Step-by-step installation and connection of a rear view camera to a car interior mirror with a monitor.

In this article, we will try in detail and with pictures to show motorists how you can install or replace the parking system by improving it and installing it instead of standard equipment.

Let’s take a look at the interior mirror with a monitor and a rearview camera, modernized inside, together with parking sensors and without them.

Dismantling of a standard inside a salon mirror.

All vehicles have different mountings, depending on the brand and
car class.

Today there are a huge number of ways to dismantle the original mirror.

In our article, we will consider using the example of fastening, which approximately 70% of the cars in picture 1 have.

1) At the time of dismantling, you should not use force when removing the mirror, since the patch is attached to the windshield, and the glass by its density can crack with a sharp movement or strong pressure on it, or at the time of removing the mirror.

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70% of cars have this mount.

The mirror itself is directly attached to the patch and tightened with a locking bolt, picture 2. Gently unscrew it with a hexagon and easily remove the mirror.

the mirror is directly attached to the patch and tightened with a locking bolt

But we want to note that the mount shown in picture 2 may differ significantly from yours. There are many mounts, but this is the most common today.

Figure 3 shows not all the options for standard mounts that are in cars.

2) Mount the mirror with the monitor on the already installed patch to the windshield.
As shown in Figure 4, install the mirror and secure the mirror mount tightly with the corkscrew bolt.

Usually, along with the mirror, a hexagon must be present in the package.

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3.1) The rear view camera is installed from the back of the car, the most suitable and more acceptable option is in the center. But it is not always possible to install over a license plate, it all depends on the make of the car. Also, if you decide to install a standard camera, then they are usually installed with an offset to the left or to the right, depending on the model, usually this installation takes place instead of the plafond.

Figure 5 shows an example installation, with underlined (red) how the wiring from the camera to the mirror is usually laid.

3.2) Scheme of detailed wiring from the rear view camera to the inside of the salon mirror or vice versa (Figure 6 / 6.1):

Detailed wiring diagram for rear view camera.

A) The cable from the rear-view mirror with the monitor is wound under the headliner.
B / C) Next, the cable under the ceiling sheathing, is laid to the rack.

Next, the cable under the headliner is routed to the rack.

It is possible to lay the wiring on both the left and right pillars (optional).

E) The mirror is connected to the camera.

The mirror is connected to the camera.

E / G) The cable goes down to the doorstep of the car and stretches to the trunk with a gasket along the threshold (before laying the cable (included with the camera, about 5 meters) that commutes the mirror with the camera, go through the top layer with electrical tape so that the cable does not rub or any external damage).

The cable goes down to the threshold of the car and stretches to the trunk with a strip along the threshold.

H) At point W, the laid cable is switched with the camera itself and power supply to activate both the camera and the mirror.

The figure does not show all the variety of connections and the location of the rear view camera on the vehicle. Depending on the brand or class, for different cars, for example: SEDAN, HECHBACK, UNIVERSAL, the installation of the rear view camera is different. We show an example of installation on a Hatchback, but this type of car has its own subtleties and different differences during installation.

3.3) A detailed wiring diagram of the rear view camera is shown in the figure.

Detailed wiring diagram for rear view camera.

We hope this publication helped you a little to understand.