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Why are Smart hours not connected to the phone, the devices simply do not react to each other and do not mate

Question from the user (typical)


Tell me why Smart hours can not be connected to the phone. They do not see each other (more precisely, they see, but after trying to conjure. Nothing happens). Samsung A31 apparatus, Honor Band watch.

By answering a couple of such questions, I decided to post a small instruction on the blog. over, the problems with the connection most often arise due to programmatic errors that can be quickly eliminated on your own.

I note that not all the reasons that you may encounter are collected (only the most common ones that would follow the diagnosis).

To help!

1) How to connect and configure Smart hours / smart watches (for example, M36 Plus / Watch 7)-https: //

2) How to connect a fitness bracelet to the phone. https: //

Popular errors when prick. Smart hours: what needs to be checked

Off. Bluetooth and “old” conjugation

To start dealing with the problem, I would advise the following:

  • check whether Bluetooth is turned on on the phone (you can try to connect some other device, headphones, for example);
  • If you have previously connected any other bracelets or hours to the phone, you need to cancel the conjugation. This can be clarified in the Android settings tab. Bluetooth tab (came across when Honor Band 6 is not. to the apparatus, due to the fact that he was already associated with the same model. );
  • It is also advisable to reset the settings on the Smart hours (if they were used earlier with others. apparatus, or you have just bought them and this is your first conjugation). Typically, it is enough to open the tab for this: “Additionally.- Settings.- Reset”.

Disconnect the previously connected bracelet from the phone

Using a application

I noticed that some users use a application to work with a bracelet, and not those recommended by the watch manufacturer.

Of course, at least the initial setting should begin with the “native” application! You can find out its name either right on the box with the clock, or to the instructions for them. Example on the photo below.

The name of the application for work with a clock is often indicated on the packaging (Wearfit Pro)

The necessary permits for the application have not been established

Most often with the conjugation of devices. appeared. The menu with a request to give certain permits for the application of the clock (but in certain cases this may not happen, for example, I have encountered this on devices from Samsung and Nokia).

What to do: open Android settings, go to the “Application” tab. Find the software among them for work with clocks, and give him permission (usually, you need to put permission for the “phone”).

1) also the necessary permits can be clarified in the description of the application.

2) on the devices from Samsung, the issuance of permits can be installed through the dispatcher of permits. It can be called in the “Appendix” tab!

The clock can be in the update process (immediately after connection)

Please note that immediately after the first connection. The hours it is to start updated (and at this moment the clock will not respond to your actions). This is not a mistake, as many think! It is advisable at this moment not to interfere with the clock. For after 2-3-5 min. They will be ready to work!

Note: see. Photo below. The icon with a characteristic arrow up (on most models of hours) signals about their updating.

Update. (Pay attention to the icon with a characteristic arrow up)

Device incompatibility

The incompatibility of the mating watches and the phone most often occurs when trying to connect a modern bracelet to the “old” apparatus (sometimes, it does not even support the desired version of the “native” application of the clock). This moment is better to clarify before buying a watch (version and compatibility of software, Bluetooth, dimensions of the watch, etc.).

connect, smart, watch, smartphone, connection

In general, if, after the above actions, you did not manage to connect the clock to a specific phone. try to rush them with another device for diagnosis. At least this will understand whether everything is in order with the clock. (It is possible that you just got a defective copy. ).

If you have a phone screen. any errors or messages during the conjugation process-try to record them or scrap them. So it will be easier to understand and find the reason for the problem (write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Perhaps together it will be possible to solve it faster).

On SIM I have everything so far. If you solve the issue differently. Please share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев (thank you in advance).

How to start using Smart hours

Step 1

The first step is standard: we extract everything from packaging containers (usually it is a watch, charger, strap, instructions), and put the clock for charging! Often, during the time of being on sale and transportation. The clock is strongly discharged (it happens to zero).

Important: carefully inspect the watch and charger for protective films and stickers. Some manufacturers have additional. film. if you do not remove them, then the clock will not be charged. (And because of this, many users think that the device is broken. ).

Open the package, take out the clock and the charging cable

We wait until the clock is charged up to 50-100%

Step 2

While the clock is charged. open Android settings and go to the “connection” tab. You need to check whether Bluetooth is turned on?

If you have opened you Put the slider into the v.

Bluetooth. We check whether it is on on the phone

Connect your phone for AGPTEK LW31 Smartwatch

An important point: if other “smart” devices were previously connected to your phone (in particular: hours, bracelets, trackers, etc.). I recommend cancel their fraud!

If earlier there were a pin to the phone. Other Smart hours-then. them (we cancel the conjugation).

Step 3

Pay attention to the packaging to the clock and instructions. as a rule, the name of the special indicates it. Cup applications! In my case, the M36 Plus / Watch 7 watches uses Wearfit Pro (link to Play Market). It is advisable to choose exactly the kind that is recommended by the manufacturer!


Approx: The watch from Xiaomi is usually “Zepp Life”, Honor and Huawei. “Huawei Health”, “Huawei Wear”.

The name of the application for work with a clock is often indicated on the package (and in the instructions for the device)

Install and launch a native application for working with Smart hours

After installing and starting the application. often it requires permits and rights (for example, to access the list of contacts, the location, etc.). Of course, if you want to fully use the Smart functions of the clock, you need to resolve.

Allow the application access to the location of the device

You can give the rights to certain applications in the Android settings. tab “Application”. Depending on the Android version, you will have either the “Law” section in this tab. or a link to the “dispatcher of permits”. Cm. A couple of examples below.

Step 4

1) when the clock was charged. Disconnect them from the charger (some models of the devices do not allow the conjugation during charging!).

2) Next, click the button for entering the menu (in my example on Watch 7 it on the side). then move the “screen” up and go to the settings section. Cm. An example below.

3) by default, the menu will probably have in English. You need to activate the “Connect Mobile Phone” function. A QR code should appear on the screen of the clock (it will be necessary to conjure with the phone).

Connect Mobile Phone. Click this to conjure with the phone

4) Further on the phone you will need to launch the Wearfit Pro application to work with the clock (we installed it in the previous step) and::

  • Enter your account (if not: register / or through Google Profile);
  • In the upper menu, press the button adding the device by scanning the QR code;
  • Then enter the phone camera on the clock. Cm. A couple of images below.

5) Next, you need to wait for a message about the successful conjugation of devices. At the first connection to this, it may take a little more time-up to 1-2 min.


This is one of the most common questions! The fact is that far from all Smart hours there is an opportunity to configure time autonomously (without interfacing with the phone).

Therefore, to set up the date and time you need:

  • Connect the clock to the phone (see. The beginning of the article, it shows how to do this);
  • Launch the application for work with the clock and wait until the data is updated;
  • The time on the clock and the date will automatically change to the values ​​that you have in the Android settings (on the phone). Cm. Screen below.

Time on Smart hours synchr. With a conjugated smartphone

For synchronization (possibly), you will need to launch the application for work with the clock

If you want to change time on the clock, just open the phone settings (with which they are associated), go to the Date and Time settings section and set the value that you need. Everything!

V. Russian menu

This opportunity is not in all models!

First you need to call the settings menu, then find the Language Settings option on the long list (by default. English), find in this section “Russian” and confirm the choice. An example below.

Inclusion of the Russian menu. Smart hours Watch 7


Click on the settings button. when a dial with the current time appears. turn it right. Usually, the default clock has 5-10 built-in dials, from which there is something to choose.

Click once when a dial appears. Turn to the right (setting the dial on Watch 7)

Open an application for synchr. With a clock (in my example of Wearfit Pro), go to equipment settings and select a dial catalog. Then find the right one and press the download button.

System parameters (reset, password, reboot, etc.)

  • press on the system. The button is NOT. Once, until a window appears with the ability to open the watch parameters (depending on the model, the button can be located on the side/at the bottom of the screen). The parameter icon:;
  • enter the parameters (if you have already set up the menu and it is in Russian, then there should not be problems with finding the right point // if you have everything in English by the icons! The transfer to the main should coincide. ).
  • To reset all the parameters and the return of the phone to the factory pre.installations. click on the menu with an arrow;
  • To set up the brightness of the watch screen. according to the icon with the sun.

Subsequent settings

As we have already said at the beginning of the material, the conjugation of Smart hours with a smartphone is necessary not only for data transfer, but also for setting up a wearable accessory. Depending on which application will be used, you can configure:

  • work of the Always-on-Display function;
  • display of messages and calls;
  • The frequency of the pulse measurement;
  • dial design and other functions.

In addition, in the application you have chosen, there is probably a section with training. It will help to track the route of movement, the distance traveled, the number of repetitions and approaches.

Do you need to configure the clock after each connection

Despite the fact that the process of conjugating smart watches with the phone does not look complicated, each time to open the application and choose your gadget among the devices presented on the list is quite inconvenient. Smart hours and software developers are well aware of this.

Therefore, if one day you connected your smart watches through the application, in the future they will be associated automatically. At the same time, an important condition should be observed. the activation of Bluetooth on the smartphone. Otherwise, the phone will not see the clock, and they will continue to work autonomously.

Possible problems

When synchronization is performed, the user may encounter certain difficulties. Most often the smartphone does not see the clock, although Bluetooth activated. In such a situation, it is recommended to restart the device or restart Bluetooth, as well as verify a sufficient level of charge of Smart hours and their placement in the immediate vicinity of the phone.

It is also likely that you will not find your watch in the list of available devices when connecting via the application. This is due to the lack of support for your gadget with this program, and you will have to install another. If after the mating, the connection is constantly falling off, then you must make sure the stability of the Bluetooth connection.

We connect the Galaxy Watch watch to the Samsung or iPhone smartphone

How to connect Samsung fitness hours to the phone:

  • Completely charge and turn on the watch.
  • Install the Galaxy Wearable application for Android and Galaxy Watch for iOS
  • Run around.
  • Click on the “Start” button.
  • Select your device from the list.

It should be borne in mind that Galaxy Watch pairs with iPhone lose some functions that are available only for Samsung phones. By link, you can check the compatibility of the devices.

Xiaomi watch to any phone

You can connect the Xiaomi Amazfit watches to the phone through the mi fit mobile application:

  • Download Mi Fit program from HUAMI on Android or iOS.
  • Activate Bluetooth on a smartphone.
  • Charge and turn on the amazfit sports clock and bring them closer to the mobile device.
  • Launch Mi Fit.
  • Select the entry method (if you have an account) or create an account by prompts in the appendix.

What to do if you can’t connect the Smart hours to the phone on Android

First you need to make sure that both devices:

Important! A lot of energy is spent to work Bluetooth connection. If the gadgets have a low percentage of charging, then the connection between them can be violated.

Then do the following actions with gadgets:

  • You need to break the Bluetooth connection and connect it by a new.
  • If the connection does not occur, then restart the device. You need to click on the connection button and hold 15 seconds until the gadget starts to work.
  • Reset the device to factory settings. You need to go to the “Settings”, the point “System”, and then reset all the settings.
  • It is necessary to check the updates of the operating system, if there is, then install.
  • If there are updates to the Wear OS application, install.
  • The smartphone did not find a new device, then you need to delete and re.install the Wear OS application.

After each operation, you need to connect the clock to the phone again and again until the result is achieved by the following algorithm:

  • Go to the Wear OS application.
  • Find the name of the new gadget.
  • Click on the icon and choose “new”.
  • Follow the instructions on the display.

Features of connecting children’s Smart hours to Android phone

To protect your child is the main task of the parents. You can control your relatives using Smart-Baby. It is necessary to tie the child’s device to the smartphone of the dad or mom. For successful synchronization of children’s Smart hours and phone, you need to follow the instructions:

  • To work Smart-Baby Watch, a separate SIM card with a connection to a mobile Internet is necessary. The relationship of devices will be carried out via the Internet.
  • All devices should have a complete charge of the battery, if necessary, charge.
  • In the instructions for Smart-Baby Watch, find a “native” application that must be installed for configuration. After the installation, you can put any other program for work. “Native” must be deleted.
  • For synchronization, Bluetooth connection is necessary on gadgets.
  • Go to the application on the smartphone, if necessary, register.
  • Find and choose a children’s gadget on the display. Perhaps ID hours will be required.
  • Enter the time and date. Next, make a smartphone settings.
  • If the SIM card is installed, then through the smartphone you can configure functionality using “Settings”.

If the tariff on the SIM card with a certain limit of service consumption, you need to constantly monitor the cash balance and the consumption limit through your personal account or SMS-improvisation.

Instructions how to connect Smart-Baby Watch

In the application you can see the path of the baby, monitor the battery charge on the clock. You can call the device if necessary or write a message. Smart-Baby Watch is equipped with an alarming SOS button, when you press, a notification will appear in the appendix.

note! In the absence of communication with the clock, it is necessary to restart the device. Some models are restarted only from the application on the attached smartphone.

For quick synchronization of Smart hours and Android phone, you must follow the recommendations for connecting. If you follow the instructions for sure, the whole process will take no more than 6-7 minutes.

How to connect one more hours to the phone

One phone is allowed to connect several smart watches. To reduce this procedure, you can argue with the Wear OS application. This will need to perform the following actions:

  • Opening the application you need to slip along the image of the arrow directed down. After that, a window for a new device will be activated.
  • The instruction will be shown with the description of the synchronization process.
  • The actions indicated in it are performed.

The number of connected devices when using this program is unlimited.

When working on the iPhone, to add a new device on the desktop, a button with an arrow down will be shown. After pressing it, the process of connecting the second gadget will begin on it. When the synchronization is performed, it will be necessary to configure it.

How to use Smart hours without a smartphone

The joint use of both devices is more convenient than if you do it separately. However, the clock has significant functionality, which is available without using the phone.

The main purpose of smart watches usually is to monitor the health of the owner. In this role, the clock is very functional. They can measure the pulse, determine the pressure, consider steps during a walk, track various types of physical activity, check the quality of sleep and perform a number of other similar functions. All information received is stored in memory and can be viewed using a smartphone synchronized with the device.

There are models that can work with SIM cards. With their help you can call or exchange SMS messages. Although such communication is not as convenient as on the phone, but it allows you to exchange the necessary information with the interlocutor if necessary.

The watch can also usually be used in the usual way, recognizing with their help time. Here, planning tools are used that allow you not to forget what needs to be done. Here you can make a schedule for a long period and receive notifications. Which remind of what needs to be done.

connect, smart, watch, smartphone, connection

There is a timer and a stopwatch, there is an opportunity to listen to audio tracks. Available control parameters of widgets.

How to set time in children’s watches

As on most models, you can set the time on children’s Smart hours immediately at the first inclusion. It happens:

  • By entering data in the clock itself
  • synchronizing with a smartphone
  • According to the mobile network (if Baby Watch has Internet access)
  • According to the GSM network

Through the application

  • Download the software that the manufacturer recommends. For example, Setracker or other software compatible with your clock.
  • Through a special item in the program, select a suitable time zone or set the time and date.

In most cases, in order to configure the time on children’s Smart hours, it is necessary to enable mobile data on their SIM card to enter the Internet. This is due to the fact that the commands from the application to the hours come through the program server. If there is no connection, configure the Smart Baby Watch with help will not be.

Using SMS command

When the SIM card is installed in Smart hours, you can configure the time and date by sending a text message to their number with a special combination (for different models the command format may differ).

This does not require connection to the Internet, but only funds in the account of SIM cards for its active status.

Watch the video where it is clearly told how to set time at children’s Smart hours:

We hope our instructions will help you. If you know other ways to install the right time in Smart hours, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Chief expert and consultant in an actively developing direction. Smart hours and fitness trackers. Always strives for new knowledge and professional development in the field of high technology.

Connecting smart watches to Android

Ordinary Smart hours are easily connected to a smartphone based on Android OS. We must do the following:

If everything worked fine, gadgets are synchronized. From this moment you can begin to fully use smart clock.

The principle of connecting children’s hours to a smartphone

Children’s Smart hours are an extremely convenient way to ensure the security of the child. With their help, parents can track the movements of children, as well as quickly contact them.

To connect the children’s clock to the phone, you need to do the following:

  • Place the SIM card purchased for a clock and activate and activate.
  • In the “Safety” section, disconnect the need to enter the PIN code.
  • Check the operability of the network, trying to go to any site through the browser.
  • Pull the SIM card from the phone and place it in the hours.

In some cases, it may be necessary to additionally configure the connection to GPS. Here it is necessary to install Setracker on the smartphone, open the “Geolocation mode” item in it and note one of the available profiles. The most popular is the “normal” mode, which involves sending the coordinates of the child every 10 minutes.

Other applications

We did not consider applications not related to the topic of connection, but providing the possibility of synchronization between devices. Among them you can highlight Google Keep, Coffee, Find My Phone and many others, significantly different in terms of functions.

The presence of such software is worth remembering, since with the help of each of them you can get functions that are absent by default on the gadget.

Settlement of smart watches

Each presented application has a number of parameters that differ depending on the model of the connected device and the version of the Android operating system. Internal settings must be studied independently, since for the full coverage of functions it is necessary to consider in some articles.

The parameters are usually available from the main menu on the start page. In addition, the use of all existing functions may require authorization.

This article is suitable for completion, as we paid attention to all important moments in terms of connecting and setting up smart watches on Android. Additionally, you can familiarize yourself with a similar topic of fitness scraps due to a combination of the features of both types of devices in the same gadget. In addition, do not forget about the possibility of using some incompatible devices.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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