Modern TV and Couple Wireless Headphones

It took me here to your TV Samsung QLED 55Q6FN a couple of wireless headphones fasten. in the evening of cinema with his wife to watch, and then the young catalana began to interfere with the sound. Before he did not prevent him, we were not soared, especially since the level did it very low, and now even this level is preventing.

Well, what problems, especially since I myself wrote an article “How to watch TV in any wireless headphones”, and I certainly have a pair of BT transmitters somewhere!

But first I tried to solve the task easier: TV. Advanced, probably should be able to work with wireless headphones. Know how, yes, no problem. And even connects the headphones of any type (sometimes it happens that televisions require only the headphones of their brand, I came across such). But there is a huge problem! TV at one point in time is able to output the sound only on one wireless device. On two. break!

Okay, went to look for a transmitter. Found. And here too. I had a version under the audio output. And there is no conventional audio output in this TV, there is only optical. So I need a transmitter under an optical output. And to support two headphones.

Rummaged in his gadgets, found this XDUUO XQ-50. Under the optical cable, everything is as needed!

I connected, I tried to pick up headphones to it. Do not cling. Climb read instructions. And then a bummer: I found out that he is not a transmitter, but a receiver. That is, it connects to the column (or amplifier), and on it for wireless communication (for example, the sound is transmitted). And I need strictly on the contrary.

No, I, of course, found the first transmitter on Amazon to under an optical output and supported a pair of headphones. Today will be brought.

But I decided to ask: what do you use for this purpose? Because you can always find something more convenient or something less convenient. Maybe there were some advanced devices for this purpose, which I do not know about? Share, pliz.

What is a bluetooth transmitter and what is it necessary for what?

As a rule, these are compact devices in which the built-in Bluetooth module and different AUDI inputs / outputs for connecting to different sound sources (TVs, computers, telephones) or devices that are designed to output sound (speakers, acoustic systems, music centers, radio tape recorders and t. D.). All these devices differ not only by technical specifications, but also by appearance. Here are some of them:

The main differences between different Bluetooth transmitters models:

  • Support for different connection intees. For example, there are transmitters that are connected only through the usual 3.5 mm jack. And there are models in which except 3.5 mm Connector There are also RCA (tulip) and optical audio input / output.
  • Availability, or lack of built-in battery.
  • Versions of bluetooth.
  • The ability to connect multiple Bluetooth headphones or speakers.
  • Bluetooth quality module, presence of different control inertes, quality assembly, cables and t. D.

If I understood correctly (it is possible, I’m wrong, since check all the devices unreal). All transmitters presented in the Bluetooth market can operate in reception and transmission mode (2 in 1). Since even my cheapest adapter can make the sound via Bluetooth and transmit it to the same speaker system and pass the sound via Bluetooth (from TV, PC) to headphones, or other device. Typically, these modes are called TX MODE and RX MODE.

  • TX. Transmitter Mode. When the Bluetooth transmitter takes the sound from the same TV through a specific inteeis (cable) and transmits it to headphones via Bluetooth. These devices are most often used in this mode of operation.
  • Rx. receiver mode. When we connect regular speakers on the cable to the transmitter, the music center, car radio (via AUX). or other device for sound output. Then, from the phone, tablet, laptop or other device, connect to the transmitter via Bluetooth and broadcast music. It turns out that we add Bluetooth support for conventional columns.

The picture below shows the operation of two modes:

Even my cheapest transmitter without problems (almost without problems :)) works in two modes. On the summary and transmission of the audio via Bluetooth. Only here the method of switching between modes on different transmitters is very different.

If there is a separate TX / RX switch on the road, then there are no buttons on the cheap. And the mode change occurs by connecting, disconnecting and re-connecting the device to the power source. In the receiver mode, the indicator flashes blue, and in the transmitter mode. Red. Without an instruction (which, by the way, was not included) to guess unreal. Well at least in the description of the goods on Ali is written about it.

Example use

This example shows the operation in the transmitter mode (TX). TV without Bluetooth (or Bluetooth is there, but headphones are not connected). and we need to connect wireless headphones. We connect a transmitter with a TV with an audio cable. If there are 3 on TV.5 mm Exit to headphones. use it. In my, for example, 3.5 mm no connector. Therefore, I connect through an optical audio output. You can also use RAC (tulip). Even in old TVs he is. It is very important to take into account this when you select this device. Also to the transmitter you need to connect the power. I connect it to the USB port on the TV. If there is no USB, you can use any adapter that is charging the phone.

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After turning on the transmitter power, you need to connect the Bluetooth headphones to it. Usually enough to translate headphones to connection mode. The connection method can be slightly different, depending on your transmitter and headphones. After connecting the sound goes to headphones. Two pairs of headphones can be connected to the model of more expensive. In the case of connecting to the TV through an optical audio output, the sound is also simultaneously reproduced from the TV speakers. But you can just turn off, or twist on TV. Then the sound will be played only through headphones. There is a slight delay between the sound from the speakers of the TV and headphones through the transmitter.

Example use

This example shows the operation in the receiver mode (RX). There is an ordinary speaker system without Bluetooth. But we want to broadcast music from a phone or tablet. Or even from a laptop or PC, but we do not have (or desire) to connect the columns with the computer on the cable. Take a bluetooth transmitter and connect it to the speakers. Here you can also use as 3.5 mm Jack and RAC, or optical audio cable. Depending on which connectors for the connection are on your transmitter and columns. You also need to connect the power to the transmitter. Power can be taken from the USB port of any device, or through the adapter.

We switch the transmitter to Receiver Mode (RX). In this mode, it is available for detecting on all devices (phones, laptops). Turn on Bluetooth, for example, on the phone, and connect to the transmitter (your name should be written to the instruction). Phone, or other device defines it as headphones and outputs sound. And transmitter in turn transmits sound on the cable columns.

How to activate Dual Audio via Bluetooth

To activate the function, we will need to spend your finger down to access the shortcuts panel, where we must activate the Bluetooth option. After that, we must make sure that Bluetooth headphones are displayed in the list of conjugate devices. Hitting the list, we will need to connect one first, and then the second.

Once they are connected, we must click on the option “Advanced” and click on the “DUAL AUDIO” option. We will only need to move the switch to activate it. Now the sound can be heard through two Bluetooth headphones at the same time.

Two wireless headphones at the TV (continued)

Of course, I tried to connect two headphones to my Dune Pro 4k II media player. It would solve the problem, because headphones needed to watch movies and TV shows from the media player.

The headphones mate perfectly and even seem to be connected at the same time, but not fate. only alone headphones play, namely those that connected the last. The second is silent even when it is written that connected.

Ordered two different boxes to solve this problem. One from the Spanish Amazon (it is faster), but in Russia such a thing is not for sale, and I ordered the second with Aliexpress to work well. It could be recommended to solve such a task.

Also as an option. JBL headphones with Shareme function: they allow other wireless headphones to connect to them to jointly listen to the audio content. JBL has not all models support: I found a relatively inexpensive model with the support of this technology, I ordered, see how it works. There must also be a solution option if it works fine.

TL; DR works, but not with everyone and after fucking.

FYI bought himself for such a Taotronics Bluetooth 5.0 TRANSMITER AND RECEIVER, 2-IN-1 Wireless 3.5mm Adapter (this is not the one that advised below) and test, I want to fully warn about UX: it works. Two pairs of headphones in Tx mode connects and plays, but I was fucked for about 40 minutes for the first time, and at the end of the 5 pairs of Bluetooth headphones connected simultaneously (not immediately) only Taotronix model (which is characteristic?):. Taotronics Over The Ear- Taotronics In Eare could connect these seconds (connect them. Other are disconnected):. Ugreen Hitune Bluetooth Earbuds (by the way Alex. Thanks for the recommendation, the excellent ears themselves) and could not connect:. oneodioa11- iluv (some kind of China)

Killed management. Only one button that includes and reconnects and turns off, press it for a long time, tapni twice short, it glows like so. ABC Morse and not inteeis. And I suppose some ears simply require some PIN code to join (type 0000). How this box connects with them. question. In short, get ready for fucking.

How to watch TV in wireless headphones

Many users need to watch television in headphones. In order not to interfere with your loved ones (for example, parents laid the children to sleep, and they themselves decided to watch the movie. here only in headphones). Wired headphones solve this problem only for one person (the audio output of the TV is only one, and many modern TV audio output TVs are not at all), and the headphones are extremely inconvenient to connect the headphones.

It is clear that the best way out. This is a wireless connection. Many modern TVs support the wireless connection, however, as a rule, they allow you to listen to the sound only in one connected device. And if you need to connect two devices (in many families, a husband and his wife watch the TV in the evenings), then you need to use other ways.

I have already considered the topic of connecting two wireless headphones to the TV in the article “How to watch TV in any wireless headphones“, but it was two and a half years ago, and during this time there were more advanced devices than that described in that article, therefore I decided to write a new article in which we will look at several different ways to watch TV in wireless headphones, and I will talk about two similar devices that allow you to solve this task.

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Before we talk about universal specialized devices, allowing you to connect almost any wireless headphones, let’s consider simple methods that do not require individual devices.

Wire connection to wireless headphones

There are wireless headphones that allow you to connect the second headphones to them (any wired). For example, Marshall wireless headphones possess such property. I did a review model Marshall Major III Bluetooth, I liked her.

Marshall Major III Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

The decision, of course, is not too elegant, but, on the other hand, if there are at least some Marshall wireless headphones (now the new model Marshall Major IV Bluetooth is sold, but they cost a lot, 12 thousand, but the previous model Marshall Major III Bluetooth can be found for 7 thousand), then any wired headphones are simply connected to them and you can watch together.

Wireless Connection to Wireless Headphones

interesting option. Headphones that support the wireless connection of any wireless headphone to yourself. I’m talking about Shareme 2 technology.0 Companies JBL. The first version of this technology allowed only other JBL headphones to the JBL headphones with this feature, but Shareme 2.0 allows you to connect to headphones JBL any other wireless headphones.

Works it very simple. On JBL headphones supporting this feature (not all models are supported, so you need to find out before purchase), you need to press the corresponding ShareMe 2 button.0, after which the second headphones include the pairing mode and they will connect to JBL headphones.

So this is a good option for obtaining a double wireless connection to the TV, but for its implementation, of course, you will have to purchase JBL headphones with Shareme 2.0 (it, for example, support the JBL Everest models, and they are highly notable).

Connection with transmitter

The most universal option. Connecting two any wireless headphones using a special device called “Transmitter” (transmitter). I wrote about a very simple transmitter in the last article, and in this article we will look at two more advanced and convenient models.

What is generally required from transmitter? First, it is practically necessary that he supports the APTX codecs, APTX LL (Low Latency. Low delay), well, it is desirable that APTX HD is also supported. Secondly, the transmitter must support the simultaneous connection of two headphones (and this is supported by all such devices). Thirdly, it should have a distinct indication of the mode of operation, the codec and connected devices. Well, fourthly, the transmitter must support connection both by audio (AUX) and Optical C / PDIF optical cable (for versatility).

One of these devices that meets all this requirement and at the same time at all inexpensive. Vikefon BT-B27 It costs 2000 on (Yandex.Market “. 3250). And this is a transmitter, that is, it can connect on a wire to the source and transmit sound from it through the bandwidth, and the receiver, that is, can get the sound on the bandwidth and transmit it over the wire. For example, from smartphone / tablet on columns.

Delivery set: Device, USB-MicroUSB charging cable, S / PDIF optical cable, audio cable, audio cable. RCA, instructions in English.

The device has two antennas that support audio to a distance of up to 80 meters (so at least the manufacturer assures), on the case it contains indicators showing: Operating mode (Receiver, Transmitter, BYPASS. This is a wired connection from two sides), connection type (AUX, optics), the number of connected devices (up to two), the type of codec used.

What is the importance of supporting advanced modern codecs? As a sound, and most importantly. In the absence of delay. At the standard codec SBC delay can be up to 270 ms. It will be very noticeable (although I note that not always even when using the SBC codec, a tangible delay occurs. It depends on various factors: distance from headphones to transmitter, “noise” band Bluetooth and so on). At ordinary APTX. up to 80 ms (almost unnoticed). APTX LL. less than 40 ms.

Because if when listening to the wireless communication of the music, the delay does not play any role at all, then when watching movies or videos it is very important that the delays were not at all.

How to use two Bluetooth devices on Galaxy S9 at the same time

Airplane or train. a suitable place to meet a new film. Sharing viewing with a friend Without having to lend earphone under the power Galaxy S9. The flagship smartphone can connect and transmit sound to two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

The function is called Dual Audio, reports Android Central. It is not new and available on Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 and Note 8. At the same time, many do not know about it.

To simultaneously connect multiple devices, go to the Connection menu in the settings. Then select Bluetooth.

Click on the three-point icon in the upper right corner and open Dual Audio. The last step is activation of the function. After that, you can connect to two wireless headphones and enjoy the joint viewing.

The sound is reproduced with a small intake on one pair. Calibrate it is impossible. Most likely, listening to two Bluetooth speakers in the same room will not be quite comfortable.

Did you know about this function? Share the answers in the official TV channel AndroidInSider.

Another 3-4 years ago we watched someone puts my finger to the phone screen and is unlocked, as something fantastic. Now this will not surprise anyone even in budget models. Thanks to such scanning technologies, fingerprints still remain the main key to the data stored in the phone. Few people think that such scanners are different. They work differently, have a different response and processing speed, as well as provide different levels of security. Let’s figure it out what they differ and what better to choose.

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Telephones Samsung Galaxy S Series offer excellent screens, best-in-class image quality, IP68 rating, wireless charging and much more. When you combine these factors with global availability, it is easy to understand why Samsung flagships are among the best-selling high segment phones. But one permanent source of disputes is to choose a processor for phones. Galaxy S in one region can have worse performance, battery life and image quality than the same device on another market. This discrepancy exists because Samsung usually offers two different chipset. Should it continue and is it bad at all?

Modern smartphones offer us a lot of different functions, about which before we could only dream: photo and video shooting at the level of professional cameras, paying purchases with one touch, the possibility of communication by video link at any moment and much more. However, if you show the current phone to a person from the 2000s, there are things that he will meet with absolute perplexity and rightly task the question: why not here it? So it is inconvenient. And what is the most interesting, will be right. In the article, I propose to discuss the chips of the smartphones of past years, without which the phone is not very comfortable.

What do you need a double sound?

Dual audio function is designed for two people who can listen to sound from a mobile phone and, thus, watch a movie together during a trip or listen to the same music. This option allows one person to listen to audio through the Bluetooth headset, and the other through the wired headset or even own phone speaker. In this sense, possible combinations:

To be able to activate Dual Audio on your mobile phone using Realmeui, you need to go to “Settings”, enter the Bluetooth section and pair Bluetooth headset. We will then have to return to the settings and go to the end to select “Realme Lab”. Now we will see the Dual Audio option, but it will be disconnected while we do not connect wired headphones.

Once both devices are connected, we will see the option that includes a double mode, we just need to touch to make it active. We will also see a list of devices that we need to check to turn on the sound on them.

How to share music to other airpods

1) Apply your Airpods or Airpods Pro closer to your iPhone or iPad, then open the case of the case. Your headphones must be connected to the device.

2) Insert the headphones and turn on the music, and then click the AirPlay icon on the playback control panel. Select Share Audio or Temporarily Share Audio.

3) Now you need to connect the second headphones to the device. They must be inside the case. Yours should be in your ears.

  • Airpods: Let your friend bring their airpods or airpods pro closer to your device. They should be in a case with an open lid.
  • Beats Studio3IlO3: Let your friend click the power button on your headphones until they are near your device.
  • Other Sources: Let your friend activates the connection mode on their headphones and will bring them to your device.

What to do if the headphones are already in the ears of each other, or they are connected to another device?

In this case, simply bring your device to a friend’s device and click Share Audio or Temporarily Share Audio on Your Device. Your friend must choose a connection on its device.

4) When your friend’s headphones appear on your device, click again click Share Audio or Temporarily Share Audio and Follow Instructions on Screen.

Now that you turn on music or film, audio will come on both pairs of headphones.

Below we will tell about how to control the volume of general audio.

Synchronization of wireless headphones

TWS format headphones are synchronized automatically with each other, as soon as you take them from the case, or turn on using the buttons. This is provided that you solved the problem of explanation by making reset settings.

If you have got the headphones from the case and on one, or on both headphones does not burn and the indicator does not flash, then you hold down the button for 5 seconds to turn on. Or put the headphones in Case and get them again.

  • We took out both headphones from the charger, and / or turned on the headphones using the buttons (usually need to keep 2-5 seconds).
  • Indicators immediately blink on both headphones. At this moment there is a process of synchronization of headphones with each other.
  • If they were synchronized, the indicator continues to flash only on one earphone. In some cases, on the second earphone, the indicator may flash once a few seconds. This suggests that headphones are ready to connect to phones, computers and T. D.
  • Connect TWS headphones via Bluetooth to our device.
  • After the connection should work both earnings.

Loss of connection between headphones when only one ear works in most cases successfully solved the settings and re-synchronization. The process of restoring factory settings and re-synchronization may differ slightly depending on the manufacturer and model of wireless separate headphones.

If you carefully looked at this article, we applied all instructions, and you could not restore the work of headphones, then write about your problem in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Be sure to specify the model of headphones, tell us what they are wrong with them, why it did not work out to fix them according to the instructions and if necessary. attach a photo. I will definitely answer and try to help you!