Dahua IP camera connection: step by step algorithm of actions

One of the most popular security systems is one that incorporates video surveillance.

The presence of this security tool will ensure a high level of security of the protected object.

With its help, you can visually control everything that happens on the territory of controlled objects.

Among the large number of surveillance systems, video systems built using Dahua IP cameras are distinguished by high efficiency, practicality and functionality.

Installing the Config Tool

How To Add IP Camera On Dahua DVR

It can be installed from the included disk or downloaded from the Internet.

This program is required in order to change the IP address of the camera, which will work on the network and perform basic camera settings.

After the program has been installed from the appropriate distribution, it should be run. The program menu will display a complete list of all Dahua devices that are connected to the video surveillance system.

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Connecting to Dahua CCTV cameras over the Internet starts with choosing the correct IP address. It can be changed using the corresponding tab of the “IP” program.

To do this, select the appropriate camera checkbox and use the Batch Modify IP tool. In the window that opens after that, you need to enter the IP address that corresponds to the address of the router used to connect to the Internet.

After that, you need to use an Internet browser, in the line of which you enter the IP address of the camera. In the window that appears, you need to enter your username and password for authorization and the ability to make settings. The standard data for the login / password pair is “admin” / “admin”.

Functional check

After the Dahua camera is connected, the video surveillance software is installed and configured, you should check the functioning of the system.

To view the video through the camera, use the submenu of the “Viewer” program.

Using the previously installed plug-in, it will be possible to broadcast from the camera. In addition to the viewing itself, you should also check the correctness of the file recording along the path specified in the settings, as well as check the operation of the camera in different modes. “Alarm” and “Motion Detection”.

Features of Dahua Wireless Cameras

Video surveillance systems based on Dahua cameras can be used on all kinds of objects in order to protect internal premises, as well as to monitor large areas around buildings.

The main advantages of these cameras include:

  • high definition video, which allows you to consider even the smallest details in the captured video;
  • the focal length of the cameras allows you to provide the maximum possible viewing angle, eliminating the presence of blind spots;
  • high reliability of the cameras allows them to be operated in different conditions both indoors and outdoors;
  • Dahua camera can be connected via a cloud service, which eliminates the need for a large number of devices for storing recorded video;
  • camera support for wireless data transfer protocol WI-FI eliminates the need to lay a large number of patch cables;
  • cameras are implemented in a modern stylish design, have a compact and highly reliable body (vandal-resistant design is also possible).

Program setting

How to Add / Install IP Network Cameras on Your Dahua NVR

When you log into the Dahua WI-FI camera web interface for the first time, the user will be prompted to install a special plug-in that allows you to view streaming video from surveillance cameras.

After downloading and installing this plugin, you need to update the web page of the camera interface and carry out further program settings through the “Settings” tab.

In the submenu “IP-video camera ® Video” you can configure the modes of the main and additional video streams. The “Path” tab is used to specify where the footage is stored on the computer.

The “Network ® TCP / IP” submenu contains information about the IP address of the device and allows you to assign new addresses to the camera, after entering which they should be saved.

The Easy4ip tab contains information about the P2P protocol. With it, the camera can be connected to a tablet, smartphone or mobile phone using the Easyviewer app.

The Dahua camera is connected to a Wi-Fi network through the corresponding tab “Network ® WI-FI”.

If you activate the Wi-Fi module in its field and update the search for networks, then in the ID field you can see the entire list of networks that are available for connection.

After connecting the camera to the network, it will be able to work in a wireless configuration.

The recording process is configured via the “Recording and storage ® Schedule” submenu. The user has a choice of three recording modes: continuous, alarm, motion sensor.

The choice of the place for storing the recorded data is carried out in the menu “Recording and storage ® Archive storage”. User will be able to choose storage to SD card, NAS, FTP.

To set the date and time of recording, use the submenu “System ® Basic settings”.

Changing passwords for entering the camera interface, as well as adding accounts of new users can be done through the tab “System ® Users”.

Algorithm for connecting Wi-Fi camera Dahua

The advantage of Dahua cameras is that they are easy to set up, manage and use.

If the future video surveillance system is built using Dahua equipment, the IP cameras can be connected independently.

To do everything right, the corresponding algorithm will be presented below.

Using the above algorithm, you can easily solve the problem of how to configure the Dahua Wi-Fi camera.

Similarly, you can configure video surveillance systems, which include from one to ten cameras.

If problems arise during setup, you can always seek qualified help from specialists.

They will help not only to configure cameras, but also to install them to the object in the most optimal way, which will allow you to control the maximum area of ​​the object.