How to enter the Internet on LG TV: Connection and configuration

How to enter the Internet on LG TV: Connection and configuration Photo

Modern users prefer LCD televisions, which look aesthetically attractive and do not occupy a lot of space. Among the popular brands. Samsung, Sony and LG. Some models are allowed to quickly and unhindered to connect to the Internet. Modern producers make focus on the manufacture of smart models SMART TV. Such electronics is very popular and relevant today. Today we will discuss in detail how to enter the Internet on the LG TV. After performing uncomplicated settings, you can watch movies online. In addition, you can deal with Seering, using only the remote control. Standard Television feature also remains available.

We visit sites from the LG TV (Smart TV)

To begin with, come in Smart TV (by clicking on the remote special, blue button). Then, at the bottom I choose and launch the browser “Internet”.

Please note that on the SMART TV main page, the icon that displays the Internet connection status must be green. This means that the Internet is working, and you can continue.

After starting the browser, you can immediately click on the address bar, and using the keyboard, enter the address of the site you want to visit. Or, ask a search query. To confirm the transition to the address, press the GO button on the virtual keyboard, or with the cursor, select one of the options pop-up.

Website will open, or the results of the search you can view, go on the links and t. D. All like a computer.

In the right, lower corner, will be displayed “Mini TV”. You can simultaneously view sites, and watch TV. If this window bothers you, it can be closed. Hover over it the cursor, and click on the cross, which will appear. To return “mini TV”, click on the button as a TV on the top control panel.

You can open a lot of tabs at the same time. Just click on the green cross to open another tab. In this tab, by default, the panel opens on which the sketches of the pages of the most visited sites are displayed. A little higher (under the address string). Displays panel with bookmarks.

When you opened some kind of site, and want to add it to the bookmarks, simply press the corresponding button that I showed on the screenshot below.

In order to open the browser settings, history, bookmark manager and help, simply click on the appropriate button, and select the desired item. Also, you can enable viewing full screen, zoom in scale, and close the browser.

In the settings, you can select the start page, the default search system, turn on the constant display of the bookmarks panel, disable Flash, and T. D.

I think that you will figure out. Yes, and there are no complex settings there. All that is necessary to navigate through sites is at hand.

I want you only to give one advice. I have already met on the Internet a few times that in Smart TV, however, on Samsung TVs, a vulnerability was discovered. The data that was injected on the TV could get to the attackers. I now have inserting passwords to different sites, and what is more terrible, payment details.

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I hope that now this vulnerability has been repaired. But, do not forget that Smart TV on any TV, this is a new and some more raw technology. So, while it is better not to pay different services through the TV, and do not enter your payment details. For this, it is better to use a computer.

Check if your Wi-Fi network works

Sometimes there may be a high probability that your network Wi-Fi can be a culprit. Follow these steps to check if there is a problem with your Wi-Fi or this is a TV that has created a problem.

  • Take your mobile phone or PC and connect to the network.
  • If you can connect to the network and access the Internet, it can be something wrong with your TV, or maybe you have made a TV in a blacklist from connecting to the network by mistake.
  • But if you can’t access the Internet, perhaps your Internet services do not work. Here you can call your Internet provider to deal with problems.

Internet does not work in Smart TV: Eliminate network problems

Do not rush to call a specialist. Eliminate many malfunctions can be independently.

When the tick appears in front of the TV.

  • Check the TV connection, router and provider cable (modem).
  • Turn off and on the above devices.
  • If you have static IP, enter it directly.
  • In the wireless connection, check the Wi-Fi password.
  • Update the firmware.
  • Restart the router by turning it off for 20 seconds.
  • Reset the router and modem settings to the initial and re-configure Internet connection to them.
  • Make sure the MAC address is registered with the provider.
  • Update the router firmware.

The update on the router was told in updating the firmware of the D-Link Dir 300.

Successful connection to the network looks like this: checkboxes are opposite all the icons.

Types of Wi-Fi connection to TV “LG

Thanks to the SMART TV special platform on TVs, simple and fast Internet logs are possible on Wi-Fi.

On a note! All the well-known SMART TV platform, currently implemented in televisions, Blu-Ray players and video game devices, was previously known as “Connected TV”.In essence, televisions that support Smart TV are nothing more than computers in the interpretation of the TV, with one goal. accessible to each Internet access.

Connecting to the local network can be carried out with several ways.

With the router it is possible to connect devices not only with a cable, but also thanks to the wireless network. To configure such connections, it is recommended to use the instructions.

Connection directly using the LAN cable is quite real, but not recommended for such reasons:

  • Wi-Fi access to other devices is limited. However, at the moment, the use of televisions included in which the distribution function of the wireless connection is built.
  • Not all models of these devices have the ability to connect in this way.

On a note! Twisted pair. isolated pairwise twisted conductors. LAN cable, representing 4 such pairs, is actively used in the data network.

Connecting through router

This option suggests the lack of direct connection. TV Thanks to the settings, connect to the network and provide the Internet. Special router settings are not required. Wi-Fi to watch TV use DHCP server. Its activation is carried out in the connection parameters. In the future, the TV will be connected in automatic mode if you configure the wireless network.

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LG TV is connected to the router. To do this, a network cable is inserted into the standard LAN port. Supplied cables with a TV or router. short, so long bought separately. One end is connected to the router in a free connector of type LAN, the second. to Ethernet port.

The cable connection ensures the stability of the connection, compared with the wireless. The main disadvantage. the presence of wires in the room. With wireless communication check the quality of the signal to prevent problems with video broadcast.

A window will open on the TV screen confirming the setting of the desired connection. Now the Internet will work. Additional actions are not required.

Connect Smart TV to Wi-Fi

Unfortunately, I can show how to do it only on TV LG. The process itself, on other popular TVs such as Samsung, Sony, Philips, Toshiba. is not different.

When you first turn on, the TV itself offers to connect to the network, via Wi-Fi, or cable. But I will show how to do it through the settings, because you most likely missed this item when you first turn on. Or in general, the first time included in the store and without you.

It is interesting: DVB-S2 on LG TVs. How to watch satellite TV on LG TV without receiver (tuner)?

Turn on the TV and open the settings. On the console for this there is a special button.

Click the Network tab and select Network Connection.

Next we see a small instruction. Click the “Configure Connection” button.

Choose in the list you need, wireless network.

note. If you need to independently set the parameters for connecting, then click on the Manual Setup button. It will be needed for example, to connect to the network with a hidden SSID, specify the static IP, connects using WPS technology and T. D.

Now we need to specify a password for connecting to a wireless network.

If the password you entered right, and your network works well, then you should see a message that the TV is connected to the wireless network. Just click Finish. If you have forgotten the password from your network, then read the HTTPS article: // F1comp.RU / bezopasnost / kak-uznat-parol-ot-svoej-wi-fi-seti /.

If you are prompted to enter IP and DNS, then leave everything to “automatically”. Also, a network map may be built.

All, you can enjoy all the functions of Smart TV technology! If you enable SMART TV mode, you will see the icon that says that the TV is connected to the Internet.

Wireless Connection (Wi-Fi)

Look in the user manual, there is a built-in Wi-Fi module in your TV model. If in your model it is missing, you can connect the TV via the Wi-Fi adapter for the USB port LG AN-WF100 (purchased separately). Connect the Wi-Fi adapter to the free USB port of the TV.

Before connecting, you must configure the access point. It is recommended to have no closer than one meter from the TV to avoid interference and conflict with the control panel. If the wireless connection to the network is available for your TV, item will appear on the settings screen: Network Setup: Wireless;.

Select it by clicking OK button on the remote.

In the window that appears, select the desired connection method:

  • Setup from the list of access points (AP);. If you know the name of your home Wi-Fi network and additional parameters.
  • Simple installation (WPS button mode);. If your router supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup. This is the easiest way to install. Just press the WPS button, exit the TV in the TV menu, click Connect and select Automatic or Manual IP configuration, as with a wired connection.
  • Setting up the [AD-HOC] network;. If you want to connect the TV to the home wireless network, but without internet access. On the computer in the settings of the network connection, you must enter the IP address (, subnet mask ( and default gateway (192.168.0.ten). When this connection is selected, you will need to enter the network identifier and the defense key of the device (the information about the settings can be changed with the red button), then enter the computer’s gateway address in the quality of the TV IP address and vice versa. The IP address of the computer as a television gateway.
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In the list of found Wi-Fi networks, select the name of your access point or Wi-Fi router.

When using a secure connection (if you have a hidden network. Hidden SSID) Select Enter the new SSID;, specify the network name manually and enter your key.

If your Wi-Fi network is password protected, enter it using the remote control by pressing the red PIN button;.

TV will check the network settings and displays the connection result.

Connection directly, network cable from the provider

Here almost everything is the same as in the previous method. If your provider uses the connection technology “Dynamic IP” (you can clarify with support). then just connect the cable to TV and everything works.

But if PPPoe technology is already a little more difficult here. For example, on my LG 32LN575U there is no way to configure such a connection. There is only one option, install a router and raise the connection on it. And already cable, or on Wi-Fi connect the TV.

But, as far as I know, for example, SAMSUNG TVs are able to raise pppoe connection. See the characteristics, check with the manufacturer.

Specify static IP and DNS on TV

Perhaps when connected to LAN, you will need to set static IP and DNS (the provider can also use this technology). It can be done. Showing how

Go to Smart TV and select the network icon (you can and through the settings).

Click Connect Connect button.

Select the setting button manually.

Select the “Wired” button.

Next, set the necessary IP and DNS, manually. Click OK.

TV will build a network card and give out the result of the connection with the Internet. That’s how this card may differ, it’s normal):

Click Finish. All, wired network with static IP configured.

The provider makes the MAC address binding. Where to see Mac on TV?

If your provider makes binding on the MAC address, and the Internet is already tied for example to a computer, then you will most likely be connected to the TV. It is necessary that the provider would change the binding on the MAC address of the TV.

In this case, we need to learn the MAC address of our TV. Make it can usually in the settings.

In LG 32LN575U on the Support tab. info. About Product / Service.

That’s all. If you have any questions, set them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев! Good luck!