Router Zyxel Keenetic Lite III: installation, connection, settings

Users do not suspect that the cause of a poor “Wi-Fi” signal and work on the network as a whole is their home routers who do not meet standards. This applies to outdated or low.quality routers. Cheap Chinese device. rash choice. For productive and secure work, the corresponding, for example, Router Zyxel Keenetic Lite 3 is necessary. high.quality, reliable and inexpensive. However, buying and connecting. this is half the age, it is also necessary to activate, and the instructions for setting sometimes do not take into account important points of the process.

Kinetik Lite 3 is the last of the modern developments of the Swiss company, which has high functional characteristics and capabilities. The model is characterized by speed qualities and a number of advantages, often inaccessible to more expensive devices of this type. This is especially possible to connect all possible devices to the network and IP-television. The new product has undergone several hardware updates, in particular, the revision of the MT7620N chip, presented by MediaTek with a frequency of 580MHz. Data transmission reaches 300 Mbps.

Considerable features of connecting to two or three providers have been preserved at the same time. Thanks to this, Keenetic Lite uses a reserve channel for possible failures on the main network by managing access priority. The same applies to filters to protect against viruses, unauthorized penetration into the database, including the “parental control” function, when connecting this option on the Yandex service.DNS “.

The new function “Adapter mode” allows you to connect to the Wi-Fi network to computers with ports without any related devices. There is also the opportunity to get remote access using the VPN server and other useful options.

The main characteristics of the new Zixel:

  • Standards of networks used. 802.11b/g/n.
  • Range “Wi-Fi” frequencies-2.4 GHz.
  • The base speed of the transmission is 100 Mbps/s.
  • The maximum possible transmission speed is 300 Mbps.
  • Antennes strengthening coefficient. 3 dbi.
  • Connection safety. WEP, WPA, WPA2.
  • Dynamic routing protocols. IGMP V2, IGMP V1, IGMP Proxy, IGMP Snooping.
  • Equipped with five ports per 100 Mbps.


Zixel router in black color, made of plastic. It has small compact dimensions: 16.6 cm in width, 11.6 cm in length, 3.4 cm high, weight zyxel Keenetic Lite III is 200 grams. It is equipped with a convenient and understandable web-integer, which is easy to figure out. This universal router in many respects is distinguished by the transfer of improved antennas to the side panels, which made it possible to increase the radius of the signal and its transmission. A switch appeared on the rear panel to control the operating modes. Indicators, burning green in the active phase, flashed infrequently so as not to involuntarily distract the attention of users.

Where to install

It is better to place Keenetic Lite in free space so that there are no walls on the signal passage to the computer. Depending on the building material, the radius of the network is able to contract to 30 m.

It is necessary to raise the device as high as possible, away from household appliances located in the house. This is the main condition observed during installation.

TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, mobile phones and other familiar household devices work at the same frequency as routers. They negatively affect their performance, reduce the speed of admission or muffle the home network signal. Due to the transfer of antennas to Keenetic Lite III, the router is attached to the wall. It is necessary to install the router away from:

  • Walls with sound insulation.
  • Flat metal structures.
  • Windows and mirrors.
  • Aquariums and other open water surfaces.

Connection and preparation for work

Connection of the Keenetic Lite-3 router is as follows: the device is unpacked, then it is necessary to make sure that all the elements included in the kit are in place. The first thing to do is install the antennas in the corresponding connectors on its side panels and set the mode as a “main” button-reducing.

By means of a power adapter, Keenetic Lite is connected to an electrical network, from a slot. a power plug is inserted to the slot on the rear surface. The Internet cable is connected to the WAN-Intease of the router, which is also on the backward side. Using a patch cord-the shortest cord in the kit-one of the LAN ports of the device is connected. Both of them are the same color, with a computer connector of a computer. After that, you need to turn on the power button, the beacons light up, the connection of the router is completed, it remains to configure.


Setting up the home router Zyxel Keenetic Lite III and Internet connection is carried out in two ways, in two modes: manual and automatic. When choosing the first option, a web configurator is used, the second-the device integration. This is the so.called fast setting. But in both cases you need to understand the intricacies of the process, strictly adhering to the sequence of actions.

Settings in automatic mode

For independent settings of the Router Zyxel Keenetic Lite III there is an instruction for its operation, necessarily attached to the device. To start tuning automatically, you need to go to the router integer. Using a computer or laptop, open the starting page of the usual browser. Then everything is simple:

  • Then the router will ask you to enter data for access to the system, the default login and password are used here: Admin and 1234, after standard configuration it is better to change them to your own.
  • A welcome page will open, notifying that Internet centers are not tuned. Here you need to click on the “Fast Settings” button and go through a simple registration.
  • After the completion of standard procedures, you will need to enter personal data again, but not Zyxel Keenetic Lite, but the supplier of Internet services-the “Next” button.
  • If users plan to connect an IP-television, you need to specify the port to connect it to the prefix, if any;
  • You should also configure Yandex Filters, then click “update” and wait until the information entered.

Manual connection to the Internet

Settings for connecting the Router “Zixel” Keenetic Lite 3 manually. the matter is simple. Its essence comes down to authorization. Manual connection takes a lot of time, and the sequence of actions for connecting with the network looks as follows:

  • Click “Start”, opening the “control panel”.
  • On the parameter setting page opened to the “Network and the Internet”.
  • From there go to the “Networks Management Center”.
  • In the column “Changing network parameters” select “Creation and Setting up a new connection”.
  • In it, highlight the “Internet connection”. “Next”.
  • In the column “How do you want to make a connection?”Select the option” High.speed (with PPPOE) “.
  • At the request, enter the information received from the service provider, to score the specified by the provider, this is your username from the contract and password.
  • Return to the “Networks Management Center”, where in the column on the left select “Change of parameters”.
  • Go to it to the “high.speed connection”, which is in the disconnected state.
  • After a double click, the authorization window will open, here to click on the “connection” button, everything will work. At the end of these actions, drag the icon to any convenient place for the user.

It’s important to know! In the future, the settings of the Router Keenetic Lite (3) can be changed at your own discretion. But in the case of Windows reinstalling, the system will not even accept the correct data for the entrance, the entire operation will need to be done again for re.connection.


This provider uses the connection standard by type PRRO, but not always. It depends on its branches, for example, in Eastern Siberia, dynamic IP addresses are used to connect. However, the protocol of the prroe remains one of the most popular in the entire space of the CIS. Connecting a house.RU occurs in two stages, the first will be required:

  • Open the Internet and go from it to “Connection”.
  • Next to find the BroadBand Connection item.
  • Mark with a tick against the line “Use the connector”.
  • Options “include” and “use to enter the Internet” should be active.
  • In the “IP settings” to select the option “without IP addresses”.
  • Here, in the “MAC address”, choose “by default”-“apply”.
  • In the PPPOE/VPN section, select “Add connection”.
  • Mark the line “Turn on” the line.
  • In the “Description”, enter the name for connecting the Latinitsa Internet.
  • In the “Type” field, select the protocol from the list of PRROE.
  • In the field “Connect through”. Broadband Connection ISP.
  • Enter user data.
  • In the “Authenticity Verification Method” indicate “Auto”. “Apply”.

Having completed this operation, proceed to connecting the provider cable, for which the WAN port connector is used.


Connecting “using the protocol of prro, you will need to repeat the same sequence of actions. True, as in the case of the house.RU, the provider, depending on the region, uses another type of connection, this is characteristic, for example, for Udmurt and Chuvash branches using dynamic IR. In order to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary body movements before connecting, you need to clarify the connection protocol on the technical support service of customers.


This provider uses L2TP connection, new, according to reviews, a promising connection protocol. It has a number of significant differences from the previous one, but the connection process also occurs in two stages. On the first, it is necessary to apply the connection using IP addresses:

  • Open the Internet and switch from it to “connection”.
  • Here, as in the case of the, select the Broadband Connection item and click on it.
  • Under the port of Wan, put a “use connector” checkmark, the badge will acquire a blue color indicating the activity of the option.
  • Mark “Enable the Inte We” and “Use to Release the Internet” if it is planned to use IPTV.
  • In the “IP settings” options “automatically”.
  • Click “apply”.

How to open the Keenetic router settings?

If you have already once entered the web-intake of any other router on your own, then there should not be problems with Keenetic, everything is exactly the same there. To make the instructions as simple and understandable as possible, I will divide it into several steps.

Step 1. Connection

The device from which you want to access the settings page should be connected to the Keenetic router. If your router is already configured and the devices in your house are connected to it, then you can use any device: laptop, PC, phone, tablet. If the router is new, then you need to connect one device from which you will set up. It is best to use a regular computer, or laptop. There are two connection options:

  • On the cable. Just connect your computer to Keenetic using a network cable, which is complete with an Internet center.
  • By Wi-Fi. As soon as you turn on the router, it will distribute Wi-Fi. You need to connect to this Wi-Fi network. The factory name of the network and the password for connecting to it are indicated on the router’s case (the sticker is located below). If you connect from the phone or tablet, you can start the camera and put it on the QR code, which is on the same sticker from below.

Step 1. Entrance to My.Keenetic.NET or

On the device connected to the router, open any browser. I use standard Microsoft Edge on a computer. You can use the usual my address for entering the web-integse Keenetic routers.Keenetic.NET (indicated from below of the router, in the photo above) or IP address

You can use any address. There is no difference. Enter the address in the address bar of the browser (not in the search line!) and follow it (by clicking on Enter).

There are three options further:

  • If the router has already been configured, the administrator’s password is changed, then the authorization page in the Keenetic web configurator will open. On which you need to specify the user name and password (which was installed during the first setting) and input input. In the event that you do not know the password, or forgot it, you can’t go into the settings. Try the standard login and password Admin/Admin or Admin/1234. If you don’t fit, you need to reset the router settings. To do this, you need to press the “Reset” button with something sharp (it is drowned in the case) and hold 10-12 seconds. After resetting the settings and re.transition to my address.Keenetic.NET or will appear a page about which I will reason below (2 option). There are more detailed instructions for resetting the settings at the end of the article.
  • If the router is new (or after resetting the settings). then a window will appear in which you can choose the language of the web-intake, start a quick setup master, or go to the control panel. Having selected one of the two options, a window will appear in which you need to accept the license agreement, and then set the password of the administrator of the Internet center. You need to come up with a password and specify it twice. The default user name will be admin. In the future, this user name and the installed password will need to be entered every time you enter the web-integrator of the router. After installing the password, either a quick setting master will open, with which you can quickly configure your router (Internet connection, Wi-Fi network). either the control panel that looks like this: after which you can go into separate sections and set the necessary settings, change the password, etc. D.
  • Well, the third option. the page with the settings does not open. When trying to move to my address.Keenetic.NET or Error appears (the page is not available, it is not possible to open this page). Endless load. Either the page of the Google or Yandex search engine opens. I will talk about solving these problems in more detail.

My.Keenetic.NET or does not open. What to do?

Try to apply the following solutions:

  • Check both addresses. If it doesn’t go to my.Keenetic.Net, try to go to address
  • Check the connection of the device to the router. Connection can be without access to the Internet, but the settings should open.
  • Reload the router (turn off/enable power).
  • Try to go through another browser.
  • Disconnect VPN (if it is installed as a separate program or expansion in a browser).
  • Connect another device to the Keenetic router and try to open a web-intese with its help.
  • If you are trying to go from the computer, then check if the IP addresses are displayed in Windows.
  • If the search engine opens, then you most likely enter the address in the search bar, and not in the address.
  • See additional solutions in this article: does not enter the Router settings for or
  • Discard the router settings. This is in an extreme case. About how to do this, read on in the article.

Incorrect user name or password

User name and default password on Keenetic routers are not installed. If I’m not mistaken, then these settings were not installed on older models. This means that at the first setting of the router, the user himself sets the password (user name Admin). If you have an authorization window in a web configurator, but you do not know what user name and password, or an error “incorrect user or password name” appears, then you need to reset the router settings.

Try standard: Admin/Admin or Admin/1234.

If this did not work, only one option remains. resetting the settings. After this procedure, the router will be as new, it will have to be adjusted again. Turn on the router and wait a few minutes. Clip, or other sharp object, click the button for 10-12 seconds.

The button can be released when the status indicator begins to flash quickly.

After that, you can again go into the settings of the Internet center and install a new administrator password.

If there are any questions-ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.



Connection and preparation for work

Keenetic configuration is carried out through the route of the router. To enter it, we connect one of the LAN ports to the device network, with which the LITE router will be set up. This device is a stationary computer (PC) or laptop. The connection is made by a patch cord with connectors of the RJ-45 type at both ends from the Keenetic set of the Keenetic Internet center.

connect, keenetic, lite, router, internet, dynamic

A provider is connected to the RJ-45 Wan Marshrutizer of the LITE. The wireless network antenna is screwed into the connector and is installed vertically to improve the conditions of the spread of radio waves of the Wi-Fi-band radio waves. In the process of “Zixel Kinetics Lite”, the user himself determines its optimal position.

Keenetic power is carried out from a home current home network through a rectifier device from the product supply kit of the Lite. The network power adapter is connected to the Power connector on the rear panel in the last turn. The button of its additional activation in the LITE version is not provided.

The PC network card, built into his motherboard, is previously set up for automatic receipt of IP addresses and DNS server. This is checked in the properties of the protocol TCP/IPV4. After turning on the rectification device in the AC network, we are waiting for the “Status” indicator on the Keenetic panel.


Consider how to correctly configure the zyxel router Keenetic Lite. To go to the settings of the Lite series model, we are first authorized. To this end, in any browser open on the computer, the IP address of the Keenetic Internet center is prescribed in its address bar. This value is taken from the user manual attached to the router of the LITE series or, according to the information on the label located on the lower cover of the Keenetic case. After entering the value of and pressing Enter on the keyboard appears a window of authorization, in the fields of which it is required to enter the name “user” and a password taken from the same sources as the IP address Keenetic.

ADMIN/Admin (1234) values ​​are entered in the corresponding fields. After clicking on the “entrance”, a window will open, where “fast settings” and “web configurator” will be offered.

Automatic setting

When choosing a “quick setting” and pressing it, the Netfired program sets the Lite series in dialogue. Here you need to indicate the country, city, provider from the proposed list. When it is marking and continuing the dialogue on the “Next” stencil, the Keenetic router automatic settings program are functioning.

In the absence of a supplier of Internet services in the list, it is necessary to note the item “My provider is not on the list” and continue to configure the router of the Lite model.

At the next step, data from the contract are filled out by hand. Often you need to inform the MAC address (physical address of the device) of the LITE router in the technical support of your provider. It is recorded in a specially highlighted field. Information about the MAC address is available on the Keenetic label. After the continuation, the page opens, where the method of setting the parameters of the IP protocol is selected. “automatic”.

Next, indicate the values ​​of the login and password, if they are registered in the contract. Then the window with the current settings and the status of the condition of the Internet connection will open. If problems are found in Keenetic, the program will issue recommendations for their elimination. In the absence of problems, a “light” will constantly glow with the symbol of the Internet connection on the Lite model indication panel.

Manually connection by the example of several providers

After authorization, the transition to the start page of the Lite series router is carried out. The left column of the dialog box is a menu tree and is assigned to work with the main sections necessary for configuration: “Internet”, “home network”, wi-fi, “filters”, “systems”.


To set up the Zyxel Keenetic Lite router, we install the connection after choosing the Internet section. In it, the item “Connection” is originally selected in it. On his page, in addition to assigning an arbitrary name, the method of choosing IP used by the MAC address (you can work computer), the speed of the WAN-integrate router. To preserve values, click “Apply”.

Continuation occurs when choosing an “authorization” item. The operator uses the PPPOE-Internet access perch. For him, indicate the data from the contract concluded with the provider of services. User name and password must be brought into the page fields, execute the command “apply”. Internet installation has occurred, the connection is configured. This is evidenced by the constant glow of the LED on the Keenetic indication panel.


This operator provides the Keenetic user PPPOE, dynamic IP, static IP. Creation of PPPOE was considered above. Dynamic IP does not require the user name and password from the contract. In the “Connection” point, the IP settings method are selected “automatic”, recorded by the MAC address of the router or the PC used by PC.

In the field “Internet access protocol”, select “Dynamic IP” from the drop.down list, immediately execute the “Apply” command. With a static IP, you need to select a “manual” entry as an address in the “connection” item. MAC address is indicated for any type of connection. This is a zyxel binding requirement. After completing the “Apply” command, a window will open where it is necessary to drive the data of the contract: received from the IP address provider, the subnet mask, the main gateway, the preferred and alternative addresses of DNS servers. The user name and password from the same contract are entered in the relevant fields. In the last step of the settings, the command “Apply” is executed.


When viewing documentation for the Router ZYXEL model Keenetic Lite, the characteristics in the section of supported protocols. IPOE/pppoe/pptp/l2tp. The operator under consideration provides services to subscribers on the protocol L2TP. Keenetic connection sets up the points of previous providers. In “Authorization”, it is necessary to select L2TP or L2TDYMANIC IP in the column “Internet access protocol”, as well as write down the username and password issued by the provider. After that, it is pressed to “apply”.

connect, keenetic, lite, router, internet, dynamic


On the page in the tree of the LITE model menu, you need to select the section “System”, and in it. the item “mode of operation”. To configure the Keenetic Internet connection, a mark is placed in the column “on the selected Ethernet line”, and “apply” is pressed.

We connect to the zyxel router

To begin with, we need to connect our computer, laptop, phone, or other device from which we will go to the control panel, to our router. As I wrote above, I have Zyxel Keenetic Start. I will show on the example of this device.

We take the network cable that comes with the router, and connect it to one of the Lan connectors on the router. They are signed as a “home network” and painted yellow.

We connect the second end of the cable to the laptop (as in my case). or to a stationary computer. We connect to the network card connector.

Do not forget to connect the power to the router. If the indicators on the router have not lit up, it is possible that the power is disconnected by the button. Check.

The connection status on the computer will most likely look like this:

If your device is already connected to the router, then you can immediately move on to the next point where we will access the control panel. If you have a new router, you just bought your ZYXEL and want to configure it by Wi-Fi, or make a setting after resetting the settings, you must first connect to the wireless network.

Turn your router in the outlet. Open a list of available networks on the device (from which you will connect). Select your network with a standard name. How to find out your network if there are many of them? Very simple: from below the router, on the sticker, there is information with the name of the network. Find there the item “Network”. I have it “Keenetic-7534″. Select our network and click will connect.

A window will appear in which you need to specify either the network key or press the WPS button on the router itself. So we are watching the network key from below the router on the sticker, indicate it and click OK.

Or, just click the WPS button. She looks something like this:

The device will receive network parameters and connect to the router. The connection status can be “without access to the Internet” (with a yellow triangle). this is normal. The Internet is simply not yet connected, or not tuned.

Entrance to the settings of the ZYXEL router (, or my.Keenetic.Net)

After everything is connected, we open any browser. You can even Internet Explorer, let it work at least once 🙂

From below, on the router itself the address: my.Keenetic.Net

Как настроить FTP-сервер и KeenDns | KEENETIC

But, you can go to the settings at the standard address (for some reason this is not indicated on the sticker). Run the browser, and in the targeted construction we write the address for entering the Zyxel router settings. Or my.Keenetic.Net:

If the settings do not open, then you need to check the settings of the network, or wireless (if the connection via Wi-Fi) connection on the computer. How to do this, I wrote in this article. Perhaps some settings from the provider, or modem are set on the computer. Also in the article, the link to which I gave at the beginning of this article, I wrote about possible problems and their solution to obtain access to the management panel at (and others).

Perhaps your router is already configured, and you changed the password for entering the settings, then in the form that appears we indicate the login and password. The login is most likely admin, and the password that you installed. If the password was not installed, or just forgot it, then you will have to reset the settings to the factory.

If you haven’t tuned anything yet, then a window with two buttons will appear: a web configurator and fast setting.

If you choose a quick setting, you can step by step set your zyxel. If you choose a web configurator, then get into the router settings. If you enter them for the first time, then you will immediately appear in which you need to specify the password twice, which will be used in the future to enter the settings (do not confuse with the password on Wi-Fi). This password is needed so that no one could configure your router.

Indicate some password, and remember it, or write it down. If you forget, you will have to remove all the settings to set up everything again.

A window will immediately appear in which you need to specify the logs. Admin and password. which you just asked.

That’s all, the settings of our zyxel router will open.

You can configure the router, change the password and name of the Wi-Fi network, watch statistics on connected devices, etc. D.

You can ask questions about the article in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Good luck!



How to connect the Keenetic Internet center?

Connect the power adapter. Internet (cable with the RJ-45 connector, which has paved the Internet provider to your house) connect to 0 Ethernet port (aka WAN, or Internet). On Keenetic routers, it is highlighted in blue. If your Internet is connected via ADSL modem, or an optical terminal, then you connect the network cable from the modem/terminal to the Keenetic Internet Center in the same way.

Then we need to connect a device to the router, from which we can set up. It is advisable to use PC or laptop. If these devices are not, you can connect and set up from the phone or tablet. The computer can be connected to the router using a network cable (patch cord). It is complete with a router. We connect to any LAN port.

If you have a PC with Wi-Fi as an adapter, laptop, phone, etc. D., then they can be connected to the Keenetic router by Wi-Fi. The router distributes Wi-Fi network immediately after turning on the power (pay attention to the indicators). The factory name Wi-Fi network and password for connecting can be viewed from below the router.

On the device that you want to connect to the router, you need to turn on Wi-Fi, select the network in the list (with the name indicated on the router). Enter a password and connect. If you connect a mobile device, try to turn on the camera and put it on a QR code. So you can connect without entering a password manually.

Please note: if after turning on the device the device does not see its network, it with a different name, the password does not fit, etc. D., then perhaps the router has already been configured. So that the old settings do not interfere, and you are able to configure your Keenetic according to the instructions. you need to reset the settings.

To do this, with something sharp, click on the Reset button (which in the photo is below) and hold it pressed 10-12 seconds.

After connecting to the router, access to the Internet may not be. This is because the router is not yet configured. You can go to the website of the Internet center without access to the Internet.

Setting up the Keenetic router

You can set up in two ways:

  • Through a quick setting master, which can be launched immediately after entering the web-intese. This is a setting. The router will ask us to indicate all the necessary settings.
  • Through separate sections in the control panel. You can go to the control panel and independently set the necessary settings in certain sections.

I will show both options. But first we need to access the page with the settings of the Internet center.

Entrance to the web-intese and a quick setup master

To open the Keenetic router settings, you need to go to the device connected to the router to the roar.Keenetic.NET or

On the initial page you need to choose a language. You can also “start quick setting up” there, or immediately go to the control panel. Since first I will show how to install a router through a quick setup master, then click on the “Start Fat Settings” button. After which you need to adopt a license agreement.

Next, set the administrator password. Come up with a password and indicate it twice in the corresponding fields. This password will be used in the future to enter the website of the Internet center. Login (user name). admin.

Choose the method of connecting to the Internet. In this instructions, I will show the connection to the connection via Ethernet Cabble. We have already connected this cable to the appropriate port on the router.

Choosing what to configure. I only have “Internet”. If your Internet provider provides an IPTV service, you can also choose an IP-television and immediately configure viewing TV channels.

Next, we have the MAC address settings. If your Internet provider does not bind the MAC address, then select “by default” and continue to set up. If you make a binding, that is, two options:

  • PREARE OF THE MAC address of your Keenetic router. It is indicated from the bottom of the router (on the sticker) and in the settings that you now see in front of you (under the inscription “by default”).
  • Select the item “Change the MAC address” and manually prescribe the address to which the Internet is currently attached.

Choose a method of configuring IP addresses. This is usually “automatic”. If the provider was given to you by the IP address (and, possibly, the subnet mask, gateway). then select “manual” and write these addresses.

Type of Internet connection. It is very important to choose the right type of connection that your Internet provider uses. “No password”. This is a dynamic IP (DHCP). If you have a user name and password, then this is PPPOE, L2TP, or PPTP (for the last two, you still need a server address). If you do not know what type to choose. see the Internet connection agreement, or call in support of the provider.

In this case, additional settings do not need to be set.

Then you need to specify the user name and password.

If everything set up correctly, then our Keenetic should say: “you are connected to the Internet” in my case, he immediately downloaded and installed the software update.

After rebooting, the setting continued. You need to set the parameters of the protection of the home network. Configure the Yandex filter.DNS or Adguard DNS. I didn’t tune the filter. I just chose “without protection”.

Change the name of the Wi-Fi network, which will distribute our router and password for it.

If you were connected to the Wi-Fi router, we connect again (if you changed the name and/or password).

After repeated connection, the control panel should open.

PPPOE Configure (

In the router’s interaction, you need to select the “Internet” tab on the left, in the list we have opened, select “Authorization”

  • Type (protocol): pppoe
  • User Name: Your Login under the Agreement
  • Password: Your password under the contract
  • Setting up parameters IP: automatic
  • Service name, concentrator name, description. You can not fill out
  • In the field of authentication testing, select a car
  • Save the settings button “Apply”.

Local network LAN and DHCP

Home network ordinary users, as a rule, do not touch. But if you still need to configure it, use the following instructions:

  • We go to the home network block on the left. In the first menu “Network Organization”, we change the address of the Internet center if necessary (that is, our Lite).
  • In the DHCP menu, select the “server” value.
  • Immediately below we indicate the address of addresses in the local network (they will be received by devices that will enter the “Wi-Fi” point after entering the password from it). Click on “Apply”.

Turn on the DHCP server in the location settings

Быстрое отключение wi-fi на роутере Zyxel Keenetic lite

Zyxel Keenetic Lite and repeater mode

On the LITE router, the repeater mode is adjusted through the function of the wireless bridge:

    Go to the “System” section. When you find yourself in the first menu with a list of modes, select the last state of the Wi-Fi wireless bridge. Click on “apply”.

Keenetic Lite reset to factory settings, rebooting

To reset the router settings to the factory, which may be required, for example, if you have lost the password to enter the administrative panel, you must press the Reset button with some thin object and hold it in this position for 20 seconds. After rebooting, all settings, including Internet and wireless ones, will need to be introduced again.

If the router is located in an inaccessible place, the same operation can be performed in the web-intese by selecting the “System” tab and the “Configuration” menu subparagraph. There are “reset” buttons (marking the settings) and the “Restart device” button, with which you can restart the router.

Firmware update

There is no automatic firmware in the younger Keenetic Lite KN model, but this procedure should not cause problems manually. In addition, in this case, you can roll back to any desired version of the micro.opram, including from developers, which we strongly do not recommend doing.

The first step is to determine the current version of the firmware, for which you need to select the “System” menu item and the subparagraph “Microdrogram” (in principle, the same information can be seen on the main screen “Monitor” tab when choosing the “System” menu item).

We remember the number that will be shown at the top of the screen, and in the new browser tab we go to the official website of the developer by selecting the “Download Center” tab.

Now you need to choose your own model from the list (if it is not there, click the “Show everything” button), in our case, Keenetic Lite KN (1310 or 1311). If you have a router of the first generation that has already been discontinued, select it similarly from the right list (“Archive models”).

After that, a page with a list of firmware will open, to the right of the link you can see what changes in them are available. Click according to the desired version, the download of the file in an archized form will begin. After the load is completed, you need to unveil the firmware. you should get a file with the extension.Bin.

Again, go to the administrative panel to the microprogram subparagraph tab “System” and click on the “Review” button. A conductor will open, in which you need to find the downloaded firmware, select it and press the “Open” button.

Click the “Update” button, confirm that we want to flash a router, observe the process that will last a few minutes. Then the router will be rebooted, while all previously introduced settings will not be resettled, as in the case of their discharge to factory.

IMPORTANT. Do not close the web-integer during this operation-this can turn your router into a non-working device, since the installation of the micro.opram will be interrupted, and without it the router will not be able to work. It is not recommended to reflash the device through a wireless network, since at the same time there is a high risk of gear failure with the same consequences.

Now you know how to flash and configure the Keenetic Lite router. Whether you succeeded in doing this, was it difficult? Leave your answers in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.