Features characteristics

The global manufacturer of household equIPment produces not such a large assortment of cameras for TV, but the developers are trying to adapt as much as possible LG products for Smart TVs of the same brand.


The basic model fits all Smart LG TV monitors designed in 2013, according to the manufacturer. The set-top box has the following technical characteristics:

  • Dimensions, WxHxD (without packaging). 112 x 20 x 17 mm.
  • Weight (without packaging). 77.6 g.
  • Series Compatibility: LA790V. LA621V; LN613V-LN467U; LM960V. LM620T; LS570T.
  • Sensor. 1/4 “CMOS.
  • Resolution. 1280×720 g
  • Frames per second. 30 (720g).
  • Interface. USB 2.0.
  • Digital zoom. present.
  • Motion control (control). volume / power supply / channels.
  • Microphone. 2 internal.

Connecting A Web-Camera To A TV


According to the specification, the camera can be used with LG Smart TV models released in 2013-2014. General technical details:

  • Sensor. 1/4 “CMOS.
  • Interface. USB 2.0.
  • Resolution. 1920 x 1080 g
  • Frame rate per second. 30 (1080).
  • Digital zoom. yes.
  • Motion Control. Volume / Channels / Alarm / Power.
  • Microphone. two internal.
  • Compatibility: All 2013/14 Models.
  • Dimensions, WxHxD (without packaging). 112 x 20 x 17 mm.
  • Weight (without packaging). 77.6 g.

It can be seen that the devices are suitable only for certain types of Smart-monoblocks for watching television in digital quality, which is also different, it becomes more and more “Full” from modification to modification.

Interesting features

Branded cameras do NOT require installation of additional drivers and, like GoPro software, are ideally compatible with WebOS.

Can be used as set-top boxes on ordinary PCs, the sound and picture will be excellent, especially if the label on both devices is the same.

LG WEB-camera. “eyes” of Smart TV

On a TV of the previous generation, it will NOT be possible to find such a gadget as a webcam, but a camera for LG Smart TV is already a necessity and, of course, the ability to see and communicate through applications. For example, making Skype calls for a smart TV device of this company will NOT present any difficulties, because in addition to the optics, the “seeing” device is equIPped with a built-in microphone. But there is a nuance. not all types of cameras (universal) are suitable for LG TV, but only branded and professionally developed for special software.

How to connect

It is logical that after the purchase, the question arises of how to connect. First, it is necessary to install the “seeing” module on the off screen, it is easily attached with magnets.

Then a USB connection is required. Wherever the camera and the input are located, the built-in adapter cable will suffice, its length absolutely allows you to implement such manIPulations.

Turned on Skype, the program will automatically perform all the settings. In total, you can make Not only calls, but also take photos and shoots (camera mode).

By the way, in addition to all THESE capabilities, the camera is definitely suitable for the purpose of recognizing and capturing images in the Microsoft Kinect gaming technology, but for now it remains to wait until a massive number of games appear, requiring such “cyber eyes”.

Summing up, it is worth noting that nowadays it does not matter what brand is your “smart” TV, “Samsung” or LG. After all, the analysis of “seeing” devices shows that their use becomes inevitable and convenient at home, the more you can always choose suitable gadgets for each other.

Best webcams for Smart TV

TV Camera Samsung CY-STC1100. WEB-camera for Smart TV Samsung

South Korean manufacturer GoPro makes several webcams for its TVs. Choosing the best one is not easy. Of the inexpensive options, users prefer the Samsung CY-STC1100. The camera is best suited for rooms with low light levels. Sound and remain clear even when the user is at the opposite end of the room.

  • Slim, sleek body (15mm thickness) that fits perfectly into the design of your Samsung TV;
  • Attachment to the TV by means of magnets;
  • Auto focus camera capable of creating in H.264 compression format;
  • Matrix resolution 1280 × 720 pixels;
  • Four built-in microphones suppress background sounds up to 4 m away;
  • Ability to encode voice messages while maintaining excellent sound quality via Skype SILK decoder.

The Samsung camera is virtually invisible when viewed from the front. Almost the entire body is hidden behind the TV. Only a panel with a lens is visible, which can be tilted for your convenience. When the user changes the position of the body, automatic focusing is activated, which makes communication on Skype comfortable.

Selecting and connecting an external webcam for Smart TVs

Smart TVs come with built-in cameras that allow you to chat on Skype and make calls. If your Smart TV does not have a webcam, you can purchase it separately and easily connect to the device. In this case, you cannot use any camera, but one designed specifically for Smart TV.

Features of external webcams for Smart TV

Cameras created for Smart TV have the nuances of connection and operation. They start working after plugging into the USB connector and entering the Skype program. The program is configured in automatic mode, after which it becomes available for making calls and other options.

Manufacturers create webcams for Smart TVs, taking into account the level of illumination in residential areas. Usually, indoor lighting is weak, diffuse, but webcams transmit a clear picture in such conditions.

Also, manufacturers take into account the presence of noise in the apartment and outside. Cameras are equIPped with several microphones that perfectly filter out extraneous sounds, making communication at a distance of up to 4 meters from the screen as comfortable as possible.

Connecting a webcam to a Smart TV: Step by step instructions

An external webcam does NOT connect to all TVs. It is impossible to connect the camera to a TV that receives exclusively analog signal without using additional devices.

The system unit can be used as an adapter. It connects to the USB interface of the webcam.

The purchased web device connects to the TV using the following method:

  • The device is started using the installed driver. Installation in the computer is in progress. The CD with the program is included in the package of the purchased camera.
  • The TV is connected to the computer with a cable. An extension is selected in the settings that allows you to use the TV screen as a computer monitor.
  • Driver installation starts.
  • Parameters are set via the control panel to ensure the correct operation of the external camera.
  • The device is located indoors so that it is convenient for them to use.

How to connect a WEB-camera to a TV:

Using Skype via a TV is much more convenient than using a computer, because computer cameras DO NOT provide the same good sound and visibility as TV cameras. Finding an external webcam on the market that is suitable for a particular TV brand with Smart TV functionality is easy today.

PhilIPs PTA317. camera for PhilIPs Smart TV

Excellent picture quality camera to fit any PhilIPs Smart TV Premium.

  • Three-fold increase in the picture, which allows you to get an excellent picture regardless of the user’s location on the TV screen;
  • Purity of sound when located anywhere in the room;
  • Creation of a panoramic image, the ability to tilt. makes communication comfortable, even if the TV is located obliquely from the chair
  • Focusing to infinity;
  • Conference call. an option that allows you to communicate on Skype at the same time with Several people, which is convenient for talking with friends and business communication;
  • Universal mount for PhilIPs Smart TVs;
  • 2 built-in microphones;
  • Plug and Play system.

The echo cancellation system provided in the microphone allows you to transmit sound, cleared of extraneous noise. Skype people hear clear voices from each other.

Smart TV Camera AN-VC400 from LG. for LV TVs

LG is a global technology manufacturer. The company markets a webcam designed for installation exclusively on its TVs. LG Smart TV.

  • 2-megapixel sensor;
  • Resolution 1200 × 780 pixels;
  • Per second image change rate. 30 frames;
  • Possibility of receiving stereo sound;
  • USB connection;
  • Lightweight (78 g).

Hello. I got acquainted with the article “Choosing and connecting an external webcam for Smart TVs”, which left me positive emotions. This article weighs the pros and cons of webcams for TVs, mainly for Skype. The article does not just convince the reader that it is useful and much more convenient than on a computer. The author analyzes in detail the best representatives of webcams, explaining in detail his choice. Also, a huge “plus” to the author, according to the step-by-step instructions for connecting the camera to the device. To be honest, I myself thought about buying one of these cameras, because the author of the article was able to convince me!

Good day! Recently purchased a widescreen TV with a lot of features, including connectivity. But how to do that? I heard somewhere that this requires a special camera. I found this article on the Internet and it helped me a lot. It turns out that everything is easier than I thought. There is a USB input, the camera is attached. Actually by itself. Skype settings are also not very complicated. So everything worked out.

Good day! Recently purchased a widescreen TV with a lot of features, including connectivity. But how to do that? I heard somewhere that this requires a special camera. I found this article on the Internet and it helped me a lot. It turns out that everything is easier than I thought. There is a USB input, the camera is attached. Actually by itself. Skype settings are also not very complicated. So everything worked out.

The first step is to make sure that the TV device is generally designed to connect a special webcam. To install the drivers, you must use a personal computer as an adapter. You need to make sure that the TV and PC have the appropriate outputs: VGA, HDMI, S- and others.
Using a cable, connect the TV set to the computer. The TV monitor is used as the main screen. After completing THESE actions, the webcam must be closed on the computer via a USB connection.
When buying a camera for an LG TV (or any other model), you should make sure that the box contains a special CD with drivers that you need to install on your computer. I loaded the disc into the PC, the user will need to follow all the steps from the instructions. The manual is detailed, and then there are no problems with the installation.
The webcam will be placed on the TV in such a way that a certain part of the room falls into the field of view.
Next, you need to log in from the TV device in the Skype application and start a conference.
A camera for TV equIPment is a convenient component with which you can stay in touch with distant relatives or friends who are at a distance.
It will NOT be difficult to connect a webcam to a TV if you follow the instructions.

Thank you for the article, this is what you need, I chose Smart TV Camera AN-VC400 from LG, simply because the TV is also from LG, like my old TV supports an analog signal, this is necessary for my grandparents to be comfortable talking to their grandchildren, nevertheless the phone screen is too small for them, I have a question how this camera will introduce itself with playstation? I don’t really believe that they connect to each other to play Just dance, but all of a sudden they can be connected, who knows? With the connection, everything seems to be easy, everything is described quite clearly, I do not think that I will have problems with the connection, I want to give advice NOT to use Skype, there are a bunch of other services, Skype has long been outdated


The VGA interface is one of the modern methods of data transfer. To use this connection interface, you will need to have a special cable, and make sure that the camera and TV have the correct connector.

The connection itself is carried out in the same way as in previous cases. First, you need to connect the cable to the corresponding connectors on the camera and TV, after which you need to select the desired operation mode on the latter.

How to connect surveillance?

Now let’s try to figure out how exactly to display the image directly on the screen. The scheme here is quite simple and everything will depend primarily on what exactly we are connecting. Consider the option of connecting an IR camera, as well as connecting several cameras so that the image from them is simultaneously displayed on the screen of the connected TV.

IR camera

If we talk about infrared cameras, then these devices are equIPped with special illumination, which allows you to shoot even in low light conditions. Such models will be highly in demand in security companies and enterprises. If we talk about connecting them, then this process is NOT too different from those methods that are used when connecting conventional models.

This category of devices usually transmits an analog signal, which is also called composite.

This will be directly compatible with TVs that are equIPped with a composite RCA input, that is, with almost every TV.

To connect such an infrared camera, you will need a “Siamese cable” or “twisted pair”. this type of cable is used in most cases. If you do not know how long the wire will be necessary for you, then you can simply use the coil of the coaxial GoPro drive type RG59. Its presence will make it possible to simply cut off the required amount of GoPro drive.

Infrared camera output and power must be connected to the pre-prepared coaxial cable mentioned above. After making the connection, the user will need to select the RCA input as a signal source in the TV menu. This will immediately Switch it to the Appropriate mode, which will allow you to watch on the device screen in real time.

If you also need to output sound to TV, then you should connect a standalone audio surveillance microphone to any RCA input on the TV.

Connecting multIPle cameras

If you need to connect several cameras at once in order to display the image from them on the TV at the same time, then it would be better to use NOT analog surveillance cameras, but high-definition surveillance objects. In this case, simply through an adapter, they can be connected to the HDMI input on the TV, if there is one.

The presence of such a device will make it possible to combine signals.

If, nevertheless, analog cameras are used, then they should be connected to the inputs of the 4-channel multIPlexer, using coaxial wire RG59. This device has only 1 BNC type output. By the way, RG59 can also be used for transmission from multIPlexer to TV. But it will need a little modernization.

The point is that at the end of the cable, which will be connected to the TV, it must be converted so that there is an RCA pin at the end. The multIPlexer processor can then be configured to display 4 cameras on the display simultaneously.

It can also be configured to be displayed in other operating modes:

  • Pictures in picture;
  • Paired pictures;
  • Displaying a single picture with a slight delay.

To connect 1 camera to 2 monitors or TVs at once, you will need to split the signal using a special splitter.

Through the “tulIPs”

Connecting via RCA or tulIPs is one of the easiest ways. But it is only suitable for camera models that broadcast an analog signal. In this case, the signal will be transmitted using 3 wires. White and red will be responsible for sound transmission, and yellow for image transmission.

The connection is made according to the color of the connectors. Then select the Corresponding Source Mode on the TV. If you are using an older TV model, you need to turn on AV mode. You also need to add that sometimes there are not 3, but 2 wires in the cable. In this case, the sound will be exclusively mono.


To begin with, let’s say that in most cases it will NOT be possible to connect the camera to a TV directly via USB due to the fact that this standard was not originally intended to transfer data of this type such as sound and image. For this reason, there is no point in using a USB cable to connect a webcam via USB. To do this, we need either a special adapter or a special wire, where on one side there will be a Corresponding connector, and on the other there will be a tee with three tulIP plugs. Two will be responsible for sound, and the third for signal transmission. “TulIPs” should be inserted into the corresponding color nests.

Another option for connecting to a TV can be realized through the computer system unit. The USB interface of the webcam is connected to it, after which the required driver must be installed on the computer. Now we launch the device, after which we connect the cable from the computer to which the camera is connected to the TV.

We select the extension in the settings, which makes it possible to re-convert the TV screen to the monitor. We set the necessary settings through the control panel, which allow us to ensure the correct operation of the camera. After that, you need to Position the device so that it is convenient to use it. If there is not enough cable length, you can use a USB extension cable.

How to connect a camera to a TV?

The use of cameras to protect the territory or simply monitor what is happening in some place is an extremely common phenomenon in our time. And most often it happens that there is no need to simply write data to a disk or flash drive, but you need to connect the camera to the TV so that you can follow everything in real time.

Let’s try to figure out in what ways this can be done and what problems may arise in the course of such work.

Webcam connection

Considering that there are cameras that DO NOT require an internet connection, and models that do, it would be wise to consider connecting to a TV for both. If we talk about the latter, then there are quite a large number of ways to connect them to TV.

But we’ll look at 3 of them:

  • USB;
  • VGA;
  • RCA or so called tulIPs.

Possible problems

Let’s say a little about possible problems and malfunctions with cameras when connecting to a TV and their further use. One of the most common problems is the loss of images on the TV. To figure out what the problem is, you should look at the archive, if any, to see if the shutdown was one-time or has already been repeated at a certain frequency. There might have been some interference before turning off the camera, or the device might have turned off instantly.

An equally common prerequisite for the occurrence of various kinds of problems and malfunctions with the image from the camera is NOT too good connection of the connectors. It is imperative to make sure that the connectors are connected correctly and of high quality.

Another possible problem or prerequisite for problems is the failure of the device’s power supply. If there is a suspicion of its malfunction, it is required to check the voltage with a multimeter under load, that is, with a connected camera, and make sure that the voltage values ​​are within the standards.

If it was found that the measured voltage does NOT correspond to the standard values, then the power supply needs to be repaired or replaced. Although the latter option will still be preferable.

Another prerequisite for problems with cameras is problems with cable lines. Inspect cables for physical damage, fractures, or kinks to ensure that everything is in order.

As you can see, there are a large number of ways to connect various camera models and there is an opportunity to choose the most convenient and affordable connection option. The only thing you should be aware of is that when performing any actions to connect the camera to the TV, you should clearly understand the sequence and essence of the actions being taken.

Below you can look with tIPs for connecting an analog camera to your TV.

Web camera

First you need to figure out whether the connected standard webcam will work with your TV model. Since the camera is a modern device, we need to bypass special software and a device that receives digital data transmission. Many older TVs lack this capability. The webcam’s work becomes real only when you connect it to Smart TV, where you can download various applications from the Internet.

The question of whether it is possible to connect a webcam to a TV is of interest to many computer users. Most modern TV models work with digital data format, so in order to Synchronize your webcam with your TV you need to:

  • Connect using a USB cable;
  • Download the corresponding application to your smart TV;
  • Configure according to the recommendations.

Connect your camera to your TV

New TV models suggest the ability to connect modern technical devices to view photos and data on a large screen. As with other devices, connecting a camera is a simple process of data synchronization using special cables, which, as a rule, come with the device. Consider how to connect different types of cameras to your TV.


Viewing your loved ones and photos on the TV screen is an enviable dream of the past generation. Today, thanks to the development of the technology industry, this has become possible. To connect the camera to the TV, you need to find out the presence of certain connectors on the devices.

Rear View Camera

Reversing cameras have recently become a fairly common technology among car enthusiasts. They help you park your car at night or when the car’s mirrors cannot provide sufficient information about the situation. In order to find out how to connect a rear view camera to a TV, follow these steps:

  • Make sure you can provide a stable power supply;
  • Connect your device to your TV using a simple coaxial cable;
  • Let’s synchronize the data.

In addition to the camera, many other devices can be connected to the TV. For example, wireless headphones are a great solution if you want to watch movies at night without disturbing others. An external hard drive will also be necessary for movie fans. it is very convenient to store your film library on it. It will be useful for karaoke lovers to learn how to connect a microphone to the TV, and for gamers. XBOX.

LG Smart TV

The princIPle of connecting the camera to an LG TV is similar to Samsung. To connect, you need to perform the following procedure:

  • On the screen off Install the communication module using a magnetic installation.
  • We connect to the USB port using a long adapter cable to the desired distance.
  • We turn on one of the communication programs. All settings go through automatically.

By following all the steps correctly, you can get the most out of your webcam functionality.

LG offers its own webcams. The AN-VC400 model, the most optimal in terms of characteristics and price, is in the greatest demand on the market. The transmission rate is 30 frames per second. The matrix, equIPped with two megapixels, supports a screen expansion of 1200 × 780. The camera has a built-in microphone, and the weight of the device is only 78 grams. There is a possibility of receiving stereo sound.

The CY-STC1100 webcam is also very popular among the products of the South Korean GoPro manufacturer.

Samsung Smart TV

Samsung devices are versatile and fit different TV models. To answer the question of how to connect a webcam to a TV, you need to follow the instructions exactly:

  • I turn off my Samsung TV and attach an external camera using a magnetic device that will help NOT to damage the case.
  • We connect the device to the TV through the Cord-conductor transfers the captured to the screen.
  • We turn on the TV and launch the desired program. Then you can freely take pictures, shoot and make calls without any restrictions.

The technology eliminates the need for manual settings and connects everything automatically.

The most popular webcam model among Samsung products is called VG-STC3000 / RU. The modern matrix provides an HD 720p image, and a transfer rate of 30 frames / sec. The model guarantees excellent sound quality thanks to the noise canceling function and built-in four microphones.

Samsung Smart TV cameras support gesture control.

Features of modern WEB-cameras

Developers of state-of-the-art technology solutions in device manufacturing Try to take into account as many factors of their use as possible, such as location or use cases.

First, let’s understand the terminology. A webcam is a small digital device designed to transmit images through the use of various software. When choosing this technique, pay attention to the type and expansion of the matrix, maximum expansion. The presence of a microphone and focus.

Only with the advent of Smart TV technology did it become possible to connect a webcam to a TV. The need to develop a separate type of connection arose due to the size of the diagonal, which is much larger than in laptops or PCs.

Popular companies are now developing their own webcams for TVs, which are most suitable in design and technology are fully compatible.

Thanks to the use of advanced technologies and non-standard solutions, a product appears in front of customers at the exit, which can guarantee a high-quality image, regardless of the time of day or noise.

If your TV is outdated and does not have a built-in Smart TV function (software), you cannot fully use the webcam functions. Can be connected using a coaxial cable if needed.

Webcam connection

Before buying a webcam, you need to consider the type of TV and the purpose of use.

You can only connect the camera to the TV if you can download applications from the Internet. If the TV only receives analog signals, you need to connect additional systems.

I bought an accessory, you need to follow these steps:

  • Install the driver using your computer.
  • By connecting the TV and PC via a cable or adapter, configure the ability to use the screen as a monitor.
  • Change the parameters to work correctly on the control panel. If necessary, you can additionally purchase a USB extension cable.

Sony bravia

Sony products have become particularly popular in recent years. The manufacturer offers high quality, advanced technologies and wide functionality at an affordable price.

The distinctive features when connecting the appliances of this Japanese GoPro manufacturer are comments. The general scheme looks like this: turn off the TV, mount an external device. Next, we connect the USB cable to the webcam and TV. Turn on TV and use all the features of Sony Bravia.

If you follow the instructions carefully, there will be NO problems with settings and connection.

There are also universal webcams on the market that can be connected to TVs from different manufacturers. Logitech, the leader in this segment, uses HDMI cable technology. The set includes a special control panel and a power supply. Most of them have wide-angle lenses and are equIPped with multIPle microphones.

Smart TV

Cameras for connection to Smart TV have a number of functional features. By connecting the devices together via a USB cable, you can take advantage of the technology. This way, all configurations are automatically detected. To make calls, just open one of the specialized programs, for example, Skype or Viber.

Smarttv brings a new level of possibilities.

The benefits of using include:

  • Increased screen size;
  • The ability to use a large company of people at the same time;
  • Easy connection of a WEB-camera and its small size;
  • Best picture quality;
  • Modern appearance.

The process of connecting Smart TVs in different manufacturers is similar. Let’s take a closer look.

Ways to connect a webcam to a TV

Modern televisions perform significantly more functions and have more extensive toolbox than before. Chatting with friends, surfing the Internet, loved ones. and this is not a complete list of possibilities. Messengers such as Skype help you see your loved one even thousands of kilometers away.

By connecting your webcam to your TV, you can hear and chat with your friends on the big screen. In this article, we will take a closer look at which camera is better to choose, how to connect and what features you need to know.

Other connection options

For older TVs, a more complex connection scheme is used. The connection via “TulIPs” (RCA) and VGA is still used.

AV-IN / OUT is a connector that is present in almost all TVs. Has the form of a plug with a diameter of 3.5 mm. In everyday communication, it is called “tulIP”. Monaural TVs have 2 inputs, and stereo ones have 3.

In a similar way, you can connect a webcam to a TV using HDMI, VGA or DVI connectors. The image is clear, rich, with sound.

It should be borne in mind that VGA cables are fragile, you should be careful when connecting them.

Regardless of the TV and webcam model, establishing a connection is easy. Taking just a couple of minutes and applying basic skills, you will be able to use the wide functionality of modern TVs.

The devices can be used for different purposes: for communicating in messengers, taking photos or recording

On the market there are webcams from leading manufacturers and universal models that fit different types of TVs.

Brand companies design their own webcams to drive more demand for their products. However, their cost directly depends on the technical characteristics, and the products themselves are of high quality and sound.