Two easy ways to connect your PlayStation 4 to your laptop

Good day, gamers. You already know how to connect a gamepad to a PC. But how to do the same with the prefix. no. We’ll share the secret on how to connect your PlayStation 4 to your laptop.

There are only two simple ways to do this. Let’s take each one apart.

Additional Tips

Still, even if you did everything right, the unexpected can always happen. Let’s look at a few examples of the most common mistakes.

  • There is no image from the laptop screen. Check if the device works for input? Maybe your HDMI port can only broadcast. Use Remote Play.
  • No sound on PC. Output it through headphones or other speakers. This can be done in the sound settings of your PlayStation 4.
  • Picture lags when connected via Remote Play. Perhaps, the PC is weak and does not pull in power. Upgrade your computer.
  • It is better to connect the joystick directly to the PC when using the application. So it will slow down less.

In this case, it is better to output the sound to the controller itself and connect headphones to it.

connect, playstation, laptop

Remotely using Remote Play

In simple terms, Sony has come up with a special application for players. It’s called Remote Play Remote Play.

If you install it on a PC, you can do without HDMI. For detailed instructions, see the link above.

All you need is to download the attachment from the official Sony Playstation website. Then install it and run.

Then just do as it says in the tips. Remember that both devices must work. Keep in mind that the program does not work with all operating systems. For example, it cannot be installed on Linux.

connect, playstation, laptop

Via HDMI port

So, to connect your Playstation to your laptop directly, you just plug in the High Definition cable. This is the one that ends with your TV or monitor.

A small snag can occur here. Namely, with the type of exit. The set-top box is connected to a TV or monitor via the IN output.

And laptops can often only broadcast the image to other sources.

Study the technical features of your PC carefully! If it does not have such an output, but only OUT, then this connection method is excluded.

Maybe try to look for special adapters. But this is too difficult. In this case, the second method will help.

connect, playstation, laptop

What ways are there

There may be several reasons to connect your console to your computer.

Most often this is done for streaming or recording video. Or, if there is no TV, but decided to use the laptop as a screen.

At least PlayStation 4 or PS5 can be connected to a personal computer or laptop in two ways:

  • Via HDMI cable. It already comes with a prefix.
  • Or via Remote Play.

We have already written about the second method in detail, but still let us recall it again. But first, let’s go the easy way.

Which method is better

It cannot be said which is better. Both methods are interchangeable. Just keep in mind that Sonya can only be connected by cable if the laptop has an in port.

The advantage of the program is that you do not need a cable, and the set-top box can stand anywhere. At least in another room. But if you want direct contact without losing the connection, then use the first method.

Now you know how to connect your PlayStation 4 to your laptop. If you have any problems, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Also, if you know the third alternative way, share with us.

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Play only good games! See you soon!

How to connect a PlayStation 4 DualShock joystick to Windows 10?

connect, playstation, laptop

Many owners of PlayStation 4 DualShock joysticks are wondering how to connect it to a Windows 10 PC or laptop. There are many options on the net how to connect a DualShock to a PC via cable or Bluetooth. However, we offer an option with a description of step-by-step actions, as well as clarification of some of the nuances.

Ways to connect your PlayStation 4 DualShock gamepad

The very first and easiest way to connect the DualShock 4 to a laptop or desktop computer is to use a USB cable. With this connection, the game pad will appear as “Wireless Controller” in Device Manager. You can start playing right away. The controller will work correctly. In rare cases, driver installation is required.

If you want to connect the PlayStation 4 DualShock to your computer via Bluetooth, the steps are as follows:

  • We hold down two buttons on the joystick at the same time: Playstation and Share. We keep them until the indicator starts to work in white. This will put the controller into Bluetooth pairing mode.

connect, playstation, laptop

  • On the PC itself, you need to open “Options”, “Devices”, “Bluetooth and other devices” and add a device named “Wireless Controller”.

IMPORTANT! You may be prompted for a code. You need to enter 4 zeros (0000).

It should be noted that for stable operation of the joystick over a wireless connection, you need to expand the “Bluetooth” branch in the “Device Manager” and find the controller. We call its properties and turn off the power saving mode. Also, it will not hurt to install the original BT adapter driver.

What to do if games can’t see the DualShock 4 controller?

Steam and Origin games work well with the Play Station 4 joystick. However, some applications refuse to see it. In this case, to “force” games to perceive DualShock 4, you need to emulate an Xbox 360 controller. For this there is a free DS4Windows program, which can be downloaded from the official website and run on your PC (you need to unzip the directory and run the exe file).

  • During the installation of the program, you will be asked where to save the settings: to the program folder or to the AppData folder. Choose the first option. It is more reliable.
  • Next, a window will appear prompting you to install drivers for the gamepad under Windows 7, 8 and 10. Install the necessary drivers (if you have Windows 7, then you need to download and install the Xbox 360 controller driver separately).
  • Now you need to connect the DualShock 4 via USB or Bluetooth. If the connection was successful, a message will appear on the screen stating that the controller is ready for the robot. The controller will also appear in the “Device Manager”.
  • If you need to create several game profiles, then you can perform all the actions through the DS4Windows Control Panel.

connect, playstation, laptop

You can also emulate Xbox through the InputMapper program. It is more difficult to set up, but stable in operation. Joystick malfunctions less. Although we did not find any complaints about DS4Windows on the network either.

Why connect your console to your computer?

A logical question. There are several possible reasons for connecting your console to your computer.

One of them is the inconvenience of the console for everyday use (surfing the Internet, editing texts, etc.). Not surprisingly, many users have completely abandoned the computer in favor of the console. However, for convenience, many people still prefer to use a monitor familiar to the eye.

connect, playstation, laptop

The second reason may be the absence of a TV in the house. It’s no secret that many people have given up watching TV for lack of time or for personal reasons. As a result, the TV is an unnecessary thing in the house.

This is not a whole list of possible reasons. it all depends on the user and his goals.

How to connect Playstation 4 to computer or laptop

It is generally accepted in the gaming community that there is an “invisible war” going on between PC (personal computer) users and the owners of consoles. Indeed, by visiting specialized forums or communicating with representatives of both “parties”, one can feel it. There are enough reasons for disagreement, but the main one is the inaccessibility of many new products in the gaming industry for computer owners.

connect, playstation, laptop

To play PlayStation 4 exclusive games on PC, you need to connect your console to your computer.

Such games are called “Exclusive”. ​​these are games that are released only for one platform. However, do not despair. there are a number of ways to connect your console to your computer and play with all your heart.

Connecting PlayStation 4 to Laptop

Connecting a console to a laptop is no different than connecting a console to a PC. Follow the steps above and get the same result.

Connecting PlayStation 4 to a Computer

After talking about the reasons, you can proceed directly to the process of connecting the console to the computer.

  • a computer;
  • PlayStation 4 Remote Play software;
  • Playstation 4 itself (you can borrow from a friend).

The first thing to do is download the PlayStation 4 Remote Play software. This is not difficult. Follow the link to the official website of the application Before downloading, the site will prompt you to select an operating system. After downloading the program you need to install.

connect, playstation, laptop

After the installation is complete, a shortcut with the name “PlayStation 4 Remote Play” will appear on the desktop, click on it and wait for the application to start. It will check for updates and prompt you to select settings for your system. First, you need to click on the “Sign in” button. this is nothing more than logging into your account. Then select the broadcast quality and frame rate from the dropdown menu.

We confirm the settings and turn on the PlayStation 4. On the console itself, you need to do only one thing. go to Settings. Connection and Remote Play Settings.

connect, playstation, laptop

In the menu, check the boxes “Allow remote playback” and go to the item “Add device”, you will see an eight-digit code.

connect, playstation, laptop

We return to the computer and run the program, it starts searching for an available console. You can wait until the system detects everything automatically, or click on the “Register manually” button in the lower left corner of the window. In the window that appears, enter the code that you saw earlier.

connect, playstation, laptop

If the combination is entered correctly, the program will start registering the device.

Ready! Now you have the opportunity to play on PC, all that remains is to connect a Sony Dualshock 4 gamepad.

Connecting PlayStation 4 to a monitor

This option is perfect for those who do not have a TV or just a monitor screen that is more familiar to the eyes. Connection is carried out via the HDMI (HDMI) connector. If your monitor has a DVI port, do not be alarmed, there are special adapters on sale that will not hit your hard.

We connect the console to the monitor with a cable and turn it on. If the cable and port are working properly, an image will appear on the monitor after a few seconds. That’s it, no additional settings are required.

However, with such a connection, you will have to play without sound (unless, of course, your monitor is equipped with built-in speakers). Follow the steps below to connect speakers or headphones:

  • Go to Settings. Devices. Audio Devices.
  • Connect headphones or speakers to the gamepad, previously unavailable settings can now be changed.
    connect, playstation, laptop
  • Click on the “Headphone Output” menu item and select “All Sounds”.

Done. now you have the ability to play on the monitor with sound.

Before I finish, I would like to talk about things like system requirements for a computer and requirements for an Internet connection. These characteristics will allow you to understand if a console can be connected to your system.

  • Computer: Windows1 / Windows 10 (OS X Yosemite / OS X EI Capitan. for Mac); Intel Core i5-560M 2.67 GHz; 2 GB of RAM.
  • Network connection: connection speed of at least 12 MB per second and constant access to the Internet.

That’s all. We hope the article was informative and helped you understand how to connect your PlayStation 4 to your PC or laptop.

Connection conditions

The HDMI cable has become such a popular digital solution to many problems that all modern technology from audio systems to televisions. Its main advantage that distinguishes it from other similar cables is the absence of noise, interference and distortion of the transmitted data. Only clear and high quality signal.

The first and most important connection condition, without which nothing will work, is the presence of an HDMI In (Signal Input) connector in a laptop. It should be noted that there is also another kind of high quality HDMI for signal output (Out). Connecting PlayStation 4 to laptop via HDMI requires In and only In.

Every PlayStation 4 owner who has connected it to an LCD TV at least once in their life should have such a cable.

Selection of HDMI cable

As it turns out, not everything is so simple when connecting a set-top box to a laptop. This is not about the connection itself, but specifically about the selection of the High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable. There are several types of it, divided into:

How to connect PS4 with Laptop screen | PlayStation 4 Remote play Guide for Laptop in Hindi

  • View A is the same type of cord that we need to connect the Playstation 4 to a laptop. It is intended to be placed on laptops, game consoles, TVs and other similar devices.
  • Type B is a type of cable that is quite rare on the free market. And in principle, there is nothing to it. Since it is designed to transmit digital information larger than 1920 × 1080 pixels. And, in practice, such an action occurs very rarely.
  • View C is a complete functional analogy of the first type A, but in a reduced version. Such connectors are installed on smartphones, tablets and PDAs.
  • View D. also rarely used due to its super-small size.

As it already became clear, in order to connect the PlayStation 4 to a laptop monitor, we need an HDMI type A cable and no other. However, this is not all. The same cord A, in turn, is divided into several specifications:

  • Standard Cable High-Definition Multimedia Interface. The most inexpensive, but at the same time functionally useful cord, which transfers data at speeds up to 2.25 Gb / s. The operating clock frequency is 75 MHz. It copes well with the transfer of pictures with a resolution of Full HD and HD. Cheap and angry.
  • StandardwithInternet. An analogue of the first specification, but more advanced. Thanks to the ability to bidirectionally exchange information, its speed increases up to 100 MB / s. It also has support for Internet connection speed and audio data transfer. Recommended for purchase.
  • HighSpeedHDMI. A powerful cord that is designed to transmit digital information with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. This type is usually set in cinemas, server stations and other computer installations that require the most of the picture quality. The bandwidth is 10.2 Gbps, and the CHO is 27 Hz. Not cheap in price, but will work its cost quickly.
  • HDMI High Speed ​​with Internet. It has identical technological parameters, but now it is possible to work with the Internet at speeds up to 100 Mb / s. In addition, this view, like the previous two, has the ARC function, which makes it possible to do without a second cable for sound transmission.

Another parameter that is worth deciding before buying is its length. It will already depend on the situation where you will connect to the laptop.

Therefore, for home and portable use, it is recommended to take from 5 to 10 meters so that the extra “tail” does not get confused among a bunch of other wires.

How to connect Playstation 4 to laptop

For a long time of its existence, the Playstation game console has gone from an expensive toy, which not everyone can afford, to an affordable entertainment center that attracts both children and adults. The latest version of the console, which was released by Sony Computer Entertainment Corporation. Playstation 4. Thanks to its gaming capabilities, it became the best gaming platform in 2015-2016.

In order to enjoy the gameplay, you need three things: the console itself, the game and the display. The console is a portable device that stores games on your hard drive. Unfortunately, portable monitors and TVs are little used. Alternatively, instead of the TV, it is possible to start the game on the laptop display. Now let’s look at how to properly connect the PlayStation 4 to a laptop.

There are several practices for connecting ps 4 to a laptop, where you should highlight:

  • Connect via an access point via a Wi-fi router.
  • HDMI connection. cable.

Using a Wi-fi router is a good way, but only if the user has really outstanding internet speed. From about 50 MB / sec. Since not everyone has such a speed, and even more so in “mobile” conditions, it is more expedient to purchase an HDMI cable. Let’s take a closer look at this method of connecting the PlayStation 4 to a laptop.

Connecting devices

Now let’s take a look at the most important thing. the procedure for connecting Playstation 4 to a laptop computer monitor. The process does not apply to tasks with an asterisk, so an ordinary user can easily handle it, without additional knowledge:

  • Find and connect one end of an existing HDMI cable to the appropriate connector on the game console.
  • Insert the second “plug” from the cable into the input connector on the laptop.
  • Start the laptop and wait for the system to boot.
  • Connect the Playstation 4 to the laptop, after which the system image of the console will automatically be displayed on the laptop display (if everything is done correctly).

It is worth recalling that the quality and speed of image transfer also depends on the hardware of the laptop, namely on the processor and video card. Lagging and laggy responses are noticed on a weak device for PlayStation 4.

It is not recommended to play on the PlayStation 4 with a weak laptop, as this leads to a quick failure of the video card.

How to connect an Xbox joystick to a laptop?

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your computer;
  • Press the center Xbox button on your joystick;
  • For 3 seconds, hold the controller bind button, which is located near the triggers on the top panel;
  • On your PC, go to the Start menu and open Settings. Devices. Bluetooth & Other Devices.

Can PlayStation 4 be connected to a monitor without HDMI?

The easiest way is to use a special adapter to HDMI and additionally connect sound through the existing acoustics. If the monitor does not have the connector in question, then most likely there is a DVI, DisplayPort or VGA. Most old displays have VGA built-in, so we will build on this.

Can PS 4 be connected to laptop?

Almost all modern laptops have an HDMI port. But often it works in the Out format, that is, it displays the image, for example, on a monitor, TV and projector. In this case, nothing will come of it. Only devices that support HDMI In can be used to connect Sony Playstation 4.

How to connect a laptop to a computer as a monitor?

You can use a laptop as a monitor through the HDMI connector or through the VGA output. If the system unit contains only an HDMI socket, and the laptop is equipped with a VGA input, then a special adapter will be required for their joint work.

Can Xbox be connected to laptop?

How to connect Xbox to laptop (broadcast)

  • Turn on both devices and connect to the same network.
  • Launch the Xbox app on your laptop.
  • Go to the “Connection” tab.
  • Click the “Perform Streaming” button.
  • The Xbox image will appear on the laptop screen.

How to connect Playstation 4 to monoblock?

The connection diagram is elementary. we take an HDMI cable, insert one end into a game console (HDMI-OUT), and insert the end on the other side into a monoblock (HDMI-IN port).

How to connect PlayStation 4 to computer via HDMI?

  • We connect the HDMI cable to the corresponding connector on the PlayStation4 located at the back of it.
  • We insert the other end of the cable into the input on the PC.
  • We launch both devices. the picture from the PlayStation 4 should automatically start to be transferred to the laptop screen.

How to use your laptop as a monitor for the PlayStation 4?

Connecting PlayStation 4 to laptop or monitor using HDMI cable

  • Connect the HDMI cable to the corresponding connector on the back of the PlayStation 4
  • Connect the other end of the wire to the HDMI connector on the laptop
  • Start both devices.
  • You will need to connect headphones or speakers to the console to transmit sound.

It’s time to play PlayStation 4 on PC

Almost everything is ready, and you will soon be able to enjoy games from your console on your PC or laptop! With your DS4 connected to your PC, launch the Remote Play app and click Start. First, you will be prompted to sign in to your Sony account, which matches the same account you use on your PlayStation 4.

The Remote Play app will start looking for your console, and while it’s idle and connected to the network, it should find it easily. When your console is found, the app will switch to your PlayStation 4 home screen.

How to connect PlayStation 4 to Mac

connect, playstation, laptop

The PlayStation 4 Remote Play will also work on your Mac computer. Just make sure your Mac meets the following specifications:

  • OS X Yosemite or higher
  • Intel Core i5-520M 2.40 GHz or faster processor
  • 40 MB available space
  • 2 GB RAM or more
  • USB connector

Set up your PlayStation 4 console as described above. In fact, the only difference you’ll make is downloading the PlayStation 4 Remote Play app. Instead of downloading the application on Windows, you must download on Mac.

Enabling Remote Play

Most likely, your console doesn’t have Remote Play enabled, so let’s enable it:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Remote Play Connection Settings”.
  • Check the box “Allow remote playback”.

There is another very important feature on your Playstation 4. You can configure your console’s power settings so that you don’t have to physically turn on your console, but boot it over your home network.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Selecting “Energy Saving Settings”.
  • Go to the section “Select functions available in rest mode”.
  • Make sure the “Keep Internet Connection” and “Allow PlayStation 4 System to Power On Through Network” features are enabled.

Okay, we have successfully finished setting up your PlayStation 4. Let’s put it in rest mode while we work with your PC. To put the console into rest mode do the following:

  • Hold the PS button on your DualShock 4 to bring up the Quick Menu.
  • Select “Rest Mode”

Updating your PlayStation 4

So, we’ve made sure that your computer can handle PlayStation 4 remote playback. Now you need to set up your console to stream to your computer.

First, make sure you have the most recent update installed. To check, follow the instructions:

  • Select “Settings”.
  • Select “System Software Update”.
  • Select “Update”.
  • If your PlayStation 4 is updated, you will be informed that you are using the latest version.

Connect PlayStation 4 to laptop

Remember the old days when you had to wrap your TV to plug in and play your Nintendo on a small screen? Ah, the good old days! Most people now enjoy large HDTVs, consoles that can display thousands of pixels, home video projectors and computer monitors.

In fact, you are here for the last moment. You are here because you want to know how to connect your PlayStation 4 to your PC or laptop without having to move your console.

Before we walk you through how to play PlayStation 4 on PC, let’s make sure you have the right hardware. For your computer to function properly, it must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Windows 8.1 or higher
  • 2GB RAM
  • 2.4 GHz
  • 100 MB disk space
  • Free USB slot
  • HD display

You can check all the characteristics of your computer simply by using a search. Enter “System Information” in the search bar.

It is recommended that your internet connection speed is at least 5 Mbps in order to display images from the PlayStation 4 to your laptop without delay. You can check your network connection speed using various online tools or by contacting your ISP.

What can I do when connecting remotely?

By connecting your console to your computer, you can do everything you could if you were sitting in front of the console! There are very few games that may not work with Remote Play, but you will eventually be able to play your favorite games, participate in online multiplayer battles, and even take screenshots.

This is a great feature that makes life easier for the user. Setting up the PlayStation 4 Remote Play. it’s a quick and easy process! First of all, let’s prepare your console for remote playback.

Setting up your PC to connect your PlayStation 4

First of all, you need the Sony Remote Play software application. To get it, do a Google search for the following phrase “Sony Remote Play”. Find the link to download the file on your Windows PC. Run the installer and follow the instructions on the screen.

Connecting a DualShock 4 Controller

Without your PlayStation 4 controller, you won’t be able to play PlayStation 4 on PC! Connecting your DS4 to your PC is incredibly easy. Connect your controller to your computer using a USB cable, or register it as a pair using a wireless USB adapter.

It will take

The official way to launch PlayStation 4 games on PC

Playstation 4 Update 3.50 introduces the ability to remotely play PlayStation 4 games on a Windows or Mac device.

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS X Yosemite
  • Mac OS X El Capitan

You need to download and install the official Remote Play app on your device.

After the first launch, open the settings and log into your Playstation Network account. Immediately adjust the resolution and frame rate (change to high for a smoother image).

Launch the console and configure access to remote playback, configure the system as the main one and allow Internet access in rest mode.

  • [Settings]. [Remote Play Connection Settings]. [Allow Remote Play]
  • [Settings]. [Playstation Network / Account Management]. [Activate as primary PlayStation 4]. [Activate]
  • [Settings]. [Power Saving Settings] [Select Functions Available in Rest Mode]. [Save Internet Connection] and [Allow PlayStation 4 System to Turn On Over Network].

Press the [Start] button in the PC application and wait until the application finds the system to which the account is linked. Then a window will appear in which you need to enter the PIN code to access the system, which can be found in [Settings]. [Remote Play Connection Settings]. [Add device].

Connect DUALSHOCK 4 to USB and enjoy console games on your computer.

Running PlayStation 4 games on PC without a console

Let’s say you are not the proud owner of a Sony Playstation 4, but still want to play exclusives available only on this console. To do this, you will need a friend with a console, a laptop or PC and the Remote Play program for PC.

If you don’t have such a friend, you can find him on social networks, on forums or in communities dedicated to games. This method is completely safe. The owner of the console only needs to start it and tell you the IP address and PIN code.

Running PlayStation 4 games on a laptop or PC

Let’s look at a detailed connection of the PlayStation 4 to a PC using an example if you have a console and need to output an image to a computer without an HDMI cable or even to a laptop.

To run PlayStation 4 games, you need to download and install the Remote Play PC application.

Unzip files and install setup-.v105-Test.exe as administrator.

After installation, without launching the application, open the Crack_PC-RET folder and drag the RemotePlay.exe file to the folder where the application was installed.

You also need to add the com.Playstation.remoteplay.10300.APK file from the APK folder to the root folder.

Now you can run the application. And immediately set it in the [Settings] tab. [Resolution / FPS] 60 frames.

To set up Remote Play, you need to go to the [PlayStation 4] tab. [Register] register the console for remote use. In the menu that opens, enter the PIN code, as well as the name of the STB account.

To get the PIN code, you need to start Playstation and go to [Settings]. [Remote Playback Connection Settings]. [Add device].

It remains to connect the devices. To do this, open the [PlayStation 4] tab. [Connect]. [Search and Connect]

If everything is done correctly, an image from the console should appear on the screen in the window.

How to connect PlayStation 4 to PC

In order to connect PlayStation 4 to PC, Sony Playstation has an official remote control function. But this feature is only available on Sony Xperia phone and the app is called Remote Play. This technology is streaming an image to another device.

But what if you don’t have a Sony Xperia or even a Sony Playstation 4, but you want to play exclusives. There is an exit. Recently, an unofficial Remote Play application appeared on the network, which works the same way as the official one, but is friends not only with a Sony smartphone.

How to connect PlayStation 4 to PC

Many have long waited for a way to play exclusive PlayStation 4 games on their computer. Now we have two launch methods: an official one from Sony and an unofficial one with keyboard and mouse support.

How to connect a PlayStation 4 gamepad to a PC. 3 working ways

If you have ever wondered if it is possible, and even more so how to connect a gamepad from the PlayStation 4 to a PC, then we immediately want to tell you the good news. you can

Today we will consider two connection options. wired and wireless, via Bluetooth.

How to connect a PlayStation 4 gamepad to a PC via Bluetooth:

For wireless connection, you need a proprietary Sony Bluetooh module, or any other Bluetooth receiver. If you have a laptop with built-in Bluetooth, then this will work too.

In order to connect the gamepad via Bluetooth to a computer, you first need to put the gamepad into pairing mode, for this you need to simultaneously hold down the PS and Share buttons:

We hold for a few seconds, until the backlight starts flashing white, 2 short flashes at intervals of about a second.

You can then search for wireless devices on the computer itself. We connect the Bluetooth module to the computer, if Bluetooth is already connected, then you should have the following icon in the system tray:

Right-click on it and select “Add Bluetooth device”.

A window for searching and adding Bluetooth devices will open. Click the Add Bluetooth or Other Device button:

connect, playstation, laptop

In the new window that opens, click “Bluetooth”:

Wait for the computer to find the “Wireless Controller” and click on it:

connect, playstation, laptop

After successful pairing, you will see the appeared “Wireless Controller” in the devices:

By the way, the Steam client recognizes the Playstation 4 gamepad, and even prompts you to configure it when you first turn it on:

Pressing the PS button launches the Steam client if it hangs in the tray. It is best to use Big Picture mode when connecting a gamepad. it is optimized for just this.

We’ve covered two relatively simple ways to connect a PlayStation 4 gamepad to a PC. But let’s also consider the third method.

We connect via cable:

Everything is extremely simple here. we connect the gamepad (joystick) to the computer using the cable that comes with the set-top box. Yes, yes, this is the cable you use to charge your gamepad

The system will independently detect the device and install the drivers, you only need to connect to the Internet. You can make sure that the system has correctly identified the device as follows: go to “All parameters”. “Devices”. “Bluetooth and other devices” and look there. In the list of devices you will find “Wireless Controller”. This is if you have Windows 10, if Windows 7, then open “Start”, then “Devices and Printers”, there look for the same “Wireless Controller”:

Do not be confused by the fact that the gamepad has been added to the list of audio devices, it will work as expected.

This completes the wired setup. If you want to play wirelessly, read on

Advanced way:

If you’re not ready to be content with little, you can go further and make vibration and touchpad work. For this we need a special DS4Windows driver. The touchpad will be used instead of the mouse, which is very convenient.

Go to the official website: There we press the green Download button. Then on the next page we find the latest driver and download

After downloading, unpack the contents of the archive into a folder convenient for you and run DS4Windows.exe. A window like this appears:

When you click on the left button, the program settings will be stored in the folder with the file DS4Windows.exe, when you click on the right button, the program will store its settings in the folders of the operating system. For better compatibility, it is recommended to use the right button.

For Windows 10, only the first one. this will install a special driver into the system, and this completes the gamepad configuration. Click “Finish”.

For Windows 7, first the first, and after the driver is installed, click the second. After installing the second driver, click “Finish”.

If you did everything correctly, in the program window on the Controllers tab you will see the following line:

connect, playstation, laptop

Further, you can customize the program itself a little more for more convenience, for example, add it to startup, and also force it to run in a minimized state. To do this, on the Settings tab, activate the following checkboxes:

The first is responsible for automatically loading the program at computer startup, and the second will launch the program minimized.

However, it is not necessary to do this, just do not forget then every time before the game run DS4Windows.exe and do not close it while using the gamepad.

We’ve covered three ways to connect your PlayStation 4 controller to your PC, from simple to advanced. Which one you use is up to you. Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you managed to connect the dualshock to your computer or not. Enjoy your games and great victories

Connecting the DualShock 4 to a computer or laptop

You can simply connect the controller with a USB cable. it will be automatically detected as “Wireless Controller” in the device manager and in the list of devices in the “Parameters”.

The second method is Bluetooth connection. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the Share button on your controller and press and hold the Playstation button. After a while, the controller will enter Bluetooth pairing mode, and the indicator on it will flash white.
  • In Windows 10, go to Settings. Devices. Bluetooth & Other Devices and add a new Bluetooth device named Wireless Controller. If prompted for a code, enter 0000 (four zeros).

Using a Playstation controller to play games on Windows 10

In some cases, some additional configuration of the DualShock 4 may not be required: for example, PlayStation 4 gamepads are supported and configured on Steam. Some console emulators allow you to configure control from a connected gamepad in the corresponding control parameters (it happens that the setting is successful with a USB connection, but does not work via Bluetooth). But in some other PC games and emulators, the connected DualShock 4 may simply not be visible, and the clicks are not registered.

In this case, emulating an Xbox 360 controller will help us. If we make games “think” that an Xbox controller is connected, then most of them will begin to work properly with the controller, provided that in principle they support this type of control. Various third-party software can be used to emulate an Xbox controller on a DualShock 4. The most popular and efficient ones are DS4Windows and InputMapper.

How to connect and use a PlayStation 4 DualShock controller on a Windows 10 PC or laptop

If you have a DualShock 4 gamepad, you can connect it to your Windows 10 or earlier computer or laptop and use it in a wide variety of games, emulators, and, if desired, to control your computer instead of a mouse.

This tutorial details how to connect a Playstation 4 DualShock in Windows 10 via cable or Bluetooth, and how to make a gamepad emulate an Xbox 360 controller and why you might need it.


The free DS4Windows program is available for download at the official website After downloading, unzip the program to a convenient location, run the DS4Windows.exe file (before starting the following steps, it is better to disconnect the gamepad from the computer):

  • After launch, you will be asked where to save the parameters. to the program folder or AppData. Take your pick, but I recommend the program folder.
  • The first time you start, you will be prompted to install the DS4 driver for Windows 10, 8.1, or Windows 7 (the button at the top of the window), and for Windows 7, you will also need a separate Xbox 360 controller driver. Install the required drivers.
  • Connect your DualShock 4 via USB or Bluetooth as described at the beginning of this manual.
  • If everything went well, in the main window of DS4Windows you will see the connection status of your controller and, in general, it will already be ready to work with the default profile. And it can be used in games and emulators.
  • Xbox 360 Controller for Windows appears in Device Manager.
  • Optionally, you can configure the control profile settings in DS4Windows, create multiple profiles, change the backlight settings and other settings. If the settings are not clear to you, it is usually sufficient to leave the default values.

Keep in mind that when you close the program (by default, it does not close, but minimizes to the Windows notification area), the gamepad ceases to be an “Xbox 360 controller”, but becomes a regular DualShock 4.


The InputMapper program (official site is more advanced, but it may seem more complicated for some users. In general terms, its initial setup looks like this:

  • Install the program, run it.
  • If a DualShock 4 is connected, you will see a message stating that a new supported device has been found. Click the “Begin Configuration” button.
  • In the next window, you will need to choose which device will be emulated. For most games, you need to select a 360 Controller (but, if you wish, you can emulate the keyboard and mouse on your DualShock 4, this item is available and in some cases, for example, for games that do not support gamepads, it may be useful).
  • This completes the process, in the main InputMapper window you will see your gamepad and the profile it uses. While the app is running or minimized to the notification area, your controller will act as an Xbox controller for gaming.
    connect, playstation, laptop
  • Setting up existing profiles (reassigning buttons and gamepad controls) or creating new ones can be done in the corresponding section of the program.
    connect, playstation, laptop

In my test, both options worked fine and there were no problems when connecting the DualShock 4 both with a cable and using Bluetooth.

If the instruction turned out to be useful and everything works as expected, share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев what you are playing, connected via Bluetooth or USB, whether the problems were solved and how they were resolved. If you still have questions, ask them. we will try to find the answer.

Connecting a PlayStation 4 controller to your computer

You can use Playstation 4 controllers even when playing games on a laptop or computer monitor. To use the controller, the following steps are required:

  • find, install, run the Input Mapper program Select a wireless connection option so as not to use wires (in such a situation, no additional settings will be needed);
  • on the controller, press and hold the back (share) button until it starts flashing;
  • go to the computer’s Bluetooth connections section, select a gamepad.

With this connection option, all the technical capabilities of the gamepad will be relevant, including vibration and tracking the position of the controller.

Among the problems that the user may encounter, we note image distortion, lack of sound, incorrect operation of the PC.

TV connection

Can I connect to Sony Playstation 4 TV? For a new game console, the user does not need to purchase a Sony brand TV panel, any manufacturer and size will do. Let’s dwell on the step-by-step algorithm of the entry-level setup when connected to a PlayStation 4 TV:

  • connect the HDMI cable to the TV panel (for this, it must be inserted into a specific port located on the side or on the back of the screen);
  • place the second plug into the HDMI socket of the Playstation 4 console;
  • insert the power wire into the outlet, and the second edge must be connected to the port of the video set-top box;
  • if you do not plan to connect to the Internet via a wireless Wi-Fi network, you must turn on the network cable;
  • connect the end of the USB electrical cable to the joystick, the other end to the analogous input of the station.

To launch the gamepad, you need to press the power button (it is located in the front of the console) and hold the PlayStation 4 button on the joystick. To ensure stable operation of the video console, you need to connect it to the Internet via a cable (it must be inserted into the LAN port).

Professionals consider it more practical to connect the PlayStation 4 to the TV wirelessly (the user gets the opportunity to download and Internet video games).

How To Connect PS4 To Laptop. Playstation 4 Remote Play PC & Mac

  • it is necessary to enter the navigation panel using the joystick. Then press the “up” key, select the settings;
  • then find the “network” tab, go into it, in the “set up an Internet connection” item, take the Wi-Fi option;
  • and the options presented, select a home network, enter a password (when a proposal to attract a proxy server appears, select the option “refuse”).

After the process is completed, you need to log into your personal account, choose a password (if you have already used the ps3 game panel, there is no need to enter a new password, you can register with the initial username and password).

Can PlayStation 4 be connected to a laptop

The Sony Playstation 4 game console is the leader in the modern computer market. In order to connect a set-top box, you need a TV. By connecting the PlayStation 4 to a monitor or laptop, you can avoid unnecessary waste. Details and professional advice on Anout.

Connecting PlayStation 4 with HDMI cable to a monitor or laptop

A standard HDMI cable comes with a PlayStation 4. While most personal computer monitors allow such a connection, laptops do not always have such an opportunity. There is an HDMI connector on the laptop, but it assumes not receiving, but outputting an image.

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In the event that the device already has an HDMI input, the following steps must be taken:

  • connect an HDMI cable to the connector located on the back of the PlayStation 4;
  • connect the other end of the wire to the HDMI connector on the laptop;
  • start both devices (image transfer is carried out automatically);
  • connect speakers or headphones to the panel console to transmit sound.

To clarify whether the device has HDMI reception, you can study the specification of the technical means in the documents (or on the official website).

Connecting to a computer via Remote Play

If you cannot connect the PlayStation 4 via HDMI, professionals advise using a special program for image transfer. As a result, you get a picture of excellent quality, but its broadcast will take place with an insignificant delay (in the case of dynamic games, problems may appear).

To configure Remote play broadcast, you need to follow the following algorithm:

  • download and install the PlayStation 4 Remote Play program on your personal computer (you can find it on the Internet, download absolutely free)
  • run the application (after starting the program settings window will appear);
  • log in using your account (if you do not have a personal account, you must create one);
  • set the frequency of settings and image frames (a small resolution requires less energy consumption of a computer for high-quality broadcast);
  • turn on the set-top box, go to the connection settings. Check the box next to “enable remote playback”;
  • click on the line “add device” (a specific numeric code will appear on the screen);
  • return to the PC program, select the “manual registration” option. Next, in the field, enter the code received on the set-top box;
  • the program will automatically connect to the set-top box, the registration process will be completed, you can use Remote Play.

Possible connection problems

In some cases, the connection cannot be established, even if the instructions are strictly followed. Among the reasons for this situation:

  • set the HDMI connector to output only (in many modern laptops, such a connector is deprived of the ability to receive a signal, so the image will not be received on the laptop);
  • no sound (HDMI cable does not transmit sound), you must use other options for sound output from the console, for example, headphones;
  • the image through Remote Play starts to ripple or slow down, since the laptop (computer) cannot cope with high-quality image processing (more powerful hardware will be required to fix the problem).

If you have a good monitor, you can easily play on it in Playstation 4. The entertainment and convenience of the immersion will be realistic.

Monitor connection

If the monitor has built-in speakers, audio will be output. Otherwise, you will have to connect an audio device directly to the console. Some monitors have a VGA connector instead of HDMI.

In such a situation, you need to act according to the following algorithm:

  • connect the VGA / HDMI adapter to the monitor;
  • connect one end of the HDMI cable to the adapter; insert the other into the connector of the PlayStation 4 console.

Required adapters

Can Playstation 4 be connected to an older TV? In order to cope with this task, adapters are needed (if the monitors do not have suitable HDMI jacks). The most common type of adapter is the “tulip”.

The disadvantage of choosing such a connection is the transmission of low quality images.

To make the connection, you need to insert the adapters into special ports, then turn on the TV receiver, select the required signal using the control panel. When choosing this method of connection, there are no difficulties with synchronization. When connecting to a PlayStation 4 TV, it is important to choose the right converter box. When purchasing card readers, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • choose adapters powered by USB (there is a possibility that the adapter will not work with the PlayStation 4 without additional power);
  • the presence of a 3.5 mm connector (DVI and VGA) in the converter may not reproduce sound, therefore, if you select a card reader without a connector, the game will run silently on the console;
  • some adapters have various models.

Before buying, we advise you to carefully study the main characteristics of the adapters or check the details with the seller so as not to lose money.