How to connect a Wi-Fi camera to a router

Typically, a new wireless camera has a static IP address. It is usually or, but in any case, this IP address is indicated on the sticker of the camera itself or in the documentation. And so, for example, its IP address is, connect it with a patchcord to the router. Now look at the IP address on your computer, if it has a different subnet, you won’t be able to enter the camera settings, that is, let’s say your IP address is Then, in this case, you need to change the IP address on your computer, for example, to, leave the subnet mask, the rest of the settings are not important. Open the Internet Eplorer browser, it is best to enter the settings through it, because all cameras are tailored at least for this browser. In the address bar of the browser, enter and you will find yourself in the camera‘s web interface.

Perhaps, depending on the manufacturer of the camera, a request may appear to install the activex add-on for the Internet Eplorer browser, allow and install. Now you will need to enter a username and password, as a rule, the username is admin and the password is admin, maybe without a password. here already look in the documentation or on the sticker on the camera. Enter your username and password and then.

The main “screen” will appear where, depending on the manufacturer, a picture will be immediately displayed in real time.

Wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV ip कैमरा चलाओ Router से

In this interface, there is a “DEVICE” button on top, in some cases there will be “WIRELESS SETTINGS” or something similar. Click. The settings window will appear, click on the gear.

First of all, we go to the settings of the wired network to enable the dhcp client (automatically obtain an IP address), you may not need this, but in most cases the dhcp server is enabled on the router to automatically distribute network settings.

Turn on the DHCP client. And press ok. After that, the camera can get a different IP address from your router. Therefore, you may have to re-enter the camera web interface settings.

How to Connect a CCTV DVR to a Wireless Router

Now, to set up a wi-fi connection to the router, you need to go to network services and select WI-FI.

We put the checkbox on, click OK. Then again go to WI-FI and click on Search to scan for wi-fi broadcast, then you will see your Wi-Fi network, select it. In the password field, you know what to write =). And if you need the camera to automatically obtain an IP address, check the DHCP box. And click OK.

10 May 2017

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