Operating manual for Wi-Fi mini camera MD81S

P2P Mode (Live Streaming)

Operating instructions for WI-FI mini camera MD81S


  • Before using it for the first time, you must fully charge the Mini Camcorder’s battery. This can be done by connecting the Wi-Fi Mini camera to a PC using the USB cable
    included in the package.
  • It takes 60-85 minutes to fully charge the battery.
  • This model is capable of broadcasting / recording video while charging, which allows it to be used around the clock.

Governing bodies

Free Apps

To view the broadcast from a mini camera, you need to download and install a free application on your smartphone / tablet or the program on your PC / laptop. You can find software at www.scc21.net

Perform all settings without a memory card. (After connecting and setting up the camera, you can insert the card)

  • We connect the camera to a network or a portable battery. (If the camera is charged, then just turn it on. We recommend that all settings be done when connected to a power source.)
  • Slide the Mode switch to P2P. Then turn on the camera by sliding the Power switch to the ON position.
  • Wait 20-30 seconds. for the network “MD81S” to appear in the list of wireless networks and connect to it, the password for connection is 12345678.
  • Go to the program to view the broadcast, select the LAN section and click on the broadcast that appears.

The broadcast can be viewed in full screen mode. If desired, you can connect up to 4 MD81S cameras to simultaneously view the video stream from all cameras.

At the bottom of the screen there are buttons “photo” and “video”, by clicking on which it is possible to take photos and record broadcasts. In addition, there is a motion sensor setting, E-mail notifications when sensors are triggered, image brightness / contrast and much more.