How to connect Samsung TV to Wi-Fi?

After buying a “smart” Samsung TV, his first thing you need to connect to the Internet. In this article I will show how to connect the Samsung Smart TV TV to the Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, Smart functions will not be available. The menu itself will open and function, but we will not be able to watch videos, upload sites, install applications, etc. D. All modern Samsung TVs are connected to the Internet both using a network cable and via Wi-Fi (through a router).

If you have a TV with Smart TV, then it definitely has the opportunity to connect to the Internet using a network cable. On the TV there is LAN input. How to make such a connection I wrote in the article connecting the Samsung Smart TV TV to the Internet via network cable. And if you have the opportunity to connect the Internet via cable, and not by Wi-Fi, then it is better to use the cable. The cable will be the faster and more stable. For TV, this is very important. If the router is installed far from the TV and there is no way to stretch the cable, then we will connect the Samsung TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi. The speed of wireless connection for most tasks is enough. Of course, a lot depends on the speed of connection to the Internet (tariff) and router. If the TV supports Wi-Fi 5 GHZ (standard 802.11c). And your router is two-band (distributes Wi-Fi at a frequency of 5 GHZ). it is better to connect to this network.

If you are sure that Samsung has a built-in Wi-Fi in your TV, you can proceed to setting up. If not sure, it’s better to check right away. You can see the characteristics of the TV on the official website of the manufacturer. There, this function is designated as “ support of the wireless network”.

It is a pity that the site does not indicate Wi-Fi standards that supports the TV. It would be possible to immediately see if there is a support of the range of 5 GHz (standard 802.11ac).There are simply models of TVs with Smart TV (mainly old models). in which there is no built-in Wi-Fi module. And you can connect them to Wi-Fi only through Samsung’s company USB-adapter, or by cable. But, since this adapter is now almost unrealistic now, you can use a router or repiter as an adapter (receiver). I told about this in this article: how to connect a TV without Wi-Fi to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Almost every modern Samsung TV with Smart TV Wi-Fi has a built-in.

Connect using HDMI cable

If there is no wireless adapter on your screen, but there is an HDMI input, it is still possible to connect it without using the wire. You will need only a small device, which is purchased separately, for example:

  • Google Chromecast. allows you to broadcast data from your devices to TV.
  • Android mini PC. connects any device operating on Android OS to TV. Great option for phones and tablets.
  • Intel Compute Stick. a miniature computer connected to the HDMI port.

Connect any of these devices to the TV, and the laptop or tablet will begin to see it in the list of active connections.

How to connect a laptop to a TV via wi-fi

How to use plasma tv as a computer monitor through a wireless connection? There are several ways: you can use both computer and TV, and applications.

Как подключить ноутбук к телевизору Samsung | Зеркало экрана ПК на ТВ без HDMI

Using DLNA connection

The DLNA system is a technology that allows several devices located within the access zone of one home network (wireless Wi-Fi Internet Internet) to exchange through its media files (music, videos, films, etc. D.). At the same time, devices can be of different types: tablets, phones, stationary computers, printers, X-box consoles, laptops, modern flat TVs (they are equipped with SmartShare functions). In this case, we are interested in the last two types of devices.

So that the TV can open the files located on the portable computer, you need to open access to them. How to do this, we will tell with the instructions:

  • First you need to connect both the laptop and TV to one point of the Internet, that is, to your router. On the “laptop” this is easiest: we click on the “access to the Internet” icon in the form of a quarter circle.
  • In the list, select the desired network and open it with a click of the left button. Put a checkmark next to “Connect automatically” and click on “Connect”. If necessary, enter the password from the network to obtain access to the Internet.
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Click on the “Connect” button to connect to the access point

In the Network tab, select the Network Settings item

Put the type of network with a uselessness and select the desired access point from the list

Among all the tiles, select “Network and the Internet”

In the Wi-Fi tab, click on the access point with the left button

Select the value of “private” for the parameter “network profile”

If you have Windows 7, make your home (private) network at the Networks Management Center and General Access

connect, laptop, samsung, wi-fi

In the context menu of the hard disk, select the “Properties” item

Click on the “Expanded Settings” button to open another window

We note the item “Open the overall access to this folder”

Click on the blue link “General access to files is disabled”

How to connect your Windows 11 PC Laptop Wirelessly to a Samsung Smart TV through Screen Mirroring

Click on the first point to open overall access to files and enable network detection

You can open access to files on a laptop in another way that works for Windows 10:

  • Go to the “Network and Internet” section in the Windows Parameters window, which is launched by a combination of Win I keys.
  • Here we already need the first tab “condition”. Scroll it a little down and click on the point “General access parameters”.

Click on the section “General access parameters”

Turn on network detection and overall access to files in a private network

When access is open, you can take a remote control from the TV and do the following:

  • Go to the TV menu, which is responsible for viewing the contents on external connected devices. For Sony TVs, this is Home menu, and for LG. SmartShare utility menu.
  • After that, select the last item “Connected devices” (the name of the section differs depending on the model).

Go to the “connected device” section to see the contents of the hard drive of the computer

Unfortunately, films in MKV format are not included through the DLNA system. AVI expansion is necessary. Solution of the problem. converting a file in a special service.

Turning the streaming in Windows via DLNA

Video broadcast can be displayed on a large TV screen using the standard Windows option “Stream transmission of multimedia”. It also works through the DLNA server, that is, for data transfer, you need to connect to a common Wi-Fi access point for both devices. What needs to be done to include the option:

  • Open the panel for a universal search: clicking on the icon in the form of a magnifying glass on the “Particular Panel”, which should be next to the “Start” button.
  • In the line we begin to print the request “Stream transmission parameters of multimedia”. The Windows tool will help you with the search: it will immediately display the desired section in the results as the second word is in the request. Click on the section with the left mouse button.

How to connect a laptop to a TV with Smart TV via Wi-Fi

Not every person understands that it is possible to connect a computer to a TV with Smart TV via Wi-Fi. It’s not as difficult as users think. But it is preliminary important to understand which brand TV. For each of them, the connection is slightly different, but the principle remains the same.

Instructions for Samsung

If the user has a Samsung TV at home, the following actions are performed:

  • Press the menu button located on the remote control, with its help, the settings are controlled;
  • Choose a network tab, network settings;
  • In the empty window, the type of network connection is noted a wireless network, press further;
  • The TV offers the client to choose all the available networks with which you can make a connection (you need to choose the right name of the home network);
  • choose a home network, enter a password;
  • When the connection occurred, click on the OK button.

Sometimes TV asks to specify an IP address or DNS server. Then press the IP setting button, prescribing the value.


Instructions for LG

If TV has a LG brand, the settings button is pressed on the remote control. There is a window where the network is selected, a network connection. Then they do the following:

  • press the button configure the connection;
  • select a list of networks;
  • starting wi-fi connections;
  • When choosing a network, they press OK.

If TV still has not found an object for connection, it can be found independently, using the setting button manually. Enter the IP address or choose the name of the right Wi-Fi, enter the security password.

Instructions for Philips

If the Philips TV is installed, adhere to the following synchronization rules:

  • Turn on TV, press the Home button with the house icon on the remote control;
  • Then press the settings button to use settings;
  • go to the installation point, connecting to the network where you need to agree with the requirements;
  • Press the foot.;
  • Choose a wireless network (wireless.);
  • Further, a choice is proposed to use WPS or a regular network (the first of them is easier, but it is required that it be installed on the router);
  • click on the button to scan to find all the known networks, they choose the right one, click on the OK button.

If the user correctly enters the password from Wi-Fi, he connects to the network. This will transfer files to TV.

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Instructions for transmitting video from a laptop on TV for Android TV

Only wi-fi is not enough to broadcast files from PC to Android TV. It is required to download a special application that performs this function. For example, Mirrorop. over, it must be installed on both devices so that the video can be moved in both directions. Perform the following actions:

  • download Sender and receiver for devices;
  • enter an IP address for connection;
  • Connect any video on a laptop, it is mirrored on Android TV.

Important! This is an easy program that will quickly help combine two devices. But you need to pay to download it.

Setting a wireless connection of TV to a laptop

Nothing complicated. You should have a Wi-Fi router, a Wi-Fi support TV, and a laptop, or a computer with an internal or external Wi-Fi adapter.

Your computer to the wireless network, I think already connected. We connect our TV to the same Wi-Fi. Here are the instructions for connecting LG TVs, and a separate instruction for Philips Android TV.

After everything is connected, we need to start the DLNA server on the laptop:

  • If you have a LG TV, I advise you to use the Smart Share proprietary program. Watch detailed setting instructions-how to watch movies from a computer on a LG TV (via Wi-Fi, or Network)? DLNA setting through Smart Share.
  • There is also a proprietary program for Samsung TVs. AllShare.
  • You can also configure the server without programs. In Windows Media player. How to do this, I showed in this article. On the example of Windows 10.
  • But it is best to use the universal program “Home media server (UPNP, DLNA, HTTP)”. I also wrote a separate instruction to set up this program: https: // Help-Wi-Fi.COM/Philips-Android-TV/Nastrojka-Dlna-Servra-Dlya-Televizora-Philips-Smotrimy-S-s-KOMPYUTERA-NA-TELEVIZORE/. Do not pay attention that the article is written on the example of Philips TVs. Suitable for any TVs.

In this way, everything works fine. But, if you have a budget router, or Wi-Fi speed is not very high, then large films on the TV may not be played very smoothly. Stop all the time and t. D. In this case, I advise you to connect to the router via a network cable, or even better, connect the TV to the computer via HDMI cable. In addition, according to HDMI, the desktop will be displayed on the TV and everything that happens on the laptop screen.



Different tips for setting up TVs

Sound how to lock on columns. The picture is on the telik with nokia and you need a sound for the columns! There are images, but there is no sound on the columns. How to setup? Thanks!

Write specifically what and how you connect?

how to connect Smart TV to the Internet without wired?

Your TV should be built-in, or external Wi-Fi module.

Hello I have a problem, I can’t connect the TV (Samsung Smart TV, about 6 version) to the Wi-Fi computer to watch films, etc

There is no built-in Wi-Fi but there is an alternative, Wi-Fi adapter, TP-Link TL-WR702N, (connected to the TV and works, the Internet is) The adapter is configured in the client mode

Samsung PC Share Manager programs, home media server (UPNP, DLNA) do not help, do not see TV

PS I use the TP-Link TD-W8961N modem on the network cable all the norms using programs (but I need wireless access)

Hello. In order for the TV and the computer to be on the same network (only then Dlan will work), it is necessary that the DHCP server be disconnected on TL-WR702N. Perhaps, in the client mode, the address gives TL-WR702N, not the main router. I don’t have TL-WR702N, I can’t check.

This is 1 of many options how to connect a TV to the Internet or DR device by Wi-Fi

1, for those who do not have Wi-Fi on the Samsung Smart TV TV (example, versions of UE40D6100) there is an alternative, Wi-Fi adapter, TP-Link TL-WR702N, it will need to be flashed and configured in the client mode (it is much cheaper than native Wi-Fi adapter for TV)

2, looking and downloading the Samsung PC Share Manager program, and install (the instructions are on YouTube, how to use the program). start the Samsung PC Share Manager 1 program) find the folder in which our file or files lies; 2) at the top there is a button with a green checkmark, click on it. that is, give access TV to this folder; 3) We go to the upper menu, “General access” = “Install the policy of the device” = the device set the status “Taken”. after click “Install the established state” (circular green arrow), that is, we save We go to the TV, click on the remote control button “Media Player” and that’s it We enjoy the video with PC.

Do not forget about antivirus or firewall, the firewall can be blocked by the connection may be required, add the Samsung PC Share Manager program to the exclusion of a firewall (firewall), antivirus (if the program does not see the device)


Using a wireless connection is a modern method of transmitting an image from one device to another. Its advantage is that you do not have to look for free connectors and buy cables, however, there are shortcomings associated with the need to have a quick Internet so that the picture is transmitted without delay and branding. Accordingly, the TV itself should also have Wi-Fi or it is necessary to buy a prefix to it, which will provide support for wireless connection technology. Then it remains only to perform steps related to the settings of the devices, which is described in more detail in the next instructions.


You can connect Wi-Fi mainly Smart TV, but funds for a regular TV will also be considered.

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This approach will be a great solution to the task if you use a TV support TV. In the case of proper connection on the TV, viewing some, mainly multimedia data from the computer.

Note: we will consider only one TV model, but the settings of other Smart TV are largely similar and differ only in the name of some points.

Television setting

First you need to connect the TV for the same router with which the laptop is connected.

    Using the Settings button on the TV PD, open the main settings.

In addition to what has been said, if your device has support for Wi-Fi Direct, you can implement the connection directly to TV.

This step can be divided into two parts depending on the TV used and its requirements.

Windows Media player

connect, laptop, samsung, wi-fi

To play multimedia files from your library from a laptop on TV, you need to use special settings for Windows Media Player. Further actions should be performed only if TV is connected without a manufacturer.

    On the top panel of Windows Media Player, expand the “stream” list and install the checkmark next to the points indicated in the screenshot.

Many Smart TV manufacturers require installation of special software to ensure data transfer. In our case, the Smart Share program is required, the process of downloading and installation of which we examined in another instructions.

    Having completed the installation, press the “Parameters” button at the top of the integse.

Now access to files can be obtained from the TV.

Reproduction on TV

This step is the simplest. This is due to the fact that the necessary recommendations are usually added to the standard instructions for working with the TV.

    Open a special section in the menu that stores the files from the laptop. Typically, its name corresponds to previously installed by the manufacturer TV.

The only restriction that you may encounter when using such a method is that the laptop should always be turned on. Due to the transfer of the laptop into sleep mode or gibbernation, the streaming of information will be interrupted.

Wi-Fi connection to a TV computer without Smart TV

If you have a regular TV without a Smart-TV function, then it can be connected to a computer using WIDI/Miracast technology. This means that you can broadcast the image from the computer screen to TV. Such a solution has its disadvantages:

  • The technology is quite demanding on resources: you need a fairly powerful computer;
  • Such an opportunity is not available for all TVs: if your TV does not support the WIDI/MIRACAST option, then you will have to purchase a special adapter connected to the TV through the HDMI port;
  • There is an insignificant delay in management: actions on the computer will be transmitted to the TV screen not instantly, but with a slight shift in time.

The plus is the ability to display images from the browser when viewing sites.

For such a connection and broadcasting from the screen you will need a special Intel Wireless Display program. Follow these actions:

  • Download and install the Intel Wireless Display program. It is not available on the official website for several years, but it can still be found on the Internet, for example, here.
  • Make sure that the Miracast/Intel Widi function is activated in the menu of your TV in network settings.

Make sure the Miracast/Intel Widi function is included on your TV

In addition to WIDI technology, you can use SMART settings, acting according to the above instructions. This will allow you to connect a regular TV to a computer via Wi-Fi.

Broadcast of the image from the computer screen to TV

If you installed a TV connection to a computer via WIDI, you can use it as a second monitor. To do this, it is enough to do the following:

    Open the image output settings on the computer (WINP by default) and click on the line “Connection to a wireless display”.

Select “Connection to a wireless display” in the settings of the image output on the computer

Select your TV and wait for its connection

There are different ways to connect the TV to Wi-Fi, but many of them require a certain functionality of the device or additional equipment. Having studied all methods, you can choose the best option for your TV, regardless of whether there is a SMART-TV function in it.

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