How to connect a phone to a TV: a dozen popular methods of connecting

Love interesting beautiful content? Surely you noticed that on the screen of a large TV, it is doubly more pleasant to admire photos from relaxation, films with unusual visual effects. so the smallest details are visible. And a large company of friends will not be crowded in front of a small monitor. Agree?

But you do not know how to connect the phone to the TV and which connection option to choose? In this article, we have collected 10 best ways to connect via a cable and wirelessly. They indicated their strengths and weaknesses. Brought visual photos and detailed video recommendations.

Among all methods, in any case, there is a suitable one for you. You can find the rest and remember them in the future.

Phone to HDMI CONVERT CABLE from UnnLink

This cable was ordered with AliExpress for 15 (963 rubles at the time of purchase) and got to me exactly 2 weeks later.

Let’s deal with the characteristics of the device on the example of its settings for subsequent use:

  • We open the instructions (available in English and Chinese). The most important information:
  • Support 1080p
  • Support Android and iOS (MicroUSB, USB Type-C, Lighting)
  • Smooth transmission without delay (later it turned out that far from always).
  • Not all Android devices support the image of the image.
  • Not all Android devices support sound transmission (on some smartphones the picture is transmitted to TV, but the sound comes from a smartphone).
  • On Android you need to additionally install the EZCAST application.
  • Connect the device to the smartphone (in my case, the USB Type-C nozzle is used) and to the TV-HDMI and USB. Switch on the TV using the remote control (Input) to HDMI.
  • Install the EZCAST application on the smartphone. To obtain a link to download, you must scan a QR code on the TV screen. Also, the application can be found manually in the Google Play store (Play Market).
  • The application will show us a brief instructions for turning on USB debugging mode. Turn on the developer mode, and then. debugging by USB.
  • Before starting the first broadcast, two windows will come up. In the first, we allow the launch of the EZCAST application when connecting the device, and then allow the USB debugging.
  • That, in fact, is all. The connection is completed.
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In subsequent connections, the application will request access to the image on the device screen. To start the screen broadcast, select “Start”.

Link to this product on AliExpress: Phone to HDMI Convert Cable from Unnlink.

USB connection

There is another way to combine a smartphone with a TV. through USB. However, it should be taken into account that in this case the picture from a smartphone to the TV may not be duplicated. it all depends on the phone model. In this case, the phone will be defined as a flash drive, and display images and videos on the TV display will not work. This connection method is suitable if you need to display only video files and photos on a large screen.

You will have to control the files through the TV integration using the control panel. Modern TV, both Chinese and branded, allow you to open not only video or audio data, but also most text editors and presentations. This allows you to turn TV into a board that shows presentations or just a slide show.

MHL converter to transfer data from a smartphone to TV

MHL adapters and cables are available in two main types. active and passive.

Passive cables themselves do not convert the signal, as they are designed for use with TVs supporting MHL. If you want to know if your TV supports this format, then look for the inscription “MHL” next to the HDMI port.

You can also look for your model in the list of MHL supporting TVs on MHLTECH.Org.

If your TV does not support MHL, you will need an active cable or adapter (adapter).

Such a device performs the corresponding signal conversion from the phone. And it can be used with any modern TV. MHL adapter usually needs its own power source. It connects to the port of the microSb of your smartphone, to the HDMI port of your TV and to the USB connector, from which it receives food. Connecting a mobile device to TV by HDMI will be carried out.

connect, smartphone, hdmi, cable

How to connect a phone to a TV by HDMI

connect, smartphone, hdmi, cable


Yes, the smartphone to the TV can also be connected using an HDMI cable-this applies to both gadgets running the Android operating system and iPhone. For the first, you will have to find a suitable adapter, and for the latter, even Apple itself offers a “digital AV-adapter Lightning”, which is suitable for the iPhone 5s and newer devices-of course, you can also look for alternative solutions with more interesting cost and appearance. Through HDMI, you can organize the repeat of your smartphone on the TV, and it is convenient to use both films and games.

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Of course, it is important to consider that nothing will come of a suitable cable and adapter. Nevertheless, no additional manipulations will be needed. it is enough to connect and select a specific port as source.

Which TV can be connected to

The year of release of the TV is important for synchronization, since modern models from 2011 have new connectors and functions. Image quality and the presence of many commands in the integse is also important when connecting the phone. To connect, the user needs to take into account several factors:

  • You will need to inspect the ports of the TV to choose the desired cable for connecting with the phone. It is necessary to pay attention to the connectors if the user plans synchronization by means of a wire. As a rule, most models are equipped with HDMI and USB ports;
  • You can connect devices in a non.standard method using wireless networks if the TV supports such an option. Then you need to make sure that in the characteristics of the gadget there is a worker Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The most affordable way is through the HDMI InteEIS. It is supported by every modern TV and most of the older models. Even if there is no HDMI connector on the mobile, it is much easier to purchase an adapter or adapter. It has a small price, but you will get access to all functionality, you can play any media files, connect other devices (mouse, keyboard, gamepad), go to the Internet.

How to connect iPhone to TV via AirPlay

Next, consider an effective way to connect to the TV, relevant only for iPhone. The method requires the use of the proprietary prefix Apple TV. When it is available, it is very easy to organize wireless content. thanks to the AirPlay function.

To connect the iPhone to the TV via AirPlay, such manipulations should be made:

  • Connect the devices to one network;
  • Select in series on the iPhone “control point” and “repeat repetition”;
  • Select Apple TV from the list.
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The connection is completed on this. Everything is extremely fast and simple. The case when the manufacturer of equipment initially took care of the convenience of users.

You can choose a way that suits you, given all the conditions.

For example, I mainly use the Google Chromecast 2018 media player. to broadcast video from YouTube to TV. I am pleased with a quick connection, lack of brakes and cliffs. He also broadcast a mobile game on TV several times, for the first time-he hoped to play GTA Vice City using the gamepad as an input device and a TV as a output device (a kind of console from G and sticks) and broke off due to a delay; The second time-they played a crowd in some kind of parody of the game “Who wants to become a millionaire”, which allowed many to read the question on their own, and, if necessary, not ask to re-read it or options for answers, but to see everything by yourself.

Simple Ways to Connect Your Android Phone to Your TV

I would love to test MHL, but for this you need a smartphone with MHL support, and changing the gadget just for the sake of connecting to TV directly through the desire cable.

I tried an analogue of MHL, which allows you to connect a smartphone that does not support MHL via cable. The effect is approximately the same as when broadcasting through Miracast, and the desire to mess with the cable, additional settings and applications is not very hunting. If there were no delays in demanding games. another thing, and so. now it is lying in a gearbox on the mezzanine.

Also shook and watched films through XCAST several times. The broadcast on the old TV with Smart TV was disgusting. everything was too often broken and dumped, but on the same TV, but already through Google Chromecast is quite good.

What to choose? If you are interested in cheaper options, you can buy a suitable adapter-Wi-Fi or Miracast, if a little more expensive-Google Chromecast, combining both options (video broadcast and screen broadcast), and if the money is not a problem, you can take a full media player.