How to connect a printer to a computer via wi-fi network

How to configure the printer Brother DCP-J315W for printing via Wi-Fi: the Unified method of connecting the printer and print without wires yourself. How to install a wireless connection for your printer for Windows printer. instructions for tuning wireless printing.

We have always noted the achievements of Brother comparison with its competitors. Brother printers, as we have already said in previous publications, are the best printers for home and commercial use. These printers are compact and functional, which makes them quite popular among buyers.

Now most of the printers, such as DCP-J315W, are equipped with Wi-Fi connection. This type of connection has become one of the most convenient ways to connect printers to a computer, because Wi-Fi gives us the opportunity to connect a printer without wires and print at large distances.

There are four different Wi-Fi settings. The most recommended of them is through the panel on the device case. Other methods include WPS or AOSS, through a computer control panel, a PIN method with a secure Wi-Fi connection and using the Brother installation application.

So, let’s get down to work. On the panel, select the option (wizard). This is the easiest way to connect the printer to the router. You need to have information about the router, as well as the password for access to it.

Brother DCP-J315W printer settings for wireless printing

If you previously set up this printer to work on a wireless network, restore the network settings of the printer to repeat them again.

We managed to update the network of this type of Brother printers, by pressing the menu, then pressing the arrows down and up to find the network option, then click OK. Scroll down in the next menu until you find the option to restore the network. click OK and the printer will reboot automatically.

The steps to set up the wireless network are as follows:

  • Click Menu
  • Pressing the arrows down and up to find the option network.
  • In the network menu find the Wlan option.
  • Then select the installation master.
  • There will be a message that will ask if you want Wlan. Click OK.
  • After all these actions, setting up a wireless connection with the router will begin. If you want to cancel this action, click cancellation / stop.
  • The printer will find all available networks for connecting. If there are more than one, select the one that is connected to the router. Enter the password if necessary.
  • To take the settings, click Yes, to cancel the settings, click no.
  • After approximately 60 seconds, the printer will be successfully connected to a wireless connection and to the desired network.

Now to find out how to recognize a printer connected to a wireless network, read our article how to connect a printer to a Wi-Fi connection.

Method 2. using a connection wizard

Connection setting in this way is based on the use of a connection wizard. If the PU supports the connection via wireless network and WEP or WPA protocols, then, as a rule, you can connect it using the setup wizard. To do this, the user must know:

Connect the printer via Wi-Fi using the master with the following actions:

  • Press the “Setting” button in the PU control panel and select the “Network” element in the menu that appears. The connection master will search for all available wireless networks and give them a list.
  • In this list, select your Wi-Fi network. If she is not in the list, then you need to enter her name manually.
  • Next, the master will ask to enter the network password.

The work of the master is completed on this, the setting is performed, as indicated by the corresponding indicator on the router or PU, if it is. It should be noted that the name of the network and password are necessary taking into account the register.

Connection through the physical menu of the printer

Normal connection

  • Now we select “Master of the Test”. The printer will begin to look for all the nearest wireless networks. Using the arrow, select your own and click OK;
  • Next, it remains to enter a password from Wi-Fi. If the WPS mode is included on your router, then “WPS is available on the menu”. Just select this item, and then go to the router and click on the WPS button on the Internet center.

Using WPS or AOSS

  • If there is a WPS button on the router, then you can connect without a password knowledge. Select “WPS/AOSS”;
  • Next, the message “VKL.”Choose” Yes “;
  • After that, you will be asked to click on the “WPS” by the router. we approach the router, find this button and click on it. After that, select “OK” in the menu.

Connection through the physical menu of the printer

Normal connection

  • Now we select “Master of the Test”. The printer will begin to look for all the nearest wireless networks. Using the arrow, select your own and click OK.
  • Next, it remains to enter a password from Wi-Fi. If the WPS mode is included on your router, then “WPS is available on the menu”. Just select this item, and then go to the router and click on the WPS button on the Internet center.

Using WPS or AOSS

  • If there is a WPS button on the router, then you can connect without a password knowledge. Select “WPS/AOSS”.
  • Next, the message “VKL.”Choose” Yes “.
  • After that, you will be asked to click on the “WPS” by the router. we approach the router, find this button and click on it. After that, select “OK” in the menu.


To view the content of the instructions on the computer, you will need Adobe Reader or Djvu. If they are not installed on your computer, then Adobe Reader can be downloaded from Adobe. And djvu from the site djvu

Instructions Brother MFCL2700DWR

Drivers and loading

Recent versions of drivers and software for your Brother devices

Buying new office equipment of individual users is at a standstill with thoughts on how to connect the Brother printer by Wi-Fi. The step-by-step algorithm depends on the All-In-One Printer model and the requirements presented by the manufacturer. The exact execution of the instructions will help to carry out the procedure in a matter of minutes.

Connection options

Setting up wireless connection parameters:

Note: Screens may vary depending on the operating system and Brother device.

  • Place the Brother device as close to the wireless access point or router, if possible, without obstacles between them.
  • Make sure the Brother Turner device.
  • Make sure that the computer is included and entered into the system of administrator rights.
  • Insert the installation disk into the disc.
  • Windows
  • Macintosh


  • The installation screen will automatically open. If necessary, select the name of the model and language.
  • Click install Printer Driver.

Note: When displaying the window, the control of user accounts (user Account Control) click the Allow button or yes (Yes).

Network printer of equal nodes Brother (Brother Peer-to-Peer Network Printer

How to connect a printer to a Windows 10 Canon computer?

Click the Start button, and then select the parameters of the device priorNTERS scanners. Select add a printer or scanner. Wait for the computer to find the printers nearby. Then select the desired printer and click the add device button.

Make sure the printer is turned on. Press and hold the [] button in the upper part of the printer, until the orange anxiety indicator blinks once. Make sure that the indicator next to the button begins to blink blue, then click on the access point and hold the [WPS] button for 2 minutes.

How to connect a laptop to a Canon printer?

Connect the printer to the computer using a USB cable. Connect directly to the USB port, and not to the USB concentrator (Haba). Make sure the printer is connected to an electric outlet and enabled. Follow the instructions of the Mac OS system to install the printer.

The first step, make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on on the mobile Aparate. You also need to make sure that the printing device itself is connected to Wi-Fi. Further on the phone you will need to run the Epson IPRINT application. Next, to configure the seal by Wi. Fi with Android, select the printing device in the application.

How to connect a printer via Wi-Fi router

Matveenko Anatoly

Wi-Fi wireless network is a really great technology, thanks to which you can easily connect various devices to PC. This option can be very useful if there are several computers at work or home network and a printer is often used. Today we will analyze how to connect a printer through a Wi-Fi router and what advantages this method gives us.

It is worth noting that there are two ways. through a special cable and without wires. The second option is possible only if the printer has the necessary specifications, that is, an adapter.

In the first case, we will consider how to connect the printer to the router via USB (if your router has such a port). As everyone knows, usually this cable is used to connect to a computer, but this time we will go non.standard.

  • Turn off the router and the printer. they do not recognize each other on the go, so only such a decision will help.
  • Connect them using a cable. All new models of routers must have an appropriate nest.
  • Turn on the distribution point and wait until it boots, after which we turn on your printing device.
  • Now check our printer connection via Wi-Fi router. We sit down at the computer and open any of the many possible browsers. on the extreme case, if you did not put anything yourself, you can use all the same Internet Explorer.
  • Looking for a line of the address and click on it with the left button to start input.
  • We introduce a special key-address and click on “Enter”. It is important to remember. if you are not allowed further and nothing happens, then you need to try to change 0 to 1 to 1. If in this case everything remains, as it was, then try to find information about the change of address on the box of the router or on the device itself. this is usually a separate information sticker.

It is worth remembering which option has come up, since this combination will need you again a little later.

  • The next screen will show us a query to enter data for entering. Standard solutions are also used here. we introduce “admin” values ​​into both windows. The system indicates incorrect data? Try to enter again or look for data on changing values ​​by the manufacturer on the same sticker.
  • On the example of the ASUS device, you can see that if you go to the “network card”, then the connected printer should display there.

Everything went perfectly, connecting a network printer through a router is completed and now you need to do settings. We will tell you about them immediately after we finish with the second method.

connect, all-in-one, printer, wi-fi

Without wires

But now we will already consider how to connect the printer to the network via a router without using any wires. This method is suitable for owners of modern printers with an adapter and implies two different actions.

We will start with the method in which WPS is used. This function should be supported by a printing device, and at the distribution point a separate button for it is required. If everything is suitable, then we start.

  • We study the instructions for the printer and find WPS activation with it with its help in the menu. For each individual case, there may be differences in the whereabouts of this menu item.
  • Pinch the corresponding button on the router and wait exactly two minutes.

The connection is installed and now it will be possible to move again to the settings.

The second solution in this case implies manual manipulations with connection, similar to actions at the entrance to the network for the first time from the computer.

  • On the printer, click the “Settings” button and look for an item related to the network inside.
  • Choosing a network name that you need in a particular case.
  • We introduce a combination-paralle.

After that, the connection can be considered completed. We installed a network printer through a router and now we need to understand what to do to start using it. Plus the method connecting through the Wi-Fi distribution point that you will not need to include a certain computer to start the document in the seal.

We set up and prepare for printing

Printer setting through a Wi-Fi router is absolutely not a difficult matter: the main thing is to clearly follow each item.

  • Open the “Start” and there we find the “control panel” we need.
  • We scroll down the list and find the item “Printers and devices”.
  • Inside us are interested in the parameter “Adding a printer”.
  • The next page will begin its search, but we are interested in the button at the bottom of the window. “The printer is absent in the list”.
  • The next page will present us many options, among which you need to choose the addition by TCP/IP.
  • In the upper line from the list, select similar to the previous option and below twice the same address that you had to remember. He served you with a pass in the settings of the router.
  • After the search, you will open another page with parameters. put a checkplace opposite the “special” and already next to it click on the “Parameters” button.
  • Next, we need to click on a checkmark opposite “LPR” and just below in the “Stage name” field to enter any name.
  • You will return to the previous page where you need to click “Next”. We can assume that our connection by All-in-One Printer through the router is almost completed.
  • The next window will offer the choice of printers and their model to install the driver. You can also use the update center or installation of drivers from the disk.
  • At the next stage, just select the replacement of the driver.
  • Now you need to come up with a name for the printer or leave it the old.
  • We refuse overall access by setting the appropriate tick.

Further, you will receive a message that everything went successfully and the device is ready for printing. This is the whole instruction on how to configure the printer through Wi-Fi router.

Thanks to the sequence we examined, you can easily do the same on other computers of the network and send documents to print, sitting for any of them. We hope that this instruction has finally explained to you the question of how to connect a printer through a router, and now it will not be difficult.

Step-by-step instructions for connecting a Brother Wi-Fi Printer to a mobile phone

To print through Wi-Fi right from your mobile phone, it is important that the printer is connected to the Internet: Next I will explain how to perform this operation.

Before I continue, I would like to tell you that all this leadership will be based on the printer. Brother MFC-L3770CDW. However, steps can be easily reconfigured for most Brother production devices, since menu items are often similar.

Печать с телефона Android через Wi-Fi на сетевом принтере

The first installation

If you have just placed a printer, but you still need to perform the first installation, be sure to remove all the protective films and a tape from the available compartments.

Remove (if necessary) protective seals attached to test consumables (toner or cartridges). To do this, open the compartment with consumables (for this, you may have to open “ coffin ” ‘printing device), starting from its central part), if necessary, pull for special fixing levers, carefully remove the consumables. and delete all plastics and / or glues.

Finally, insert consumables again and close the compartment. He also checks the presence of safety locks inside a cart designed for sheets.

At this stage, if you haven’t done this yet, connect the printer to an electric outlet (using the attached cable) and turn it on. When you first turn on, you may be invited to choose a language. After a few seconds, the printer should restart again.

Finally, click to take the textbook for the first time, indicate whether you should automatically download the firmware updates and, if it appears, for a moment ignore the message about the absence of the station identification, clicking the button close if everything went well after several seconds of waiting, you must have access to the main screen of the printer software will appear.

Network settings

As soon as you gain access to the main screen, press the settings button (indicated by the icon in the form of a screwdriver with a hammer) and then the red button.

As soon as this is done, indicate how you are going to connect the printer to the network: wired network, for a cable network, or WLAN, for a wireless network.

In the first case, you do not need to make any additional settings, since the printer should automatically connect to the network. Make sure that in any case the province is installed in active.

If you need to manually configure the printer IP address, select TCP / IP and configure the parameters there in accordance with your needs.

If you are going to connect the printer to a wireless network, after choosing a Wlan, the article is a controlled system and click the button yes to activate wireless communication.

Please note that this operation will automatically turn off the wired network card, because it is impossible to use both connections at the same time (if you do not use a straight Wi-Fi, which I will tell you below).

After a few seconds, you will see on the screen a list of the closest active Wi-Fi networks: select you interested in, press the button and, using the keyboard on the screen, enter the network key and press the OK button again.

After connection, you will receive a notification in the form of a notification. If you need to manually configure the IP address printer, go to the TCP / IP section and change the settings in accordance with your needs.

Attention: If he is a router, you have support for WPS technology, you can use it to conjure with the printer. In this case, you need to press the corresponding button located on the router, and then select the WPS item (O WPS with the PIN code).

How to connect a Brother Wi-Fi Printer to your Android phone

Now that the printer is correctly connected to the network, you can finally use it to print from your Android phone.

You can act at least in three ways: using the print plugin (and, therefore, the print function built into the operating system) or using the IPRINT Scan O IPRINT applications and the label made by your brother. Below I will explain everything in detail.

Plugin for printing

To use the printing function on Android, first download and install a special application for brother Print Service, available for free on Play Market.

After the installation is completed, make sure that you are connected to the same network to which the printer was previously connected. Then open the document, photo, or any other file that you want to print on paper, click the button of the application you used (is usually indicated by the icon (⋮)) and select the Element Print / from the menu that opens.

After that, touch the upper revealing menu (the one that points to the active printer) to access the list of printing devices configured on a mobile phone, wait for the record related to the printer of the Brother printer, and touch his name.

connect, all-in-one, printer, wi-fi

Click on the arrow down immediately under the heading of the paper size to access additional printing parameters, configure the parameters displayed on the screen, in accordance with your needs and send the document to print, touching the printer form in the form. Click on accept.


If you think that Android print functions are too “limited”, you can try the IPRINT Scan Brother application, which is available for free in Play Store.

Allows you to use the functions to print and scan from the device, right from a mobile phone, as well as to view the condition of the printer at any time.

After installing and starting the application, click the button to allow the application to access the memory of the mobile phone, scroll down the license agreement that is offered to you and click the button and accept this.

After that, press the button (x) to close the initial lesson, click the button, select the printer for use now, then authorizes the application for access to the location.

At this stage, if the phone is connected to the same network to which the printer is connected, this should be found within a few seconds; As an alternative, you can use the buttons below: Bluetooth o Remote printer. To connect, respectively, a Bluetooth printer or a printing device previously related to Google Cloud Print. If the search does not succeed, touch the element set to manually indicate the IP address of the printer to tie.

In any case, touch the icon of the printer of interest to activate the association: in a few seconds you should see on the screen a list of supported functions that depends on your device; To close it and return to the main screen IPRINT Scan, click the button. (X) located in the upper part of the box.

iprint and label

If you have a Wi-Fi printer, designed primarily for printing labels, I recommend using the Brother Iprint Label application available for free in Play Store. It allows you to very simply create various types of labels with the ability to send them for printing on compatible Wi-Fi devices.

Attention. The phone must be connected to the same network to which the printer is connected; However, in order to use the advantages of Bluetooth connection, the phone and printing device must be close enough.

To use the IPRINT LABEL, load and install the application as usual, start it, and then allow access to the device’s memory, scroll down the license agreement appears on the screen and concerns the subject, agree to accept this.

At this stage, select a compatible printer from the proposed list and wait for the installation of a wireless connection between two devices. In this case, you can immediately create an empty label (tape 36 mm) by pressing the in.form button with a square with a pencil located in the lower right corner.

In addition, you can use the tabs above to create labels based on common templates: wall cabinet, cable, barcode (12, 18 and 24 mm) and so on. When you finish, you can start printing the process.

If you have problems detecting a printing device, click a button in the upper left corner to access the application settings. Then tap the name of the printer and, if necessary, touch the element set the element manually introduce the IP address of the device. If the latter has a Bluetooth or USB connection, tap the element of all connections and wait until it is found automatically.

How to connect a smartphone to a printer via wi-fi

With the improvement of mobile gadgets, the need for digital cameras sharply fell off. Anyone can take a high-quality picture on their Android telephone.

Now that we are not attached to PC and can mobilely edit our documents, send and accept files, set tasks, we have become more free from wires, cables and devices. There are only cases when a certain document must be transferred from a digital format to a paper.

Many users do not know how to print a photo from the phone through the printer. There are several ways. Let’s try to deal with each individually.

Printing through the cloud

If you are a happy owner of a modern printer, then most likely the Cloud Print Ready stamp will show off on it. In this case, it is enough to connect to the Internet and register on any cloud portal. After that, you can print your favorite photos on any device and anywhere without mediation PC.

Those who have a more old model or simply no such function can also use the cloud, only in this case you will have to resort to the help of a computer.

In the Chrome browser settings, you need to add your printer, register in Google, and finally check the history of the tasks on the printer.

Since the main work is carried out directly on the “Android” device, you will have to download the appropriate application on the phone, for example:

A virtual printer is a simple official application from Google, which allows you to send files to print, view history, tie several accounts and printers.

Cloud Print. in principle, this application is similar to a “virtual printer”, with the only difference that in a particular case you have the opportunity to print files from much larger sources. For example, SMS, screenshots, contacts, photos from. etc.

Print Share is the most popular application on the Market, which allows users to understand how to print photos from the phone on the printer, as well as files, contacts, web pages, events. Of the shortcomings. he does not perceive the Cyrillic alphabet, moreover, at least initially the application is free, but for more functional use you will have to buy additional options.

Each of the above applications has its disadvantages and advantages. All of them can easily cope with the question of how to print photos, documents and another through the phone. But you still should not expect more from them.

How to print from phone to printer via USB

It is worth immediately warning that this is not the best method due to the fact that not every printer can be carried out by such manipulations.

To begin with, your phone should be a USB HOST exit, then you will need drivers, which, by the way, are not so many. You may need to download the USB Connection Kit from the Market.

If everything goes successfully, the phone will see the device as a USB, and you will be able to make a print print.

The EPRINT application deserves special attention, which sees all HP devices connected using a cable.

How to print from phone to printer via wi-fi

If you set out such a goal, know. this is one of the simplest methods of printing files from the phone. Of course, provided that the phone and printer have a Wi-Fi connection. All you need to do is to go into the settings of the parameters, turn on Wi-Fi Direct and file a task for printing.

But such an easy way is possible only on modern devices. With earlier models you will have to tinker. Before printing from the phone to the printer, you will need to connect to the network, and directly to the router.

How to connect a router with a Wi-Fi printer directly through WPS

First you should clarify the support of the WPS connection on your router, make sure that the filtering of the mass-address and the network is protected by encryption. To set up some models you need to know the name of the network and password. As well as your PIN code (it is on a router in the form of eight digits located under serial number).

Next, turn on WPS on a router, enter in browser, In the Login and Password field. admin. In the “Security” section, you must set the Enable parameter.

Take a closer look at your router, it should have a network search button. It should be pressed until the connection is established. If there are no buttons, you will have to use the software of the device itself. This is not difficult-just click on Wi-Fi Protection Setup in the “Network” section. Do not forget that both devices should be turned on within 2 minutes.

How to print files using dropbox

Before printing from the phone to the printer using the “dropbox”, you need to make an account on the site. Next, download the appropriate application to the phone and computer from the “Market”. It remains only to save from the files in the “dropbox” that you want to print, then, entering the computer, send them to the printout.

Printing files with “Apple” –Chutations

Suppose you don’t have Android in your hands, but an apple ”. In this case, to print files on the printer, you will need special applications designed for iOS devices.

  • Apple Airprint. and nothing more. No cables or drivers, a few touches are enough, and a virtual photo becomes quite real. The main thing is the presence of a compatible printer, which, unfortunately, in our country is very problematic.
  • Handy Print is a wonderful replacement of the aforementioned application, which is free in the first 2 weeks, then you will have to pay funds for further use. Perhaps the only minus of the application is that the presence of a loaded PC is required on which it will be installed.
  • Printer Pro. is significantly different from the previous two. You will have to print documents directly from the program. It is enough to click “Open B” and select the necessary application, for example, Dropbox.
  • Epson IPRINT. a company application developed by the manufacturers of Epson printers themselves. The program automatically finds available devices and connects to them on a wireless network. Can also be printed through e.mail.
  • HP EPRINT ENTERPRISE is another similar application created by HP programmers. It also connects to a wireless network, works with cloud storages and accepts tasks from email.

The phone does not see the printer on Wi-Fi

A few years ago, in order to print a photo from your mobile, it was necessary to connect to a personal computer, throw the desired picture to the disk and even then display on the printing device.

Increasingly, users use a wireless network. Therefore, there are frequent situations when the phone does not see the printer on Wi-Fi and, of course, does not print. Just about such problems, our today’s material.

It is more convenient to print from the phone to the printer using some free applications from Google and companies that produced “printers”. How to do this read the link. We recommend this particular option for the press. It is faster, more convenient and reliable.

Causes of problems and their solutions

The first thing is to consider several main reasons why this happens with the technique.

  • Malicious programs and applications could well have been installed on your device without notifications. First, download the antivirus with the Play Market and check your phone.
  • Over time, not even when using a photo or video camera, the device memory is quickly filled out. In this case, it is not enough for the system processes, which entails a refusal to print or connect to Wi-Fi. Solution. Clean the smartphone of unnecessary photos or applications.
  • Check if the mobile phone is included in the modem mode. If so, then turn off this setting.

But it will also be useful to check the installed devices in terms of the availability of wireless communication. It should be understood that in addition to the phone itself, your router and printer are also involved. They can also be sources of problems.

  • First of all, turn off your smartphone completely. Open the back cover and remove the battery. Put it aside for 10–20 minutes. Meanwhile, take the time to the router.
  • It should also be turned off for a while from the outlet. After turning on, try connecting a Wi-Fi network from any other device. It can be another phone or laptop. Pay attention to password entering. If it has already been indicated, then see if there is an opportunity to see it. And also it can be indicated in the modem itself or printing from the company providing the Internet service. A special button on the Password router can be dropped on a standard. It is indicated directly on the sticker of the modem case.
  • Now we turn on our smartphone and activate the Wi-Fi transmitter in the settings. By default, it could be disconnected by the Android system. If you could not establish the connection, then try to remove this connection completely, and then turn on the search for Wi-Fi networks and will connect. You already know the exact password. How to find out we wrote in a step under the number “2”.
  • We are convinced that the printer is successfully connected to the network. This may indicate: the correct operation of the WPS identifier on the case, the availability of the device in the “Locher” with a PC or “laptop”.

It should be understood that not all printers and mobile phones can work directly with each other. For this, they and your Internet equipment should support some specific functions and capabilities. Some routers or modems that you use for such purposes should be stitched in a certain way, programmed or configured.


Additional options for installing a communication between a smartphone and a printer can be a computer or a special mobile application.

  • To connect via a PC or laptop, you need a USB cable that can be taken from a charger. After connecting to “PC”, an additional disk will appear. But in fact it is an internal memory or a map of a smartphone. Then we work with files as in the usual conductor “Windows”. Submit documents and photos in the usual algorithm.
connect, all-in-one, printer, wi-fi
  • If you use applications, then the best option for these purposes will be the cloud solution of Google Cloud Print, Dropbox or branded applications of printing equipment manufacturers.

How to use such capabilities of modern equipment can be found at the link. We published it at the very beginning of the article.

So, from our phone does not print through Wi-Fi. We act like this:

  • Turn off the phone completely with the battery for half an hour.
  • Reboot the printer, make sure that it is connected to a wireless network.
  • Reload the modem or router.
  • We check the possibility of communication of another device (for example, a laptop) with a Wi-Fi network.
  • We learn the exact password from the network. If you fail to drop it on a standard.
  • We delete the connection on the phone and make a search and connection.
  • We try to use Google Cloud Print, Dropbox, HP, Canon, Epson, Samsung and others from Play Market for remote printing.

How to connect a Brother printer by Wi-Fi?

Since we will configure the Brother printer through Wi-Fi, the first method requires access to your router. How to do it?

Well, you should access your router. Therefore, in the first method, a protected wireless network will be used (WPS).

What is WPS?

WPS is a method of creating a secure network. It allows you to create an access point manually. After that, you need to configure the security key to protect the network. Now you can create a separate network for each device, since it is easy to manage them.

So, you need to activate WPS on your printer and router. As soon as you do this, both devices will find each other and connect. In addition, you do not need to enter a password at the same time.

Connect the Brother printer to the router via WPS.

  • First of all, make sure that the printer is correctly connected to the network.
  • Now turn on the device and wait until it is completely loaded.
  • On the keyboard, click the menu. In addition, use the keys to control the cursor.
  • Go to the network and click OK.
  • Now find Wlan and click OK.
  • After that, go to WPS/AOSS. As soon as you do this, a message will appear on the screen about the launch of WPS at your access point/router.
  • Now press and hold the WPS button on the router. The indicator will start flashing, showing that the router is in WPS mode. However, the WPS button differs from the router to the router. In addition, some routers have a synchronization button with the same function as WPS.
  • Click OK on the device after sending you access/router points in WPS mode. Your printer will look for a wireless network. In addition, the screen displays the “Settings of Wlan” on the screen.
  • Wait until another notification appears on the screen. This can take 20-30 seconds.
  • After that you will see the message “Connection WPS”. This means that the printer has found your access point/router. Now both are connected.
  • Wait a little more until the message “Connected seal” appears. That’s all. You have successfully connected the Brother printer to a wireless network.

Trinous printing

After setting up the Brother printer through WPS, it will print a network document. You can see in the printed document that the connection is established successfully, along with SSID, a hardware address (MAC), the encryption method and the network channel.

If the test seal shows the expected results, you can immediately start printing a document.

However, the Brother printer may also be displayed the message “Connection error”. This is because of several reasons that we will discuss later.

In addition, if the first way to connect the Brother printer to the router did not help you, let’s move on to the second method.

Manual input of the network key in the wireless network settings

The second method tires a little. You need to manually enter a network key or encryption key using a mini-keyboard on the control panel.

How to Share Printer on Network (Share Printer in-between Computers) Easy

  • Press the menu button.
  • Go to the network.
  • Now find Wlan.
  • In the WLAN settings, go to the wireless network settings. As soon as you get there, your device will ask you: turn on wlan?
  • Here you must follow the instructions on the screen and press the button with the inscription “.””.
  • After that, your printer will begin to search for available ssid nearby.
  • After the search is completed, the device will display a list of available wireless networks.
  • In this list, find the name of your network and click OK. Now the authentication method: enter the network key. In addition, you may need to enter the WEP key if the manufacturer of the router turned on the WEP setting.
  • Control the characters using keys with arrows up and down. After entering each symbol, press OK. This transforms the symbol into “” (star).
  • Click “Clean” if you made an error when entering a network key.
  • After that, click OK in Apple settings. As soon as you finish this, the machine will show the connection to Wlan, and your device will connect to the wireless network.

Frequently asked Questions

Why the printer does not connect to Wi-Fi?

Perhaps you have introduced an incorrect network key. So try to enter the key again. If this method does not solve the problem, get acquainted with other tips to eliminate problems or you should ask the master.

You can also contact the manufacturer of the router if you use Open System authentication.

What to do if I can’t find a full software package for my printer?

Then you will have to download and install the printer driver separately. The same can be done with scanners.

In the box from under the device there should be a disk of installation of all drivers, it is best to use it, since in addition to connecting to your computer, everything you need will be installed. Next, you need to take a USB cable and connect to the printer using it.

  • So, after you launched the disk, the automobile menu should begin to display on the screen. start Start.exe “or” Setup.exe “. If there is no auto.loading menu, go to the “computer” and directly start the file download from the disk;
  • We accept the license agreement;
  • Click on the “wireless network connection”;
  • You also need to select the necessary additional settings in the “Found Brandmauer/Antivirus Program” window;
  • Put a checkmark “Yes, I have a USB cable”;
  • In the list of wireless networks, select the desired. If necessary is not necessary, perhaps it is simply invisible, to add it manually, you need to click “additionally”;
  • At the very end, you need to enter a password from a wireless network;

How to connect a Brother printer via wi-fi

Wireless technologies are becoming more and more in demand, office equipment manufacturers take into account this trend. Almost all modern printers, including Brother, use wireless networks technology in their activities. You do not need wires to connect gadgets, the printer tuning through Wi-Fi is available to any user.