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Logitech Capture App makes creating content with your webcam simple, fast and extremely easy.


Connecting a camera, starting recording, and transmitting has never been easier. High quality video recording begins immediately after connecting a new webcam. Logitech Capture Software makes it easy to share your passion with the world.


The software allows you to quickly edit Scenes from recordings made with two webcams, as well as those shot in application windows or directly on the desktop.

Vertical VIDEO

Recording in the format 9:16. This is the best option for creating portrait-orientation videos for viewing on mobile phones.

Live Stream

The software allows you to broadcast live. All you have to do is add Logitech Capture as a recording source to any streaming platform to start streaming.1

Live TEXT overlay

Now you can easily add text to your footage by choosing from a variety of font styles, colors and predefined background settings.


Numerous controls allow you to perform layout, work with transition effects, and customize the display of video materials as you wish.


Logitech Capture Software lets you not only adjust webcam settings, but also save up to six presets.


The software allows you to quickly edit Scenes from recordings made with two webcams, as well as those shot in application windows or directly on the desktop, and quickly switch between them in picture-in-picture or split-screen modes (the number of recording sources when this can reach six).

CREATE vertical VIDEOS for viewing on mobile devices

The 9:16 vertical video mode is optimized for video recording, which can be conveniently viewed on mobile devices and published on social networks.

Live Stream

Logitech Capture Software can be added as a recording source on any streaming platform, be it YouTube, Live or Twitch, using XSplit or Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). 1


Live TEXT overlay

Thanks to the live text overlay function, any story can be transformed into a unique piece of art. Numerous font styles, colors and settings allow you to style the Display Name and messages addressed to viewers so that they look very impressive.


Quickly apply filters, transitions and borders, you can make any video material unique, and powerful tools, such as Chroma Key, make it possible to create the perfect image by removing the background. The user can also select an operation mode that matches the illumination level of the place where shooting is carried out (“Light” or “Dark”).


The user has the ability to select the field of view, aspect ratio and resolution for recording. In addition, the advanced options menu allows you to adjust white balance, autofocus and frames per second.

By creating a Logitech ID, you can save all setting profiles to Logitech Capture software. The ability to save settings profiles (up to six) allows you to quickly and conveniently switch between different sessions.

10 / 8.1 / 8 26.10.2012 2.80.853.0a 73.0 [MB] Download
7 / Vista / XP 08.10.2012 2.51.828.0 71.1 [MB] Download

Drivers will fit all Logitech C-Series webcams, whether it’s Webcam, HD Webcam, HD Pro Webcam, or QuickCam Pro:

  • Webcam C100 / C110 / C120 / C160 and so on.
  • HD Webcam C270 / C310 / C510 decent.
  • HD Pro Webcam C910 / C920 and so on.
  • Quickcam Pro 9000 and second.

One of the technical characteristics of the Logitech HD Webcam C270. 720p resolution. Maybe for this reason, the software for it is often searched for by requesting the Logitech HD 720p driver or other similar keys.

Latest Logitech G HUB Gaming Software, RGB Lighting & Gaming Profiles

Logitech G HUB Software provides a one-stop shop to customize and optimize all supported Logitech G devices: mice, keyboards, headsets, speakers, and webcams.

Customize your mouse: Adjust the optical sensor, sensitivity, scrolling and acceleration settings, as well as button programming and built-in storage. Program the backlight with LIGHTSYNC technology.


Customize your keyboard: assign macros to G-keys, reassign individual key functions, bind multiple keys, and create your own intricate macro. Program the backlight with LIGHTSYNC technology.

Headsets and speakers

Set custom EQ and surround settings for each game profile. Assign functions to the G-keys of the headset. This will allow you to act faster and more accurately during the game. Program LIGHTSYNC lighting on your audio devices.


Create profiles for video and camera. Settings are saved and applied at startup. Switch profiles instantly.


Automatic EQUIPMENT recognition

The G HUB software recognizes supported Logitech G devices and allows you to fully customize them. In addition, it automatically updates the firmware to the latest version.


Simple, intuitive interface lets you select functions, assign macros and key bindings, and control color changes and backlight animation effects.


Users can now save multiple profiles for different playable characters and instantly switch between them. Thus, the necessary skills and opportunities will always be at their service.

Customize. Share. Winning.

Upload profiles created by friends, professional esports players and popular streamers. They will help you experience new mouse functions, keyboard layouts and macros, and get the best gaming experience.

Control streaming

Program buttons by assigning functions to them in the application, and create your own macros to trigger media playback and scene changes. Enjoy faster, smoother streaming by controlling OBS Studio software with your gaming devices.

Customize and sync color backlight

Choose the one you like best from the many animation effects. Plus, you can download community profiles and create your own stunning keyboard, mouse, headset and speaker effects, powered by Logitech G LIGHTSYNC technology.

Using the G HUB

How to Explore the G HUB Features?

Information about the G Hub can be found in various sources. For details, see our user documentation and this quick overview.

Is it possible to resize a window in G HUB?

Do I need to create an account to work with G HUB?

Players can access basic functionality of Logitech G devices without creating an account. On the other hand, having an account allows you to store files in the cloud and upload community content.

How to delete a profile?

Click on the profile you want to delete and select DETAILS. Now you can use the delete button. Default profile cannot be deleted.

How to transfer a macro from one profile to another?

To transfer the required macro, just drag it from one game (application) profile to another on the game and application profiles screen.

How to remove an auto-downloaded game or app from your profile list?

If you’ve uninstalled a game or app

Click on the application Select SETTINGS Click FORGET APP. The application and all associated profiles and macros will be removed.

If the game or app is still installed, you can turn off the profile switching feature

Click the game or application Click SETTINGS Disable the switch profiles

Is it possible to lock certain settings in multiple profiles?

Yes. To lock a specific setting across all profiles, click the lock icon next to the setting.

How to access the built-in memory of devices?

On the main screen, click the device whose built-in memory you want to use. Next, click the settings icon. If your device supports on-board memory profiles, you can download them directly to this device.

Click ADD NEW PROFILE Select a profile from the drop-down list of game profiles.

Help Wanted!

Refer to our G HUB user documentation or apply to Support.

G HUB overview

What is G HUB?

G HUB. is a new software platform from the Logitech G team that lets you fully control devices, customize lighting, use hardware with third-party apps, and more. All these functions provide a simple interface, designed with the capabilities of products to be released in the future.

How G HUB differs from LGS?

The G HUB combines many of LGS’s features with an easy-to-use user interface tailored to the capabilities of future products. With this software, players can fully customize their devices, in particular, set the parameters of the equalizer, sensitivity (DPI), and also perform key bindings. Plus, it has features that weren’t available in LGS. for example, window scaling and automatic firmware updates. This software is equipped with a drag and drop interface and provides interaction with products from third party developers.

G HUB. it is LGS replacement?

G HUB will be available instead of LGS for all gaming models that will go on sale in 2019 and beyond. This will allow us to equip our new devices with the latest technology and develop functions that were impossible to implement in LGS.

Will LGS be supported in the future?

LGS will still be downloadable on older models, but newer Logitech G devices won’t support it.

Does G HUB support my devices?

The list of supported products can be found in the section where the technical requirements are outlined.

What if G HUB Plasma is my device?

LGS download is still available for products not supported by G HUB. Both LGS and G HUB can be installed to configure existing devices.

How G HUB will develop?

We will continue to optimize the G HUB and add exciting new features to it, implement features LGS users love, and integrate the new software with third-party applications. There are many possibilities that we are not ready to talk about yet. So stay tuned and stay tuned for regular updates to G HUB!