necessary functions for the application to work. Next, start your TV and connect it to the router.

Now follow the instructions to sync. After that, the application is ready to work.

The number of downloads of this application has exceeded the 10,000,000 mark. Let’s note the main features of this program and see why the users fell in love with it:

control, samsung, your, phone
  • through it you can watch videos and listen to music stored on your phone;
  • the ability to stream playback of the list of marked files (you can select several video files that will be played in a given order);
  • there is a possibility of broadcasting from the phone screen directly to the TV;
  • there is a “sleep mode” function, at a certain time the TV will turn off.

How to Control Samsung TV from Phone?

Modern TVs have a huge set of useful and interesting functions, especially if your device has a SmartTV platform. However, using them is not always convenient due to the remote control, the design of which is often given a minimum of attention. This situation can be corrected by using your smartphone as a remote control. In today’s article, we will look at how to control a Samsung TV using your phone.

What is required for this

To figure out how to control a TV via a phone, you need to familiarize yourself with the key conditions:

If all these conditions are feasible, then you can proceed to the analysis of how to control your TV using your phone.

Sure Universal Remote

A simple interface, fast synchronization, support for many brands, Wi-Fi and IrDA, broadcasting photos and videos on a large screen are the main advantages of the program. Cons. annoying ads.

How to set up a connection

The easiest way to control your TV panel is to set up an infrared connection. You need to install the utility on your mobile device, turn it with the IR sensor to the TV receiver to detect each other and synchronize the equipment. The method is suitable only for gadgets with an infrared port. The second way to establish a connection between equipment is to create a connection via Wi-Fi. If both devices support Wi-Fi Direct, they connect directly.

Otherwise, you need to install the utility on your smartphone and connect it to your home wireless network, in which the TV is already working. After that, the devices should sync.

Conclusion Often consumers are interested in how to control a TV through a phone and whether it is possible to control a TV set from a computer. To solve this problem, you should install a special utility and ensure that the equipment is connected to the same Wi-Fi network or establish a connection using an infrared sensor.

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Smart IR remote

It attracts users with a user-friendly interface and constant updates. Application developers improve their product, making it more functional and efficient. A definite plus is a huge database of supported devices.

Step 2. setting up Mi Remote

After the first launch of the program, we need to add our first remote control. To do this, click the “Add” button or the plus sign at the top right:

How to use your Phone as a Samsung TV Remote Control (10)

Next, you need to select the type of equipment. From the available list, we can choose a TV, Mi Box, Mi TV, air conditioner, fan, set-top box, AV-receiver, DVD-player, projector, set-top box and camera.

Please note that in some of these applications, this point may be slightly different. For example, the item “Tuners” may be present, but the “DVD-player” will not be present, and so on. Therefore, if the equipment you need is not available, just download a similar application. Some of them will be indicated at the end of the article.

Then, when we have chosen the type of technique, we look for the brand. There are a lot of brands, so we recommend using the search. If suddenly you have very few brands, then just connect to a high-speed Wi-Fi network and they will download themselves from the cloud.

How to Use your Mobile Phone as a Samsung TV Remote

The last step in the setup is to make sure it works. The system will prompt you to press the button, directing the infrared port of the smartphone towards the equipment. If the technician receives the signal and performs the appropriate action, it means that you have chosen everything correctly and now you can fully use your smartphone to control home appliances.

In the event of a malfunction, you can either choose a different brand or try other button options. Often not all buttons on the remote will work, so we recommend experimenting a bit. Also try changing the brand, since the remote control signed in the application as this brand does not always fit a particular technique. For example, Weston and Walson remotes are suitable for an old West TV. Strange, but they both work.

Step 1. download Mi Remote app to send infrared signal

As already mentioned, in order to control household appliances from an Android phone, we need a special application. In this article we will use a proprietary application from Xiaomi. Mi Remote. But you can use any other. All of them are very similar in their functionality, and if you figure out how to use the Mi Remote, you will understand how others work.

The application is distributed without paid subscriptions and without ads, because this is the official software for owners of MIUI firmware in smartphones from Xiaomi. But anyone can install it, even if you have a device from another manufacturer and do not have an infrared port.