How to display photos and videos on the TV with iPhone (iPad)

With the advent of modern, “smart” TVs, users have many questions about the display of image from mobile devices to a large TV screen. In this article we will consider several ways by which you can display an image from the iPhone, or iPad on a TV on a Wi-Fi network, without wires.

Agree, it is convenient when you can display photos on a large screen on the screen in several presses on the screen, or video from your iPhone, or iPad. And also, you can send music to the TV, and listen to it through the speakers of the TV, or the home theater connected to the TV. Or display a video from YouTube on the TV screen, and manage playing with iPhone.

There are two working methods in which you can transmit the image from the mobile device from Apple to the TV:

  • Apple TV is a separate, small device that connects to the TV. And already with the iPhone, or iPad via Apple TV, you can broadcast photos, videos, or even completely broadcast everything that happens on the screen of a mobile device, or computer.
  • Use the DLNA technology connection. The main plus of this method is that everything can be done without Apple TV. All we need is a TV and iPhone, which are connected to one network (to one router). To display the video, we will use free applications.

Now we will consider both options in more detail. As for Apple TV, in this option we will not delve into all the details, since I don’t have Apple TV, and you most likely also have this prefix, you would hardly get to this one page. Most likely, you need a free, or budget decision, to which the purchase of Apple TV definitely does not apply.

Apple TV for connecting iPhone to a TV without wires

If you have many Apple devices, and you need to often broadcast multimedia content with iPhone, iPad, Mac computers and even Windows, then I advise you to buy Apple TV and enjoy viewing. You can literally display the image from a smartphone, or tablet, on a large TV screen. Just turning on the AirPlay function.

Broadcasting on a large screen is only one of the Apple TV functions. There is also the opportunity to watch a large number of different films, listening to radio, music, access to different services, games.

The thing is definitely cool. I thought here is probably much better to buy a regular TV without Smart TV, and take another prefix to it. Otherwise all Smart TVs that are now on the market work, to put it mildly, not very. So far, this is more a marketing tool than a useful function for the user.

With the help of a wire

Wended methods require specialized cables or devices, for each of them. The simplest of them is the connection using the HDMI cable, which often comes with the TV. In second place is the USB connection that is suitable for new generations iPad. And the VDA connection will not transmit the entire gamut of color to TV and requires a separate sound connection. We will analyze all the methods of the wire output of the image in more detail.

HDMI cable

For this connection, adapters for the iPad type Lightning Adapter and Digital are used. For 4 generation devices, take the first option, and old iPad models are connected using the second type of HDMI cable.

Synchronization with a TV through HDMI Port passes through several stages:

�� Apple TV: How to make it (really) useful

  • Connect the HDMI cable to the iPad, first select a cord with a connector suitable for you (8 PIN or 30 PIN).
  • HDMI connector connect to your TV model. It doesn’t matter to Samsung or TosHiba, the main thing is the presence of the corresponding connector.
  • Select in the TV settings. HDMI output on the screen. The connection is ready.

Through USB Type-C

Apple introduced a technological novelty in the last generation of iPad, it was given to its name USB Type-C. This wired connection allows you to connect your iPad with:

Your iPad tablet with this connection acts as a drive and is perceived by the TV just like that. It becomes possible to convey a quality picture from the iPad to the TV.

The only feature of the USB connection is that for each iPad model you will need to choose a separate type of cable:

  • For iPad 1, 2 and The iPad, use a USB plug with a port of 30 bin on a television connection side.
  • iPad mini and 4 generation are connected using USB Lightning.

The rest of the connection through USB goes the same way as HDMI connection.

Using the VGA adapter

VGA port is a vivid example of an analogue connection, the peculiarity of which is the independence of the quality of data from the transmitting device. This is a big minus, because even in the case of the transmission of Full HD video from your iPad, you will get a muddy picture without sound. VGA has no sound production function and for this it will be necessary to use AUX.

VGA technology will be convenient in the absence of other communication capabilities with a large screen. A special VGA cable will allow you to display the image to your TV. The connection is carried out in the same way as the above.

Wireless connection

Modern technologies gradually carry the abundance of cords and cables for a stable connection. The era of IR ports has long gone, modern technologies of contactless data transmission have appeared. Today, to connect the iPad to the TV, you can use one of the technological methods and there is no magic in this. Let us consider in detail each of them, as well as all their pros and cons of.

Using a common Wi-Fi network

Connecting an iPad to a TV via home Wi-Fi has become easy thanks to special connecting programs available in the application store. Consider one of them in more detail.

To connect you will need the Belkin MediaPlay, home Wi-Fi, and a wireless port on TV, downloaded on the iPad.

  • Set up on a home TV access to Wi-Fi.
  • Launch the above application on your iPad;
  • Open the settings.
  • Turn on the item: “Show Or Hide the Visual Indicators at the Edge of the Screen”.
  • Using the program, open the site through which the broadcast will be.
  • Open an additional menu and find your TV in the Display Device panel.
  • Roll all the extra windows and click on the “Beam” button.
  • If there is no such button, reboot the site and try again.
  • Connection is installed.

Stream to Apple TV without WiFi

In the pluses of this method, you can definitely put free. Minuses are the side of unstable software, which can bring at the most inopportune moment. There is also a case of a TV incompatibility with programs for broadcasting.

Through the video device Apple TV and AirPlay

The Apple TV prefix, released and designed to synchronize the TV with iPad, gained great popularity. She works on the principle of AirPlay, allowing not only to display the image using a wireless connection, but also:

Naturally, the prefix has its main advantage, contained in preserving the excellent quality of the image transmission. And the main drawback: a high price compared to other methods of translating data from iPad on TV.

In order to watch television using Apple TV take 5 simple steps:

  • Connect the prefix, tablet and TV to one Wi-Fi.
  • Apple TV connect with your HDMI TV connection.
  • Activate the AirPlay function on your iPad.
  • On the AirPlay settings panel, find the model of your TV and select.
  • In the TV source, indicate the HDMI port.
  • And the last touch: turn on the iPad video recovery.
  • Everything is ready to work with a large screen.

In fact, this method has no minuses, except for its high cost. The prefix allows you to work with an iPad through a large screen at any time, as well as synchronize other devices with your TV. In this case, high quality connection is preserved.

Google Chromecast

Alternative TV prefix from Apple Synchronization Method. It will require:

For a stable connection, you need to perform several important stages:

  • Connect Google Chromecast to the HDMI port and reboot the TV.
  • Download Googlehome from AppStore. Install and run.
  • After starting, click on the “Start”, “set up” buttons.
  • Open our account on Googlehome.
  • We turn on the Bluetooth connection.
  • The program will find Google Chromecast.
  • We synchronize, click on the TV “confirm”.
  • The code will appear on the TV screen, enter it in the program.
  • The broadcast has been successfully started.

The minus is actually one. this is the inability to transmit the image as higher than Full HD, according to some sources 720 HD. Despite this, the prefix is ​​an excellent alternative for those who want to quickly and inexpensively get a stable daily iPad connection to TV.


In fact, the technology of hacking the iPad, followed by its transformation into a useless hard drive. After using Jailbreak, you can freely transmit and look at any files to other devices. Add new capabilities for your iPad for your iPad. But at the same time you will get several significant disadvantages:

  • Applications prohibited in the official store, which will make it possible to expand the iPad functionality.
  • Free installation of pirate analogues of premium applications.
  • Early models can be used with any SIM cards.

Hack your iPad or not, decide only for you. The procedure is illegal and pirate. so we definitely do not recommend it to you. But as part of the review they could not pass by and not tell.

Duplication of the screen from the iPhone to TV through a wireless HDMI receiver

On Aliexpress, you can find many different adaptors and prefixes in which AirPlay support is declared. They are called Easycast, Mirascreen, Anycast, and T. D. You can buy them in our online stores, it is not necessary to order from China.

These are such small receivers that are connected to the HDMI port of the TV. We get food from a USB port. Through such a receiver, you can broadcast the picture from almost any modern mobile device or computer, and on any TV that has at least 1 HDMI input. Without wires.

I specifically ordered a Mirascreen adapter (the so.called TV Dongle) to check whether it is possible to display a photo/video with it and duplicate the screen from the iPhone directly through AirPlay branded technology. As soon as the adapter comes, I will test everything and add this information to the article. Or I will write a separate article and leave a link to it. support TVs AirPlay

At the beginning of 2019 (this is a few days ago, at the time of writing this article), news appeared on the Internet that some TVs will receive support for AirPlay 2 (as well as iTunes). This is an official statement from Apple. Why did they do this, I don’t understand. After all, it turns out that if you have a TV with AirPlay and iTunes support, then there is no need for Apple TV. It will be possible to duplicate the screen, broadcast music, or start watching videos and photos from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac on TV right away. Without additional devices. And it’s very cool!

At the moment, it is known that AirPlay 2 support will receive TVs from LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio. Of course not all TV models. A list of televisions has already been published in which the support of AirPlay 2 will appear. Some TVs will be released in 2019, and in some (2018 models), support for this technology will appear after updating the firmware.

Perhaps later information will appear about other manufacturers and models. The news is good, we will observe this topic. If some TVs really receive support for AirPlay 2 and iTunes with firmware updates, then I think this will happen in the near future.

Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев how you connect your iOS devices with a TV, which method of described in the article you use, and what do you think about the AirPlay function and the iTunes service in the TVs listed above.




Apple iPhone/iPad

To broadcast the screen of my Apple devices, I use Apple TV 3. It is very convenient and simple-the speed is sufficient for broadcast FullHD video (connected via Wi-Fi and only-there are no wired connections, although it was provided but not useful)-copes.

Before that, a variety of options were tried, but I agree with you, the best solution for such broadcasts is Apple TV.

Total scheme is this: MASOS machine controls iTunes with a collection of films, music, clips, photos it pumps all this from Time Capsule and broadcasts on Apple TV, which is connected to FullHD projector (the projector can be replaced with any TV or monitor with HDMI).

And super conveniently, Apple TV receives a signal by AirPlay from any iOS device without converting or preparing a video. friends want to show photos or videos from their device. please connect them to the guest network (the capsule can create a separate segment with another password) and by the projector displays the screen of the mobile device.

over, I suspect that I will not change Apple TV (for 4 generation and above) for a long time, because the Full HD projector and replacement will not improve the quality of the video is somehow pointless. Well, several other “buns” from Apple TV-the channels of the main sources of video (YouTube, Netflix, films trailers and much more, if signed)))) in the post-Soviet space are already built-in, but renting films in Apple is not very customary TV, for example, justifies itself. the cinema at home is much more convenient. )

We connect the iPad to the TV via Fire TV (Stick)

Amazon is not as popular as abroad, but with its help you can also connect the iPad to the TV. If you already have Amazon Fire TV Stick, you do not need additional equipment for connecting the iPad to the TV. A little effort. and the AirPlay function can be transferred from Apple TV to Fire TV. Just install a free application, for example, AllCast for Fire TV, on your TV and set it up. Now you can transmit videos, photos and even the entire screen image on a TV screen.

Smooth playback can only be expected on the new Fire TV Stick. Old devices will lag behind the performance somewhat. If you use one of the more expensive Fire TV TVs, its capacities, as a rule, will be enough.

By the way, the iPad and iPhone can be connected to the TV using the Google Chromecast console. How to do this, we said in a recent article.

In conclusion

The choice of a specific method of communication of devices depends on the technical and software features of TV and tablet. Some iPad models are not equipped with connectors that allow you to display the picture on TV using a USB cable.

Hello! My name is Peter Grace and I am the of this portal. On this site, our team is trying to publish the most relevant and important information about various technologies in the world of digital television. Glad to look at us, welcome!

Using Apple TV and AirPlay

Apple has a special prefix in the assortment of its store, which is able to synchronize absolutely all devices from the manufacturer among themselves. With the help of it, the iPad is connected to the TV. details about how smart boxing works from the company, you can watch in this video

The prefix supports a certain technology called AirPlay. Using it, you can broadcast content from the tablet directly to the TV. It will be possible to listen not only to music, but also to play various game hosting and much more. The quality of the image is at a height, so the user should not worry about the connection. To configure and connect the device, additional wires will not be required:

  • First you need to connect Apple TV directly to the TV using special wires;
  • After that, we activate AirPlay technology in the settings;
  • We connect the prefix and tablet to the same Internet;
  • Click on the “Home” button twice to call the necessary multitasking panel;
  • Now go to the section with volume settings and set up the parameters;
  • The bailiff will appear after the panel. Choosing the necessary opium “Videois”. If the English server is installed, the option is called Mirroring.

If the user did everything correctly, then the name TV will appear on the tablet, and then the ability to broadcast the desired content.

Google Chromecast

To connect, you can use not only the prefix from the company, but also a special additional device from Google. Google Chomecast. This device in appearance is no different from the usual and familiar flash drive, however, it has many advantages. The connection occurs directly through HDMI:

  • First you need to connect the necessary adapter to the Internet and TV;
  • After that, it is necessary to set up through a special utility. It is downloaded through an additional store from Apple;
  • Now that all the necessary parameters are adjusted, the user can display the image on the screen using the Internet. As a rule, the delay is minimal. Possible in a few seconds.

This device is a truly reliable transmitter that will help display the necessary content in HD. quality. Such a chip costs about 50. The price depends on the seller.

Connection options

Since TV has many conquest wired and wireless capabilities, several real options are considered. how to connect an iPhone to the TV.

It is important to note that due to numerous TV models, not everyone manages to conjure with the iPhone due to various circumstances. Usually, this is the lack of support for a particular exit for the connection in TV, as well as a targeted lack of technological capabilities of connecting the Apple ecosystem in the iPhone.

NOTE! Consider these features when choosing a conjugation option.

Wi-Fi Connect

If your TV with Smart TV functions, then it is more likely to have a success. However, the phone will work as a functional medium of information, and not a full.fledged multi device. It is enough to have a Wi-Fi module on the TV so that any iPhone can hide with TV and show the content that is in the phone’s memory.

To connect, on the iPhone you need to download special applications available in the AppStore:

The TV also needs programs and they depend on the brand TV. For example, to connect with the iPhone to the LG TV, you need to put the Smart Share application. For Samsung, install “Allshare”. Sony and Philips do not need additional software.

  • Make sure TV works with Smart functions. If necessary, install software on it.
  • Open Smart Menu TV and go to the “Network” section.
  • Activate Wi-Fi Direct or installed TV programs indicated above.
  • On TV, select a wireless connection and connect to the network.
  • Connect from the smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network as on TV.
  • Detect the second from one device in a single network and click “Connect”.

After mating, open one of two applications loaded to a smartphone. It will improve content with content.

  • Launch the application and set the checkplace opposite “Show or hide visual indicators”.
  • After that, select the file that must be displayed on the TV display.
  • The appearance on the smartphone of the word “beaming” indicates the successful synchronization of the smartphone with TV.

Thanks to this software, you can broadcast the signal from the iPhone 7 and above the versions. to the TV, and consume content in any format: viewing, gaming, sering, etc.D.

IMediaShare allows the same thing, but already in another graphic shell:

  • Download the application and turn it on on the iPhone.
  • In the menu, select “Connecting Wireless Networks”.
  • Ask a password that performs protective functions using WPA/WPA
  • On TV, turn on the “Wi-Fi Direct” option using your own TV capabilities or applications.
  • In the list of devices, find the iPhone or another model that you set up. Connect.
  • Then you will get access to sections with which you can view the information placed on the smartphone.

Application AirPlay

The first thing you need to focus on is AirPlay is supported only by some modern receivers. Most likely, connect the iPad only to TV LG and samsung.

For the rest, you can use the Apple TV prefix.

Both TV itself, and a tablet (or prefix), also need to be connected to one Wi-Fi network. And then it is enough in the parameters of the tablet to select “Repeat of the screen” and indicate the device to which you need to display the video signal.

By the way, when using Apple TV (the current version will cost almost 30 thousand) of the latest generation, you can watch the image from the tablet in resolution up to 4K. The final picture turns out to be overhead, even with prolonged viewing, there is no eye fatigue (but this is also relevant only for compatible TVs).

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a branded technology from Google, just to broadcast the image on a wireless channel. But if this function is already integrated into the Android Smartphones by default, then in the devices from Apple it needs to be correctly configured.

First of all, you need to connect Chromecast itself in HDMI (a small module visually similar to a flash drive).

Next, you need to install Googlehome on the tablet. this is an applet through which synchronization with Chromecast is configured. And it will also be necessary to install a special module for the Chrome browser (when starting, it will offer to automatically install the module and enable the contents of the web pages on the big screen).

It must be mentioned that CHROMECAST is unstable with some old TVs (it depends on the HDMI specification used, since they are different versions). Unfortunately, this is impossible to fix it. At the same time, it can work normally with Android smartphones. It all depends on.

Total, connect the iPad to the TV and display the image from it to a large screen both through the cable and via a wireless data transfer channel. The user can only choose which of the methods suits him better.

The most reliable and clear signal is obtained when using the Lightning-HDMI cable. By Wi-Fi-only if there is a stable signal and high-quality router (so that there is a minimum delay).

VGA and USB cord

Often users ask how to connect an iPad to a TV using a USB or VGA cable. You need to understand that when connecting via a USB port, it will not work to duplicate the screen, with this connection, the iPad is used as a drive from which the TV will read multimedia content.

It is necessary to connect both devices with a cable and confirm the installation of the connection on the iPad. A list of files available for reproduction will appear on the television display, the choice is made using a television panel. If the user decides to connect TV to the iPad using the VGA cable, he needs to know that this output conveys only the video signal, so to display the sound you need to connect an external acoustic device, for example, a column.

To broadcast the picture from the tablet screen to a large display through the VGA wire, the user will need a VGA adapter connected to the iPad via Lighting connector or 30-pin. It is necessary to connect the adapter and TV with a cable with a cable, then connect the adapter to the mobile gadget, start the television receiver and install the signal reproduction from the connector to which the tablet is connected. In general, the connections via VGA and HDMI connectors look very similar, but it is recommended to use them to solve different problems. The sound is not played through the VGA and the image quality is slightly worse, so this solution is suitable for showing presentations. HDMI Cable provides a better picture and conveys an audio signal, so this connection is used to watch films.

With Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a small device from Google the size of a USB flash drive, which is connected to LG television receiver or other brand via HDMI. To broadcast the image, this gadget should be connected to the Wi-Fi network, and you will need to download the Google Home app from the App Store. After fulfilling all these conditions, the user will be able to transmit any media content in a resolution to 1920×1080 to a large display.

Conclusion to connect iPad to the TV can be several ways. It can be a wireless connection or connection via cable. The user can choose the most suitable solution for himself, depending on his needs.