Camera setup features

How to connect Hikvision IP camera? To activate, connect the device to the network port on your computer. When the equipment is recognized, open the settings section and write down the IP address. Please note that each camera uses a unique IP address, which is indicated on the box from the device.

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If the box has not survived, you can resort to using proprietary software. The SADP utility is supplied free of charge with Hikvision networking equipment. This program recognizes IP cameras connected to the local network, their addresses, activation status, etc.

How to set up Hikvision IP camera? After entering the address and subnet mask (the camera mask must match the local network), a password field will appear. Hikvision network cameras of versions 5.3.0 (DVR / NVR version V3.3.0) and earlier were detected by the DVR automatically, without verification. Later models are password protected from hacker attacks, so the user needs to configure the Hikvision camera.

Adding a Hikvision ip camera to a Hikvision turbo hd dvr machine

A camera password is a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, 8 to 16 characters long. The password must be “varied”, the activation system does not register simple combinations.

Now the camera can be connected to the DVR.

  • open the “properties” tab on the identified equipment;
  • register a security password;
  • confirm code.

Another alternative way of activating video cameras is the method of automatically setting passwords by the DVR. The video recorder distributes a single generated combination of symbols to the cameras. To use this method, it is necessary to activate the option of automatic distribution of passwords to network equipment in the settings of the NVR-video recorder.

Honor has it that this activation method is unsafe, since due to the same codes, a quick hack of the entire video surveillance system is possible.

Hikvision camera connection and setup

Installing IP Cameras

This type of equipment comes complete with an assembly platform. With its help, the video camera is fixed on the surface of the wall or ceiling. Twisted pair with crimped RJ-45 connector is used as wiring. Category 5E cable is recommended.

For video surveillance without support for power over twisted pair PoE, you will also need to install a back box that will house an uninterruptible power supply.


The Hikvision brand is a world leader in the creation of high-performance security systems. The company was founded in 2001. Today, Hikvision equipment is used for the protection of private facilities and in professional security complexes in administrative, commercial and industrial enterprises.

How to Add IP camera in Hikvision DVR step by step instruction

If you have purchased Hikvision CCTV cameras, in this material you can learn how to connect and connect devices into a single system.