How to connect a phone to a monitor via USB

Connection of the phone to the monitor is more popular. Since many people are used to watching films, various programs and series with comfort, they need a big monitor. It should be such that during viewing does not have to strain vision. Otherwise, there will be no benefits from the monitor.

Today there are many ways to connect the monitor with the phone. In order to do this, you do not need to be a programmer or system administrator. Everyone is able to master even the one who is far from technology. Manufacturers of smartphones and computers made sure that this task did not cause any serious difficulties.

So, what methods can be called the most effective and what needs to be done to cope with the task of connecting as soon as possible? What tools or software may be required to connect the phone to the monitor? Do you need any special knowledge?

What OS is compatible android duplication?

Both methods that were mentioned above are completely cross.platform. This means that the method can be implemented, both on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. over, the task does not require updating the drivers or the installation of the missing components, for example, the distributed Visual C Packages or Net Framework of the fourth version.

What to need to duplicate the phone screen?

How to connect Smartphone to PC Monitor through Cable (LG G3)

  • A computer with any diagonal of a monitor or laptop.
  • Router or USB cable.
  • Smartphone or tablet (preferably with the updated Android until the last support provided by the version).
  • Google Chrome browser.
  • software from Google Play.

Here, in fact, is the whole list that you need to adhere.

connect, phone, screen, computer

Regardless of the diagonal of the monitor, both maximum and minimum resolution can be established.

How to watch a video from a phone on a laptop via USB?

Connect the phone with a laptop with a cable and run the Client application for PC “MyphoneExplorer”. Press the “Settings File” and in the “Connection via” group set the switch to the “USB-Cabble” position and click on the OK button.

To broadcast the Android screen on a computer, we need a free Screen Cast application. This is a very simple program that allows you to share the screen with other devices connected to one Wi-Fi network. You can create an access point or connect a computer and phone to one network using a router.

We set up a computer

Download MyphoneExplorer program on PC. When installing, be careful and do not agree to load advertising on.

  • Connect the smartphone to the computer using a USB cable.
  • In the MyphoneExplorer program, go to the “Miscellaneous” tab.
  • Select “Keyboard phone/download screen picture”.

After that, the screen of your smartphone will be displayed on the computer, and you can continue to work on a smartphone, as well as control it from a computer.


Airdroid is generally an excellent service, but in addition to severe limits on the use, viewing and remote control modes on some devices in it are not available. But this drawback is completely free free Myphoneexplorer. which works approximately on the same principle. And even better: it does not require an Internet connection at all-Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB cable are used to establish a phone connection and PC.

All myphoneExplorer functionality is assembled in the client version, which is installed on the computer. The mobile application for a smartphone contains only the function of choosing a connection method. It also generates PIN codes for communication by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

What opportunities does MyPhoneExplorer provide, except for the output of the Android screen:

  • Contact management saved on the phone and in the Google account.
  • View phone calls and making calls.
  • Creation of notes and reminders of events.
  • SMS messages control-reading. Sending, removal.
  • Installation and removal of applications.
  • Managing files with access to a system storage (if the device is obtained on the device).
  • Smartphone resources monitoring. View information about the model, firmware, network parameters, etc. D.
  • Reading system notifications.
  • Backup backup and backup recovery.
  • Editing pictures with subsequent loading on a smartphone and installing a contact avatar as an avatar.
  • Data export to PC files and much more.

And most importantly. in MyPhoneExplorer there are no restrictions on either the volume of traffic, or by the duration of the session, or by the number of connected gadgets.

Like a sign image of the Android display on PC

  • Launch MyphoneExplorer on a smartphone and select a connection method. If you have chosen wireless communication, remember the PIN code that will need to be entered in the application on PC.
  • Run the program on the computer, open the “File”. “Settings” menu or click F2 on the “Connection” tab of the settings menu, mark the desired connection option. When choosing Wi-Fi, make sure that both devices are connected to one access point.
  • Enter the “file” menu again and click “Connect” or click on the F1 keyboard on request Enter the PIN code.
  • Open the “Miscellaneous” menu and select the “phone keyboard / screen mirror”.

The image of the display will appear in a separate window. In the panel above it there are buttons for updating the picture, creating and preserving the screenshot (“save as”), awakening the device and switching to a full screen. Here is a falling list of available scale scales and the “display cursor” flag field for the flag.

The MyphoneExplorer app was once created for remote control of the Sony Ericsson button mobile phones. Today it is adapted for smartphones on Android and compatible with almost any devices, even very old and nameless.

How to broadcast Android screen on PC

First, consider what the user will need for a successful broadcast. The first and mandatory requirement is a Wi-Fi working network or a USB? Bluetooth is also suitable, but not all phones support this type of connection for streaming.

through Wi-Fi

An application called Screen Cast is perfect here is perfect. It can easily be downloaded from Google Play and set in a standard way.

  • Next, we open the program and see the background in white and blue tones. We agree with the presented conditions of use and to the right we run the page. Now click on “Wi-Fi Network”.
  • The program invites us to start the procedure. We get acquainted with a brief instruction in English and click on the Great Red button “Start BroadCasting”. Now the utility issues a special link that needs to be driven into any browser on a computer. Note: Using the left side panel, you can conduct a detailed broadcast setting.

Starting the session, we see the URL settings

  • Enter the received address in the search engine and click Enter. That’s all, the smartphone screen appears on the computer. Go to the gallery and select any video, or launch the game.

Watching a video on PC watching a game on PC

via USB

Also a very simple way, suitable if you, for example, defeated the device screen. You will not need to install additional utilities on the smartphone, all the main frauds are carried out on the computer.

First we turn on USB debugging. We wrote more about this procedure in the article “How to use Android in the form of a webcam”. Let’s say in advance that debugging will not be able to activate if the developer mode is turned off.

Next, open the browser and go to the Chrome online store. We drive an extension called Vysor into the search engine.

We go to the utility page and click “Install”.

We take the smartphone and connect it through the cable to PC. Return to the extension: the name of your device should be in the list of available connections. We agree to the conjugation by pressing “OK”. Done, now the smartphone screen will be broadcast on the monitor.

Through the operating system

The above methods did not help you? You consider them too complex? Do not worry, because Windows has a function that allows you to combine devices and without problems conduct fraud with them.

Your operating system on the computer should be updated to Windows 10 Anniversary. In earlier versions, this operation is impossible.

  • We are convinced that the phone and PC are connected to one Wi-Fi network.
  • In the lower right corner we find the image of the Internet, click there. Detailed settings are opened, where we click “connect”.
  • A new window appears called “Projecting to this computer”. We put up “available to everyone”.
  • We return to the phone. We move to “Settings”. “screen”. “wireless display”. On some models, such an option is absent! We activate the box. At the bottom, we pay attention to the list of devices available for connecting. Choose our computer.
  • A notification of conjugation comes to PC. We agree. That’s all, the broadcast begins.

How to display a phone screen on a computer

There are many ways to help you display the phone screen on the computer. One of them using Windows 10. She has her own tool for connecting phones with computers. If you have this operating system installed, find the “Start” menu “Connect” the function.

connect, phone, screen, computer

Next, there will be a message in the window where it will be written that your computer is ready for a wireless connection. After that, on your Android phone, you need to activate the “Broadcasting” tool or in another way it will be called “Synchronization”. It can be found in the top panel of the phone. Click on it once with your finger for activation.

Then, the process of connecting with the phone will begin on the computer. There are also ways that help us find out how to display the phone screen to the computer:

And this method of output of the phone screen on the computer that we examined only works in Windows 10 or Windows

How to display a phone screen on a computer via USB

To successfully display the phone screen on your computer, you first need to prepare a USB for connection. We need to enable the launching mode by USB. In this case, we go into the “settings” of our phone. Further, in them you need to find the section “On the phone”. Then, in the “Status” section, find the “assembly number” and click on it seven times to activate the “developer mode”.

Next, go to “Settings” “General” or “Special Opportunities” to go to the “Developer Regime” or “Options of the Developer”. There are many functions in it. We only need one. “USB laying”. Pursuance with a finger on the slider to the right and it is activated. Now, we can synchronize the phone with a computer. As a rule, the application helps to synchronize the phone and the computer.

Take the application for example. “Screen Cast”. So, we do the following actions:

  • Install it through the Play Market on the phone;
  • Next, start the application on the phone and click the “Start” button;
  • Then you need to allow access to media files to interact a computer with a phone;
  • Copy the IP address of the application, and insert into the browser on the computer. Then the phone screen should display on your computer.

Almost all such applications work on this principle.

How to display a phone screen on a computer via wi-fi

This method works only if your phone screen is in working condition. All you need to do is activate Wi-Fi on a computer and phone, install a program from the Play Market-Screen Streem. To display the phone screen to the computer, run this application. And click “Start broadcast” (screen 1).

Next, copy the “device address” to any browser on your computer and then start the screen of your phone on your computer.

How to display a phone screen on a computer if the screen is broken

With a broken phone screen, it is very difficult to put its screen on a computer. So we will not be able to see the settings we need on it. What in this case can be done? We connect the phone to the computer using a USB cord.

Next, we create a screenshot on our Android. Then, we go into the internal memory of our phone and open the “Pictures” folder then “screenshots”. By the created screenshots, you can determine where to click on the phone (if it is not completely divided), and thus display data on the computer screen. So that the phone screen does not break, buy a protective glass for it. It will definitely help protect the phone screen from various damage.

Android screen output to a computer through a browser

Connect the phone to the computer again. It is advisable to use Wi-Fi or USB for connecting.

casting phone screen on computer via USB Cable Samsung DeX

In Google Chrome there is a function called broadcast. We launch this browser on the computer. Next, we click on three points at the top and select from the “Broadcast” menu (screen 2).

After that, the search devices of connected phones to the computer will search. If they are, with the help of it a phone screen will appear in a separate tab of your browser.

connect, phone, screen, computer

If the phone does not see the display, the image is not transmitted: typical problems

1) I have no point in my phone function “Pass the image”.

Please note that for the possibility of broadcasting you should have Android at least 5 (although this function is on my one smartphone with Android 4.4. but it does not connect with the PC or the laptop)!

In addition, depending on the model and brand of your phone, the item can be called differently: “broadcast”, “Smart view”, etc. derivatives.

2) In my Windows 10 there is no item “project on this computer”.

Perhaps you have an “old” version of Windows 10 (find out its version, should be not lower than 1809). In addition, you need a professional version of the OS (home is not suitable)!

3) In my version of Windows 10, in the “project on this computer” tab, everything is gray and the settings do not change.

You may not have a wireless display module (in the article above I showed how to install it). In addition, check the OS version again.

By the way, if you have not installed the original version of Windows 10, but the assembly from the “people’s” craftsmen, then everything is possible.

4) the phone does not see a wireless display, does not find it at all.

Firstly, the devices should not be very far from each other (at least at least at the first setting).

Secondly, check that in the Windows settings there is a “available everywhere” (see. Step 2 above), and turn off “PIN”.

It will not be superfluous to use another phone for diagnosis (perhaps there is some incompatibility. For example, I could not make the smartphone from Honor transfer the image to the monoblock from HP).

5) error in the Windows menu “This device does not support the receipt of the standard signal”

It is likely that you have not installed a Wi-Fi adapter (or it does not work, for example, disconnected).

connect, phone, screen, computer

often, nevertheless, the problem is associated with the lack of a driver to the adapter.

Note: After reinstalling the driver or “manipulations” with turning on/disabling the adapter. reboot the computer.

If you never managed to configure the phone and computer to broadcast the image from one screen to another, then you can just copy photos and videos from the memory of the Android to the computer’s hard disk. Cm. Link below!