Updating drivers

Drivers are the most common factor causing peripheral problems in Windows 10. Due to the large number of models, developers simply do not have time to release fresh software versions in time as required.

The steps below will help you check and, if available, install the latest driver for your camera.

  • We call the “Device Manager” through the context menu My Computer.
  • Finding the camera.

It can be located in the above categories or in the new “Other Devices” section if there is a problem with the driver.

  • Through the context menu of the device, we call the command “Update drivers.”.
  • We select the first option “Autosearch for updated drivers”.

We agree to the installation and restart the computer after its completion.

As a last resort, if Windows 10 did not find the driver, find it on the device manufacturer or support page and install it manually following the installer instructions.

Checking the permission to use the camera

connecting, web-camera, windows, computer

No matter how trite it may sound, you may be prohibited from using the WEB-camera for certain programs, it is because of this that the camera stopped working in Windows 10, to check this, we do the following. Open start and go to settings.

As a result, you will see the Windows Redstone Settings window, you can still open it using the WinI hotkeys. Next, go to the Confidentiality item.

The second method of reinstalling drivers on the camera

If you have tried all of the above, and the camera does not work for you in Windows 10, then we will try to update the drivers with the second method. Go to the device manager again and select update drivers from the context menu.

How to Download Webcam Driver on Windows 10 (2020)

Select Search for drivers on your computer.

See if there is any other compatible driver for your webcam that you can install instead of the one you are currently using. Try to install it

What to do if the camera is not in the device manager

Yes, this, too, you may not find the camera among the available devices, there are two options either it is turned off and is not displayed, or it is designated by an unknown device and requires additional drivers.

To display hidden devices in Windows 10 rdstone, go to the view tab and check the Show hidden devices checkbox. Then, if there is a camera in the list, turn it on.

Well, and the second option with an unknown device, I suggest you solve using two methods.

If you have a laptop, then you can try to turn on the camera with a special keystroke.

  • Asus, Acer, HP FnV key combination (or Fn key with a camera image)
  • Lenovo models use a combination of FnEsc.

It may also be trivial to turn off the camera in the BIOS.

One more nuance: if the webcam is displayed in the device manager, but does not work, go to its properties, to the “Driver” tab and click the “Details” button. You will see a list of driver files used for camera operation. If there is one among them. this suggests that your camera driver was released a long time ago and it simply cannot work in many new applications.

I hope now you will not have a question why the Windows 10 camera does not work.

0Xa00f4271 Windows 10 camera not working

Sometimes the webcam may malfunction. This applies to both stationary computers and laptops. If there are no physical injuries, you can try to solve the problem yourself without calling a specialist. How to do this will be described in detail below.

How to restore the operation of a WEB-camera in Windows 10: we will describe the main thing

In previous editions of Windows, the camera could be inactive due to the lack of drivers for it on the USB flash drive. In the top ten, all drivers are installed automatically after the system detects new hardware.

Check if the device is disabled in the device manager.

  • We call the dispatcher using WinX or the context menu of the start.
  • Expand the last tab “Imaging Devices”.

If the camera is not on the list, we look for it in sound and game devices.

  • If there is a downward-pointing gray arrow next to its icon, call the context menu and select the “Activate” command.
  • We go to Skype or the “Camera” application in Windows 10 and check the health of the device.

If it works, Windows 10 will ask for access to the camera and sound recording device.

Other possible fixes

If all of the above methods did not help fix the webcam breakdown on Windows 10, it is recommended to apply a few more methods:

  • If you have a built-in camera, but you have never used it, and it does not appear in the Device Manager menu. You will need to activate the BIOS and in the Integrated Peripherals, sometimes Advanced options, the active state of your webcam will be displayed or not.
  • If you are a Lenovo laptop user. It’s simple, you need to download the Lenovo Settings program from the Internet (it is highly likely that you have it). On the working panel of the application, you need to select the Privacy Mode option and activate it.

After that it is recommended to restart your device.

Rolling back camera drivers

If the method with the registry did not help you, then your camera still does not work in Windows 10 redstone, then we will try to roll back the drivers to the camera. Right-click on the start button and select Device Manager.

Go to the Driver tab and click the Rollback button.

After that, the operating system will ask you to reboot, if everything is ok, then the camera will work again.


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Connecting your smartphone as a webcam to macOS

The principle of pairing iOS devices is approximately the same as in devices on Android. The difference is in the applications and the number of steps to complete the connection. Let’s consider in more detail.

Applications to download and install on your smartphone and computer

EpocCam (also suitable for Android smartphones)
Presents a minimum of functions, you can use any iPhone camera. You will need to download the application to your phone and PC (client program). The connection is automatic.

iVCam. no need to use an IP address to pair PC and gadget
Everything happens automatically. It is possible to select the screen orientation, frame rate and resolution. As with the first program, you need to install 2 applications: on macOS and a phone.

iCam. video broadcast can be recorded in the cloud
No PC installation software required. The brightness and contrast of the video are adjustable, there is a flash. Viewing images, videos is carried out through the browser.

How to use your smartphone as a webcam: 3 ways to help

Even if the PC is without a webcam, there is no need to purchase one. Alternative. having a smartphone.

Enough Internet access, USB cable and a couple of minutes of your time.. don’t miss the basic life hacks.

Connecting your smartphone as a webcam to Windows

This process depends on the method of connecting the devices and the applications used for this. How the phone is connected as a webcam for a computer. read the material.

Setting up and connecting a smartphone to a computer

How to use your smartphone as a webcam? Take advantage of:

Download the DroidCam Wireless Webcam application to a mobile phone, for a computer. DroidCam client (you can download it from the official website https://www.dev47apps.com/droidcam/Windows/). On a smart phone, activate the “USB Debugging” mode (in the settings, select the “For Developers” item).

On the computer in the program, select the icon that resembles a cable. Confirm the inclusion of “Video” and “Audio” by ticks, press “Start”.

Use the program for smartphone and PC as with the cable version.

You will need to activate Wi-Fi on your mobile, mark the appropriate icon in the PC program. In the Device IP line, insert the address that is displayed on the main screen of the smart in the application.

Check the boxes next to “Video” and “Audio” and confirm the activation with the “Start” button.

Device pairing platforms

Take the IP Webcam app, for example. After uploading to Android, the settings screen will open at the bottom of the application, where you need to confirm the launch.

After that, the address will be displayed on the smartphone screen (this is the required camera access). It must be entered in the browser line on the PC, which is connected to the same network as the mobile phone. As a result, a page should open in a browser on a PC (see the first photo below).

In the menu on the page, go to the item about drivers for chats and click on “IP Camera Adapter”. Download and install the driver on your PC (use the link at https://ip-webcam.appspot.com/). Run the driver and enter the IP address from the mobile. Be sure to write video at the end of the line, for example, http://192.343.1.555:1225/video, and click on “Ok”.

After that, on a laptop, you can open a platform that supports video broadcasting, for example, Skype (select MJPEG Camera in the camera settings), and use your phone as a basis.


Applications to download and install on your smartphone and computer

Setting up and connecting a smartphone to a computer

Choose one of the methods that suits you.

Via Wi-Fi
You will need the iVCam program. Download it for iPhone and MacBook (iVCam client). After launching the application on iPhone, select the ability to transfer sound in the settings. The program may request access to the camera and the Internet connection, which will need to be confirmed. After starting the program on the PC, make sure that both gadgets are connected to the same network.

Through cable
The first step is to connect the cable from the iPhone to the computer. Unlike Android devices, the iPhone does not need to enable debug mode. Next, install the same applications for PC and mobile as in the case of Wi-Fi connection. The start-up steps are similar to the first option.

Through platforms
For example, EpocCam. Download it to your phone, and install the webcam drivers on the MacBook (you can download it here https://www.eLGato.com/en/epoccam, applications are also available for Windows and Android users).

  • connect Wi-Fi, making sure that the same network is offered for both gadgets;
  • open an iPhone application suitable for video streaming;
  • in the camera settings select the name EpocCam.

A notification will appear on the laptop screen that the camera is connected via Wi-Fi.

As you can see, there is no difficulty in connecting your phone to your computer as a webcam. Decide which connection method suits you best and make video calls from your PC.

Is it possible to connect the camcorder to the computer?

Connect your camera and computer using the supplied USB cable. Connect the camera and computer using a commercially available LAN cable. After connecting, pair the camera with the computer.

How to connect a camcorder to a TV?

connect video surveillance devices to NVR using Ethernet Cat 5/6 cables; connect the NVR security camera to TV with HDMI cable; turn on the NVR using the power adapter; turn on the TV, after which a live image will appear on the screen.

Why the computer does not see the WEB-camera via USB?

If the camera is still not found, check that the USB driver or update is installed on your computer correctly. You can use Windows Update to update drivers or check the USB controller in Device Manager on your computer. Restart your computer in normal mode

How to connect an HD camera to a computer?

How to connect an IP camera to the network?

If you have a regular camera, then you need to set its IP address and port through which it will be possible to connect to it. The device must be in the same network with the computer: Enter the IP address in the address bar of the browser, then the login and password, and we get to the web interface of the camera. Next, we need the Network Setup item.

How to connect a video camera to a computer as a WEB camera?

Connecting the camera to a computer as a webcam

  • We connect this device to the USB port of the computer
  • Insert the cable from the kit from the camera into its tulip connector
  • At the other end, we insert the wire into the included camera

What to do if the computer does not see the camera?

Webcam not working in Windows 10, how to fix?

  • Introduction
  • Check the camera settings in the Windows 10 operating system settings
  • Make sure the webcam is not disabled by other means
  • Install or update webcam drivers
  • Double check your webcam’s connection to your computer
  • Check the webcam settings in the app and select the desired device

Is it possible to connect a WEB-camera to Smart TV?

WEB cameras for LG Smart TVs come with special magnets for fastening. They do not spoil the appearance of the TV and do not require any installation skills. After that, the WEB-camera is connected directly to the TV via the USB interface. You can also install the camera not on a TV.

How to connect and configure the device

The Windows system has such settings that will allow you to quickly and easily configure all the elements responsible for sound, picture and video. To open the camera in the Windows 10 operating system, you must:

Find the “Camera” service in the general list of applications and click on it. All applications in the system are sorted alphabetically, allowing quick searches.

If the settings are correct, detailed information about the application will appear, it will be activated, as a result of which it will be possible to view the image from it.

After the actions taken, you can carry out all the necessary operations with the device.

How to check and disable your webcam

To test the device, Windows introduced the Camera program. To turn off the camera, you must go along the following path:

Start. Settings. Privacy. Camera. Then you can activate and deactivate the device.

If a problem occurs with the camera, the following steps are taken:

On the right, select the “Device Manager” block.

Find and expand the list of item “Imaging device”.

Right-click on the camera name.

Next, it becomes possible to disable and start the camera, update drivers and view properties.

The quality of the camera is influenced by the parameters of the graphic image. If the Internet has a high speed, but the picture has a lot of noise, then there is no way to fix it. Only purchase of a new device will help to solve the problem.

How to connect a WEB-camera to a Windows 10 computer

Microsoft Windows 10 has a special service that enables the camcorder to work. It is difficult for a novice user to connect the camera for the first time, since he does not know where the drivers for installation are located. The article discusses all the subtleties regarding how to connect a camera in Windows 10, how to disconnect and how to make rendering settings.

By the way! Learn how to check your webcam before use.

Steps for connecting and configuring an external camera

Steps for connecting and configuring an external camera

The camera is an external device. It is connected via the USB port of the computer. Different types have different designs and shapes, determined by the manufacturer. Almost all varieties are provided with a built-in microphone, which can significantly save money.

For connection it is worth using active extension cables. They provide additional power to the device to improve picture and sound quality. Also, this cable allows you to install the device at a distance of up to 10 meters. If you use a passive cable, then it is limited to five meters.

A disc is offered with the camera. It contains drivers for installation and software from the manufacturer. To set up the camera, you must:

If provided, press the button on the camera to turn it on.

The software from the manufacturer allows you to adjust the microphone volume, disconnect and connect the camera. Most often, installation of drivers is not required, since the system searches for them automatically after the camera is connected.

The settings of the main video parameters can be made in the window, the opening of which is described above. Here you can switch to photo or video, set a photo timer, switch to professional mode.

To implement advanced settings, you need to click on the icon located in the upper right corner. These settings allow you to:

to set the parameters of holding the button for taking video and series of photos;

choose framing grid and slow motion for photo mode;

select recording quality and suppression of flicker for video.

Possible driver problems

If the webcam is not listed in the Device Manager list or is listed as not found hardware, then drivers must be loaded for it to function. This is done using Windows 10. It finds drivers in its own database and loads them automatically. This requires:

Right-click on the equipment.

If the drivers have not been downloaded to your computer before, you must select the automatic search method.

Then the drivers will be automatically downloaded from the Internet and installed on the computer.

It is also possible to use another method: go to the website of the camera manufacturer and from there download the required driver version. Sites can be European and Russian. The first of them have more drivers. Therefore, if there are no necessary drivers in Russian, then you need to look for them in European. Having entered the site, you need to find the “Services. Drivers and Manuals” tab. Using the serial number of the laptop or its model, you can find the drivers.

Working with the camera in applications

Sometimes the camera does not work in some programs. This may indicate limited access. To remove it, you need to do the following steps:

Select those applications to which you want to grant access. To do this, turn the switch to the “On” position, located opposite them.

The camera may not function for the following reasons:

the Windows 10 operating system has problems;

camera malfunction or damage to its loop. This can happen due to the replacement of matrices.

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Installation via device ID

If the system cannot find the driver, you must manually find the driver on the Internet using the ID of the installed hardware.

In Device Manager, right-click on “Unknown Device” and select “Properties”.

Right-click on “Unknown device” and select “Properties”

In the next window, go to the “Information” tab and select “Equipment ID” in the list. At the bottom, in the “Value” field, the ID code of the installed equipment will appear.

Selecting the ID code of the installed equipment

Select the top line with the code with the mouse and press the “CtrlC” combination on the keyboard, copying it.

Step-by-step instructions on how to find drivers

A suitable download driver will appear. Press the “Download” button.

After downloading the file, launch it with the mouse button. The DriverPack Solution installation window will appear. Click “Install manually”.

The “Install Device Driver Wizard” starts. Click “Next”.

After installing the video camera driver, click “Close” (“Finish”).

After installing the video camera driver, click “Close”

The installed webcam will appear in the device manager.

Installed webcam in device manager

Downloading software from the site

You can find and download the software for a specific webcam in the Download section of the webcam manufacturer’s website.

Before downloading the software, you must select the operating system in which the software will be installed and click “Download”.

Select the operating system and click “Download”

After downloading the installation file, launch it with a mouse click. The software installation window will start.

Installing the driver using the wizard

The “Device Manager” will start, in which “Unknown device” will be located under the question mark. Click on it with the right mouse button, choosing from the menu “Update drivers”.

Click on “Unknown device” and select “Update drivers” from the menu

  • In the window that opens, click on “Search automatically for updated drivers”. After finding and installing the required driver by the system, the unknown device in the manager will disappear. PC may need to restart.
  • Click on “Search automatically for updated drivers”

    Installing and connecting the camcorder

    Attach a webcam to a PC monitor. Many webcams have a mount in the base that allows you to install it on the top of the monitor by snapping it in with a special clip.

    If there is no such mount on the webcam, you need to find a level, high place where you can place the webcam so that its peephole is directed at the face of the person sitting at the PC.

    We put the desktop webcam on a flat, high place so that its peephole is directed at the face of the sitting person

    Connect the USB webcam cable to one of the computer’s USB ports (rectangular) located on the side, front, or back of the computer.

    We connect the USB cable of the webcam to one of the USB ports of the computer located on the side, front or rear panel

    The USB connector can only be inserted into the USB port one way. If the connector does not fit into the port, you must rotate it 180 degrees and try again.

    The USB connector is inserted into the USB port only one side, if not inserted, we turn it 180 degrees

    Important! It is important to make sure that the camera is connected directly to the computer and not to a USB hub. USB hubs often lack power to control the webcam.

    No need to use a USB hub when connecting a webcam

    If a USB webcam connects to a MAC computer, you will most likely need to connect it via a USB-C to USB adapter.

    The webcam is connected to a MAC computer via a USB-C-USB adapter

    Connecting a webcam without software

    It is possible that the webcam comes without drivers and software. Usually you can buy a camera from a Chinese manufacturer in this version.

    When the webcam is connected, the message “Found new hardware” will appear.

    A message may appear stating that the webcam is ready for use. In this case, you do not need to take further steps to connect it.

    A message about the readiness of the webcam for work

    You may also see a message about the impossibility of installing a webcam if the operating system has not found the drivers it needs.

    The message about the impossibility of installing the webcam

    In this case, you need to find the video camera driver using a special wizard.

    Software setup (example)

    Select a language and click “Forward”.

    If the webcam is connected, click “Forward”, if not, connect it to the computer and click “Next”.

    Select the software to be installed and where to install it (it is recommended to leave “Default”). Click “Forward”.

    Choosing the software to install and where to install it

    After installing the necessary files, check the camera settings, its image should start in the central window. Adjust the webcam as needed to look at the face from the preferred angle.

    Check the sound of the webcam. When pronouncing words into the webcam, you can see the activity bar bursts next to the “Audio” section (or similar) in the webcam window. Click “Forward”.

    Reference! If you can’t see your webcam microphone activity, it probably isn’t working and you might need to turn it on through your webcam or operating system settings.

    To exit the installation process, click “Check my webcam”.

    The camcorder software starts up. Its window usually has a settings section, often in the form of a gear icon. You can click the icon to view and change camera settings, including contrast, brightness, sound settings, etc.

    Reference! If the webcam program did not open automatically after the installation was completed, you need to find its icon on your computer and start it manually with a mouse click.

    After completing all the settings of the webcam, click “Save”.

    Some webcam settings can also be made when putting it into working mode.

    Webcam settings when putting it into working mode

    How to connect a webcam to a computer

    Modern technologies allow you to connect a video camera to a computer and make video calls from it, keep a video blog or install a home video surveillance system.

    To connect your webcam to your computer, you need to follow a series of fairly simple steps.

    Installing and configuring software

    Insert the CD that came with the webcam into the CD (DVD) drive, making sure that the manufacturer’s logo is at the top of the disc.

    Insert the CD that comes with the webcam into the CD (DVD) drive

    Since most modern MAC computers do not come with CD drives, you must use a separate CD drive connected via USB.

    For MAC computers, a separate CD drive is used, connected via a USB connector

    After the CD is inserted into the CD / DVD drive, you must wait for the software installation window to start.

    On a note! If the installer does not start, double-click the Computer icon on the desktop.

    Double-click the left mouse button to open “This computer” or “Computer”

    Click on the CD / DVD drive icon with the inserted disc to open its folder.

    Double-click on the CD-DVD drive icon with the inserted disc, opening its folder

    Run the software setup file Setup.exe by double clicking on it.

    Run the software installation file Setup.exe

    How to properly connect your webcam to your computer

    With the expansion of access to high-speed Internet networks, instant messengers with the possibility of video and audio communication have become very popular. Free programs like Skype, Imo, Viber, Jitsi, Google Hangouts and others allow you to connect relatives, acquaintances, friends located on different sides of the globe almost instantly and with sufficient quality.

    Also, the Internet is littered with applications for video registration, motion detection, video surveillance security systems, image streaming. All these programs are united by one element. a video camera. The most convenient and cheapest type of cameras. WEB cameras.

    If you do not quite understand how to connect a WEB-camera to a computer, then this information will be useful for you.

    Installing the driver

    Usually, the system independently detects the type of device and installs a support program. As evidenced by the notification in the lower right corner. Sometimes the software is missing, then you should use the disc that comes with the camera. As a rule, there are no difficulties at this stage. Follow the prompts and the driver will integrate safely.

    If there is no disk, then you will have to look for the driver yourself. To do this, go to the Device Manager. Windows 10 allows you to do this in a simplified way. It is enough to right-click on the Microsoft icon in the lower left corner of the screen and select the corresponding menu item.

    Open the Device Manager, and in the window that opens, select Imaging Devices. USB Camera. At this point, right-click on the Update label. And choose automatic update. The system will independently detect the driver, install it and connect the device.

    It happens that the driver is not automatically detected, how to connect the WEB-camera to the computer in this case? You need to look for the program on the manufacturer’s website or on the driver.ru resource by model.

    Camera connection

    The device connects to a USB port via a wired or wireless interface. For its operation, it is enough to insert the connector of the cable or the receiver into the corresponding socket on the computer case.

    Please note that cameras can communicate with a computer using USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 protocols. This means that a USB 2.0 gadget will work with any protocol, and USB 3.0 only with the appropriate.

    If the motherboard does not support USB 3.0, it will not be possible to connect a 3.0 camera.

    If everything fits together, you need to install the appropriate driver.


    Once the driver is installed, you can customize the gadget. For this, a focusing ring can be installed on it, which must be adjusted. Also, the device has a mount, with which you can set its position relative to the object being shot. If Skype is installed on the computer, the image is configured in this program. Open the settings window: Tools. Options. Video settings.

    Now you can set the position of the device, adjust the Focus and adjust the video signal parameters.

    If Skype is not installed and you do not want to install it, then use any of the applications that support WEB cameras, for example, Webcam Surveyor, AbelCam, Active WebCam, etc.


    After downloading Skype from the official site Skype.com, install it on your PC. Register an account by choosing a username and password. Checking the quality of the image and sound of the webcam is performed in the top menu bar in the “Tools” tab. Select the “Settings” tab, then go to “Video Settings”.

    After selecting an active device from the list above the image window, check the image quality.

    To adjust the sound, select the “Sound Settings” tab.

    Observation of an object using AHD video cameras: equipment and installation

    In order to organize such monitoring, you will need the following equipment:

    • AHD cameras with power supplies;
    • video recorder (receiver);
    • a computer;
    • cables;
    • specialized software.

    When everything you need is already at hand, you can start installation.

    These AHD camcorders are easy to set up and can be installed outdoors.

    Connecting with a computer

    Now you need to connect the recorder to your computer. To do this, go to the settings of the network registrar and set the IP address that the computer has. It remains to connect the recorder to the PC using a patch cord.

    If you have connectors and know the pinout, you can make the patch cord yourself

    If we are talking about organizing video surveillance through a network, then it will require the purchase of additional equipment that can convert an analog signal to digital. But its cost may exceed all other devices, so it is more convenient to set up remote access to your computer from another device, which will allow you to view the data of the hard disk to which the recording will be made.

    Cloud service

    If it is problematic or impossible to provide full-fledged video surveillance with a WI-FI network, we will apply another method of how to connect IP cameras to a computer. using the cloud method.

    Cloud servers with software that provide processing and storage of data from web cameras are free and paid. Freebies belong to video equipment manufacturers and are intended for buyers of products of a particular company. Paid services serve equipment owners from different manufacturers.

    To connect to the free cloud on your own, you need a cloud-enabled dashcam.

    After connecting the recorder and installing webcams, you should:

    • run the connection program (utility) that comes with the DVR.
    • through the browser go to the portal of the free cloud service.
    • select the Cloud ID menu.
    • enter the device code defined by the utility.

    If the user of the video surveillance system decides to resort to the services of a commercial cloud resource, text and video instructions on the service website, as well as support staff, will help to connect the cameras.

    After reading the article, does it seem too difficult to independently connect and configure the IP cameras? Well, not everyone can really do this procedure; often, equipment buyers have to turn to specialists. The choice is yours.

    A practical guide

    Varieties of wireless IP cameras

    CCD wifi camera

    The CCD version is relevant for operation in low light conditions. Category CMOS models have a high data transfer rate and consume less power.

    Megapixel sensors provide clear and crisp images, however, due to their small size, devices with such elements are less sensitive.

    Fixed camera

    Wi-Fi cameras are also classified by body type. There are fixed and domed stationary models. In a separate category I single out PTZ network devices that operate in the wireless pan or tilt mode, in which you can remotely change the settings. image capture location, zoom and tilt.

    Wi-Fi PTZ camera

    By functionality, the devices are subdivided into 3G, 4G and GSM. The first two types of video cameras provide tracking using a mobile connection. They are tied to a device supporting the 3G option, to which a signal is transmitted online.

    4G devices can be connected in places where there is no internet access. GSM connects to the satellite control system and transmits the filming results to the cell phone.


    But things don’t always go smoothly. Sometimes you need to connect a webcam to two computers in remote access mode. No highly specialized software is needed for such an operation. Connection to Skype is made through the VLC media player, where you need to select the “transfer” item in the “Media” menu. After installing Skype, you can also set to automatically answer calls from a specific user.

    The camera settings themselves are usually contained in a specialized program provided by the manufacturer. Contrast, brightness, sound levels and the like are changed there. Sometimes the program won’t start automatically. In this case, you will have to turn it on yourself.

    Important: do not forget about saving the selected settings

    Signal output via DVR

    Stationary analog can also be used to display images from cameras. The only condition for this is the presence of an Ethernet connector on the recorder for connecting to a local network or a Wi-Fi adapter for connecting to a router. The connection procedure is as follows:

    • Connect a video camera (or multiple cameras) to the DVR using a coaxial cable.
    • Connect the recorder to a laptop via Ethernet or Wi-Fi (if there is a corresponding module).
    • Open a browser on the computer and go to the corresponding ip-address, in the window that appears, you will need to enter a login with a password (start IP, login and password can be found in the complete instructions for the device).
    • For the greatest security, it is recommended that you change the default password as well as the IP address. Otherwise, the recorder can be hacked by an intruder, as a result of which a completely stranger will gain access to the cameras.
    • For the greatest stability of recording and ease of use with cameras, it is recommended to install the software supplied with the recorder on a laptop. If the software is not included, it can be found on the official website of the device manufacturer.
    • Start recording video from cameras to your laptop hard drive.
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