Installing a rear view camera

First of all, we collect all the necessary components:

Next, you need to choose a place to install the camera. Much will depend on what kind of mount the camera itself will have, but on Grant, most often the camera is installed in the bumper (on top of the license plate), if it is an old-style sedan, or in a “saber” (also above the license plate), if it is a liftback, station wagon, hatchback or sedan of 2018. In all cases, the mounting scheme is identical.

How to Connect a Rearview Camera with Panlelo Car Stereo

Consider installing the camera in the overlay above the license plate (saber), since in this case the camera is high enough, it gets dirty less, gives a better view, and the installation process is as simple as possible, because you do not need to remove the rear bumper.

2) Remove the “saber”, it is held by 6 screws M8;

3) Mark the best place for the camera and drill a hole;

4) Install the camera in place and fix it with a lock nut;

5) We first lay the cable from the camera to the MMS through the standard corrugation of the tailgate (the extra wire is placed there with great difficulty), and then we lead it through the cabin.

Options are possible here, since the cable can be run along the floor or over the doors. In the first case, it can be passed by the instrument panel, in the second case, through the right front pillar.
As a result, the wires must reach the back of the multimedia system. But before connecting, you will need to dismantle the cladding, and then the MMC itself, in order to make it as easy as possible to connect the cable.

Setting up MMC LADA for a rear view camera

The standard MMC does not require additional firmware for the reversing camera. It is enough to activate this function using the special CAM on / off program.

1) We write the program to a USB flash drive using a computer and connect it to the MMC;
2) On the screen of the radio, hold down the “Settings” button, then click “Exit” and “Desktop”. After that, you are taken to the desktop of the WinCE operating system;
3) Go to the folder “My device”, then “USB disk” and go to the folder with the program;
4) Launch the CamOnOff program file, allow to use the camera by clicking on the corresponding button;
5) Close the program and the desktop;

6) We turn on the reverse gear and check the operation of the rear-view camera.

Rear view camera connection

For cars Granta, Kalina and Priora, the connection diagram for the rear view camera is as follows:

  • Black wire to ground;
  • Connect the red wire to the 12V green reversing light.

The miniISO connector is connected to the radio tape recorder, but it is necessary to first bring our “tulip” to it:

  • Ground (outer tulip contact) of the connector to pin 16;
  • Plus (internal contact) of the connector to pin 19.

If your car was purchased with a standard MMS, then no additional actions are required at this stage. But for those who independently completed their car with a multimedia system (it is not available in the “Standard” and “Norm” trim levels), it is necessary to additionally supply 12V from the reverse gear to the contact of the A1 connector of the radio.


LADA cars use the same standard multimedia systems. If your car Granta, Priora or Kalina has such an MMS, then the instructions below will suit you anyway.

Rear view camera for LADA Granta

The rear view camera on LADA Granta is not installed regularly, but the manufacturer made the installation procedure for this option as convenient, simple and cheap as possible.

There is an opinion that a rear-view camera is necessary exclusively for beginners who do not yet know how to park in reverse properly. In fact, even experienced drivers allow collisions when reversing, simply because there are areas in the back that are not visible through any car mirror.

Today it is quite easy to put a rear view camera, and the price of the equipment and the installation itself will pleasantly surprise you. over, you can save on work by installing the camera yourself.

Another option for installing a rear view camera in the LADA Granta bumper, with wires laying along the floor and through the dashboard:

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The article uses photos of the logbook “LADA Granta Liftback White Cloud”.

2 Installing a rear view camera is a simple and effective way

Regardless of the body type of the LADA Granta model, the rear view camera above the license plate is installed using the same technology. So, carefully remove some of the trunk trim. First. the brake light pad, which is fixed on clips, then. the side part on clips and screws, and only then the main trim. Now, using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the 6 M8 bolts around the perimeter, on which the pad is held.

How to wire a backup camera to your radio/indash screen and what settings to use

Next, you should mark the installation site, it is best to place the camera in the center of the lining so that it is adjacent to the license plate cover. In this case, the view will also be on the edge of the bumper, which will greatly facilitate the parking process. Now, using a drill, you need to carefully drill a hole for the mount and fix the camera (depending on the type of mount) on a nut and washer. Using electrical tape, connect the wires from the device to the wires from the license plate light and install into the factory plug.

You can pull the wires into the passenger compartment through the standard corrugation, but this process is quite laborious, since the corrugation is narrow and not adapted for additional wires. At this stage, we recommend using a thin flexible brake cable, like those used on bicycle brakes. As practice shows, with it the wires stretch much easier and faster.

1 How to choose a good camera and a convenient installation method?

There are a huge number of rear-view camera models on the market that are suitable for both Grant and other VAZ models, including the LADA Priora and LADA Vesta models. We are talking about universal versions of domestic and Chinese production. When choosing a camera, you should pay attention to its packaging, the presence of a good viewing angle (at least 170 degrees), the quality of the matrix, parking lines and the manufacturer’s warranty. On average, a rear-view camera costs between 1200-2000 rubles. When it comes to installation methods, there are three most common options.

The first method, which we will describe in detail, is to install the device instead of a license plate light.

This option is most often chosen by the owners of the LADA Granta model. Among the advantages of this method are convenient installation and excellent visibility when parking a car. The second method involves installing a camera instead of the standard trunk lock cylinder. There are some obvious downsides. Firstly, the location is too high, which creates additional inconveniences, and secondly, after installation, the trunk can only be opened using an electronic drive, which is also not always convenient.

The third method is to install the camera directly into the rear bumper using a technology similar to installing a parking sensor. In this case, the ideal viewing angle and camera height are obtained, but accessories of this type are slightly more expensive, while installation becomes much more complicated, since you will have to remove the bumper and drill it. In addition, with this method, it is more difficult to drive and connect the wiring, but at the same time the camera will look more organic on the car body. Which of the ways to choose is up to you, we will consider the simplest and most common way to install over a rear license plate.

Rear view camera for Lada Granta. install the required accessory

The reversing camera is a convenient and practical accessory that greatly assists when parking. At the factory, only luxury models are equipped with cameras; owners of other versions have to install this accessory on their own.

3 Do-it-yourself wiring and connection of wires

You can lead wires into the passenger compartment to the standard multimedia system either through the headliner or along the side door trims. To work with the ceiling sheathing, we recommend using special “paddles” and filling the voids under the sheathing with additional pieces of foam rubber under the cable. On the front pillar, the wire can be connected to the antenna wire, then stretch it to the glove compartment area to the radio or standard multimedia.

The center panel is fixed with metal clips and can be removed quite simply. To do this, insert a flat screwdriver into the hole on top of the radio and pry it off, then detach a few clips. After that, remove the temperature and air direction regulators and use a screwdriver to snap off the clips along the perimeter of the panel from top to bottom.

It is most convenient to connect the power wires of the camera to the reversing lamp. 12-volt positive wire to the green wire of the lamp, ground from the power supply to the black wire. To connect the connector to the radio, purchase an additional Mini ISO with a tulip, it is inexpensive, about 250 rubles. The plus of the tulip is connected to the contact number 16 of the blue block, the mass is connected to the contact C19.

The signal wire from the device is connected to the tulip, which must be included with the camera. Sometimes it is necessary to additionally connect the 12V contact from the rear light to the A1 contact on the multimedia (in the Granta Normal or Comfort trim levels). In other configurations, it is enough to use the standard connection diagram. To start cameras of some models, it may be necessary to download a special program to a flash drive and activate it on the MMC via the USB connector, but most often it is enough just to connect the wires correctly, and the launch occurs automatically.


  • rear view camera (see Cameras for Grants).
  • mini ISO connector (blue shoe and cinch).
  • several meters of wire.

Most often, a rear-view camera is placed above the license plate (on an overlay called a “saber”). This arrangement is the most successful from the point of view of the view, the camera is not striking and there is no need to remove the bumper. First, remove the trunk lid trim, and then the saber, which is held by 6 M8 screws.

Determine the best location for the camera and drill a hole there. We fasten the accessory on the back with a nut.

We lay the wires from the camera into the trunk through regular corrugations.

It is more convenient to pull the wiring into the front of the car under the rubber seal of the headlining. Then we drag it under the dashboard to the back of the radio. To remove the MMC, you will first need to dismantle the panel cladding.


General wiring diagram for rear view camera:

In the trunk, we connect the camera to the rear light wiring:

  • 12V to green wire (reverse)
  • “mass” to black

We connect the miniISO connector to the radio tape recorder, the arrangement of the wires in the blue block is as follows:

  • Ground (outer part of the tulip) of the connector to pin 16.
  • Plus (center) of the connector to pin 19.

It is worth noting that if the MMS was installed on the car in the “norm” or “standard” configuration, then it will be necessary to additionally bring 12V from the reverse gear to the contact of the A1 connector of the radio.

Installation of a rear view camera on Lada Granta, Priora and Kalina

It’s hard to imagine a modern car without a rear view camera. If your car does not have this option from the factory, then you can install the camera yourself. Lux configurations of LADA Granta, Kalina 2, Priora cars have similar multimedia systems (MMS), so the process of connecting and setting up the camera is identical. During the installation of the camera, there may be differences depending on the type of body (hatchback, station wagon, sedan, liftback), but they are insignificant.

Setting up a standard MMS

The firmware of the radio is not required, you just need to activate the rear view camera. To do this, download the program (To download the files, you need to log in to the site) and copy it to a removable media (USB Flash).

  • Go to the desktop (WinCE). On the screen of the radio, hold down the “Settings” button, then “Exit” and “Desktop”.
  • We launch the program. My device. USB disk. Program folder. Run the CamOnOff file.
  • We are allowed to use the camera. Click on the corresponding button. We close the program, it and the flash drive are no longer required.

By the way, the whole process is also shown in

connecting, rear, view, camera, radio

Checking the operation of the rear view camera, including reverse gear.

Recall that some motorists prefer to use parking sensors instead of a camera.

Found an error? Select it and press CtrlEnter.

Wiring connection, installation of standard casing

After installing the camera, connect the positive cable to the lantern wiring. We put the block with wires in a corrugation made of refractory material, fasten the sheathing.

On the back side of the 2-DIMM of the radio, we connect to the miniISO connector:

  • black wire: ground;
  • red: 12V power supply from the reversing light.

On the plug designations: pin 16 and pin 19, respectively. No additional firmware is required for the standard MMC radio. The screen automatically switches to camera mode when reverse gear is activated.
We start the engine, activate the “R” gear, an image appears on the screen of the standard rear-view camera.

Procedure for installing the rear camera on the Grantu liftback

  • We place the car on a flat area.
  • Dismantle the rear door trim.
  • We remove the thresholds of the driver’s and passenger doors on the left side.
  • We lay a block with wires from the center console to the rear door cover.
  • Dismantling the saber. spoiler.
  • Mount the mount.
  • We connect the wiring to the 2-DIMM radio tape recorder.

The order may differ from the above. In the event that the owner does not want to display the image on the head unit. In this case, a fold-out monitor is used. The place of fixation is arbitrary.

  • isolation;
  • screwdrivers with different tips;
  • plastic spatula for plastic;
  • pads with wires;
  • adapter. connector type ISO.
  • remove the thresholds from the left driver’s and passenger doors;
  • fold the rear row of seats;
  • remove the upper trim of the passenger compartment and luggage compartment;
  • unscrew the mounts, remove the saber. spoiler from the trunk lid.

Wire routing, power supply from the circuit

We lay the wiring from the center channel of the console to the trunk lid along the following route:

  • place of fixing the head unit,
  • the lower part of the torpedo on the left under the steering wheel,
  • rapids,
  • rear door pillar,
  • luggage compartment lid.

Connection to the power supply circuit from the positive cable of the reverse gear. In LADA Granta Liftback it is green, located in the luggage compartment on the right side. Powering is done by soldering, twisting is also permissible, provided that the junction is well insulated.

How to choose a good camera. Review of from different manufacturers

are current as of 24.09.18.

Granta Liftback Rear Camera Specifications:

  • Matrix type: CCD (photosensitive);
  • Viewing angle: 170 °;
  • Resolution 800 x 600 pixels;
  • Zoom level: 0.01 Lux;
  • Aspect ratio: 4: 3;
  • Gradation: parking lines on the screen (0.5 / 1.0 / 1.5 meters);
  • Moisture and dust protection: present, IP 67 level;
  • Brightness: 300;
  • Recommended voltage for correct operation: 12V;
  • Operating temperature range:. 25 °. 35 °;
  • Connection type: ISO connector, on the back of a 2-DIMM radio tape recorder or a separate fold-out monitor.

The most popular are gadgets in the price category up to 1,500 rubles. Image display quality, focusing, zoom level at an average level. Of course, the image is grainier, the pixels are visible, the viewing angle is only 170 degrees.

Rear-view camera on Grantu Liftback in the range of up to 3000 rubles has improved characteristics, image output quality, viewing angle of 180 °.
Despite the decent parameters, gadgets of this price category are not affordable for most car owners.

Camera installation, mounts

  • directly on the saber. spoiler, by drilling a hole with a drill at “6”,
  • screwing the metal mount between the handle hole and the license plate light.

Installing a rear view camera on Grantu Liftback


The standard screen displays the image from the rear view camera with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. Obviously this is not HD 1920 x 1080, but the picture is quite legible.
Those who want to improve the quality of the output can additionally purchase a portable monitor for a fee.