IPhone connection to LG TV. How to connect the iPhone to TV via Wi-Fi and USB cable and not only. all connectivity methods. What to do if there is no HDMI on the TV?

Televisions and mobile phones are improving every year. Now you can establish a connection between them and display rollers and pictures from smartphones directly to TV. But there are no such opportunities for all gadgets. For example, iPhone to TV Connect is not difficult. Only not all owners of such products know how to do it. Like “samsung”? The answer to this question we have to find below. There is no definite solution. It all depends on personal preferences and human capabilities. The instructions offered to your attention will help create a connection between TV and iPhone.

It was not established. Unfortunately, it is almost a complete list of recommended and well-implemented air games. From the developers, this opportunity simply did not prevail. Because it means that thick bands show on the right and on the left. This will display the current displayed photo on the TV.

How to transfer an image via USB

Alternatively, this is done automatically when the ether synchronization is active. For both applications, it is enough to activate the broadcast synchronization. Already now reproduction of our films happens on TV. Fortunately, there are many ways to cope with the detachable materials when they are not burned on silver disks, stealing space in the shelves for the living room, we collected them and sketched bright graphics on them, but before you start.

How to duplicate your phone screen on lg tv?

Open the Smart TV menu on the TV and run the “Screen Share” application.

A window will open where the name of the TV will be displayed on the phone in the MiraCast function settings (Wireless Display).

TV is already available for searching and connecting. On the phone, or on the tablet you need to open the settings for connecting to a wireless display and select your TV there. The name and location of Miracast settings may differ depending on the manufacturer of the phone and the version of Android.

Where to search for screen live broadcast on Android devices:

After that, our TV should appear in the phone settings. Just select it from the list.

Perhaps you will need to confirm the connection on the TV. Or enter the code that will be displayed on the TV screen. After connecting, the image and sound from the phone will be translated on the LG TV screen.

If there is no such function on your phone, then try installing from Google Play one of the following applications:

Duplication of the screen with iPhone on the TV through a wireless HDMI receiver

On Aliexpress you can find many different adapters and consoles in which AirPlay support is stated. They are called EasyCast, Mirascreen, Anycast and T. D. You can buy them in our online stores, it is not necessary to order from China.

These are such small receivers that are connected to the HDMI port of the TV. Food get from a USB port. Through such a receiver, you can broadcast a picture with almost any modern mobile device or computer, and on any TV in which there is at least 1 HDMI input. Without wires.

I specifically ordered my Mirascreen adapter (the so-called TV dongle) to check if it is possible to display photo / video and duplicate the iPhone screen directly through the company AIRPLAY. As soon as the adapter comes, I will test everything and add this information to the article. Or write a separate article and leave a link on it.

Basic connection methods

Holders of smartphones are often wondering how to connect the iPhone to TV. Considering that such devices are allocated by wide functionality, connecting can be carried out in different ways:

  • Applying HDMI cable.
  • Using analog wire.
  • Using various alternative devices.
  • Wireless method.
  • Via usb.
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Each method is highlighted by its technical capabilities and features. So, connecting the iPhone to TV with wires, you can get different results. In one case, send only photos, and in the other, watch videos, as well as perform various operations.

With Wi-Fi

To connect the wireless method, TV must have a Wi-Fi Direct. It is present in all modern models. Allows you to organize a direct connection between TV and telephone. Additionally, on the iPhone 6 or any other model, install the iMediaShare or Twonky Beam application, but only if the samsung TV. You can download the desired utility in Apple Store.

  • We go to the TV menu and go to the “Application” category;
  • We find Wi-Fi Direct and launch it;
  • The screen will display the name of the network and code;
  • In the smartphone, open the available Wi-Fi connection;
  • Select the appropriate option, enter the password, glowing on the TV screen.

Connection via HDMI

Many owners of such smartphones are reflecting how through the iPhone connect to TV using HDMI. Technology is quite popular, so there is nothing to be surprised. Such a connection is possible, but you will need to buy a special Apple Digital AV Adapter adapter with an HDMI connector. The difficulty is that all iPhones are equipped with the “Lightning” connector. It is the exclusive development of the company and without the adapter presented to the phone can not connect.

For connecting, perform such actions:

  • Turn off both devices;
  • Connect the adapter to the phone, and already pull the wire to the TV;
  • turn on your smartphone and TV;
  • Devices automatically find each other.

If automatic configuration does not start. You must manually set the required parameters:

  • In the iPhone settings, activate data transfer using HDMI;
  • On TV you need to set HDMI as a signal source;
  • After 15 seconds the image will appear.

This method provides the highest quality view.

Apply an analog cable

Let’s analyze in detail how you can connect the iPhone to the TV using analog cable. However, this method is not the most popular, as it does not provide a picture of high quality, but it is well suited if there is no HDMI output in the TV.
connect, iphone, wi-fi, built-in, support

You can connect this cable:

  • Composite.Applying a composite connection method, it does not have to understand. Tulips Insert into the TV, the other end to the smartphone (but for this you still need a Digital AV Adapter). Additional settings are not assumed, only on TV switched to AV mode.
  • Component.With iPhone version 5S and above, transmitting a picture on TV Available using a component cord. To do this, perform the same actions as with a composite wire.
  • VGA.Can iPhone connect to a TV VGA cable, undoubtedly yes. However, you will have to apply the Digital AV Adapter adapter. over, this method is available for iPhone at least the sixth version.

Use additional devices

To connect iPhone with TV you can use alternative devices. Often use:

Google Chromecast Device provides a TV and smartphone on the iOS platform. Visually similar to the usual flash drive. Chromecast phone is connected using a wire, and already to TV via HDMI connector. Applying this device, you can watch movies, have fun in games, climb on the Internet, listen to music.

There is another way to connect the iPhone to your TV via Wi-Fi. Use the Apple TV console. The connection is completely simple, and everyone can do it yourself:

  • Run Apple TV. Applying Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, connect the device to TV.
  • Connect the iPhone and Apple TV using Wi-Fi.
  • On the smartphone, choose AirPlay.
  • In the list discovered, we find the prefix and click on it.
  • The AIRPLAY MIRRORING function will appear on the screen, after activation, the TV will appear on TV.

Via usb

The solution is universal, but has certain restrictions on functionality. Connecting an iPhone to TV via USB, duplicate content to a large screen will not work. TV will take the phone for the usual drive. This option is relevant only if you need to play the files stored in the smartphone, for example, Show photos to friends or watch an interesting movie in the evening.

Connection process is quite simple. Using a transition cable connecting devices. Next, go to the TV menu and set the source of the signal from USB.

Wireless connection

The most practical way to synchronize devices. No need to purchase and connect wires and other additional equipment. Allows you to expand synchronization capabilities, but mainly available on TVs with SMART platform.


Using AirPlay technology, you can send the contents of the smartphone, run streaming video or duplicate the iPhone screen on the LG TV with SMART technology support. It is important that television equipment support AirPlay technology.

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To view the smartphone screen on the TV required:

  • Connect devices to a single Wi-Fi network.
  • Find on the smartphone in the control menu item “Repeat Screen”.
  • Select SMART TV TV from list list.
  • A password will appear on the TV screen to be entered on the iPhone. After that, the screen will start displaying on the TV.

To stop the screening of the screen enough in the “Repeat Screen” menu, select the position “Stop Repeat”.

In all Smart LG TVs are built-in a Wi-Fi module, so it will not be difficult to connect to them the iPhone:

  • Install on TV-equipment Special LG Smart Share. This program is free.
  • For iPhone Download from Apple Store ImpediaShare app.
  • Connect both devices to a single home network Wi-Fi.
  • Mark in the main menu of the program item “Show or Hide The Visual Indicators At The Edge of the Screen”.
  • Select media content that is scheduled to be viewed from the TV screen.
  • To start playback, click the “Bearning” button.

connect, iphone, wi-fi, built-in, support

By the same scheme, you can synchronize devices using the TWONKY BEAM application on the iPhone.

Apple TV

This method of wireless synchronization involves the presence of special equipment. Apple TV consoles. Connect to it is carried out via Wi-Fi.

Before setting, it is important to update operating systems in devices to avoid errors.

  • Go to Apple TV menu, find the “Settings” item, following “Removers and Devices”.
  • Connect the iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network as well as Apple TV, and bring both devices to each other.
  • On the iPhone appear notice “Create a couple”.
  • Next, you will need to enter the PIN code that appears on the TV screen. In order for each time you do not need to enter a PIN code, go to Apple TV Security Settings and remove the “Request Password for AirPlay” item.

On this, all, check the device connection running on the iPhone any video or photo.

Google Chromecast

If the TV does not have a Wi-Fi adapter, you can use the additional equipment of Google Chromecast, which looks like a USB flash drive.

  • Google Chromecast Equipment Insert the TV HDMI connector.
  • Download the phone Google Home.
  • Connect devices to a single Wi-Fi network.
  • Open application on the iPhone. In the Settings menu, specify your google account.
  • The application automatically searches for on and ready-made device. It is necessary to find in the list of devices found TV LG and click “Next”.
  • The code will appear on the TV screen to enter the application on the smartphone. After that, synchronization will occur.

How to connect to different models TV

When connecting the phone to the TV, it is important to take into account that the models of various manufacturers have a number of individual features that should be repeated when working with these devices. In most cases, such as, for example, with samsung, lg, philips manufacturers models, Sony can be limited to installing the corresponding program on TV or iPhone to ensure the connection of devices of different manufacturers.

Features connecting to samsung

In order to connect to the Samsung TV, you must:

  • Install on Smart-TV Annexhare application if it is missing. If necessary, download from Samsung Apps.
  • On the iPhone install AllShare TV-Cast.
  • Make sure both devices are connected to one Wi-Fi network, select a video file and start broadcast.

Connection features for LG

For TVs, this company also provides a third-party application that allows you to establish a safe compound of the gadget and TV. You should download Twonky Beam app and then follow this algorithm:

  • Open application, find the item “Show or Hide The Visual Indicators At The Edge of the Screen” and press the tick opposite it.
  • Set up a video and choose TV source.
  • Press the “Bearning” key to start broadcasting.

In order to connect to the phone on the Sony device, a special TV model is needed with the support of the smart television system, which can be purchased at the official store manufacturer. In order to connect this TV to the iPhone, you need to act according to the following algorithm:

  • Activate Wi-Fi Direct mode and enter the password specified on the screen in the iPhone code window in the “Wireless Network” section.
  • Wait a few minutes before connecting the connection and start broadcast.

How to connect to different models TV

In the production of television technology, the company use different technological chips to establish wireless communication with the rest of the devices. For example, Samsung and Philips endowed Smart-TV software for AIRPLAY. LG work with SMART Share extensions.

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Features connecting to samsung

To connect to the Samsung TV, it is worth taking the armament of the previously described options. The most popular method is by Wi-Fi (provided that TV is equipped with a special Wi-Fi module). This is recommended to follow the instructions:

  • Create a network or organize already existing.
  • Download on the iPhone application called AllShare (present in the SMART-TV Samsung automatic set) or Samsung Smart View.
  • Run the application and perform the SMART VIEW setup steps.
  • Click on samsung tv. On the screen there are TVs connected to the same Wi-Fi network as iPhone.
  • Allow use using the photo and video on the iPhone.
  • Select the desired TV. Tap “Allow” on TV when using the console.
  • Touch the application on the gadget, launching the program activation on the TV screen. A list of permissible additional features opens.

To configure the broadcast from the Multimedia APP, you must touch the square icon with the Wi-Fi symbol.

Also in this case, you can use the Google Chromecast Prefix. Apple TV analogue. To work with such a device loaded from the AppStore browser Google Chrome.

Connection features for LG

To interact with the “skiing” you need to preload an auxiliary application called LG Smart TV. After that follow each step:

  • Install on the gadget utility called Twonky Beam.
  • Tap the item on the menu: Show or Hide The Visual Indicators at the Edge of the Screen.
  • Select a video file to play.
  • The video will start playing after the appearance of the words “Beaming”.

Analog connection is suitable for ordinary TVs, USB or HDMI cable. The principle of installing the same as the previously described.


After starting the software, you need to spend several actions:

  • On the main screen of the phone, tap the tab to open.
  • Select a file on a gadget. Turn to the TV screen.
  • Click on the appropriate display (Apple or TV). Reply “Yes” to request access to media content and playback.
  • Wait a few seconds and see the picture on the “box”.

Before starting the connection, check three points:

  • Activate Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Leave Screen Display with SSD and WPA keys. They need to be entered on the iPhone.
  • Select Wi-Fi in iPhone settings. Include it.
  • Tap on the right network. In the case of the BRAVIA model. Direct-XX-BRAVIA. Press the button “Join”.
  • After the set connection, the setup screen will appear. Select the desired parameters and start playing content.

However, not everything is so easy. Often the owners of the gadget complain about connecting problems.

Connection options

As a rule, the methods of mapping devices largely depend on the hardware features of the phone and television.

  • If there is a regular TV device that does not have a wireless module, then the connection will be made exclusively through the cord.
  • In Smart TV TVs, it is possible to synchronize wireless type via a Wi-Fi-module.

It is worth noting that the smartphone model also affects the connection method, but not so serious as the hardware part of the TV. Many phones are equipped with different ports for synchronization, so when buying a cord first you need to look at the connection type of the connector. Of course, in the extreme case, you can purchase an adapter, but no extra cost of what.

If not work

In the process of connecting the iPhone to the LG TV, various problems occur periodically. We give the most common and try to solve them in the easiest way.

Problem Decision
The phone is not displayed in the Connection menu If the connection was performed by a wired method, check the integrity of the cables and in the iPhone settings select “Connect as Media Delets”
Apple TV Prefix does not see iPhone Check both devices for updates. Maybe the pairing does not occur due to incompatibility.
When connected via Wi-Fi on the TV, the picture is often interrupted Check the quality of the wireless connection, since this problem occurs due to the low speed of the Internet. In most cases, it is possible to get rid of the error, placing the device near the router

If you could not find an example and solving your problem in this list, it is recommended to visit the LG page.COM / RU / Support / Product-Help on the official LG website or contact the manufacturer’s support at 8-800-200-76-76.