We connect the printer to the laptop via wi-fi

Let’s figure out how to connect a printer to a laptop via Wi-Fi without a router. Earlier, we have already covered a similar topic of connecting the printer All-in-One Printer to the laptop through a router, but now we will more locally figure out how to install a Wi-Fi printer to a laptop without a router. Consider the possible problems why the laptop may not see your printer when connecting via Wi-Fi and the like errors. First, consider various options for connecting a wireless printer to a laptop without using a router.

Connect an HP Printer to a Wireless Network Using Wi-Fi Protected Setup | HP Printers | @HPSupport

Consider the main types of connecting a Wi-Fi printer to a PC via Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi point connection

To begin with, we consider the option of how to connect a wireless Wi-Fi printer without a router using a direct network connection setting (single-rating wireless network). For this setup, you will need to perform the following points (I recommend the first two in extreme cases if your laptop does not see the printer wireless network for experienced users):

  • To begin with, we drop the settings for factory settings (see. User instructions);
  • After perform the basic settings, according to your user instructions;
  • We are convinced, the wireless network has earned (a color Wi-Fi-indicator on the panel should flash/burn);
  • Next with the PC, we search for a wireless Wi-Fi network of our printer, as a rule, this is the name of its model, for example, “HP”;
  • Set the connection, laptop to the printer (as a rule, the password is not required);
  • Install software for (drivers, see. CD from the printer).

After completing all points, your model will automatically appear in the list of available devices, and it will be possible to print. There are minuses of connection through an access point, and they are obvious:

The inclusion of Wi-Fi is hardware

The need for the Internet exists constantly, therefore, how to connect a laptop to Wi-Fi, the question is relevant. Initially, you should try to install the connection of the hardware. The easiest and most common option is to use Wi-Fi activation buttons on a laptop. If this method does not work, it may happen that the driver of the module flew off. Consider the possible options.

Some portable computers equipped with adapters for connection are not adapted to connect to wireless networks after activating the device. How to turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop? In such cases, one or more buttons located on the laptop will help. There may be several options, and they directly depend on the model of your portable computer, as well as the date of its release. On old models, turning on the Wi-Fi module is presented in the form of a separate tumbler or a separate button. Such a switch can be located both on the front and the side parts of the case, so you need to carefully examine your petal for such a button.

If in the process of searching, it was not possible to detect the wireless activation button, you should look for a button in a number of functional keys. They are located at the top of the keyboard and have a marking, usually from F1 to F12. Among these buttons, you need to find exactly the one that is responsible for the activation for turning on the transmitter. Most often it is marked with a wi-fi icon in the form of a transmitting antenna.

Many manufacturers have tried to unify this function, so you can turn on Wi-Fi on the laptop using a simple pressing of the F5 combination. Try it, and most likely, luck will smile at you.

Installation of drivers for Wi-Fi

It so happens that after reinstalling the operating system and trying to activate the Wi-Fi module using buttons, nothing happens, and there is no connection and at all. How in this case to turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop? It is likely that the problem lies in the drivers to the module. In the process of installing and setting up the operating system, it was not possible to choose and correctly install a new driver.

First you need to determine whether the device on the laptop required for the remote connection is installed. For this you need:

  • Select the network adapters tab;
  • In it find a device whose name will display the essence of the wireless connection. It can be an adapter with the word Wireless or the like.

If you visually discovered the adapter, and it does not display with errors, it seems that everything is in order with the drivers, it is simply turned off or at the moment there are no networks to which you can connect.

connecting, wi-fi, router, laptop

If the adapter in the list is missing or shows with errors, everything comes down to the fact that the driver is not installed on it, or is not installed correctly. In both cases, it is not possible to establish a high.quality Internet connection. To connect Wi-Fi on a laptop, you need to install the driver. You can always find it on the disk that goes complete with the device, or unload it from the official website of the manufacturer, transfer the driver using a flash drive, with its subsequent installation.

If you are looking for a driver on the Internet, it is important to note that you need to indicate the most accurate name of your laptop to download exactly the file that you need. Enter all letters, numbers and symbols that are present in the name.

After installing the drivers, try connecting to a wireless network. If it doesn’t work, reboot the router. most likely the problem lies in it.

Roter setup

Before you start connecting a computer to Wi-Fi, set up a router:

Primary configuration must be done from a computer with a cable connected to the router. After connecting the computer to the router, you must follow the instructions for a specific router model. It should be clarified that you need to find out from the provider the type of connection to the Internet at a particular actual address of service.

connecting, wi-fi, router, laptop

Wi-Fi settings are also described in detail in each instructions for the device. The router also has a wireless connection master.

Wi-Fi connection

If you did not set safety parameters when installing a Wi-Fi router, then the wireless Internet connection occurs elementary:

  • We turn on the router;
  • We activate the communication module on a computer or laptop;
  • We search the Wi-Fi network;
  • Indicate the key (network password);
  • We are waiting for 1-2 minutes, go to the browser.

WINDOWS 10 : Direct connect 2 Laptops Wirelessly | NETVN

Your router will automatically issue an IP address to a wireless device through the DHCP server. The utility of the operating system will remember the key and when activating your PC will find and connect to the Wi-Fi network at home.

If, when installing the Wi-Fi router, the network security requirements were observed and the SSID newsletter is hidden, then you need to create a profile to connect the Wi-Fi network to the laptop in manual mode. In the case of the installed white list of access to the router at the MAC addresses, it is necessary to create permission for your wireless user in the source.

The DHCP server can be disconnected in the router, then TCP/IP settings on a computer or laptop are manually introduced to install Wi-Fi.

We connect a laptop to Wi-Fi

Let’s first consider the connection process without any settings and checks there. Why complicate everything, perhaps everything is already configured for you. If everything is fine, your laptop sees a wireless network and is ready to connect, then the Internet connection icon on the notification panel will look like this:

The connection status, which looks like a network level with an asterisk (as in the picture above) suggests that the laptop sees available networks and is ready to connect to them. Click on this icon, then select the Wi-Fi network to which we need to connect and click the connection button. In Windows 10, the connection process to Wi-Fi dumb is different. If necessary, detailed instructions here.

If the network is protected by a password, then a window will appear in which you need to specify the password and confirm the connection by pressing the OK button.

That’s all, your laptop should connect to the Wi-Fi network. The status of the connection will be this:

If you see the status of the connection “no accessible connections”, it looks like this:

This means that you are most likely tuned on your laptop, but the laptop simply does not see the networks available for connecting. Perhaps there is simply no coating in this place. If you connect to your network, then check if the router is turned on. If turned on, try to restart it.

I wrote about the solution of this problem in a separate article: There are no available connections in Windows.

This is how the connection will be held when you have a driver on a Wi-Fi adapter and the adapter itself is turned on. But very often the adapter on the laptop is turned off, or no one installed the driver at all. There are many questions in such cases. Now we will analyze in detail both cases of which you may have problems connecting a laptop to a wireless network.

Features of connection to Wi-Fi laptops with various OS

Depending on the operating system, the settings procedure and key points of work may differ.

Settings on Windows 7

To correctly configure Wi-Fi on a laptop with the Windows 7 operating system, you need:

  • Find and open the “Networks Management Center” tab.
  • Then click on “Changes in the parameters of the adapter”.
  • After that, press the “properties” of wireless connection and set the necessary parameters for the TCP/IPV4 protocol. If you do not know them, contact your provider.
  • Next, you need to go back to the “Networks Management Center” tab and press the “Connect to the Network” key.
  • Select your connection. During the direct connection, you need to enter the security key, after which you will get access to the Internet.

You can see a clearly described procedure in the following

Settings on Windows 8 and 10

To connect to Wi-Fi laptopes with the Windows 8 or 10 operating system, take the following steps:

  • Find the tab “Network”.
  • A list of networks will appear that are available, among which you need to choose your.
  • The system will request password entering. Enter it in the specified field.
  • After that, press the “Next” button, and literally after a few seconds you can use the Internet freely.

You can clearly see the procedure for connecting and setting up wireless Internet, described above, you can in the next

Now you got acquainted with step-by-step instructions on how to connect a laptop to Wi-Fi using a special key combination and wireless network settings on a laptop. This is a simple procedure, and you can handle it, even if you are a novice user.

Which printers are compatible with iPhone and Airprint?

This list is huge. There are hundreds of printers supporting Airprint. As a result, a simple viewing of the list probably will not help. Instead, find on the page the desired model using the “Find” command. On Mac Command F, search in your browser. On PC use Ctrl F.

Printing from your iPhone may not seem to be what you need to do often, but as smartphones become more and more integrated into work and personal life, the ability to print is becoming more and more important.

For any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad under the control of iOS 4.2 or higher, print is carried out using AirPrint technology, which allows iOS devices to print on printers connected to Wi-Fi networks. The fact that the printer can connect to Wi-Fi does not mean that it supports Airprint, but the vast majority of them do it. Before assuming that your next printer supports AirPrint, find this list of printers compatible with AirPrint, or go to the website of your favorite printer manufacturer and find “Airprint compatible” in the specifications of the model you have chosen.

Models of compatible printers
Brother DCP-7180DN
Brother DCP-8110DN (Compare PRICES) / 8150DN (Compare PRICES) / 8155DN (Compare PRICES) / DCP-8250DN / DCP-L8400CDN / DCP-L8450CDW
Brother DCP-J105 / DCP-J132N / J132W / DCP-J152N / J152W / DCP-J172W
Brother DCP-J525N / J525W / DCP-J540N / DCP-J552DW / J552N. ECO / J552N / DCP-J562DW / DCP-J562N
Brother DCP-J725DW / J725N / DCP-J740N / DCP-J752DW / J752N / DCP-J762N
Brother DCP-J925DW / J925N / DCP-J940N-B / J940N-ECO / J940N-W / DCP-J952N.B / J952N.W / J952N-Eco-B / J952N-Eco-W / DCP-J957N-B / J957N-ECO-B / J957N-Eco-W / J957N-W / DCP-J963N-B / DCP-J963N- W
Brother DCP-J41110DW / DCP-J4120DW / DCP-J4210N / J4215N-B / J4215N-W / DCP-J4220N-B / DCP-J4220N-W / DCP-4225N-B / DCP-4225N-W / DCP-4225N-W
Brother DCP-L2520DW / DCP-L2520DWR / DCP-L2540DN / DCP-L2540DNR / DCP-L2540DW / DCP-L2541DW / DCP-L2560DW / DCP-L2560DWR
Brother DCP-7180DN
Brother DCP-8110DN / 8150DN / 8155DN / DCP-8250DN / DCP-L8400CDN / DCP-L8450CDW
Brother DCP-9015CDW / DCP-9017CDW / DCP-9020CDN / Brother DCP-9020CDW / DCP-9022CDW
Brother Fax-L2700DN
Brother HL-L2305W / HL-L2340DW / HL-L2340DWR / HL-L2360DN / HL-L2360DNR / HL-L2360DW / HL-L2361DN / HL-L2365DWR / HL-L2366DW / HL.L.L.L.L-LEN
Brother HL-3140CW / HL-3142CW / 3150CDN / 3150CDW / HL-3152CDW / 3170CDW / HL-3172CDW / HL-3180CDW
Brother HL-5450DN / 5470DW
Brother HL-6180DW
Brother HL-L8250CDN / HL-L8350CDW / HL-L8350CDWT
Brother HL-L9200CDW / HL-L9200CDWT / HL-L9300CDW / HL-L9300CDWT
Brother LJ3700DN / LJ3800DN LJ3800DW
Brother M8600DN / M8600DNF
Brother MFC-7880DN
Brother MFC-J200 / MFC-J280W / J285DW
Brother MFC-J425W / MFC-J430W / J432W / J435W / MFC-J450DW / MFC-J460DW / MFC-J470DW / J475DW / MFC-J480DW / MFC-J485DW
Brother MFC-J625DW / MFC-J650DW / MFC-J680DW
Brother MFC-J810DN / J810DWN / MFC-J820DN / MFC-J820DWN / MFC-J825DW / Brother MFC-J825N / MFC-J835DW / MFC-J860DN / MFC-J870DW / MFC-J870N / MFC-J870N / MFC-J870N / MFC-J870N / MFC-J870N / MFC-J870N J880DW / MFC-J880N / MFC-J885DW / MFC-J890DN / MFC-J890DWN
Brother MFC-J955DN / J955DWN / MFC-J960DN-B / J960DN-W / J960DWN-B / J960DWN-W / MFC-J980DN.B / mfc-j980dn.W / MFC-J980DWN.B / mfc-j980dwn.W
Brother MFC-J2310 / MFC-J2320 / MFC-J2510 / MFC-J2720
Brother MFC-J3520 / MFC-J3720
Brother MFC-J4310DW / MFC-J4320DW / MFC-J4410DW / MFC-J4420DW / MFC-J4510DW / J4510N / MFC-J4610DW / MFC-MFC-J4710DW / MFC-J4720N / MFC-MFC-MFC / MFC-J4910CDW
Brother MFC-J5320DW / MFC-J55520DW / MFC-J5620DW / MFC-J5625DW / MFC-J5720DW / MFC-J5820DN / MFC-J5910DW / MFC-J5920DW
Brother MFC-L2680W / MFC-L2700DW / MFC-L2700DWR / MFC-L2701DW / MFC-L2703DW / MFC-L2720DN / MFC-L2720DW / MFC-L2720DWR / MFC-L2740DW / MFC-L240DW
Brother MFC-L8600CDW / MFC-L8650CDW / MFC-L8850CDW
Brother MFC-8510DN / 8515DN / 8520DN / MFC-8710DN / MFC-8810DW / MFC-8910DN / 8910DW / MFC-8950DW
Brother MFC-9130CW / 9140CDN / MFC-9330CDW / 9340CDW / MFC-9142CDN / MFC-9332CDW / MFC-9335CDW / MFC-9342CDW / MFC-L9550CDW
Brother PJ-773
Brother PT-P750W
Brother QL-710W / QL-720NW
Brother RJ-3050 / RJ-3150
Brother RJ-4040
Brother TD-2120N / TD-2130N / TD-2130NHC / TD-2130NSA
Canon CP910
Canon CP1200
Canon E480 / E484 / E488 / E489
Canon IB4010 / IB4020 / IB4030 / IB4040 / IB4050 / IB4060 / IB4070 / IB4080 / IB4090
Canon IP110
Canon IP7210 / IP7220 / IP7230 / IP7240 / IP7250 / IP7260 / IP7270 / IP7280
Canon IP8710 / IP8720 / IP8730 / IP8740 / IP8750 / IP8760 / IP8770 / IP8780
Canon IR 1435 / IR 1435i / IR 1435IF / IR 1435p
Canon IR 2004n / IR 2204AD / IR 2204F / IR 2204N / IR 2204TN
Canon IR C1225 / C1225IF / C1325 / C1325IF / C1335IF
Canon IR-Adv400 / 400i / 400IF
Canon IR-Adv500 / 500i / 500IF
Canon IR-Adv 6555 /65555 /6565 / 6565i / 6575 / 6575i
Canon IR-Adv 8505 / 8505b / 8505i / 8585 / 8585i / 8595 / 8595i
Canon IR-OADV C250 / C250I / C250IF / C350 / C350F / C350I / C350IF / C350P / C351IF
Canon IR-DV C3320 / C3320F / C3320I / C3320KG / C3320L / C3325 / C3325I / C3325KG / C3330 / C3330F / C3330I / C3330KG
Canon IR-OADV C5235 / C5235A / C5235F / C5235I / C5240 / C5240A / C5240F / C5240I / C5250F / C5250I / C5255 / C5255F / C5255555F
Canon IR-OADV C5535 / C5535I / C5540 / C5540I / C5550 / C5550I / C5560 / C55600i
Canon IR-DV C5935KB / C5940KB / C5950KB / C5955KB
Canon IX6810 / IX6820 / IX6830 / IX6840 / IX6850 / IX6870 / IX68880
Canon MB2010 / MB2020 / MB2030 / MB2040 / MB2050 / MB2060
Canon MB2320 / MB2330 / MB2340 / MB2350 / MB2360 / MB2390
Canon MB5020 / MB5030 / MB5040 / MB5050 / MB5060 / MB5070 / MB5080 / MB5090
Canon MB5310 / MB5320 / MB5330 / MB5340 / MB5350 / MB5360 / MB5370 / MB5390
Canon MF212W / MF216N / MF217W / MF222DW / MF224DW / MF226DN / MF227DW / MF229DW
Canon MF621CN / MF623CN / MF624CW / MF626CN / MF628CW
Canon MF722CDW / MF724CDW / MF725CDN / MF726CDW / MF727CDW / MF728CDW / MF729CDW / MF729CX
Canon MF810CDN / MF820CDN
Canon MF6140DN / MF6150DW / MF6160DW / MF6180DW
Canon MF6880DW
Canon MF8210CN / MF8230CN / MF8240CW / MF8250CN / MF8280CW
Canon MF8530CDN / MF8540CDN / MF8550CDN / MF8570CDW / MF8580CDW
Canon MG3110 / MG3120 / MG3130 / MG3140 / MG3150 / MG3170 / MG3180 / MG3210
Canon MG3210 / MG3220 / MG3230 / MG3240 / MG3250 / MG3255 / MG3260 / MG3270
Canon MG3510 / MG3520 / MG3530 / MG3540 / MG3550 / MG3560 / MG3570 / MG3580
Canon MG3610 / MG3620 / MG3630 / MG3640 / MG3650 / MG3660 / MG3670 / MG3680
Canon MG4110 / MG4120 / MG4130 / MG4140 / MG4150 / MG4170 / MG4180
Canon MG4210 / MG4220 / MG4230 / MG4240 / MG4250 / MG4260 / MG4270 / MG4280
Canon MG5310 / MG5320 / MG5330 / MG5340 / MG5350 / MG5370 / MG5380
Canon MG5410 / MG5420 / MG5430 / MG5440 / MG5450 / MG5450S / MG5460 / MG5470 / MG5480
Canon MG5510 / MG5520 / MG5530 / MG5540 / MG5550 / MG5560 / MG5570 / Mg5580
Canon MG5610 / MG5620 / MG5630 / MG5640 / MG5650 / MG5660 / MG5670 / MG5680
Canon MG5710 / MG5720 / MG5721 / MG5722 / MG5730 / MG5740 / MG5750 / MG5751 / MG5752 / MG5753 / Mg5765 / Mg5766 / MG5770 / Mg5790 / Mg5795 / Mg5795 / Mg5795
Canon MG6210 / MG6220 / MG6230 / MG6240 / MG6250 / MG6270 / MG6280
Canon MG6310 / MG6320 / MG6330 / MG6340 / MG6350 / MG6360 / MG6370 / MG6380
Canon MG6400 / MG6410 / MG6420 / MG6440 / MG6450 / MG6460 / MG6470
Canon MG6530
Canon MG6610 / MG6620 / MG6640 / MG6650 / MG6660 / MG6670 / MG6680
Canon MG6730
Canon MG6810 / MG6820 / MG6821 / MG6822 / MG6840 / MG6850 / MG6851 / MG6852 / MG6853 / MG6860 / MG6865 / MG6866 / MG6870 / MG6880 / Mg6890
Canon MG6930
Canon MG7110 / MG7120 / MG7130 / MG7140 / MG7150 / MG7160 / MG7170 / MG7180
Canon MG7510 / MG7520 / MG7530 / MG7540 / MG7550 / MG7560 / MG7570 / MG7580
Canon MG7710 / MG7720 / MG7730 / MG7730F / MG7740 / MG7750 / MG7751 / MG7752 / MG7753 / MG7770 / MG7780 / MG77790
Canon MG8220 / MG8230 / MG8240 / MG8250 / MG8270 / MG8280
Canon MX431 / MX432 / MX434 / MX435 / MX436 / MX437 / MX438
Canon MX451 / MX452 / MX454 / MX455 / MX456 / MX457 / MX458
Canon MX471 / MX472 / MX474 / MX475 / MX477 / MX478
Canon MX491 / MX492 / MX494 / MX495 / MX496 / MX497 / MX498 / MX499
Canon MX511 / MX512 / MX513 / MX514 / MX515 / MX516 / MX517 / MX518
Canon MX521 / MX522 / MX523 / MX524 / MX525 / MX526 / MX527 / MX528
Canon MX531 / MX532 / MX534 / MX535 / MX537 / MX538
Canon MX711 / MX712 / MX714 / MX715 / MX721 / MX722 / MX726 / MX727 / MX728
Canon MX892 / MX893 / MX894 / MX895 / MX897 / MX898
Canon MX922 / MX923 / MX924 / MX925 / MX926 / MX927 / MX928
Canon Pro-10 / Pro-100
Dell B1163W / B1165NFW
Dell B1260DN / B1265DNF / B1265DFW
Dell B2360 / B2375DFW / B2375DNF
Dell B3460 / B3465
Dell B5460 / B5465
Dell C2660dn Color Laser Printer / C2665DNF Color Laser Multifunction Printer
Dell C3760N / C3760DN / C3765DNF
Dell Cloud Multifunction Printer / H815DW
Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H625CDW / H825CDW
Dell Color Smart Multifunction Printer S2825CDN
Dell Smart Printer / S2810DN
Dell E310DW
Dell E514DW / E515DN / E515DW / E525W
Dell S2830DN / S5830DN
Dell Smart Multifunction Printer / S2815DN
Dell V525W
Dell V725W
Epson Artisan 730
Epson Artisan 837
Epson EP-10VA
Epson EP-306
Epson EP-706A / EP-707A / EP-708A / EP-775A / EP-775AW / EP-776A / EP-777A
Epson EP-804A / 804AR / 804AW / EP-805A / 805AR / 805AW / EP-806AB / 806ar / 806AW / EP-807A / EP-808AB / EP-808AR / EP-808AW
Epson EP-904A / 904F / EP-905A 905F / EP-906F / EP-907F / EP-976A3 / EP-977A3 / EP-978A3
Epson ET-2550
Epson ET-4500 / ET-4550
Epson EW-M660FT
Epson L455 / L456 / L475
Epson L565 / L566 / L575
Epson L655 / L656
Epson Me Office 940FW
Epson ME-401
Epson Me Office 940FW
Epson PF-70 / PF-71 / PF-81
Epson PM-400 / PM-401
Epson PX-435A / PX-436A / PX-437A
Epson PX-504A / PX-535F
Epson PX-605F / PX-M650A / PX-M650F / PX-675F
Epson PX-1600F / PX-1700F
Epson PX-B700 / PX-B750F
Epson PX-M350F
Epson PX-M650A / PX-M650F
Epson PX-M740F / M741F
Epson PX-M840F / PX-M840FX
Epson PX-M5040F / M5041F / PX-S5040
Epson PX-M7050F / PX-M7050FP / PX-M70505505FX
Epson PX-S05B / PX-S05W
Epson PX-S350
Epson PX-S740
Epson PX-S840 / PX-S840X
Epson PX-S5040
Epson PX-S7050 / PX-S7050B / PX-S7050PS
Epson Stylus NX430
Epson Stylus NX530
Epson Stylus NX635
Epson Stylus Office bx535WD
Epson Stylus Office BX630FW / BX635FWD
Epson Stylus Office bx935FWD
Epson Stylus Photo PX730WD
Epson Stylus Photo PX830FWD
Epson Stylus SX440W / SX445W
Epson Stylus SX535WD
Epson Stylus TX435W
Epson Stylus Photo TX730WD
Epson Surecolor P600 / Surecolor P607 / Surecolor P608 / P800
Epson Surecolor PX3V / PX5V2
Epson WF-2530 / WF-2531 / WF-2532 / WF-2538 / WF-2540 / WF-2541 / WF-2548 / WF-2651 / WF-2660 / WF-2661
Epson WF-3520 / WF-3521 / WF-3530 / WF-3531 / WF-3540 / WF-3541 / WF-3620 / WF-3621 / WF-3640 / WF-3641
Epson WF-4630 / WF-4640
Epson WF-5110 / WF-5111 / WF-5113 / WF-5190 / WF-5191 / WF-5620 / WF-5621 / WF-5623 / WF-5690
Epson WF-5620 / WF-5621 / WF-5623 / WF-5690
Epson WF-7110 / WF-7111
Epson WF-7510 / WF-7511 / WF-7515 / WF-7520 / WF-7521 / WF-7525
Epson WF-7610 / WF-7611 / WF-7620 / WF-7621
Epson WF-8010 / WF-8090 / WF-8093 / WF-8510 / WF-8590 / WF-8591 / WF-8593
Epson WF-M5190 / WF-M5191 / WF-M5690
Epson WF-R5190 / WF-R5690 / WF-R5691
Epson WF-R8590 / WF-R8591 / WF-R8593
Epson Workforce 100
Epson Workforce 545
Epson Workforce 645
Epson Workforce 845
Epson Workforce 2630 / Workforce 2631 / Workforce2650
Epson Workforce 6090 / Workforce 6091 / Workforce 6093
Epson Workforce 6530 / Workforce 6590 / Workforce 6593
Epson Workforce 7510 / Workforce 7520
Epson Workforce WF-7011 / WorkForce WF-7510 / WF-7511 / WF-7515 / WF-7520 / WF-7521 / WF-7525
Epson WP-4010 / WP-4011 / WP-4015 / WP-4020 / WP-4022 / WP-4023 / WP-4025 / WP-4090 / WP-4091 / WP-4092 / WP-4095
Epson WP-4511 / WP-4515 / WP-4520 / WP-4521 / WP-4525 / WP-4530 / WP-4531 / WP-4532 / WP-4533 / WP-4540 / WP-4545 / WP.4590 / WP-4592 / WP-4595
Epson XP-55
Epson XP-200 / XP-205 / XP-207 / XP-215
Epson XP-300 / XP-302 / XP-303 / XP-305 / XP-306 / XP-310 / XP-312 / XP-313 / XP-315 / XP-320 / XP-322 / XP-323 / XP.324 / XP-325
Epson XP-330 / XP-332 / XP-335
Epson XP-400 / XP-401 / XP-402 / XP-403 / XP-405 / XP-406 / XP-410 / XP-411 / XP-412 / XP-413 / XP-415 / XP-420 / XP.422 / XP-423 / XP-424 / XP-425
Epson XP-430 / XP-431 / XP-432 / XP-434 / XP-435
Epson XP-510 / XP-520 / XP-530
Epson XP-600 / XP-601 / XP-605 / XP-610 / XP-615 / XP-620 / XP-621 / XP-625 / XP-630 / XP-635
Epson XP-700 / XP-701 / XP-702 / XP-710 / XP-720 / XP-721 / XP-750 / XP-760
Epson XP-800 / XP-801 / XP-802 / XP-810 / XP-820 / XP-821 / XP-830 / XP-850 / XP-860
Epson XP-950 / XP-960
Fuji Xerox ApeSPort-V 3065/3060/2060
Fuji Xerox ApeSPort-V 4020
Fuji Xerox ApeSPort-V 5070/4070/3070
Fuji Xerox ApeSPort-V 7080/6080/5080
Fuji Xerox ApeSPort-V C2275 Type 2 Model
Fuji Xerox ApeSPort-V C3320 / C3373 / C3375
Fuji Xerox ApeSPort-V C4475
Fuji Xerox ApeSPort-V C5575
Fuji Xerox ApeSPort-V C6675
Fuji Xerox ApeSPort-V C7775 /C7780 /C6680 /C5580 Type 2 Model
Fuji Xerox ApeSPort-V C7776/C6676/C5576/C4476/C3376/C2276
Fuji Xerox ApeSPort-V C7785/C6685/C5585
Fuji Xerox Docucentre-V 3065/3060/2060/1060
Fuji Xerox Docucentre-V 5070/4070/3070
Fuji Xerox Docucentre-V 7080/6080/5080
Fuji Xerox Docucentre-V C2265/C2263
Fuji Xerox Docucentre-V C7775 /C6675 /C5575 /C4475 /C3375 /C3373 /C2275 Type 2 Model
Fuji Xerox Docucentre-V C7776/C6676/C5576/C4476/C3376/C2276
Fuji Xerox Docucentre-V C7780 /C6680 /C5580 Type 2 Model
Fuji Xerox Docucentre-V C7785/C6685/C5585
Fuji Xerox Docuprint 5100 D/5105 D
Fuji Xerox Docuprint CM405 DF / Fuji Xerox Docuprint CM415 AP / CP405 D
Fuji Xerox Docuprint M225 DW / M225 Z / M260Z / M265 Z / M268 DW / M268 Z
Fuji Xerox Docuprint M455 DF / M465 AP
Fuji Xerox Docuprint P225 D
Fuji Xerox Docuprint P265 DW / P268 D / P268 DW
Fuji Xerox Docuprint 5100 D/5105 D
Fuji Xerox Phaser 6600n/DN
Fuji Xerox Workcentre 6605n/DN
Gestetner DSC530
Gestetner DSC930 / DSC950
Gestetner DSC1020 / DSC1025 / DSC1030 / DSC1045 / DSC1060
Gestetner DSC1220 / DSC1225 / DSC1230 / DSC1245 / DSC1260
Gestetner MP 301
Gestetner MP 402SPF
Gestetner MP 4002 /5002 /6002 /9002 /9003
Gestetner MP 6503 /7502 /7503
Gestetner MP C305
Gestetner MP C401 / C401SR
Gestetner MP C2003 / C2004 / C2503 / C2504
Gestetner MP C3002 / C3003 / C3502 / C3503
Gestetner MP C4502 / C4502A / C4503 / C4504
Gestetner MP C5502 / C5502A / C5503
Gestetner MP C6003 / C6003 / C6502
Gestetner MP C8002
HP 500 Color All-In-One Printer-MXP M575 / 500 All-In-One Printer MXP M525-
HP Color Laserjet All-in-One Printer M557DN / M557DNM / M557F / M557Z / M557ZM
HP Color Laserjet Pro All-In-One Printer M177
HP Color Laserjet Pro All-In-One Printer M274N / M277C1 / M277C10 / M277C2 / M277C3 / M277C4 / M277C5 / M277C6 / M277C7 / M277C8 / M277DW / M277DW / M277N
HP Color Laserjet Pro All-In-One Printer M476DN / All-In-ONE PRINTER M476DW / All-In-ONE PRINTER M476NW / M477DN / M477DW / M477N
HP Color Laserjet Pro M252C1 / M252C10 / M252C2 / M252C3 / M252C4 / M252C5 / M252C6 / M252C7 / M252C8 / M252C9 / M252DW / M252N
HP Color Laserjet Pro M452DN / M452DW / M452NW
HP Color Laserjet Pro M1536DNF Multifunction Printer
HP Color Laserjet Enterprise.Flow M850Z / M850Z / M855DN / M855X / M855XH
HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M750DN / M750N / M750XH
HP Color Laserjet Pro All-In-One Printer M177
HP Designjet T120
HP Designjet T520 24in / T520 36in
HP Designjet T730
HP Designjet T830 All-In-ONE PRINTER
HP Designjet T920 36.In EPRINTER / T920 36-in PostScript EPRINTER / T930 36.In PostScriptPPPPPP / T930 36.In Printer
HP Designjet T1500 36.In EPRINTER / T1500 36-in PostScript EPRINTER / T1530 36.In PostScriptPPPP / T1530 36.In Printer
HP Designjet T2500 36-in Emultifunction / T2500 36-in PostScription Emultifunction / T2530 36-in Multifunction / T2530 36-in Poscription
HP Deskjet 2540 All-In-One
HP Deskjet 3050a / 3054a / 3070a
HP Deskjet 3510 E-all-in-on / 3511 /3512 /3520 /3521 /3522 /3524 /3526
HP Deskjet 3630 All-in-One Printer / 3755 All-In-One Printer
HP Deskjet 5820
HP Deskjet 6520
HP Deskjet Inkadvantage 2540
HP Deskjet Inkadvantage 3510 /3515 /3516 /3540 E-all-ONE PRINTER SERIES / 3630 /3830
HP Deskjet Inkadvantage 4510 E-In-ONE PRINTER SERIES / 4530 /4640 E-In-ONE PRINTER SERIES / 4670
HP Deskjet Inkadvantage 5525 /5575 /5640
HP Deskjet Inkadvantage 6525
HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Ultra 4720 All-In-One Printer
HP Enterprise All-In-One Printer Flow M830Z
HP ENVY 100 E-all-In-ONE D410 / 110 E-all-In-ONE D411A / 114 E-In-ONE D411A / 120 E-all-in-O / 121
HP Envy 4500 E-in-ONE PRINTER SERIES / 4510 /4520 /4521 /4522 /4523 /4524 /4525 /4526 /4527 /4528 /4529
HP Envy 5530 E-all-In-ONE PRINTER SERIES / 5540 /5640 /5660
HP Envy 7640 E-all-In-One Printer Series
HP Laserjet Enterprise 500 All-In-on Printer M525DN / M525F / All-In-ONE PRINTER M575DN / M575F
HP Laserjet Enterprise 700 Color All-In-on Printer M775DN / M775F / M775Z / M775Z
HP Laserjet Enterprise 700 All-In-on Printer M725DN / M725F / M725Z / M725Z
HP Laserjet Enterprise 700 Printer M712DN / M712N / M712XH
HP Laserjet Enterprise Color Flow All-In-One Printer M575C
HP Laserjet Enterprise Flow All-In-One Printer M525C / M527Z / M527ZM
HP Laserjet Enterprise M506DN / M506N / M506X
HP Laserjet Enterprise M806DN / M806X
HP Laserjet Enterprise All-In-on Printer M527DN / M527DNM / M527F
HP Laserjet P1102W (W/ Firmware Update)
HP Laserjet P1606DN (W/ Firmware Update)
HP Laserjet Pro 100 Color All-In-One Printer M175NW
HP Laserjet Pro 200 Color All-In-On Printer M276N / M276NW
HP Laserjet Pro 300 Color All-In-On Printer M375NW
HP Laserjet Pro 400 M401DN / M401DNE / M401DW / M401N
HP Laserjet Pro 400 Color M451NW / M451DN / M451DW / M425DN / M425DW / M475DN / M475DW
HP Laserjet Pro 500 Color All-In-on Printer M570DN / M570DW
HP Laserjet Pro CM1415FN / CM1415FNW Color Multifunction Printer
HP Laserjet Pro Color M251N / M251NW
HP Laserjet Pro CP1025NW Color Printer (W/ Firmware Update)
HP Laserjet Pro CP1525N / CP1525NW Color Printer
HP Laserjet Pro M20DW / M201N / M202DW / M202N
HP Laserjet Pro M402C1 / M402C2 / M402D / M402DN / M402DW / M402N / M402RDN / M403D / M403DN / M403DW / M403N
HP Laserjet Pro M501DN / M501N
HP Laserjet Pro M701N / M706N
HP Laserjet Pro All-In-One Printer M127-M128
HP Laserjet Pro All-In-One Printer M225DN / M225DW / M226DN / M226DW
HP Laserjet Pro All-In-One Printer HP Laserjet Pro All-In-One Printer M426DW
HP Laserjet Pro All-In-One Printer M426FDN / M426FDW / M427DW / M427FDN / M427FDW / M435NW
HP Laserjet Pro All-In-One Printer M521DN / M521DW
HP Laserjet Pro M1212NF All-In-ONE PRINTER (W / Firmware Update) / M1213NF All-In-One Printer (W / Firmware Update) / M1214NFH All-In-On-ONE (W / FIRMWARE UPDATA One Printer (W/ Firmware Update)/ M1217NFW All-In-ONE PRINTER (W/ Firmware Update)
HP Laserjet Pro M1536DNF All-in-One Printer
HP Officejet 3830 E-all-in-One Printer
HP Officejet 4620 E-all-In-O / 4630 /4650
HP Officejet 5740 E-all-In-One Printer Series
HP Officejet 6100 E-Printer H611A / 6220
HP Officejet 6500A E-all-In-O / 6500A Plus E-all-in-O / 6600 E-In-ONE H711A / 6700 E-all-In-ONE H7111N
HP Officejet 7110 Wide Format Eprinter / 7500A Wide Format E-In-O / 7510 /7610 Wide Format E-in-Ino / 7612
HP Officejet 8040 E-all-In-One Printer Series
HP Officejet Pro 3610 Black and White E-In-O / 3620
HP Officejet Pro 251DW
HP Officejet Pro 276DW
HP Officejet Pro X451 DN / X451 DW / X476 DN / X476 DW
HP Officejet Pro X551 DW / X576 DW
HP Officejet Pro 6230 EPRINTER / 6830 E-In-ONE
HP Officejet Pro 8100 E-Printer N811A
HP Officejet Pro 8210 Printer
HP Officejet Pro 8500A E-all-in-One / 8500A Plus E-In-O / 8500A Premium E-Inin-ONE
HP Officejet Pro 8600A E-In-ONE PRINTER / 8600A Plus E-In-O / 8600A Premium E-in-O / HP Officejet Pro 8610 E-all-in-O / 8620 /8640 /8640 /8640 / 8650 /8660
HP Officejet Pro 8730 All-in-One Printer / 8734 /8735 /8736 /8740 /8743 /8744 /8745 /8746 /8747
HP Pagewide Pro 452DN Printer / 452DW / 477DN All-In-One Printer / 477DW All-In-One Printer
HP Pagewide Pro 552DW Printer / 577DW All-In-One Printer / 577z All-In-One Printer
HP Photosmart 5510 E-AIO B111A / 5514 E-AIO B111H / 5520 /5521 /5522 /5524 /5525
HP Photosmart 6510 E-AIO B211A / 6520 /6521 /6525
HP Photosmart 7510 E-AIO C311A / 7520 /7525
HP Photosmart Plus E-Aio
HP Photosmart Premium E-Aio
HP Photosmart Premium Fax E-aio
HP Photosmart E-Aio
HP Photosmart Wireless E-Aio
HP Photosmart Estation / C510
HP Photosmart Plus E.ell-In-One B210A
HP PhotoSmart Premium E-In-One C310
HP PhotoSmart Premium Fax E-In-ONE C410A
HP Photosmart Wireless E-In-ON-ONE B110
HP Photosmart E-In-ONE D110A
HP PhotoSmart 6525 E-all-In-One Printer
Konica Minolta
Konica Minolta Bizhub 122DN / 128DN
Konica Minolta Bizhub 136dn
Konica Minolta Bizhub 224e / 227
Konica Minolta Bizhub 284E / 287
Konica Minolta Bizhub 364e / 367
Konica Minolta Bizhub 454E / 554E / 654E / 754E / 758
Konica Minolta Bizhub 808
Konica Minolta Bizhub 958
Konica Minolta Bizhub 3300p / 3301p / 3320
Konica Minolta Bizhub 4000p / 4020 /4050
Konica Minolta Bizhub 4700p / 4750
Konica Minolta Bizhub 7528
Konica Minolta Bizhub C2222DN / C224E / C225DN / C227 / C228DN
Konica Minolta Bizhub C230DN / C236DN
Konica Minolta Bizhub C258
Konica Minolta Bizhub C284E / C287
Konica Minolta Bizhub C308
Konica Minolta Bizhub C364E / C368
Konica Minolta Bizhub C454E / C458 / C554E / C558 / C654E / C658 / C754EE
Konica Minolta Bizhub C022DN / C028DN
Konica Minolta Bizhub C036DN
Konica Minolta Bizhub C3100P / C3110
Konica Minolta Bizhub C3350
Konica Minolta Bizhub C3850 / C3850FS
Konica Minolta Bizhub C7522 / C7528
Konica Minolta Bizhub C7822E / C7828E
Konica Minolta Bizhub C7925 / C7930
Konica Minolta Bizhub Pro 958
Kyocera CS 306ci / 356ci
KyoCera CS 406CI
KyoCera CS 2551CI
Kyocera CS 3010i / 3051ci ​​/ 3501i / 3510i / 3551ci
KyoCera CS 4501i / 4551ci
Kyocera CS 5501i / 5551ci
Kyocera CS 6501i / 6551ci
KyoCera CS 7551CI
KyoCera CS 8001i
Kyocera Ecosys FS-2100DN
Kyocera Ecosys FS-4100DN / FS-4200DN / FS-4300DN
Kyocera Ecosys LS-2100DN
Kyocera Ecosys LS-4100DN / LS-4200DN / LS-4300DN
KyoCera Ecosys M2030DN / M2030DN / PN / M2035DN / M2035DN / L
KyoCera Ecosys M2530DN / M2535DN / M2535DN / L
Kyocera Ecosys M3040dn / M3040idn
KyoCera Ecosys M3540DN / M3540IDN / M3550IDN / M3560IDN
KyoCera Ecosys M6026CDN / M6026CDN TYPE B / M6026CIDN / M6026CIDN TYPE B
Kyocera Ecosys M6030CDN / M6035CIDN
Kyocera Ecosys M6526CDN / M6526CDN TYPE B / M6526CIDN / M6526CIDN TYPE B / M6530CDN / M6535CID
Kyocera Ecosys P2135DN
Kyocera Ecosys P4040DN
Kyocera Ecosys P6021CDN / P6026CDN / P6026CDN Type B / P6030CDN / P6035CDN
Kyocera Ecosys P6130CDN
KyoCera Ecosys P7035CDN / P7040CDN
Kyocera Taskalfa 306ci / 356ci
Kyocera Taskalfa 406ci
Kyocera Taskalfa 2551ci / 266ci
Kyocera Taskalfa 3010i / 3051ci
Kyocera Taskalfa 3501i / 3510i / 3551ci
Kyocera Taskalfa 4501i / 4551ci
Kyocera Taskalfa 5501i / 5551ci
Kyocera Taskalfa 6501i / 6551ci
Kyocera Taskalfa 7551ci
Kyocera Taskalfa 8001i
Lenovo LJ26555DN
Lenovo LJ3700DN / LJ3800DN / LJ3800DW
Lenovo M74555DNF / M7615DNA / M7675DXF
Lenovo M8600DN / M8600DNF
Lexmark CS310DN / CS310N
Lexmark CS410DN / CS410N
Lexmark CS510DE
Lexmark C734 / C736 / C746 / C746N / C748 / C748E / C748N / C792
Lexmark C925 / C950
Lexmark CS720DE / CS720DTE / CS725DE / CS725DTE
Lexmark CS820DE / CS820DTE / CS820DTFE
Lexmark C2132
Lexmark CX310N
Lexmark CX401E / CX410DE / CX410DTE / CX410EE
Lexmark CX510DE / CX510DHE / CX510DTHE
Lexmark CX725DE / CX725DHE / CX725DTHE
Lexmark CX820DE / CX820DTFE / CX825DE / CX825DTE / CX825DTFE / CX825DTPE / CX860DE / CX860DTE / CX860DTFE / CX860DTPE
Lexmark E460 / E462
Lexmark M1140 / M1145
Lexmark M3150
Lexmark m5155 / m5163 / m5170
Lexmark MS310D / MS310DN / MS312DN / MS315DN
Lexmark MS410D / MS410DN / MS415DN
Lexmark MS510DN
Lexmark MS610DE / MS610DN
Lexmark MS710DN / MS7111DN
Lexmark MS810DE / MS810DN / MS810N / MS8111DN / MS811N / MS812DE / MS812DN
Lexmark MS911DE
Lexmark MX310DN
Lexmark MX410DE
Lexmark MX510DE / MX5111DE
Lexmark MX611DE / MX6111DHE
Lexmark MX710DE / MX711DE / MX7111DHE
Lexmark MX810DE / MX811DE / MX812DE
Lexmark MX910DE / MX9111DTE ​​/ MX912DXE
Lexmark Officeedge Pro4000 / Pro4000C
Lexmark Officeedge Pro5500 / Pro5500T
Lexmark Pro715
Lexmark Pro915
Lexmark S315
Lexmark S415
Lexmark S515
Lexmark T650 / T652 / T654
Lexmark W850
Lexmark X460 / X463 / X464 / X466
Lexmark X548
Lexmark X652 / X654 / X656 / X658
Lexmark X734 / X736 / X738 / X746DE / X748 / X748DE / X792
Lexmark x860 / x862 / x864
Lexmark x925 / x950 / x952 / x954
Lexmark XC2132
Lexmark XM1140 / XM1145
Lexmark XM3150
Lexmark XM5163 / XM5170
Lexmark XM7155 / XM7163 / XM7170
Lexmark XS658
Lexmark XS795DTE / XS798DTE
Oki Data
OKI DATA B710DN / B710N / B720DN / B720N / B721DN / B730DN / B730N / B731DN
Oki Data C332DN
Oki Data C532DN / C542DN
Oki Data ES3452 All-In-ONE Printer
Oki Data ES4172LP All-In-ONE PRINTER / ES4191 / ES4191-Multi / ES4192DN
Oki Data ES5462 All-In-ONE PRINTER / ES5462DW All-In-ONE PRINTER / ES5162DN / ES5162DNW
OKI DATA ES5162DN / ES5162DNW / ES5162LP All-In-One Printer / ES5442 / ES5462 All-in-One Printer / ES5462DW All-in-OS5463MFP / ES5473MFPPP
Oki Data ES8453 / ES8463 / ES8473 / ES8483
Oki Data MB451 / MB451W
Oki Data MB471 / MB471-W / MB472DN / MB472DNW
Oki Data MB491 / MB491LP / MB492DN
Oki Data MB562DN / MB562DNW
Oki Data MB760 / MB760DNFAX / MB770 / MB770DFNFAX / MB770DN / MB770DNFAX / MB770F
OKI DATA MC332DN / MC342DN / MC342DW / MC352 / MC362 / MC362DW / MC363DN
OKI DATA MC562 / MC562DW / MC563DN / MC573DN
OKI DATA MC760DN / MC760DNFAX / MC770 / MC7770DNFAX / MC780 / MC780DFNFAX / MC780DN / MC780DNF / MC780F
Oki Data MC843 / MC853 / MC863 / MC873 / MC883
Oki Data MPS2731MC
Oki Data MPS3537MC
OKI Data MPS4200MB / MPS4242MC / MPS4242MCF / MPS4700MB
OKI Data MPS5501B / MPS5502MB / MPS5502MBF
Panasonic DP-MB251CXT2
Panasonic DP-MB311EUT2 / DP-MB311JT T2
Panasonic DP-MB536AG / DP-MB536CX / DP-MB536CX1 / DP-MB536RU / DP-MB536SX / DP-MB536TW
Panasonic DP-MB537EU / DP-MB537JT
Panasonic DP-MB545AG / DP-MB545CX / DP-MB545CX1 / DP-MB545EU / DP-MB545JT / DP.MB545LA / DP-MB545RU / DP-MB545SXX
Panasonic KX-MB2571RUT2
Ricoh Aficio MP 301
Ricoh Aficio MP 4002 /5002 /6002
Ricoh Aficio MP 7502
Ricoh Aficio MP 9002
Ricoh Aficio MP C305
Ricoh Aficio MP C3002 / C3502
Ricoh Aficio MP C4502 / C4502A
Ricoh Aficio MP C5502 / C5502A
Ricoh Aficio SP C730DN
Ricoh Aficio SP C830DN / C831DN
Ricoh Imagio MP 4002 /5002 /6002
Ricoh Imagio MP 7502
Ricoh Imagio MP 9002 / 9002T
Ricoh Imagio MP C2802
Ricoh Imagio MP C3302
Ricoh Imagio MP C4002 / C4002A
Ricoh Imagio MP C5002 / C5002A
Ricoh Imagio MP W4001
RICOH IPSIO SP C730 / C730L / C730M
Ricoh IPSIO SP C731 / C731M
RICOH IPSIO SP C830 / C830M / C831 / C831M
Ricoh MP 402SPF
Ricoh MP 501
Ricoh MP 601
Ricoh MP 6503 /6503 JPN
Ricoh MP 7503 /7503 JPN
RICOH MP 9003 /9003 JPN / 9003T JPN
Ricoh MP C305 JPN
Ricoh MP C401 / C401SR
Ricoh MP C1803 JPN
RICOH MP C2003 / C2003Z / C2004 / C2094J / C2503 / C2503 JPN / C2503Z / C2503Z JPN / C2504 / C2504 JPN / C2595J
RICOH MP C3003 / C3003 JPN / C3003Z JPN / C3004 / C3503 / C3503 JPN / C3503Z JPN / C3504 / C3504 JPN
RICOH MP C4503 / C4503 JPN / C4503A JPN / C4503AZ JPN / C4503Z JPN / C4504 / C4504JPN / C4504A JPN
RICOH MP C5503 / C5503 JPN / C5503A JPN / C5503AZ JPN / C5503Z JPN / C5504 / C5504 JPN / C5504A JPN
RICOH MP C6003 / C6003 JPN / C6003Z JPN / C6004 / C6004 JPN / C6502 / C6502 JPN
RICOH MP C8002 /C8002 JPN
Ricoh SP C331 JPN / C331M JPN / C332DN / C333 JPN / C333DN / C333M JPN
RICOH SP C340DN / C341 JPN / C342 JPN / C342DN / C342M JPN
RICOH SP C750 / C750 JPN / C750M / C750M JPN / C751 / C751 JPN / C751M / C751M JPN
Ricoh SP 4500 JPN / 4510 JPN / 4510dn / 4520dn
Ricoh SP 5300 /5310
RICOH SP 6410 JPN / 6420 JPN / 6420M JPN / 6430 JPN / 6430DN / 6430M JPN / 6440 JPN / 6440M JPN / 6450 JPN
Samsung CLP-415N / CLP-415NK / CLP-415NW
Samsung CLX-3303FW / CLX-3305FN / CLX-3305FW / CLX-3305W / CLX-3306FN / CLX-3306FW / CLX-3306W / CLX-3307FW / CLX-3307W
Samsung CPL-415NK
Samsung CLX-4195FN / CLX-4195FW / CLX-4195N
Samsung ML-1865WK / 1865W / 1866W
Samsung ML-2950DW / ML-2950ND / ML-2950NDR / ML-2951ND / ML-2951NDR / ML-2955DW / ML-2955ND / ML-2956DW / ML-2956ND
Samsung Multixpress SL-K3250NR / SL-K3300NR / SL-X3220NR / SL-X3280NR
Samsung Proxpress C2620DW / C2670FW
Samsung Proxpress M3320nd / M3325ND / M3370FD / M3375FD / M3820DW / M3820ND / M3825DW / M3870FD / M3870FW / M3875FD / M3875FW
Samsung Proxpress M4020nd / M4020NX / M4025ND / M4025NX / M4030ND / M4070FR / M4070FW / M4070FX / M4075FR / M4075FX / M4530ND / M4530NX
Samsung Proxpress SL-C3010DW / SL-C3010ND / SL-C3060FR / SL-C3060FW / SL-C3060ND
Samsung SCX-3205W / SCX-3205WK / SCX-3206W
Samsung SCX-3405FW / SCX-3405HW / SCX-3405W / SCX-3406FW / SCX-3406HW / SCX-3406W / SCX-3407W
Samsung SCX-4701ND / SCX-4726FN / SCX-4729FN / SCX-4729FW / SCX-4729HN / SCX-4729HW
Samsung SL-C1404W / SL-C1454FW / SL-C1454N
Samsung SL-C2680FX
Samsung SL-M4080FX / SL-K4250NX / SL-K4250RX / SL-K4300LX / SL-K4300NX / SL-K4350LX / SL-K4350NX / SAMSUNG SL-M4370LX / SL-M473LX / SL-M4580FX / SL
Samsung SL-K7400GX / SL-K7500GX / SL-K7600LX
Samsung SL-M4370LX / SL-M4373LX / SL-M4580FX / SL-M4583FX
Samsung SL-M5370LX / SL-M5373LX
Samsung SL-X4220RX / SL-X4250LX / SL-X4300LX
Samsung SL-X7400GX / SL-X7500GX / SL-X7600LX
Samsung XPress C430W / C460FW / C460W / C462FW / C462W / C463FW / C463W / C480FN / C480FW / C480W
Samsung XPress C1810W / C1860FW
Samsung XPress M271HN
Samsung XPress M2022W / M2026W / M2070FW / M2070W
Samsung XPress M2620nd / M2670FN / M2670N / M2675FN / M2675HN / M2675N / M2676N
Samsung Xpress M2820DW / M2820ND / M2825DW / M2825ND / M2826ND / M2830DW / M2835DW / M2836DW / M2870FD / M2870FW / M2871HN / M2875DW / M2875FD / M2875FW / M2875HN / M2875ND / M2876FD / M2876HN / M2876ND / M2880FW / M2885FW / M2886HW
Samsung XPress M3320nd / M3325ND / M3370FD / M3375FD
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We open the overall access to print

To connect to the printer on the computer, the cable that you connect to the connector on PC will come in handy. It can be connected in advance. You may need to connect a laptop. To this end, perform actions:

  • Go to the operating system control panel. Choose a point of work with devices.
  • Open accessibility parameters and open overall access. Indicate the name of the device and its IP address. To read the factory text.
  • Now disconnect the wire from the connector. Enter the configuration menu again and choose the necessary gadget.
  • On the screen you will see the previously selected name.
  • Test the connection.

A detailed algorithm of various methods was considered how to connect a printer to a laptop via Wi-Fi. It is enough for you to perform the listed actions and check the result.

Wireless network connection

All preparatory actions are over, then it’s time to start organizing a laptop and router connection through a wireless network. You can use several different methods, depending on personal preferences. Each of them differs and requires the implementation of different steps, but leads to the same result. Next, read the features of each option and select the appropriate.

The operating system

Connecting through the operating system is the simplest, since it does not require a transition to certain menu and filling out authorization data. However, there is one nuance associated with the need for knowledge of the current password from Wi-Fi. If he is unknown to you, return to step 1, go to the settings of the router and change the parameters for yourself. Then close the web intake and start the connection by performing the following actions:


WPS. technology present on almost all popular routers. Its main purpose is to connect new devices to a wireless network without entering a password. To do this, there is a button on the router itself, the pressing of which allows you to conjure the device and ensure the correct connection. If you are interested in implementing this method, go to the article on the following link to get detailed instructions.

Web-Inteake of the router

Above you have already received information about how interaction takes place with the web-integrator of the router. Now you can use this menu for your own purposes, and not only for setting up, but also to connect a laptop to a wireless network, which is carried out by adding a new device through the “Wireless Main” menu ”. This task, using the example of several types of Internet centers, is shown in another leadership on our website.

Connecting two laptops via Wi-Fi

In conclusion, we will analyze one method indirectly related to the current topic, but which can be useful to certain users. You can use a wireless network to conjure two laptops and provide general access between them. This will allow you to transfer files or play games on a local network. Pre-connect both laptops to the same Wi-Fi, then configure the overall access as it is shown later.

If, when you try to perform any of the methods presented, you get various kinds of errors or the connection simply does not succeed, it is worthwhile to engage in the solution of this situation by checking each affordable method of correction. Pay attention to the settings of the router, Wi-Fi drivers on the laptop and the parameters of the operating system.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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Solving possible problems

If the Internet operates on other devices connected to the same router via Wi-Fi or the same local network cable, but there is no one on the target laptop, there may have been software conflicts or specific settings were lost. Then you will need to use a separate article from our other author in order to quickly find the cause and get rid of the difficulty.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

In addition to this article, the site has another 13177 useful instructions. Add the site Lumpics.ru into bookmarks (ctrld) and we will definitely come in handy for you.

Describe what you didn’t succeed. Our experts will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Features of flashing the router

It is important to know not only how to configure the DETECH router or other manufacturers, but also how to correct it correctly. However, this procedure is much more complicated than simple setting. If there are doubts about their own abilities, it is better to entrust the work to professionals. Unskilled actions can lead to problems in work or complete failure.

Rubing the router will become useful in some cases:

  • Software update to improve the quality of the device. Many manufacturers do not allow users to regularly update software update to stimulate them to buy new equipment. The installation of a newer version of the software increases the functionality of the router and makes the Internet connection more stable.
  • If the selected provider does not support the router or with its unstable operation.
  • If the router constantly loses the connection or works slowly.

In the process of flashing, the device must constantly be included in the network. When suits with food during the procedure, the router may fail. For flashing, you need to connect a router to a computer. In this case, it is recommended to use files only with proven resources. When flashing, you need to remove the internet cable from the horn nest. Previously, you should find out the current version of the firmware. This is necessary in case of problems with flashing. In this case, you will need to roll back to the previous version.

How to reset the settings to factory

To reset the settings of the router to factory settings may be required in some cases. Most often this is necessary with unstable operation of the device or the introduction of incorrect data. Reset of settings will allow the use of the former equipment. After resetting the settings, you need to set up. How to set up a router as a router, we have already considered. The procedure in this case is no different from setting up new equipment.

The reset of settings to factory differs in routers of different manufacturers:

  • TP-Link. To reset the settings, you need to go to the “System Tools” tab and select “Factory Settings” there. You need to select the regime of recovery of settings and wait until the router restarts.
  • You need to go to the “Administration” section, select “Settings Management” and click “Restore” near the factory settings.
  • D-Link. You should go to the System tab, open the factory settings and confirm the reset of parameters to factory.
connecting, wi-fi, router, laptop

For hardware reset of settings, you need to find a button on the router, which can be located on the rear wall of the device or inside the case. After reset, you should configure the router again as it was described earlier.

How to connect a laptop to a Wi-Fi router

This type of connection is the simplest and most practical. You can freely transfer your laptop to any point in the living room for you, nevertheless it will remain connected to the wireless network of your Wi-Fi router.

To connect your laptop to the Wi-Fi router, you will need to take only a few steps. Given that a huge number of users are crossing or are already on the Windows 10 operating system. we will give an example of it precisely on it. So, follow the following:

  • Turn on the Wi-Fi router;
  • Go to your laptop and activate the Wi-Fi adapter on it using a combination on the keyboard (find a button with a Wi-Fi image and click it in a conjunction with the FN key);
  • Click on the Wi-Fi icon located in the notification panel, next to the clock;
  • Find in the list of available connections the name under which your Wi-Fi router acts and click on it;
  • click on the “connect” button;
  • Enter if necessary, the password from the network that the Wi-Fi router distributes, and click “Next”.

After clicking on the last button, your laptop will be connected to a Wi-Fi network. You can safely use it, transfer from place to place in a living room, etc.D. That’s how just. In most cases, this type of connection to a Wi-Fi router is applied. Let’s now look at the next type of connection, which is used much less often or if necessary.

How to connect a laptop to a router via cable

Let’s now look at the laptop connection to the router via cable. Mostly, this type of connection is resorted to in the event of a wi-Fi laptop adapter or for the initial setting of the Wi-Fi router. Imagine that you have a completely new Wi-Fi router, just out of the box:

  • Check out to begin with all the information indicated on the box of the router, especially with the address that allows you to enter its settings integration;
  • Connect the Wi-Fi router to the electric network using the power supply applied to it;
  • Connect the Ethernet cable of the provider of your Internet to the WAN port on the router case (everything should be painted on it);
  • Take a double-sided Ethernet cable (usually in the kit), connect one end to any free LAN port on the router housing, and the other in the Ethernet laptop extension;
  • Open to the browser on the laptop and go to the address that was indicated on the device box, for example 192.168.one.one;
  • Complete the router, respectively, the network connection that your provider provided you (select the type of connection, enter the necessary data, etc.D. and t.P.) and activate the distribution of the Wi-Fi network.

As soon as you do everything correctly, your laptop will automatically find an affordable network connection, and the router, in turn, will begin to distribute Wi-Fi. If you performed the initial setting of the Wi-Fi router, and you are all right with the Wi-Fi adapter on the laptop, you can use the first item in the article to connect your device to the Wi-Fi router.