How to connect digital television to the old TV

The transition to digital broadcast means an increase in the number of translated channels, improved sound quality and image, no interference. Modern TVs are already equipped with a built-in DVB-T2 module, which simplifies the connection of the ethereal TV. The problem usually occurs with the receivers of the old sample. But if you wish, you can even configure them to receive a digital signal. It is enough to buy a console with support for the modern standard and properly connect it with home appliances. And since there are several ways to connect, it makes sense to consider each other, and only after that choose the most appropriate option.

Thanks to the innovation, every Russian has the opportunity to watch free 20 digital channels, which saves and pay access to the Internet. The only condition is to support the DVB-T2 standard needed to connect the TV to digital TV. Today, Russians use television vents of different generations: from morally obsolete models to ultra-modern smart screens with support for image quality in 4K format. Any of them can be configured to receive digital broadcasting.

  • Ultra-modern panels released after 2013, have built-in support for DVB-T2. For free viewing of 20 channels in high quality, it is enough to attach a receiving antenna to it (no matter, room or outdoor). This means that the individual equipment in the form of a receiver is not required.
  • Modern TVs with the date of release until 2013. There are no built-in module for such receivers, so it is necessary to purchase a special console to configure the “Figures”.
  • Models of old sample. Analog TV is uniquely not able to receive and process a digital signal. Owners of such devices except the antenna will also need to buy a receiver.

Only Soviet lamp televisions are not suitable for receiving digital broadcasting, and even tuner will not help. The fact is that such models do not provide for the connection of peripheral equipment.

What is Receiver

Digital television is working in a modern digital format. New technologies improved sound quality and images. In addition to 20 basic television channels, the “digit” catches more than 300 different TV shows and is constantly expanding the range.

Most old TVs, including liquid crystal or plasma, are configured to work with analog signal DTV (Digital Television). It is transmitted in the AM range at FM radio signals. The quality of the transfer due to a large number of interference is low. And the further the point of reception from the radio hazel, the worse.

To the quality of television broadcasting with 525 lines, 60 fields and 30 frames passed to Full HD standards, you need to connect the receiver to the TV.

Digital TV broadcasting features

Analog television works on the standard DVB-C protocol. Digital broadcast transmits a signal in three ways:

Equipment for decoding a signal is selected from its type. For TVs with built-in receiver T2 not required auxiliary devices.

The principle of operation of the tuners

Based on the types of digital television transmission signals, three types of receivers are distinguished: cable, ethereal, satellite.

Regardless of the type, all tuners work according to one principle:

  • Receiving and enhancing a digital signal.
  • Decoding and conversion to analog signal through RCA, SCART, HDMI connectors, tulips.
  • Playing multimedia from USB type media and drives (optional).
  • Recording, stopping and postponed viewing (optional).

Connect the receiver to the TV It is necessary for “rework” digital to an analog signal without loss of sound quality, images.

What tv does not need a prefix

Modern TV models are equipped with a built-in or external T2 type tuner. For such options, the additional prefix is ​​required. You can check the availability of such equipment in your TV on the official manufacturer’s website, for example, to enter the Samsung website and dial the TV model in the appropriate section.

You can carefully examine the passport to TV. It should contain complete equipment and type of television input signals.

Smart TV running through Internet connection does not require receivers. The quality of broadcasting in this case depends on the data rate over the network and the reliability of the connection with it.

Possible problems

Not always the process of connecting the DVB-T2 receiver to the TV goes smoothly. You can encounter some troubles.


If the image slows down or even disappears, the sound is interrupted, which means that the weak signal comes. Here are 2 options:

  • Incorrect direction of antenna or remoteness from the tower. Try turn the antenna towards the TV. If it is further than 5 km from the house, the signal amplifiers are needed.
  • Cable damage. Check the wires that connect the receiver with the antenna.

connecting, black, white, console

Black and white cinema

  • The TV is incorrectly connected to the console, recheck;
  • Incorrect image configuration on the console. you need to install PAL or AVTO mode;
  • Fault console.

No channels

If not all channels are shown, try to re-enable automatic search. Perhaps some channels changed the transmission parameters. Also try changing the direction of the antenna.

If no channel shows, and before that everything worked, preventive work on the television tower may be held. The lack of channels during the primary connection speaks of incorrect connection of the receiver to the TV or an incorrectly selected signal source.

It seems that everything told. Go to the digit, read wifigid! Sincerely, your blonde.

In Russia, gradually transition from outdated analog to digital television. This is due to the improvement of the quality of the resulting signal. But many users may have a question of how to connect cable TV to TV. About conducting the procedure and how to watch digital TV further in the article.

Channel Setup

The easiest way to search for channels. autocaning, which is performed by decoder. To do this, on the remote control of the console, select the MENU button, and then go up and down to find the “Automatic Scan” option.

Figure 10 Search channels on the console

In different receivers, the inteeis menu may differ and the channel of the channels can be caused differently. The principle of operation, however, is always similar. After you start automatically scanning channels, wait a few minutes while the receiver does not find all available stations. Then press the EXIT button to return to the TV view.

Contrary to expectations, configuring a digital adapter for you may not be so simple and pleasant. Especially if you do not oriented freely in the electronic menu.

If more channels are available in your area than you managed to configure, you should check the different antenna positions and again start the automatic search function on this channel, while the tuner does not find the channels from the specified multiplex. Also try making them manually. I will not extend and clarify, for example, on the Internet, frequencies of the desired channels. Add the brand and model of the tuner to the request and execute the Search command. Perhaps your problem is familiar to other Internet users and has long been its decision.

If the tuner still doesn’t “see” channels, but you are sure that you are within its range, and the connection of the antenna to the console is made correctly, try to select the “Restore Factory Settings” option and repeat the program search maneuver. In practice it happens that the search operation must be performed several times.

Connection equipment

For confident reception of the signal you need to buy several devices. You can buy them in stores where a television or computer technician is sold.

Equipment for connecting digital television:

  • Prefix (receiver or TV-tuner);
  • Coaxial cable to connect all devices to the TV;
  • Antenna for digital broadcasting DMB range.


In large cities there are cable systems (Internet, video). Some providers pass on them digital television signals, but for such a service will have to pay. If you have an apartment in a multi-storey building, you should connect to the collective antenna, take a reception with it.

You can freely connect digital television in the country or in the private sector.

To do this, purchase and install your own DMW antenna. Selecting the type of equipment depends on the location of the house:

  • If the accommodation is located near the computer, boldly acquire the room.
  • With a significant removal, an outer antenna is required for digital TV with a signal amplifier.


Receiver. device of small dimensions. Inside the TV tuner there is a board with a processor. The device converts the incoming information from the antenna to a complete television signal immediately in several formats:

TV tuners for TV are included:

All receivers are controlled by a remote control, with which you can:

In expensive consoles implemented the translation record functions on the USB flash drive, their subsequent inclusion on the same receiver. There is an opportunity to stop the transmission at any moment and see later.

How to connect a tuner through a video recorder

To bring the tuner through the VCR in parallel with cable television you need to know some subtleties. Stock full set of necessary plugs and strictly observe the sequence of actions. First you need to decide on the view of the RCA cables, HDMI or S-VIDEO on TV, VCR and DVB-TV receiver.

  • Connect the Cable Out output via the Cable OUT output on the TV receiver and RF IN on the VCR.
  • The first set of tulips connect in color to the exit connectors on the tuner and entering the video recorder. Remember: Yellow plug is responsible for video, white. for audio.
  • The second set of tulips connect the VCR with a TV (if necessary, you can use the SCARD connector instead of the tulip if it is).
  • Enable equipment to the network, on the TV through the settings menu, select AV, AV1 or INPUT, on VCR. Cable.

After connecting, try not to have all the devices in close proximity to each other, moreover, do not put on top of each other, it can lead to overheating.

Budget options Connecting to digital television

The digital console model for connecting television to the old TV depends on the equipment itself. Soviet devices are connected by a separate scheme. In order not to acquire an expensive receiver, you can stop the choice on a classic decoder without recording or television functions.

The budget option for viewing a large number of TV channels is considered to appeal to operators providing a prefix for rent. This method is possible in high-rise buildings, where Internet from Beeline, MTS or other operators.

If you connect the old TV to the satellite antenna, you will need a Smart card from the selected subscriber. It gives access to paid channels, expanding the list of programs from 20 to 200 and more. For example, a large broadcast range offers tricolor.

Important! Before selecting the console and method of connecting it to the old TV, specify whether there is no built-in T2 series module. This applies to plasma and liquid crystal thin TVs. You can check the information on the manufacturer’s official website. If the module is. the prefix for 20 channels is not needed at all.

Channel Setup

Immediately after completing the connection of the console for digital television, you need to change the equipment to setup. The number of channels directly depends on the type of broadcasting: essential, cable, satellite. To date, 2 multiplex has been successfully operating. This means that each subscriber can configure about 20 channels, including regional programs.

In Russia, there are a huge number of different digital TV providers that provide the ability to customize additional channels. The size of the monthly subscription fee depends largely on which tariff plan will select a user.

The process of setting up digital channels on the old TV also varies depending on the type of connection. For example, Rostelecom to its customers gives a special card that is then inserted into the module. This device provides the decoding of encoded signals.

To proceed to setting the channels, take the remote control and press the source button to select the source of the signal, mainly it is marked as “INPUT”, “AV / TV”, “Source”. A list of sources will appear on the screen, select the required you.

To start searching for digital channels on old TVs, click on the “Autopoyscript” button. Wait a couple of minutes until the process of searching for available TV channels is completed. Save channels. If necessary, you can sort them by changing the location of the TV channels.

Checking the quality of the signal

If there are interference after connecting the receiver and settings, then you need to check the quality of the signal to install which nodes caused the appearance of this problem. Press the “Info” button several times, the number of clicks directly depends on what exactly you use the receiver.

Two scales will appear on the TV screen. this is the main quality indicators of the digital TV signal. The parameter is not lower than 70%, otherwise the signal is weak, so you need to change the antenna position.

You must change the orientation of the antenna, and your assistant will follow the quality of the broadcast image at this moment. Once no interference disappears, fix the position of the antenna.

If in the process of checking the quality of the signal you noticed that the indicators of force and intensity exceed the mark of 70%, but there are interference, ripples, it means to reconfigure the receiver. It is possible that the problem arose due to the fact that you changed any settings of the console. Repeat the receiver settings, and then check the image quality again.